Phil feeling better, too


With Ian Kennedy on the mend, Phil Hughes decided to grace the Internet with his blogging presence again. He reports that he has been pain-free for a week now and will start throwing soon. The Yanks want to hold off on Hughes’ rehab until they are 100 percent that his broken ribs are healed. I expect this one to be a slow build as well.

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  • Rich

    The fact that he experienced pain for this long after going on the DL makes it apparent that the injury had to have been affecting his mechanics and, if not his velo, at least the life on his fastball.

    • whozat

      It makes you wonder how long he was ignoring the twinges in his rib cage. This was a stress fracture, those don’t just happen all of a sudden. There’s such a social disincentive in the sport to report twinges and stuff, and I feel like it winds up costing teams. Guys are lionized for being warriors that play through pain, but it makes you wonder how often they wind up hurting their teams by concealing what turns out to be an injury. I mean…if he reported this the first time he felt twinges and got a bone scan back then…maybe he’s pitching right now.

  • A.D.

    It’ll be great to see Phil throwing again, guy’s going to be a good one, with big game ability

    • Relaunch

      I agree he will be good, just don’t know if the Yanks can count on him to pitch often or 200 innings.

      • A.D.

        Well the the positive on 2 injury year is that neither had anything to do with his arm, which makes them a whole lot less likely to keep creeping back

        • Relaunch

          I know but as everyone knows, he has only been healthy in one prof season (06). They aren’t the arm, but it happens somewhere which puts him on the shelf.
          Alou gets injured all the time, and they all seem to happen which arent related to hitting or fielding, just maybe running or walking.
          Same with other players (pavano, hamptom) who have also had many injuries that have not been arm related.
          Of course I dont want Hughes to be in this group. But I also think its foolish and write off that he won’t be because none of his injuries are arm related. So if he breaks his leg next year, does that mean that he isn’t injury prone because its not his arm?

  • Adrian-Retire21

    rotoworld said he might not be back until after August.Thats a long time.

    • TurnTwo

      so we’re basically back at square one with him, just like last year going into this year.

  • Bo

    Hughes is injury prone. Hopefully, we dont need him in Aug to start. Would be a nice addition to the stretch run to the staff.

  • Rich

    Hughes will likely have to pitch during winter ball to get his IP up.

    • Relaunch

      Maybe by 2011 he will be able to pitch 150 innings a year.

    • A.D.

      Depending on signings & other factors he might might get to pitch with Vindette, Bliech, Bittle & Betacanes

  • question mark

    Phil needs to stop trying to be the “top prospect” and lay back. We already saw what he’s capable of. He now needs to get to the place where he can approximate it every five days on the MLB level.

    I was fine with rushing him last year. I was was fine with rushing him this spring. There’s no need to now. I believe in him. He’s 21. He’s got about five years of rope with me before I write him off. Hopefully, he does with this organization as well.

    He needs to take his time, stop trying to be a hero, heal up well, and get himself ready to play this game at the top level consistently.