Cashman’s future on the agenda

Game 60: Hip, hip...

Brian Cashman is heading down to Tampa this week for a bunch of meetings at the Yankee home office, and on the agenda will be a discussion about Cash’s Yankee future. Ed Price fills us in:

Cashman flew to Tampa yesterday for MLB’s First-Year Player Draft, which begins today. Asked if he wants to keep Cashman and if Cashman wants to stay, Steinbrenner said, “That’s the impression I get.”

Cashman, the team’s GM since 1998, likes to say he is focused only on this season and not his future, and some around baseball wonder if he wants to come back. Three years ago he deliberated for a couple of weeks before working out a new deal with increased authority.

At that time, two people who know Cashman well but asked not to be named because they were discussing his status, said Cashman was interested enough in the Los Angeles Dodgers’ GM opening to explore the housing market there.

When his contract is up after this season, one of the people said, the decision will be even harder for Cashman.

So Price presents something of a conflicting point of view. On the one hand, he has Hank Steinbrenner’s clearly stating that Brian Cashman is wanted by the Yanks and wants to stay with the Yanks. On the other, he has a few anonymous sources stating that Cashman could explore open GM opportunities in Philadelphia or Seattle.

While Cashman is as divisive a figure among Yankees today as anyone else, we would rather see Cashman stick with the team and continue his drive to build from within while investing in smart free agents. It’s a work in progress, and if the Yanks know what’s good for their long-term success, they should allow Cashman and his baseball ops team to stick together.

Game 60: Hip, hip...
  • xkevinx

    I personally hope that they keep Cashman. Overall, he has done a good job. At least some of the poor signings (sheffield over vlad, Giambi over Papi) were when he was overruled by Tampa. I hope he stays.

    If he does walk, promoting Damon Oppenheimer would not be the worst thing in the world. The youth movement would continue.

    • Ben K.

      Giambi over Papi isn’t a poor signing. Let’s not rewrite the David Ortiz history. The Twins DFA’d him, and the Red Sox took a flier. They happened to get very lucky, and George only made noises after it turned out that he was good. Ortiz was hardly a blip on the off-season radar in 2002/2003.

      • Pete

        Didn’t someone in the organization want him and George passed?

      • steve (different one)

        right, and Giambi was signed during the 2001/2002 offseason.

        • Chris

          And Giambi has been very good for the Yankees.

    • Ivan

      Giambi isn’t the greatest signing in the world but but by far isn’t the worst.

  • Mike A.

    Man, I hope Cash doesn’t leave, I’m scared about what could happen afterwards. Phil Hughes for Joe Blanton? Sure! Ian Kennedy and Austin Jackson for Paul Konerko, AND we’ll take on his whole contract? Sure! God, I’m going to have nightmares tonight now…

    • A.D.

      Are we hiring Kenny Williams as the next GM then?

      • Mike A.

        Who knows who’d get the job. Oppenheimer has been a great SD, but we have no idea what he’d be like as a GM.

        • mike

          lets not knock Kenny so quickly…he did put together a Major Leage staff, fleeced Contreras for Loiza, built a pen with Jenks after others gave up on him, did the World Series thing, dumped Posednik (sic) at the right time..

          He does have a big mouth, and no way do i want him for the Yanks, but from what I see/know he did get the one-up on Cash for evaluation of ML pitching

    • Bo

      What makes you think that a new GM wouldn’t keep building with great young cost affordable players? It’s not like they would hire a Syd Thrift Jim Bowden clone. I’m sure they would go to Stick for a recomendation. And the new guy would realize he has a 4 yr deal and doesn’t have to trade Austin Jackson for a middle reliever.

  • RobertGKramer

    I’m all in on keeping Cashman! Where is Jeff?

  • CB

    Kevin Kernan had an article today that also confirmed Hank’s interest in bringing Cash back.

    ” Steinbrenner said he and Brian Cashman are on the same page on what ails the Yankees, a key indication that Cashman, who is in the last year of his contract, will continue as general manager. Steinbrenner made it clear he has faith in Cashman.

    Boss Junior also noted that the Yankees are paying for past mistakes, but that should not be read as a criticism of Cashman.

    “A lot of mistakes have been made over the last seven years,” Steinbrenner said. “We got our hands full, but Brian and I are on the same page.” ”

    One other interesting quote on Jaba:

    “Said one NL scout at Tuesday’s 9-3 loss, “There’s no doubt Joba is a one or two, the Yankees are making the right move.””

  • r.w.g.

    For the most part I support Cashman, but I still have doubts about his ability to assemble a major league pitching staff.

    I can see why the LA job would be appealing, too. Sometimes the cold East coast gets to be a drag and hustle and bustle starts to suck and you come to the conclusion you don’t like talking to 900 people a day who all ask the same thing. Plus, Coletti has got to be as good as gone after this season for the way he basically just recklessly jacked up the Dodger’s payroll with some of the worst free agent signings in recent memory.

  • NC Saint

    I refuse to actually look at waswatching anymore on principle, but somehow I have a feeling Lombardi is wetting himself right now.

  • steve (different one)

    here is the thing about Cashman:

    we argue incessantly about which signings were and were not Cashman’s doing.

    Hank actually KNOWS which signings were and were not Cashman’s doing.

    Hank has SAID that many of the bad signings had nothing to do with Cashman.

    Hank wants Cashman back.

    this tells me something.

    • Bo

      Hank wasn’t actually here for the majority of the decisions.

      • steve (different one)

        so what?

        really, you don’t think he has inside information about who was responsible for what?

        he RUNS the team.

        i am POSITIVE he knows every player his father insisted on having. i am POSITIVE he knows the name of every scout that recommended a certain player and who was reponsible for signing a Tony Womack.

        i can’t believe anyone would think otherwise.

    • mike

      yet if he was wishy-washy about Cash the press would crucify him in public ( remember earlier this year??) because Cash has the press wrapped around his fingers, and it would lead to endless speculation and drama for the rest of the year….

      Playoffs= Cash stays, if not all bets are off….

  • NYFan50

    I’d be fine with them just giving Cashman a 10 year deal so we don’t have to listen to talk about the future of whatever GM is with the team every few years…

  • Bo

    I think its time for a change at the top. Cashman has to bear some responsibilty for the farm system being crap from 98-2005 and he has to bear the brunt of not improving the major club.

    • Ben K.

      You don’t pay much attention, eh?

  • nick blasioli

    after the santana screw up and the awful off season without doing any upgrades for the team…i got turned off of mr cashmans idleness…lets get a gm that wants to win….

    • Stryker

      umm. are you serious? think long term with the santana non-deal. giving away hughes/kennedy/melky/ajax would have SERIOUS ramifications. melky is arguably the best outfield option for the yankees. with santana on the team, there’s no one with plus range or arm to run after the fly balls he’d give up. nor is there one in the system if ajax is gone.

      who says santana would pitch well with the yankees? who says hughes and kennedy would struggle in minnesota? if that’s the case, we’d look silly to be forced to spend unnecessary money on an aging pitcher when 2 young guys who are locked up long term have room to improve.

      sometimes i’m convinced people have stopped thinking rationally.

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