The timing of Derek’s slump


While the three guys behind him in the order spent Friday night hitting, Derek Jeter in the leadoff spot took the evening off from that pastime. He went 0 for 5 to drop his average down to a very un-Jeterian .272, and I have to wonder if Derek rushed back too quickly from his May 20th HBP. While Jeter says the Daniel Cabrera beanball isn’t impacting his hitting, the numbers tell a different story. Since coming back the next day, the Yankee Captain is 3 for 34. That’s an .088 average if you’re keeping score at home, and he’s slugging just .118 over that span. That’s not looking so great.

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  • whozat

    But he was hailed as a True Leader when he was in the lineup the next day! How can he have been wrong to do that??

    For how many consecutive days do you trust Betemit at SS?

  • whozat

    First part sarcastic, second part serious. Now they they’ve sent the AG down, what do they do with an ailing jeter?

  • Todd

    Jeter is at the age when a day off every now and then wouldn’t hurt anyway. When AG was on the roster, it was always puzzling to me why Jeter never sat every week and a half anyway. And then when he got hit in the hand, it was especially head scratching to me.

  • JRVJ

    Eventually the Yankee manager will have to start confronting Derek Jeter, both about his desire to play when hurt (which is commendable on one level, but not on others) and about his defensive deficiencies at SS.

    Hopefully Girardi will be around long enough and have the power/leverage to do this.

    Furthermore, when Jeter’s contract expires, the Yankees will have to stare the man down and explain him that (a) He is no longer a SS/can’t play that position; and, (b) He is certainly not worth $20MM+ per year.

    • LiveFromNewYork

      Yeah, I think that both Jeter and the organization are in denial about him.

      He gets so many more passes than anyone else. I know it’s because of his history and wanting to be a Yankee since the 4th grade and all of that is GREAT and commendable but if Derek wants to serve the organization well, and both he and the organization maintain that is his only goal in life, then he has to get real about his waning abilities as does the Yankee FO and managers.

      The big bad Yankees are also known for their sentimentality and with DJ it goes a bit far.

      • steve (different one)

        it’s going to be ugly when his contract expires.

  • steve (different one)

    what concerns me is not the lack of hits or even the lack of XBH’s, it’s his OBP.

    he has fewer walks than Cano.

    he is seeing 3.37 pitches per AB. his career average is 3.74.

    he’s not hitting, but we know he will start hitting again. but what happened to the walks? and what is up with his approach?

    i think he will be fine. he always is. but so far, this season has been pretty mediocre.

    • whozat

      *snap snap* especially since he’s in the top of the lineup. Honestly, he’s a part of the reason the offense was struggling. When he was basically the only quality righty on the team, he wasn’t making lefties work, he wasn’t pounding out doubles, and he wasn’t getting on base.

      • LiveFromNewYork

        Again, I think it’s the org’s handling of Jete. I think they are not going to push him down the lineup, send him to batting camp, make him sit down or anything else that might help him. They’re going to stroke his ego endlessly and refuse to admit that their boy wonder is aging fast. I predict the day is coming when the cap’n gets boo’d at Yankee Stadium. And that will be a sad day indeed. They can prevent it by moving off of shortstop, giving him some days off and recognizing when he’s “off.”