• Kelvin

    Yey! Yankee Win! Hmmm.. how ’bout Jeff Karstens for a start in the majors? IIRC, he did went 7 innings today, didn’t he?

  • Slugger27

    andy needs to take us into the break on a good note tomorrow

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I like Jeter in the leadoff spot.

    The offense continues to drive me crazy.

    Rasner is eh. CMW can’t get back soon enough.

  • Bart

    Rasner was hurt by Abreu but every time out is a disaster in the making – if the Yankees were 10 games ahead I’d still hate to see him pitch — 5-6 inning games is not a workhorse eating innings either.

    Need half the effective part of the bullpen to fininsh a game with a 5 run lead??? It is a win but done in a way that saps the team — not at all good when chasing from 6 games back.

    Hopefully Andy will not have a “Boston moment” – the Yankees may need to win this 2-1.. Andy and Mo!!

    We have been SCREAMING for a 1-2-3 that would maximize Jeter and ARod but we wanted it when Damon was raking not because he went down. Still itis required to maximize ABs for the best hitters — stillJeter’s OBP is awful; maybe as 1 he wil be more OB oriented?

    If Girardi is a tactical improvement over St Joe – how’s come it took two months??? and an injury to get this done — given the spotty, underproducing offense. Injuries have a lot to do with it but changes and tactics need to be employed with that knowledge in mind.

    Over a two month immobilized period such as this foot injury a person loses about 1/3 of strength and a great deal of flexibility. It might take a a minor miracle for CMW to come back from the foot injury and be a dominant 1-2 type starter that the Yankees need to close the gap and WIN in the playoffs — they will need to take great care with his rehabilitation. He is a big man, and the stress on the repaired foot wil be enormous. At best he will have limited innings and pitch counts — the bull pen is going so well it can make up the difference — hopefully he able to be an upgrade over Rasner and Ponson.

    THE RISK IS he may not make it back to the needed level this fall — the Yankees need insurance in the form of a reliable strater — if none are available in the majors (that may be the case – at a reasonable price) they should try a couple of the guys from the minors. I do not see them allowing more baserunners than Rasner and Ponson.

    Maybe Hughes comes back strong — now my great fear for the “Franchise” is that he is not a “bust” comparred to the “hope” but that he is so injury prone the becomes a Nick Johnson – special when not hurt, but hurt so often he is not a key to the future.

    • monkeypants

      Jeter’s OBP is not awful, although it is well below his career average. In any case, right now he is 7th on the team in OBP. Ahead of him are Rasner (!!!), two injured guys (Damon, Matsui), and two RBI guys (Giambi, A-Rod). Posada is right ahead of him at .357.

      So, unless they plan to lead off Posada, Jeter is the most appropriate for the job right now.

      Oh, and his OBP the last 28 days is .407.

  • Chris

    After his very good start, Rasner has alternated good (or at least acceptable) starts with bad ones. I don’t know that you can expect much more from a 5th starter.

  • Ivan

    Hey Guys, hope you guys are do a post about the futures game.

  • Sidney El Panson

    Rasner showed a lot of guts out there, striking out the side after putting two runners on base. He’s showed me he deserves that five slots for now.

    The man was pretty much pitching for his career out there.

  • Steve S

    Cashman needs to do something, between Rasner and Ponson the Yankees need to find another starter. I think Hughes can be the insurance for one spot. But they are saying he wont be back until September. In order to get through August, they need another starter.

    The trade market is down now since CC and Harden have been traded. I see a couple of guys, one who I havent heard discussed is Jarrod Washburn, who I dont think has a no trade clause, but should be available on the cheap. And while his overall numbers are off this year since June his numbers have been outstanding. Plus he isnt even a product of Safeco as his numbers are better in the road. He is a lefty which the Yankees could use and he has experience pitching in big games.

    • whozat

      Couldn’t his good numbers be more a product of pitching against lineups like KC, Washington, Oakland and Toronto?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

        Don’t forget the Angels who have the third lowest Runs scored, OBP and fourth lowest SLG% in the American League.

        • Ivan

          How they keep winning then? From looking from alot of the #’s the Angels are more lucky than good.

          • whozat

            Pitching and, yes, luck.

      • Steve S

        Well you forced me to look at his game log. And I really see only three awful starts the whole year- Detroit, Cleveland and the White Sox. Ill give you that the competition hasnt been the greatest (by the way no starts against KC it was Atlanta which isnt that much better). I think he can be a consistent number 5 starter and provide some innings, that he can probably be acquired for lesser prospects. As opposed to this Brian Fuentes rumor which has names like Melancon and Kennedy linked to it. And the other names being mentioned Bedard (who the Yankees dont want), Burnett, Paul Byrd and Bronson Arroyo.

        I realize that Burnett and Bedard are much more attractive but I dont know if Toronto would deal to the yankees, I dont know if the Yankees want that awful contract and I think the Mariners will be looking for a big package for Bedard and he is on the DL right now. If you can find an available starter that has dominant numbers against Boston, Tampa Bay and Texas, Ill give you a gold star.

        • whozat

          KC was this month, I guess.

          Yes, he could be had for less. My concern is that his numbers are an illusion, brought about by facing weak offensive teams. And thus, acquiring Washburn would be a total waste because he would come here and revert to his sucky numbers.

          • Steve S

            The only logical internal alternatives that are readily available are Karstens and Kennedy. I think Kennedy could be better than Washburn but I think the Yankees are slowing him down. And I dont think Washburn is the savior but I do think he is better than Ponson and Rasner at this point. I just dont think the other names on the trade market make any sense at the rumored cost.

  • Newman

    I miss Bobby Murcer

    • Angus P. Crotchpuncher IV

      I think we all do.