A musing on the new Stadium

Open Thread: The 'Stache Strikes in Vegas
Scranton gets no-hit* in Game 1

This week, while watching both the Home Run Derby and the All Star Game from Tier Reserved Section 31, I got to thinking about the seats in Yankee Stadium and the seats in the new stadium. While we know that the Tier Boxes at the new stadium won’t be quite the same as they are in the current stadium, there is one consolation: The sightlines have to be better.

In my seats this week, if I sat straight, I was facing the spot behind second base in the outfield and not the pitcher’s mound. I also couldn’t see the outfield from right-center to the foul line. It made for quite the Derby-watching experience. So maybe, with nearly every seat at the new park offering unobscured views of the field, this new stadium will make for a more enjoyable game-watching experience once we get over the fact that it’s not the Yankee Stadium we know and love.

Open Thread: The 'Stache Strikes in Vegas
Scranton gets no-hit* in Game 1
  • Joey

    glass half full kinda guy?

  • Josh

    After taking in a game at PNC Park during a recent trip to Pittsburgh, I can’t wait for the new stadium. While the atmosphere of the game isn’t even comparable (7500 fans versus 55000) the stadium was just incredible. The views were great, it was easy to walk around, and the park was just beautiful. If the new stadium is anywhere close to PNC Park, I will be really, really, happy with it.

  • Brett

    I had a similar experience at Coors last year. As much as there is no place I’d rather be than the current stadium, I won’t miss the cramped walkways and bathrooms and long food lines for crappy food. We deserve better for what we have to pay.