New stadium looking better than the Yanks

Wrapping up RAB's April

A composite shot of the new stadium taken on Wednesday evening from the left field entrance to the tier level in Yankee Stadium. Click the image for a bigger version. (Photo by Ben K.)

In all of my years going to games at Yankee Stadium and watching the Yanks play, through thick and thin, from Jack Clark to Alvaro Espinoza and Bob Geren to Derek Jeter and A-Rod, I have rarely seen the Yankees play as flat as they did tonight. The offensive was downright terrible.

After loading the bases with no outs in the first, it looked like the Yankee bats may finally be ready to wake up. The middle of the order — sans A-Rod — was up, and it was time to knock the struggling Jeremy Bonderman out of the game. The Yanks emerged from the inning up 2-0, but it certainly seemed like they should have gotten more.

After two innings, the Yanks had Bonderman at 42 pitches, and it seemed like a matter of time before the offense would put together a few more hits. Little did we know those two runs would be it for the Yankees as their offense eked out just two more hits the whole rest of the way. Bonderman threw just 58 pitches over his last 5.2 innings of work, and the Yanks managed just two more singles. They took weak hacks and did nothing. Sad, sad, sad.

On the other side of the ball, Andy Pettitte was rolling until the fifth. A Marcus Thames home run just out of the reach of Johnny Damon and, an inning later, a Placido Polanco solo shot gave Andy an ugly five earned runs in six innings. He fell to 3-3 with a 3.93 and 0-2 over his last two outings. He’s given up four home runs and nine earned runs over his last 11 innings pitched against the Indians and Tigers. Ouch.

Meanwhile, despite a few raised eyebrows, Phil Hughes‘ injury is a real one, according to Kat O’Brien. That explains his poor performance on Tuesday, and this oblique injury could shelve him for six weeks.

Anyway, instead of dwelling on an ugly loss that caps off a losing April and the current spate of injuries, let’s look at photos of the new stadium that I’ve taken over the first month of the season. The full set of 32 shots is here on flickr. Select highlights are bulleted below:

  • Joseph C.

    It certainly does have that “vintage Yankee Stadium” feel to it. At least on the outside. By the way, great pictures Ben.

  • stuart

    only poitive comments from me tonight. I guess JB Cox is progressing fine another good outing at Trenton.

    Can cannot play much worse can he?

    Giambi hit one ball to the left side. The young pen arms really are doing fairly well.

    Arod 1 day closer to coming back and same for Posada..

    They cannot have any weaker at bats with less patience.

    1 day closer to kyle, giambi, moose, pavano, and others no longer being yankees!!!!!!!

    • Jon

      I think it’s a bit unfair to include Moose in that group…

  • stuart

    I meant positive in line 1 and Cano for line 2 sorry.

  • ikl

    Disappointed about Hughes injury, of course, but on the bright side this solves the problem of how to keep his innings below the ceiling for this year (which can’t be much more than 150 given that he is 21 and missed most of last year). The most important thing is for him to heal completely so that he doesn’t reinjure himself when he comes back.

  • chris

    now he is hurt again in addition to pitching like shit? good como. a pitcher who is as overated as they come coupled with a yearly DL visitor..glad we kept him

    • steve (different one)

      i wish we could trade fans like you to Minnesota.

      • Count Zero


  • chris

    meant combo –sorry

  • YES

    I’m still thinking that they should had put an upper deck facade on the exterior like the old YS had.
    It would have looked even more like the old YS.

    • Ben K.

      Old Yankee Stadium never had an exterior façade. The new stadium though has a façade identical to the pre-renovated Yankee Stadium one ringing the interior of the stadium at the top.

  • YES

    I’m not talking about the white facade. I’m talking about the facade similar to the way the exterior looks around the stadium. The upper deck facade instead of those white beams showing.
    Take a look at a picture of the old YS on the outside you will see that there is an upper deck facade and the design is similar to that of the whole stadium.

    • Ben K.

      Hmmm. I guess I’m not picturing what you’re talking about. I’m looking at the pictures of old Yankee Stadium and the facade in place there will be duplicated at the new Yankee Stadium. Unless you’re talking about a different kind of facade…

      Care to link to a few example photos?

  • Cam

    Great pictures Ben. I was actually at the game last night as well, my first of the year, and it was my first time seeing the new stadium close up in quite some time. When I stepped off the subway I was just amazed at how it looked. Such a bittersweet feeling when you look at how great the new stadium is, then seeing Billy Crystal pull the lever on the countdown to the last game at the current stadium.

    And yeah, I can’t remember the last game I went to where I felt like the team was so flat. There was just no energy or pop in anybody. When I looked up late in the game and realized that Bonderman was still pitching I just couldn’t believe it. Lucky for me there was a row of 8 girls in front of me, or else I would’ve been miserable.

  • Jeremy

    That game’s lifelessness was contagious. I wanted to go to sleep at 9:30.

  • RobertGKramer

    With Robertson going for Detroit we should have Shelley Duncan to add some energy tonight!

  • mark

    “That explains his poor performance on Tuesday”

    You’re kidding right? How about ‘it was inline with his other starts’.