Roster moves, bullpen management leaves system needing arms

Minor League Month in Review: April
Game 31: Another lefty (or: Wild Thing, you make my heart sing)

For one day, Jose Veras will take Phil Hughes’ spot, Chad Jennings notes. Tomorrow, Darrell Rasner will be called up to take Phil Hughes‘ spot in the rotation for now. Veras’ promotion came about because Joe Girardi had two of his relievers throw 40 or more pitches last night, making them ineligible to pitch tonight. So now the Yanks are short an arm in the pen, and Scranton is set to play a double header with five relievers, one of whom is starting game two. That’s bad roster management.

Minor League Month in Review: April
Game 31: Another lefty (or: Wild Thing, you make my heart sing)
  • Jamal G.

    Yeah, Chad Jennings noted how odd it was that David Robertson was allowed to throw three complete innings the night before he was slated to be called up to Scranton who 1. is playing a twin-bill and 2. had a shortened bullpen to begin with. Very odd.

  • zack

    I still have no idea why Girardi let Albaladejo pitch that 3rd innings. That was inexcusable…

    And now he has Damon sitting and Giambi in against the lefty Bedard, despite Damon being one of the only players hitting and Giambi’s total incompetence against lefties. Instead, he is using the tiniest of sample sizes based on #s against Bedard…

  • Ivan

    Just read on Pete’s blog that Hughes is nearsighted and has to wear glasses. Also Hughes felt that he crack his rib due to a mechanical flaw in his delivery. Man Hughes seems like a mess right now. Hopefully, this mechanical stuff will just go away please and he we will see the real Phil hughes.

    • steve

      i never understood people that find out that they need glasses … don’t they realize they can’t see ? senior year of high school i couldn’t read the board so i got glasses. …. come on hughes … hopefully this all straightens out when he comes back, otherwise i don’t know what i’ll do with his jersey i bought !!!

      • whozat

        It’s not like it happens all at once. It’s a gradual process.

        • Travis G.

          true. i never thought i’d need glasses until a few years ago i put on my girlfriend’s pair and it was like an epiphany. you really dont notice the deterioration bc it’s extremely gradual.

    • Mike A.

      This is turning into a bit of circus. I don’t like it.

  • jeff

    Did I misunderstand your point, or are you criticizing Girardi because his handling of the Yankees bullpen hurt the Triple-A team? If so, you’re trying way to hard to find reasons to get on the guy. I’d be pretty pissed if he was thinking about who will be available for a Triple-A game the next day when he’s making in-game decisions in New York.

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