A lesson in Proctor-ology


Joe Torre’s overwhelming love of Scott Proctor — a love that caused Brian Cashman to trade Proctor away form the Yanks — wasn’t just a figment of the collective imagination of jaded Yankee fans. As the Fifth Outfielder details today, Joe Torre really has overused an ineffective Scott Proctor to a fault. Now we have proof.

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  • Sam P.

    If you need inherited runners to score, there’s no better guy coming out of the ‘pen than good old Scott Proctor. Or at least that’s how it seemed for his Yankee tenure. Good to see it’s still happening in LA!

  • A.D.

    Poor Scott, if only he was in the pen for those 2005 White Sox then he could have gotten some rest

  • steve (different one)

    average fastball from fangraphs

    2006 – 94.4
    2007 – 93.5
    2008 – 92.7

  • Babe’s Ghost

    poor scott… now to the DL with elbow injury

  • A-Point

    Scott will get less innings now.

  • Alan

    Poor Scott Proctor, I’ve got nothing but sympathy for the guy. He must have slept with Torre’s daughter or something.