Joba to start on Tuesday

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Get those tickets for Tuesday’s game, folks, because that’s Day One for everyone’s favorite fist-pumper. Joe Girardi announced during the Yanks’ pre-game routines tonight that Joba Chamberlain will start against the Blue Jays on Tuesday. Chamberlain will throw between 60 and 70 pitches during that start and is now considered a member of the starting rotation. The Yanks plan to add 15 pitches per outing until the 22-year-old reaches that magic 100-pitch threshold. Big days are ahead for number 62.

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Game 54: Handy Dome Hijinx
  • Joey

    Any news on bringing up a long reliever?

    • Mike A.

      Joba doesn’t need a long reliever. He will generate 27 groundball outs to second on 27 pitches.

      • Adam

        then he’d have to throw 43 pitches in the bullpen…

  • giselle


  • Manimal

    ALRIGHT, I’m happy for Joba, but what about IPK?? Everyone seems to be obsessed with him being a starter that there is no updates about whether IPK is a long reliever in the bullpen or a 1 inning guy or if he is even still on the team.

    • Ben K.

      He’s on the DL. We’ll cross that bridge when the time is right.

    • whozat

      A year and two months into a 23 year old’s career, and you’re ready to consign him to a long-relief role? After two months of crappy big league performance, you’re ready to turn the 2007 MiLB pitcher of the year into a mopup guy?


      • Old Ranger

        Tough group, this bunch. Let’s see what happens to the rest of the pitching staff first.
        I see some changes (as do others) in the BP coming, Hawk can’t seem to get it together and Veras is a big question mark yet. Being redundant fits here; we need a long man, Joba as a starter will just exacerbate the problems of the BP/Starters. Who will pitch after Joba/Mussina are out after 5/6 innings? 27/08?

      • Old Ranger

        Sorry Woz, put it in the wrong place.
        I like your answer though. 27/08?

      • mustang

        I don’t want to start a big debate, but I just like to know what would it take to say that IPK is just not going to be the pitcher people want him to be.
        I just like an idea of what kind of numbers, years, etc.
        I’m JUST asking.

        • dan

          If he shows, over an entire season (next year), that he’s afraid to throw the ball over the plate, then I’ll be worried about his long-term future. It would take a lot in the near future to show me that he’s not an MLB-caliber pitcher. Remember, despite being MiLB pitcher of the year, most people projected him as a 4th-5th starter, 3rd at best. When the Yankees brought him up late in the year following Hughes and Joba, the casual fan thought they were getting another all-world prospect, when they really weren’t. So those people have largely been disappointed so far in his very short career.

          Most prospects get 3-4 years to prove what Kennedy did in 3-4 months.

          • mustang

            Thank You.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          I think it’s ridiculously premature to predict what kind of pitcher Ian Kennedy will be from the small sample we’ve got. He showed the potential to win at the MLB level. Now, he has to put it together pitching every five days. There have been guys with better stuff that haven’t been able to do it. There are guys that have.

          In other words, ask again in about five years.

          • mustang

            “He showed the potential to win at the MLB level.”
            Do you mean last year?
            So IPK gets about 3 to 5 years, Ok.
            Thank you

            • Ben K.

              Yes. Does last year not count in your book? Are you seriously willing to write him off after a whopping 37.2 innings this year?

              What have you done for me lately?

              • mustang

                No not yet.
                But just wondering what’s it going to take.

                “What have you done for me lately?”

                Isn’t that what you guys did with Moose at the start of the season

                • Ben K.

                  In a way, yes, but also no because my criticism of Moose was based on how he was approaching pitching and how he had fared last year as well. He’s changed his approach this year with great success, but had he kept on pitching hitters the same way he was last year, he wouldn’t be leading the team in wins right now.

                • mustang

                  Well, I’m the same.
                  In IPK I see a kid that doesn’t have enough control to live on the corners and gets killed when he throws over the plate. So unless he can change that it will be much of the same.
                  He is young and maybe he can work it out. I just wanted an idea of how long the Yankees should let him do that before changing directions.

                • mustang

                  Last year IPK was a September call-ups wasn’t he?
                  We all know the old adage about September call-ups.

                • mustang

                  “Old baseball adage: Don’t place too much credence in what you see in Spring Training or in September (callups).”

                  Now doesn’t that fit nicely.

  • mustang

    RAB is going into orgasm mode.

    Seriously, I’m looking forward to it I’m sure Joba will be great.

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  • Realist

    About time!

    I wish him well and believe he will excel……… don’t waste 4 pitches in the pen…unless 2 of them ain’t MLB quality ;-)

  • Bruno


    So the rotation now looks like: Wang, Pettite, Moose, Rasner, JOBA.
    If Moose or Raz struggle, Hughes and IPK will be off the DL eventually. But what happens if JOBA, Raz and Moose all continue to pitch well and deserve their respective spot in the rotation? Say Hughes shows signs in his rehab that he can’t handle more than 5 innings, does it make sense to have him replace JOBA as the 8th-inning-guy-slash-“closer-of-the-future”? Let IPK get in where he fits in.

    • Travis G.

      i could see Hughes becoming a reliever. not that i want it, but this is the 2nd year he’s had a serious injury. and more than any other starter, he seems to lose velocity when going several innings. but he’s also the youngest. if he shows over the next few years that he cant maintain his velocity, or that he cant improve his slider and changeup, he could still be an excellent reliever. if he throws 89-95 now, he could probably sit 93-97 as a short reliever.

      again, not that i want it, but the thought has crossed my mind for the aforementioned reasons. when he comes back, it might be best to make him the long reliever (if the other starters are doing the job).

  • NC Saint

    just bought my tickets.