One Joe in, another out for All Star Game

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Via PeteAbe comes some news on All Star Game coaches. Terry Francona, the AL manager, has invited Yanks’ manager Joe Girardi to join him on the All Star Game coaching staff. That’s a nice gesture for Francona, but I have to believe some external pressure may have been applied here. Sadly, Clint Hurdle did not ask Joe Torre to join him in the NL dugout. Despite the acrimonious divorce last fall, Torre deserves to be in uniform in the Bronx for this game. It’s a shame he won’t be.

More about Jason Giambi than we ever wanted to know
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  • Colin

    Why do you think Tito was pressured into inviting Joe??

    • Steve

      No, its a common courtesy to ask the host stadium’s manager to be a coach of some sort.

      If nothing else, he can tell everyone where the bathroom is.

  • Rick in Boston

    To ensure that the Yankees manager was represented at the all-star game in his own park. It’s common courtesy, but with the Yanks/Sox rivalry, you never know.

    As for Torre – maybe the Steinbrenners and MLB should push to have Torre throw out the first pitch.

  • Colin

    Yeah I’m sure Tito asked him to do it because he/everyone else knows it makes sense and would be a slap in the face if he didn’t. No pressure from the outside.

    As for Torre, it’s a shame he won’t be there.

  • mooks

    I can’t say now, but I rememeber Torre saying several months ago (before spring training or just at the start of it), he wouldn’t be at the stadium for the all-star game, and having set a prior commitement (something to do with the “safe at home” foundation).

    If thats the case, he may have let Clint Hurdle know that in advance.

    Personally, I don’t think Torre wants to deal with the media storm over the all star weekend by being here.

  • Seven Costanza

    I think if Torre wanted to be there, he would be there. He wants no part of the shitstorm and I can’t say I blame him.

  • TurnTwo

    and not for nothing, but there is a real good chance Willie wont even be the Mets manager come the ASG, which would open another spot back up.

    • Ben K.

      Forget the ASG. There’s a real good chance Willie won’t be the Mets manager come seven days from now.

      • Pete

        Real shame if that happens, IMO. I wonder if he goes out to LA next year to be with Papa Joe again…

  • Aaron

    I happen to completely agree with you on this one. First, in some way or another I do think that Francona was “pressured” to include Girardi on the staff. I think it’s more because it’s the final season of Yankee Stadium than the fact that the game is being played there.

    It’s a nice gesture that probably should be extended to Torre as well, even if he decides on his own not to attend/accept the invitation.

    And yes, Randolph may be on his way out. He’s lost control of the clubhouse. Wagner was right for being pissed, even if his approach to expressing it may not have been the best choice.

  • Steve

    Ben, what makes you think Torre would show up? HE’S the one who said “He’s not sure” and “I can’t answer that” when asked if he’d return to Yankee stadium. Because he felt slighted that George gave him everything any manager could ever ask for 12 years. George gave Torre teams that won 4 WS rings and made 6 WS appearances. He gave Joe the highest payroll in baseball to work with, the best team on paper almost every year, and made Torre the highest paid manager in baseball by far.

    They gave him everything, except a 13th year at the helm.

    Personally, I hope the Yanks give #6 to Montero in 3 years.