Rosenthal: Yanks “aggressively shopping” Hawkins

Third time's the four-in-a-row charm for Rivera
Phil feeling better, too

The word comes from Ken Rosenthal, via MLBTR:

The Yankees are aggressively shopping right-hander LaTroy Hawkins, two rival executives say, intending to clear a spot for a reliever who currently is at Class AAA. Righty J.B. Cox, who missed all of last season after undergoing elbow-ligament transplant surgery, is one candidate; he began the season at Class A, but has since moved to AAA, where he has allowed one run in 12 1/3 innings. Righty David Robertson, who began the season at AA, also has been impressive at AAA. Hawkins, signed to a one-year, $3.75 million free-agent contract, has a 6.08 ERA in 22 appearances . . .

I’m not sure exactly what team would take him on, and what we’d get in return. What’s more likely is the Yanks DFA him and deal him after that. The sooner, the better.

Third time's the four-in-a-row charm for Rivera
Phil feeling better, too
  • Count Zero

    The only valuable thing you get from moving Hawkins is clearing the roster spot. I’m good with that. :-)

    • George

      I agree with you.

  • George

    Guys any news on Humberto Sanchez and why he didn’t pitch last night?

    • Ben K.

      Off topic, but that date set in the BA report was weeks old. He’s on target to pitch sometime mid-June. That’s all anyone knows right now.

      • Ben K.

        Actually, I take that back. Sanchez threw batting practice yesterday and will join a team by the end of this month. The note’s at the bottom of the linked article.

  • J.R.

    There was that rumor last week that the rockies wanted him back. I’m thinking Hawkins and $ for a player to be named. Or just DFA aka Quantrill, Stanton, Small style.

  • steve (different one)

    the first day you can trade a FA you signed in the off-season is June 15th, right?

    i am sure this rumor is not a coincidence coming on June 11th.

  • E-ROC

    Good news. I think it’ll be a National League team that takes him.

  • Double-J

    If we can trade him for cash, let’s use the money to buy more squirrels! :P

    • Count Zero


  • Matt M.

    considering what the viz is doing right now…im still content with our haul of hawkins (not formally) and bleich for him

    • steve (different one)

      no question. Viz has been injured all year so that is a no brainer.

      and Hawkins, while being bad, hasn’t hurt the Yankees as much as he could have because of the distribution of his suckiness.

      hear me out:

      he’s had 3-4 disastrous performances, but the rest of the time he has basically put up zeroes.

      this is NOT an argument that Hawkins has been good. but if you are going to have a middle reliever with a 6+ ERA, it’s better if the runs he gave up all came in a small number of appearances where the game was likely lost anyway.

      what’s my point? Hawkins can probably still help an NL team.

      • nmc

        Yeah, maybe, but there’s definitely a difference between a 1-run deficit and a 4 run deficit. There’s a lot to be said for keeping the game close.

        He’s been in 22 games and allowed runs in 7 of them. (Compare to Farnsworth, 10 games with runs in 26 games and higher leverage situations). His ERA would be respectable if not for the 6 run stinker in the second game of the season. And this is exactly the point I think the Yankees should stress.

        Still, 41 H+BB in 26 2/3 IP is really frightening. Though, if he keeps them from scoring, that’s a little better. The question is just how long.

  • Geno

    A little off-topic, but the Cubs are apparently not too happy with Rich Hill. Hill is exactly the kind of pitcher we could use (left handed), and Chicago’s looking for a center fielder. Anyone think a package built around Melky & Kennedy gets it done? I’d love to have Hill’s arm in the rotation next year.

    • Ed

      If you offered Melky & Kennedy for Rich Hill, the Cubs would instantly jump on the deal.

      Hill’s pitching in AAA this year has only been slightly better than Kennedy’s major league work. Lou Pinella doesn’t like him at all. The Cubs would gladly trade him for any decent offer.

      • A.D.

        Hill has been solid in his time with the Cubs, but is 5 years older for IPK, so I’m not sure if trading him straight up would make sense, if the the age gap was a bit less, say 23 to 26 then sure, but I think IPK can either contribute for the yanks, or be used as a valuable piece in a bigger deal.

        I also think there is a fallacy of the “need” for left-handed pitching, is it nice to have, of course; is it neccessary, no; and one should always go with quality of pitching over handedness

        • Bo

          They wouldn’t trade IPK for Johan Santana. Now they are going to offer him for a pitcher 5 yrs older and in Double A who cant get anyone out there???

          • Geno

            I hadn’t realized you sat in on the Santana negotiations. My bad.

  • stuart

    yeah trade there starting CF for a guy in the minors and hell throw in a 23 yr old 1st round pick on top of it!!!!!!!!!!!

    NAH…. Again if you want Melky to be as good as Bernie you will be dissapointed but call me a fool I like his game… Not every player on your team can be a HOF’er…

    get a pick or contract relief for Hawkins that would be great. send him to the NL…

    • Tom

      you can’t trade draft picks in baseball and any time that picks him up will probably want the Yankees to pick up his contract if the Yanks actually want anything in return

      • nmc

        Yeah, that’s ok, though. The Yanks can afford the money, it’s a 1-yr deal, and that money is gone anyway. if they can get something out of him before just cutting him, I say they take it.

  • Tripp

    Some team in the National League will take Hawkins. It would be nice if they could get back some bench help if they could throw some money in the deal.

    Hawkins, money, and a minor leaguer for a a Ty Wiggington type player?

    • whozat

      He seems to be falling out of favor in Houston. What are their needs over there?

      • Glen L

        a new GM

        • mustang

          You have jokes.

  • Frank

    If Hawkins remained on the roster & was signed as a FA by another team for 2009, would we be entitled to a comp. draft pick, ala Viz…???

    • steve (different one)

      depends. he is basically pitching his way to Type C status, but Elias uses the last 2 seasons and he was good in 2007. tough to say.

      • A.D.

        Hawk wasn’t a type B going into this year, and chances are his ’08 will be worse than his ’06, or on par, so doubtful

  • JeffG

    Great News – Hawk has got to go.

  • Rich

    I thought the reason that Cash insisted on only signing a veteran reliever who would accept a one year contract is that the could eat his contract, if necessary. Hawkins is merely wasting a roster sypot, as is S Dunc.

  • ogmike

    I’d rather have ANDY Hawkins.

    • jsbrendog

      hahahaha nice name drop

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        shit, I’d rather have SADIE Hawkins.

        • Count Zero

          Even better name drop :-)

  • flynn

    Anything above a bucket of chum in return should almost absolve Cash for this horrible signing.

  • Jon G

    When I hear this news about Farnsworth, I’ll be truly thrilled!

    Hawkins has put up some stinkers, but he hasn’t botched leads and failed to keep games close as consistently as Farnsworthless has.

    Hopefully we can unload Kyle by the trade deadline… It will be interesting to see how the pen shapes up with Cox, Robertson and later, Melancon, all looking very ready and still more candidates for spots after them (Bruney on the mend,, Patterson, Strickland…)

    It will be interesting to follow Sanchez’s rehab

    • A.D.

      Well Farns has a much greater sample size of leads to have blown, I’m sure Hawkins would give him a run for his money if given time

    • Bo

      Tough to botch leads when you ae the designated mop up man as Hawkins is.

  • Bo

    Duncan is truly wasting a roster spot at this point. We have no backup middle infielder or speed on the roster.

    We pinch ran with our 3rd string catcher the other day.

    Wouldnt Gonzalez be better on this team right now?? Duncan needs the at bats

  • Miles Roche

    Can somebody explain this to me?
    Why would a team deal for a player who has been DFA’d when they can can claim him off waivers?

    • Mark B

      As you there are presumably many other teams that can claim a player off the waiver wire – all determined by the worst record on up. Tradin for the player ensures that you get him and that your rival does not.

    • A.D.

      In case they have a bad waiver position, or believe someone else will get that player…usually don’t have to give up very much

  • Mark B

    Not sure what Cashman saw in Hawkins to merit a contract – he was a compelte disaster in Chicago, San Francisco and Baltimore – though if we can trade him and get him off the books to clear a spot for a guy like Cox, the sooner the better!

    • whozat

      Well, he was solid for the Rockies last year, and he’d take a one year deal. He actually threw a bunch of good innings, every now and again he’d just blow up. For a guy who wasn’t supposed to throw high-leverage innings, that’s good enough.

    • steve (different one)

      except he wasn’t a disaster in any of those places.

      not great, but not a disaster.

      • Mark B

        Good point…a little harsh.

        I remember the fans and press pillorizing him when I lived in Chicago and San Franicsco when he was the closer in both places back in ’04 and ’05….they threw him out of both towns based on his knack for blowing close games.

    • playballnyy

      Geez, folks, there’s AT LEAST three guys in line in front of JB COX-

      strickland (experience)
      patterson (on 40 man)
      robertson (great numbers and one of the relievers with the most IP)

      AND that’s not even taking into account injured Britton and Albaladejo…

      STOP wanting to jump the prospects up before they are truly needed/ready.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Because A) he’s a veteran in a bullpen likely to be full of youngsters, B) he’s super low risk – only giving him a one year deal for under 4M, C) he was actually pretty effective in ’07, and had a decent chance of duplicating that in ’08, D) he doesn’t cost any prospects to acquire, and E) if he’s even passably decent and he leaves after the year, he could net us a free gift draft choice.

      Tons of potential upside, and virtually no risk… worst case scenario, he bombs 3-5 games in April and May and is gone before the AS Break, best case scenario he becomes a key cog in the bridge to Mariano, teaches the kids how to pitch, helps us win a WS, and turns into a quality youngster for the system in June 2009.

      How anybody can bash Cashman for this is beyond me… and it reeks of an agenda.

  • whozat

    But, yes, if there’s someone at AAA they feel is ready, by all means DFA Hawkins or Kyle and let’s get on with it.

  • Joey H

    Im very tired of the yankees putting in these aaa relievers who have 12 innings of experience.its proned for disaster. go out and start trading. we havent seen a decent trade with the yankees since bobby abreu and that was what two years ago almost. im just fed up with this

  • BillyBall

    Here is an interesting trade that will cause much debate! This trade is not from any sites, I am posting it on here to see who would be interested. Trade Matsui, Melky, Horne, and Kennedy to Seattle. Get back Suzuki, Bedard. Do you think that would do it? Bedard is a lefty and potential ace. The negatives- he appears disinterested with Baseball as he is a rabid Hockey fan. Maybe getting him on the greatest franchise sports team in the world will peak his interest. Suzuki can be plugged in a CF. Trading those 3 young pieces is difficult but Kennedy and Horne do not project to be a Bedard, even though Bedard is having a avg season thus far. To be quite honest I feel Horne’s upside if and only IF he reaches and maximizes his potential may be slightly higher than Kennedy based on pure stuff. Than we bring up Gardner as a 4th OF to sub for Damon in late innings and for late inning speed.
    Now would Seattle make this trade? Well there Japanese ownership and fan base would be pissed to lose Suzuki but than they get a slightly younger Japanses baseball star in return. They get 2 young pitching prospects to replace Bedard and one young CF as well to immediately plug in. It’s tough, As a Yankee fan I would hate to give up that much talent but I would do it. As a Mariner fan that would be very hard to accept but if you wanted to rebuild and give up this season, well?

    • steve (different one)

      i don’t know if the Mariners would do that. trading Ichiro would be like the Yankees trading Jeter.

      i would probably do it though. it’s a creative idea.

    • flynn

      Badard has ZERO interest in pitching in NY. Not sure he has the personality to thrive here.

    • Mark B

      Interesting proposition, though virtually impossible as Suzuki is the face of the Mariners franchise right now and untradeable without his wanting out of Seattle…..much like us trading Jeter

    • Geno

      By all accounts I’ve heard. Horne’s stuff is a tick behind Joba’s. Judging by stuff alone, Horne is much, much better than IPK.

    • Glen L

      Why does no one ever factor in Matsui’s no trade clause?

  • RustyJohn

    Say what you will about Cashman, but at least he makes moves and gets rid of players he can get rid of* that aren’t producing. Out here in Seattle I remain perplexed by the Mariners keeping Jose Vidro as their DH, Sexson as their 1st baseman and Ibanez- three people they can DFA or trade and clear up roster spots for younger guys.

    *Waiting for the obligatory Pavano/Igawa/et al comments- key words here being “he can get rid of”. Hawkins was low-cost, low risk pick-up to help with a suspect bullpen, not a guy he shelled out a 40 million posting fee for.

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  • BillyBall


    Would you accept this trading being that you are out there in Seattle, Suzuki and Bedard for Matsui, Melky, Ian Kennedy, and Alan Horne?

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