Scheppers injured

Dissecting Kennedy's return
So when's Kyle Farnsworth's Peanut Butter Cookie Day?

Fresno State RHP Tanner Scheppers, a surefire first round pick in next month’s Rule 4 draft, suffered a stress fracture in his shoulder and will be out of action a minimum of 6 weeks. The injury cripples his draft stock, and this could now be a similar situation to what Mark Melancon went through in 2006. Given the overall lack of … quality players in this years draft, I couldn’t see waiting past the 4th or 5th round to snatch him and offer first round money. Do ya thing Opp. (h/t MLBTR)

Dissecting Kennedy's return
So when's Kyle Farnsworth's Peanut Butter Cookie Day?
  • dan

    I don’t think this is as crippling as a ligament strain or muscle tear would have been… he’s not gonna drop like Melancon did because of this, I don’t think it’s as concerning. I wouldn’t wait past round 3, depending on how long the supplemental rounds are.

  • Joltin’ Joe

    Yeah, waiting until somebody else takes him is a huge risk. We are getting a comp pick for Vizcaino so that might make us more likely to use it in a “surefire” way. In other words, we wouldn’t be taking any chances b/c we would still be drafting early and we would still offer him the appropriate bonus/deal.

  • Eric

    I’d be surprised if he fell out of the sandwich round, but stranger things have happened. I’d definitely take him with the compensatory pick from Vizcaino, unless they get the sense that he’s free falling.

  • Mike R.

    I’d take him in round two. I agree with dan I don’t think a fracture is as bad as a tear.

  • barry

    Maybe he’ll come back like henry from rookie of the year.

  • barry

    This is sort of an aside but what if we could land someone like Eric Hosmer (apparently he’d be worth high 200s and 30+ HRs) and develop him. That way we wouldn’t have to sign Tex and could have an as good or better bat if he reaches potential.

    • Mike R.

      I thought that Hosmer would be the plan for a while now, but everything I have read recently makes me think that he will be long gone before 28. Brett Wallace was another name I was following that we now have no chance of landing.

      The two 1B I have my eye on now are Allan Dykstra (Wake Forest) and Ike Davis (ASU). I am intrigued with both, but not convinced yet.

      • barry

        I’ll have to look into those two, I don’t follow college ball that much just try to find the top at each position through articles. I think they should definitely start piling on the position player talent though because we seem to be plentiful pitching wise at the moment.

        • George

          Frpm John Sickels web site

          Ike Davis, OF, Arizona State: Hitting .401/.473/.822, OPS about +53 compared to context. One thing I really like: 21 doubles to go with 15 homers, which (stat-wise at least) indicates further power projection to come; by contrast Wallace has hit just 8 doubles to go with his 15. As I said yesterday, I really like Davis intuitively. His plate discipline isn’t quite as good as Wallace’s but I like him.

          Brett Wallace, 3B-1B, Arizona State: Hitting .404/.534/.737 with 13 steals, his OPS is about +50 percent compared to context. I love his bat, although not as much as Alonso and Smoak. Questions about where he will fit defensively remain, but it’s hard to knock the production. I don’t like him quite as much as I like Davis, intuitively.

          • Mike A.

            Brett Wallace might be the best pure college hitter in the draft. He’s way better than Davis. Problem with Wallace is that no one know’s where he’ll play.

            FYI – Davis’s dad used to pitch for the Yanks.

            • barry

              Good stuff to both Mike and George.

      • barry

        A bit wired tonight but, I guess another option would be to get a top-flight SS to take Jeter’s spot when he can’t handle SS anymore and move Jeter to either 1st or the OF.

  • George

    Mike or Ben, with Cox and Melancon moving up in the system, what new news do have regarding Garcia and Sanchez?

    As for Scheppers, pending that he hasn’t had any past arms injuries prior to this one and hasn’t been abused as a starting pitcher, we should consider landing compensatory pick for Vizcaino. And as for Hosmer, he is an animal. did I nice Mock 08 Draft Posting…

  • Mike R.

    Jonathan Mayo’s answer to the question “So how far do you see this dropping his draft stock? Do you think he falls out of the 1st completely?”

    “I think it’ll depend on what people find out about the injury, honestly. Stress fractures heal, but when it’s in the shoulder, that has to lead one to wonder what caused it. If people think it’s something that isn’t systemic, then he’ll still get drafted fairly high. And I can see him going in the first round, in the latter stages, in any event. A team that has the resources to be patient if there’s prolonged injury issues might take a stab. Hey, the Yankees took Andrew Brackman knowing that he needed Tommy John surgery. Scheppers’s injury, as of right now, isn’t as serious as that and he’s a more advanced pitcher than Brackman was when healthy. The injury certainly knocked him out of the top 10 and probably will cost him a nice chunk of change in terms of bonus. But I don’t think it’ll really kill his chances of being a first-rounder… at least, not yet.”

  • r.w.g.

    If he’s there, you gotta think about it. Tough break for Scheppers, though, as I hope this doesn’t limit his potential. The kid has been sick and really was pitching like the light went off.

  • chris

    the yankees have smart;y targetted players thpughout the draft who have fallen fpr money or injury issues so you take him if he is there and he very well might be. remembe no team has the yankee resources to wait a yea for a first round pick to pith – most dont have the resources to even wait a month. more and more early picks are being called up ithin thei first year, if not thei early second year, paticuularly college guys so teams are loking for someone to help them in 09 o minimum 2010.

    if he is there they take him, but still holding out hope thatHosmer will be there – hopefully he raises his pice to 10 million.

    dont frget – there could be a guy coming from Japan who at 21 aleady had pro ball experience although he will cost 70 million just to talk to – has better stuff than dice-K and has the charisma of Ichiro. he wants to play in Boston or NY – epuldnt it be great if both of the teams in this rivalry had japanese 3rd starters going head to head for the next ten years.

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