Bruney on the kids

Bobby Murcer passes
Shortest game post ever

Michael Ashmore sat down with Bruney Bruney during the righty’s rehab stint in Trenton, and while player interviews generally don’t yield much other than stock quotes, Ashmore teased some interesting info out of Bruney. The Lisfranc injury sufferer talks about his mentality coming back from an injury, his trek through the minors and his time meeting the kids. Check it out. Bruney sounds like one of the good guys.

Bobby Murcer passes
Shortest game post ever
  • Jamal G.

    His “Getting To Know…” segment on Austin Jackson was pretty good to. One of my favorites in the whole series.

  • Dan

    With all of the success in the pen lately, who would be the one to leave when Bruney is ready?

    Current guys in the ‘pen (alphabetical order)
    Farnsy – doing (somewhat) well
    Giese – a possibility, but its nice having a long man who can get outs
    Hawkins – DFA is a definite possibility, today was the first time i remember him getting guys out
    Ramirez – is having a pretty good season. strings together multiple good ones before imploding for one game, then back on track
    Rivera – haha, right….
    Robertson – I would love to see him get used more, i still love his potential
    Traber – When I started writing this i forgot he was on the roster, but i already wrote all of this up… so long Traber.
    Veras – doing extremely well and has emerged as the 8th inning man

    • Ben K.

      Today was Hawkins’ first appearance since July 3rd and Billy Traber sucks. So take your pick.

      • Dan

        I think I’d dump Traber first over Hawkins. Having a lefty for the sake of having a lefty is a joke when he can’t get anyone out (lefties are hitting .360 against him)

    • Jamal G.

      It’s amazing, giving Kyle Farnsworth credit is like suffering through a root canal for some people.

      My vote goes to Billy Traber. In low-leverage situations LaTroy Hawkins can string together a few scoreless outings.

      • Dan

        I put a lot of thought into WHIP and its importance, and when a reliever has a 1.36 WHIP, I can’t have much faith in the man

        • Jamal G.

          He has a 1.18-WHIP since June and over the last four weeks opponents have a 57-OPS+ against him.

          • Jamal G.

            Forgot to include this but he also has a 0.97-WHIP in that same four weeks span.

            • Dan

              fair enough, he’s definitely turned it around, and lets hope he can keep it up. But if I’ve learned one thing about him, never get your hopes up

    • jeff

      Carrying eight relievers is kind of crazy, especially when they have what seems to be a pretty solid long man. Doubly so when they’re carrying three catchers.

  • Jamal G.

    BTW, did someone just flip a switch down in Tampa Bay? There bats and pitching have just suddenly disappeared.

  • Scott of 3 Kids Tickets

    I know he did well at the beginning of this year, but does anyone else remember how bad he was before that?


    • Jamal G.

      Pitchers go through slumps just like hitters do.

  • Jake H

    Traber needs to be dfa along with Hawkins.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    It’s funny…they said last year Bruney was bad and fat and had an attitude. Then he slimmed down, lost the ‘tude (was it Torre related?) and was dynamic out of the pen this year and got hurt. It sounds like he’s still having a good attitude.

    “The teams paying you a lot of money to do a job…”

    Not anything fakking Carl Pavano worries about.

  • dan

    Just a note: There are two dan’s here…. the one commenting above is not me (not that it mattered really in this thread, but whatever)

    • Dan W

      all fixed haha

  • Rich

    Given that the pen may be the team’s strength, I can’t understand the Yankees’ interest in Fuentes, and I don’t know why they would want to trade Sanchez for him.

  • Bruno

    IPK & Britton
    Fuentes & Torrealba?

    • Bruno

      throw in Moeller