Wrapping up RAB’s April


While the Yanks slogged their way through April, RAB had a stellar month. We finished the month with over 300,000 page views for the first time in our 14-month history. We had a few record-setting game threads and some great discussions from all of our readers. So as the Yankees embark on their second month of the season, we just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and adding in your two cents. It’s been a great run so far, and we hope you all will keep coming back.

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  1. NYFan50 says:

    Congrats on the milestone, guys.

  2. Link says:

    Congrats…I’ve been coming here since about last July and you guys quickly became my favorite blog…keep up the good work.

  3. ben says:

    nice work! not surprising as this is the best interface and the most complete of any yankee blog. maybe you should send some of this mojo to the boys so they can start to hit, or pitch, or BOTH!

  4. Randy says:

    congrats, glad to be a very small part of your success.

  5. Marsha says:


  6. RichYF says:

    If you want page hits, pray that the Yanks are 10 games under after this month. You’ll get twice as many hits and three times as many “ZOMG TRAED HUGES”

  7. JimT says:

    I’m not a Yankee fan, but I love the format and passion of the fans who participate.

  8. Joey says:

    love you guys, keep up the great work. but we have to talk about adding my “2 cents”, I’m pretty sure I made it clear I charge much more than that! :-)

  9. A.D. says:

    Congrats, just found this site this year, as I looked to have other perspectives on the minor league talent (since there is some) in addition to what I can read in box scores.

    side note Is there actually going to be a guest column series?

  10. Ray Istorico says:

    Greatness in Waiting: An Illustrated History of the Early New York Yankees,

    Anyone that is growing tired of the struggles of the current Yankee team might enjoy looking back at ancient Yankee history in my just published book
    (if this pasted in link functions that is – it can be found on

    Thanks & Regards,

  11. GoYankees says:

    Good job guys! Your success is well deserved.

  12. Manimal says:

    unfortunately, my commenting on RAB has slowed amazingly since my homework amount has exploded but ill come back for some hardcore chatting sometime.

  13. mustang says:

    Good job like always.
    Today on Mike and the Mad Dog they when on about how bad blogging is and how the media hates it. One of their points was how harsh it can get on some site.
    I’m glad to say that I haven’t had that problem here. I only had one personal attack, which was squashed.
    You guys do a real good job of police that stuff.
    I think Mike and the Mad Dog are just pissed that you guys are fucking with their numbers.
    That’s even more of a reason to like RAB.

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