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Keith Law has a ton of new draft stuff up at the Worldwide leader, including a Top 75 Draft Prospects list, a projected first round, and a general draft roundup. Unfortunately, the Top 75 and projected first round are protected by the iron curtain of ESPN Insider. Over at Baseball America, Jim Callis chatted about the draft today, and yesterday they posted their latest Draft Tracker. With each passing day, it seems less likely that Eric Hosmer will fall into the Yanks laps at #28, but more likely that Gerrit Cole will.

The draft is a comin’, can you feel it?

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  1. CB says:

    Jim Callis confirmed that Scheppers MRI showed no significant structural damage.

    Someone is going to get a steal when they select him. I hope it’s the yankees. He only started pitching when he was a freshman and still has a projection left. He’s moved very fast for someone new to pitching.

    Callis also said that despite the clean MRI teams are still scared off by his shoulder and he won’t go in the first round. Fortunately, Detroit doesn’t have a supplemental and boston’s supplemental is the pick behind the yankees.

    Mike said before that Yocum said Sheppers had a bone bruise in his shoulder. That is just not that serious an injury. Curious how he might have gotten it but well worth the risk.

    I’m hoping they could nab cole at #28 and scheppers at 44.

  2. Miles Roche says:

    I couldn’t read the 75 prospects list since i’m not an insider. . .

  3. dan says:

    The top 75 and the projected first round are both insider-only

  4. Casper says:

    Mike A. (or anyone else) – Do you know anything about Gerrit Cole’s “character” issues?

    • Mike A. says:

      None of that stuff came out until people discover he had signed with Boras. Sounds fishy too me.

    • CB says:

      The thing that keeps coming up about Cole is that he is “immature on the mound.” I’ve seen that in several places on BA, BP, and some other sites (saber scouting?). Also some stuff about him not being a “good teammate.”

      No idea what that means.

      This is what Keving Goldstein said about how teams see Cole:

      “Kevin Goldstein: I don’t think there’s going to be any kind of Porcello situation this year, unless you count Gerrit Cole, who has a great arm and beyond ridiculously bad makeup.”

      Bad makeup or not if he’s there at 28 I’d take him, especially when you can hedge some risk with the pick at 44.


      • Casper says:

        Yeah I saw that Goldstein chat… It’s just strange to keep seeing references to bad character and not be able to find anything explaining what it means. I mean… If Goldstein’s going to say he has “beyond ridiculously bad makeup,” I just think there should be something there to back it up. Does the guy do lines in between innings and attend neo-Nazi rallies instead of going to church or something? Does he tell teams he’ll field grounders and throw to third instead of first just to be a dick? I hope he’s there at 28 and I hope the Yanks nab him. (Unless he’s going to do the throw to third instead of first thing, which would just be messed up.)

        • Mike A. says:

          He must pump his fist.

          • Casper says:

            Well that’s a horse of a different color. In that case, for his benefit, I hope he’s on any team but the Yankees. Other teams (and 60 year olds) get very offended when someone on the Yankees does that.

            • Old Ranger says:

              Sorry Casper, but I’m way over 60 and it doesn’t effect me at all, in fact “I like it” shows enthusiasm…and pisses the other team off. 27/08?

          • Joe says:

            I heard he can’t do the fist pump because he had his hand removed and replaced with a club. Apparently he uses this to club baby seals, while the baby seals do charity work for baby seals who have lost parents due to the parents being clubbed to death. Makes me wonder how he pitches with a club?

          • CB says:

            There’s always been the thought that Boras intentionally tries to get some of his guys to fall so that big market teams can select them at the end of the round and pay over slot.

            Not saying it’s happening but when you see these vague rumors I kind of wonder whether something is going on to get Cole to fall. But who knows.

            It is these kinds of rumors and things that always cause players to fall in drafts and its the way you get great values when picking low.

  5. Miles Roche says:

    Oh, ok. . .
    Thanks a ton, Mike!

    (Willing to get in trouble with the Sports giant in order to satisfy his fellow readers. . .
    Greatly appreciated.)

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