Game 60: Hip, hip…



It’s the return of Jorge Posada, and for once, the Yanks have their opening day lineup on the field. Wait. What’s that? They don’t? Oh no. Now what?

Well, Jason Giambi is out for the second straight day with a foot problem. If this develops into another bout of plantar fasciitis, I’d probably write a serious post suggesting that the Yanks sign Barry Bonds. For now, we’re just holding our collective breaths.

Meanwhile, on the mound today is Chien-Ming Wang, and he really needs a good start. After starting the season with a 6-0 record, a 3.00 ERA and 32 strike outs in 45 innings, Wang had an alarming May. He went 0-2 with a 5.67 ERA and did not nail down a win in five starts for the first time in his career. In 33.1 innings, he has walked 16 while striking out just 13, and his mechanics seem a bit out of whack. Hopefully, he can start June off on the right note.

Game time is 1:05 p.m., and Mike will have draft coverage above this post as it unfolds later this afternoon.

Damon DH
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui LF
Posada C
Cano 2B
Betemit 1B
Cabrera CF

Wang P

Site Notes: Even though it’s relatively early, we’ve got a lot of content up on site so far today. Be sure to check out Mike’s early draft coverage, my thoughts on a Steve Goldman article and news concerning Brian Cashman’s future.

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  1. Chris says:

    Giambi fouled a ball off the top of his foot on Tuesday night, so this doesn’t seem like it’s related to or would develop into plantar fasciitis.

    • TurnTwo says:

      although, they havent really realeased any info regarding his foot treatment or what it was for, so while this makes sense, its all speculation at this point.

      one would hope it wouldnt turn into his recurring foot issue, but they’ve been awfully tight lipped about the whole thing so far…. unless i missed something.

      • A.D. says:

        Getting hit on the top of the foot shouldn’t cause a heel problem, unless he accounts for one injury by over-compesanting

        • TurnTwo says:

          my point being that we dont actually know what their treating him for, whether its his heel, arch, etc… all i read was that it was treatment for a ‘foot injury.’

          • Ben K. says:

            Yes. I should have been more clear. I don’t mean that he’s going to get plantar fasciitis from an HBP. I should have said that I hope it’s not a lingering foot problem like his plantar fasciitis injury was.

          • A.D. says:

            Well i suppose, but it would seem a bit odd that he got hit on the top of the foot the same day that he had a heel injury

  2. Haggs says:

    Didn’t Giambi also get beaned on the foot by Halladay?

  3. A.D. says:

    Hopefully Posada helps Wang turn it back around

  4. Mike A. says:

    Nice first inning by the Magic Wang.

  5. Jamal G. says:

    An Alex Rios out? What’s more likely to happen, Eric Hosmer falls to the 28th pick, Tanner Scheppers get drafted in the first three rounds or Alex Rios takes an 0-fer in today’s matinĂ©e?

  6. Jamal G. says:

    Nice AB for Mr. Damon, 0-2 count and works a BB.

  7. Joey says:

    Yogi in da house!

  8. Jamal G. says:

    Great to see our #1 and #2 hitters on a little hot streak.

  9. A.D. says:

    Nice to see no one LOB

  10. Jamal G. says:

    First caller on M&MD” “Everybody who knows anything about baseball knows that it is much harder to find a closer for NY than it is to find an ace”. Oh man, what a great start!

  11. Jamal G. says:

    Look at my boy Robbie Cano! Dale hombre!

  12. Mike A. says:

    Here’s the online draft broadcast if anyone is interested:


    That’ll come in handy if you’re like me and stuck trying to juggle the game and draft with a TV that doesn’t have picture in picture.

  13. Mike A. says:

    Hip hip, base hit!

  14. Joey says:

    Alright Mike, just want to wish you goodluck and Godspeed with the next few hours ;-) Have to go to class now and I will be keeping track, but I actually have to pay attention today, supposively hardest chapter we’re going over…

  15. Jamal G. says:

    I would go for the bunt here with Wilson Betemit, however I don’t know if he can actually bunt.

  16. Sam says:

    A 10-pitch at bat for Robbie?!? My jaw just hit the floor. Way to go!

  17. A.D. says:

    Should have had Betemit bunt

  18. Mike A. says:

    Harold Reynolds in the (draft) house.

  19. Jamal G. says:

    What is the fascination amongst baseball fans and some players in wearing raggedy, dirty, old baseball hats?

  20. Jamal G. says:

    Eric Hosmer to the Royals at #3 seems to be the popular pick today, a good omen considering Rick Porcello was supposed to go the Royals last year?

  21. Jamal G. says:

    “Prostate cancer will be eliminated as a cause of death in nthe next 40 years.” That’s fucking great.

  22. Ben K. says:

    Nice play there by Jetes and A-Rod. I like that.

  23. Bo says:

    Walks are the killer for Wang.

  24. Jamal G. says:

    I have to ask, is there any other game in Yankee history that you can remember that brought about so many chilling moments as Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS? I mean damn, I still say that is the best game I have ever seen, followed closely by this year’s Super Bowl.

  25. Bo says:

    I’m hoping they cure baldness before it becomes a problem for me. An exam I can deal with.

  26. Z1m says:

    That was like playing with fire considering how Rios hits the Yankees.

    Damon on again. NICE

  27. Jamal G. says:

    …Those fucking cowbells.

  28. Link says:

    Come on Godzilla…

  29. Jamal G. says:

    Over/Under of 7.5 on the amount of times Peter Gammons mentions the 2005 draft and the Boston Red Sox in the same breath?

    I say over at 126.

    • Badhay says:

      Do you really hate Peter Gammons that much? I don’t understand, he’s one of the most respected/knowledgable reporters/writers in the game. Is it just bc he’s from Boston? Even so, he’s picked the Yankees to win a helluva lot over the last decade, I never thought of him to be that biased for Beantown.

      • Bo says:

        Gammons is the best baseball guy out there. he says Sox and ’05 draft because it was downright nasty. Hes right to give it props. Just like he will next yr with the Yanks ’06 draft.

        • Ben K. says:

          They had five of the first 47 pitches after winning the World Series. That’s a joke. If they had had a bad draft that year, then they should have overhauled the entire Front Office. A monkey would be able to give them credit for it.

          • Bo says:

            A lot of teams don’t hit on one guy in the first round. They hit on 4 of their picks. Give a lil credit to that team. They also made the right choices in passing on their own free agents to get those picks

  30. Bo says:

    When you got a shot to knock out a pitcher like McGowan, you have to do it.

  31. Ben K. says:

    I have to agree with Leiter right here. That 3-2 pitch from Wang was right at the belt and over the plate. That has to be called a strike.

  32. that homer was effing fat!

  33. E-ROC says:

    LOL, Bud Selig sounds drunk when he is saying the selections.

  34. no talent scrappy just gut a hit

  35. Ben K. says:

    Yeah, ok. I’m officially sick of Melky. Two hands, kid.

    • Badhay says:

      No offensive production, and errors now. What a starting CF

      • pete says:

        …yeah that happens all the time with melky…he drops wayyyy to many fly balls…23 years old…league average hitter…good defender…excellent arm…what i want to know is why wang can’t throw strikes anymore/why he always seems to fall apart after some questionable play

        • Badhay says:

          League average hitter? He’s a centerfielder…you don’t use average hitters there, and his defense is not as great as everyone cracks it up to be

  36. pete says:

    once again how the fuck is that an earned run??????????????? even if you can’t assume the double play, you certainly can’t say that that was wang’s fault

  37. pete says:

    that’s twice today that the jays have been rewarded for doing the wrong thing (rolen’s walK)

  38. pete says:

    wow…inning-ending double play turns into 5 run inning

  39. Bo says:

    You can’t blame the umps strike zone for a pitcher getting shelled.

    Everytime they need Wang to come thru he doesn’t.

    • Ben K. says:

      I don’t know what this is in reply to. Can you please use the reply function? It’s there for a reason.

      Anyway, no one’s blaming the ump’s strike zone. It’s a baseball-wide problem; the strike zones are just ridiculously small.

  40. Rich says:

    Time for Gardner.

  41. Rich says:

    And why would Girardi use Ohlendorf in the fifth? His bullpen management is troubling.

  42. Ben K. says:

    Look at that! Aggressive baserunning. I like that.

  43. Jamal G. says:

    Again, Wilson Betemit is not a good bat to have off the bench? Fucking idiot that Mike Francesa.

    • I actually think he can be a pretty good starter somewhere. He has good raw tools but has always sat stale on the bench. I mean, he even hit that HR righty.

      • Bo says:

        He makes contact twice a week and strikes out every other time. Plus he doesn’t have a positiion. I guess he works off the bench but didn’t they get him to play the infield?

  44. wow what a huge reach.

  45. Bo says:

    Hawkins reminds me of Mota for the Mets last year. He gets you 1 inning you should be grateful and then go to someone else.

  46. I don’t understand why they like Veras so much. Wow, he throws 95. So did Rick Ankiel (I think)…

    • Bo says:

      Maybe Veras can play CF and rake like Ankiel next year. I don’t think Melky is long for pinstripes after this season. With Gardner and Jackson nipping at his heels.

    • Ben K. says:

      What about that didn’t you like?

      • wow he made me eat crow. but he’s been either pretty good or pretty bad. I just don’t think there’s anything particularly good or special.

        • pete says:

          you really aren’t supposed to have several dominant set-up men guys. you just want guys who can get outs. obviously it isn’t ideal, but you need about 6 good starters and a good closer before you can blame anything on bad setup men

          • pete says:

            then again, you do want everybody in your bullpen to be able to throw strikes day in and day out, which is not the case with guys like veras and ramirez

      • Bo says:

        Maybe that is the Veras that everyone raved about. There is a very real opportunity right now for someone to make a name for himself and become a big time pitcher if they can get outs for this team. Maybe its Veras. Maybe Ollie. Hopefully someone already on the roster

    • Ben K. says:

      Anyway, Rick Ankiel was a fantastic pitcher until he got his head all messed up. To be compared to Ankiel isn’t an insult.

      • What I really meant was Ankiel post-dominance. Maybe he wasn’t the best comp. The point is there are plenty of guys at AA who can throw 95 and not have much to show for it.

      • Bo says:

        Ankiel was a tremendous pitcher. I wish we had one lefty in the system with half as much ability

  47. Bo says:

    The way this team was put together is just frustrating to me. No lefty in the pen and no long man. And they make Ohlendorf the de facto long man when he should be groomed for the 7th inning.

  48. Joey says:

    Did anyone else see that dumbass that had the “I love you Michael Kay” sign?

  49. flynn says:

    My God Veres in an asshole.

  50. Dammit! I really liked Dykstra’s bat. But that was a freggin overdraft!!

  51. Joey says:


  52. NYFan50 says:

    What a finish. I thought Farnsworth had sealed it.

  53. Dave P. says:

    Jamal has been saying it all year. Giambi isn’t done.
    On an 0-2 count for pete’s sake.
    Great win. Now let’s get this team rolling shall we.

  54. nmc says:

    Anyone watching the YES video? (you can catch the homerun on mlb.com highlights)… Holy crap, Joba is slapping Giambi’s ass really violently…

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