Game 102: No Mercy


So how hot are the Yankees right now? They’re so hot that they picked up a half-game in the standings during their off-day yesterday. They’ve won 11 of their last 14, outscoring their opponents 64-35 in the process, and they managed to shave a full six games off their deficit in the division race. And make no mistake about it, it’s very much a race. The last 60 games of the season should be a blast.

Primo pitching matchup in that hideously ugly high school field where even the birds are unruly, as the wicked awesome Josh Beckett takes on Joba “ZOMG teh 8th inning!!!1!!1!!” Chamberlain. Joba’s posted a 2.64 ERA since becoming a starter, good for 8th in AL, and he’s held opponents to a .653 OPS against. Basically, he’s turned everyone into Melky Cabrera (.654 OPS). How’s that for some perspective?

Boston gets David Ortiz back in their lineup tonight for the first time since May 31st, but everyone should be paying attention to the Joba vs Kevin Youkilis matchup; those two have a bit of a history, most of which involves Youkilis whining like the bitch he is. Hopefully Joba gives him a little double-chin music tonight.

Remember guys, the only thing that matters is if you win or lose, not how you play the game.

1. Damon, DH
2. Jeter, SS
3. Abreu, RF
4. A-Rod, 3B
5. Giambi, 1B
6. Cano, 2B
7. Melky, CF
8. Molina, C
9. Gardner, LF

And on the mound, Joba “fist pumps show I care” Chamberlain.

Notes: I can’t remember the last time the Yanks & Sox played a series this late in the season in which neither team was in first; hell, I don’t even know where I’d go to look that up (it’s probably this game though) … wanna talk trade rumors? then do it in this thread … there’s going to be lots of comments this weekend, so please review our Commenting Guidelines before telling us how much you hate Dustin Pedroia … we Yankees’ fans are going to deserve a medal after this weekend, we get Michael Kay tonight, Buck & McCarver tomorrow, then Joe Morgan on Sunday (yikes) … the game is on MY9 tonight, not YES

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  1. Joey H says:


  2. Jamal G. says:

    Just to get all knowledgeable and everything about “The Rivalry”, check out this Wiki page. Has some great tidbits, such as the fact that the “Curse of the Bambino” was more of a boatload of good players being sold off to the Yankees by the Red Sox’ owner to fund his Broadway productions and such.


  3. Jake H says:

    No Morgan on Sunday. Steve Phillips said on Mike and Mike that he would be doing the game instead. I don’t like Morgan but I hate Steven Phillips

    • BigBlueAL says:

      Yeah cause this weekend is the HOF induction ceremonies and Joe Morgan always attends and never announces the Sunday of the ceremonies.

  4. Lanny says:

    Kay isn’t bad. After 3 months of the Extra Innings package I can say the YES booth is very high up there.

    • Shawbler says:

      The Yes announcers are horrible! Kay is an idiot that talks about everything but the game that is being played.

  5. Not so fast, you ingrates! Public News Team is taking a break from its pledge drive to kick some ass. NO COMMERCIALS, NO MERCY!!!

  6. McCann says:

    The reason the pitching has been soo good lately is because Molina has been behind the plate.

  7. If Joba throws it high and inside on Youkillis, shouldn’t that be called “beard music”?

  8. Jamal G. says:

    A plethora of updates from PeteAbe (see how good he is when he isn’t so damn opinionated…):

    UPDATE, 6:11 p.m.: Manny Ramirez was in the lineup and was scratched just before BP. Suffice it to say, Red Sox fandom is displeased.

    Meanwhile, lots of news from Brian Cashman:

    * Phil Hughes will throw two innings in the GCL on Monday. He will soon be activated off the DL and optioned. Cashman would not predict whether Hughes would return to the majors. Cash said that teams are clamoring for Hughes in trade talks but he will not deal him.

    * Carl Pavano is scheduled to start a GCL game on Tuesday. Assuming he is not attacked by bees first or gets a sunburn.

    * Ross Ohlendorf has pitched so well as a starter for Scranton that he is being considered as a starter again.

    * Cashman is not optimistic about making a trade. “But it only takes one call.” He drove up to Boston today and was on the phone the entire time.

    * On the subject of Barry Bonds, Cashman would not rule it out because he never rules anything about. But he said he has not spoken to Jeff Borris, Bonds’ agent. So it’s not happening and never was.

    * Brian Bruney needs more work on his velocity and command before they bring him back.

  9. Jamal G. says:

    Dustin Pedroia’s beard is bigger than he is.

    • Realist says:

      I bet he can’t ride any of the amusement park rides with the sign, “You must be at least this tall to ride”

  10. Brian says:

    Hate to say it, but the other side to the Joba-Youk saga is that KY Jelly is 4-4 against him. All the more reason to go inside.

  11. Joey says:

    My friend thinks I’m crazy. She wants to go out tonight and I’m like, uh no, Joba vs. Becks tonight, I’m not missing it. I’m not crazy, she is!

  12. Jamal G. says:

    According to Chad Jennings, IPK hit 92-MPH last night. I am definitely guilty of putting way too much stock into velocity, but even the staunchest opponents of evaluation by velocity must be the least bit excited to see that from IPK.


  13. Jamal G. says:

    Jason Varitek + “Snap throw” = Oxymoron.

  14. Joey says:

    love the Damon AB

  15. Mike A. says:

    All-Star Catcher Jason Varitek attempts to make a statement with his arm.

    Pedroia didn’t dive gritty enough on that ball. If he was 5’9″ instead of 5’2″, he gets that ball.

  16. mustang says:

    same old A-Rod

  17. Jamal G. says:

    That was a nasty pitch.

  18. Ivan says:

    That’s why Beckett is Beckett.

  19. Mike A. says:

    Jacoby Ellsbury is terrible. I need to figure out how to DFA him in fantasy.

  20. Ivan says:

    Ellsbury wlecome to planet earth.

  21. E-ROC says:

    The midget got a hit; who knew..

  22. Mike A. says:

    Yikes, that pitch was right there.

  23. Mike A. says:

    Welcome back Papi. Bench is to your right.

  24. Joey says:

    He was tagged out

  25. Peedlum says:

    eddie gaedel was out there.

  26. Mike A. says:

    WTF was that Youk? Haha.

  27. Jamal G. says:

    Worst. Swing. Ever.

  28. Joey says:

    Did Abreu just accidentally touch the wall?

  29. A.D. says:

    Ugliest swing I’ve ever seen Youkilis take, got the curve going tonight

  30. A.D. says:

    Yeah, anyone who saw an article on how Canos dad helped his swing, just put his dad on the payroll next year…or petition for the AS game to begin the season

  31. A.D. says:

    with big G scuffaling a bit, and Cano red hot they should put Cano behind A-Rod

  32. E-ROC says:

    Melky’s at-bat lasted .005 seconds.

  33. Jamal G. says:

    Three pitches seen by Melky Cabrera and Jose Molina, eck.

  34. Jamal G. says:

    Brett Gardner was fooled by a 1-2 Curveball, that seems a bit odd. I know he was fed three straight Fastballs (six straight from the Cabrera AB), but damn, how was he fooled on that?

  35. A.D. says:

    Nice single

  36. Ivan says:

    great catch by Melky.

  37. PsiFighter37 says:

    Good catch by the Melkman.

  38. Joe says:

    Who’s House? Melky’s House!

  39. A.D. says:

    Incredible DP

  40. Jamal G. says:

    What’s Jed Lowrie’s ceiling, .450-.470-SLG%?

  41. Scott says:

    gold glove inning by the yanks, could’ve easily been down 1-0 there….

    both top play nominee’s

  42. Jake H says:

    Wow 2 great defensive plays

  43. Jamal G. says:

    Dustin Pedroia wouuld have never made that play, even if he somehow fielded the ball after a major dive, the double-play would never have been completed.

    Size does matter.

  44. claybeez says:

    OK. I’ll say it. I am so sick of all the trade Robby proposals. He’s legit on both sides of the ball. Maddening at times (3 mos. MAX), but legit.

  45. Ivan says:

    Sick DP. Yankees haven’t had an infielder this dynamic on defense like Cano in a while. great play.

  46. Scott says:

    “giambi showing leather and grace” — MK…

    giambi and grace don’t really go together

  47. Mike W. says:

    MLBTR says Jason Bay and Damaso Marte have been traded…

  48. Ivan says:

    Good bat speed through the zone by Abreu.

  49. Ivan says:

    Man I haven’t seen A-Rod take a swing like that since his early Seattle years.

  50. A.D. says:

    Where was that single in the first!

    • Realist says:

      YES! It’s all cause Mustang and me jinxed him….remember that:-)…though clutch woulda been an rbi but I’ll take it ;-)

  51. A.D. says:

    BIG G!

  52. Jake H says:

    Ugly single but it scores a run!

  53. Rich M says:

    Phil Coke was pulled from his start after striking out the side in the first inning. Mike Ashmore doesnt think he is hurt. Not sure whats up.

  54. Ivan says:

    What a bullet by Giambi.

  55. Scott says:

    …nady and marte

  56. Mike A. says:

    Nady and Marte for Tabata, Ohlendorf, plus 2 lower guys.

  57. A.D. says:

    Geez we can’t just enjoy Sox Yanks we have to have this rampant trade speculation

  58. Mike A. says:

    It’s a done deal, will be up on ESPN shortly.

  59. Mike W. says:

    I like the deal. I think.

    • Realist says:

      Nady is hitting .330 on the Pirates….Marte is a solid Lefty reliever though coming to the AL East may hinder him? I like the deal, all the prospects can’t be All stars and this move probably preludes melky in a deal for Washburn…which NY another solid lefty and face it better than either Ponson or Rasner.

  60. Ivan says:

    What is Nady Contract situation?

  61. Joseph P. says:

    The first three I understand. What I don’t get is selling low on Tabata.

  62. Jamal G. says:

    Have any of you ever heard Fenway Park as quiet as it was just now?

  63. Jamal G. says:

    Trivia answer: Mike Lowell, over the Green Monster on a high Fastball.

  64. Brian says:

    Bon jour, LaTrois

  65. austinNYfan says:

    Another awful call by the 2nd base ump! Cabrera was obviously safe!

  66. Mike W. says:

    We just got a right handed bat for our lineup (makes us better).

    We got a sick lefty relief pitcher who, assuming we pick up the option, will be our 8th inning guy to replace Farnsworth next year (and we will get the picks for Farnsworth theoretically).

    I like it…

  67. DP says:

    Marte is sick. Nady means that both Melky and Gardner don’t have to play every day. Marte can replace Farnsworth. Not to mention our only RHB are Jeter and A-Rod (not counting Molina)

    • Mike W. says:


    • giselle says:

      yea, my initial reaction is that i like the trade. i mentioned before that the yankees should trade for nady/marte. as long as marte doesnt pull a gagne on us, looks like a good move.

    • giselle says:

      kinda sucks because i wanted to see what tabata would do in the bronx… but you gotta be able to move prospects when the right deal comes along.

  68. Jake H says:

    It’s official. Pete Abraham reporting. Mike A was right

  69. Mike A. says:

    I’ve been running around digging for info on this trade. How’s Joba looked?

  70. Jake H says:

    Gave up 3 top 17 prospects from the 08 prospect book

  71. Bill N. says:

    I like the deal except for my fantasy team cause I have Nady but oh well, I’ll live. Secondly how is it childish when Joba pumps his fist and other players have the signature hand shakes/dances which I think is awesome but thos lame asses in the red sox bullpen can bang spoons and stomp and its perfectly ok ? Suck it long and suck it hard boston. Sorry baseball package and stuck watching the game on nesn.

  72. greg says:

    I have a few questions about this deal.
    Does this mean matsui is out for the season? If not, what do you do when he comes back. Put Nady or Damon in Center?
    Does Nady play LF or RF? Abreu has been the worst defensive RF in baseball this year. If Nady is in RF does Abreu DH or play LF while Damon DHs
    Byebye Hawkins?
    When Bruney is ready, is Giese the guy to go, leaving the team with no Long reliever(again)?

  73. Joey says:

    its funny how NESN (through MLB.tv) is just reporting the Yankee trade at 8:40.

  74. Bill N says:

    Joba = beast mode activated

  75. Realist says:

    Allright! Hey, Joe P…want me to dis any other yankee players???? Seems to be working in our favor ;-)

  76. Peedlum says:

    NESN reports Man Ram has gone for an MRI. Maybe he’ll pull a 2006 and just sit out the end of the season. And on the night they got back big sloppy, too.

  77. Manimal says:

    I just came back from work. Anyways, Funniest thing just happened. My dog was outside and tried to come inside and he leaped right into the glass door and hit his head. I just laughed my ass off.

  78. mustang says:

    I heard it at dinner and almost choked. All the fuck up things I said about Cashman I was WRONG.
    What a fucking deal? He didn’t even give up IKP.
    Gentleman the GM of the New York Yankees has come through big time.

    • Brian says:

      i think you’re absolutely right, mustang. tabata may be low, but it could be a situation where he wasn’t going to get much better with the Yankees, it’s sour, what have you. Given his recent history, his not getting better would make his stock plummet that much more.

      This trade is impressive. The Sox are thinking “Ohlendorf and prospects?” if they even know who Ohlie is.

    • LiveFromNewYork says:

      I’m still happy about Molina. I just can’t thank Brian enough for that one. For all we’ve been through this year I keep thinking where we would be if there was no Jose Molina.

      I think the Abreu/Lidell trade was a good one too even though Bobby sucks at D his bat has been good for this lineup.

      I think this current one is a good trade. He thinks outside the box.

  79. Flynn says:

    This is goddammed disgusting. 1 run on 9 fucking hits? Putrid.

    • Brian says:

      Makes me think of that game earlier this year where Pettitte had 10 hits on him for the first time ever in his career. That’s pretty remarkable. (just turn it into a pat on the back for pettitte. and yes, it’s still kind of putrid.)

    • Brian says:

      think they’ll bring in tiny papi for the 9th?

  80. Joey says:

    “How many times are you gonna try to hit him” Quote from NESN announcer. “That was intentional” Assholes

  81. Jamal G. says:

    Eat it you little bitch.

  82. BigBlueAL says:

    Joba is goin to get somebody on the Yankees killed, and im assumin it will be the usual suspects either Jeter or ARod….

  83. gxpanos says:

    HA. Sit down and fuck off, Youk.

    Not intentional.

  84. Joe says:

    If that was on purpose Joba needs to knock it the fuck off, though I highly doubt it was

  85. Joey says:

    Go sit down now bitch

  86. Manimal says:

    Joba has everything going right now. Amazing.

  87. eddyb says:

    i think the last 3 minutes have been the best of my day. Youklis pissin’ and moanin’ back to the dug out and lowell lookin like the bitch he is

  88. Manimal says:

    weird… This thread is fine. The Nady one is crashing.

    Should Joba come for the 8th and Mo in the 9th?

  89. Jamal G. says:

    Carlos Gomez makes fantastic catch, then suffers potentially dangerous injury.


    • Joey says:

      beautiful catch, scary reaction, hopefully he’s okay

    • Manimal says:

      Amazing.The Good thing is he was moving. Bad thing is he looks like hes in MADD pain. I thought maybe he fractured his spine or something. Maybe something in the obliques maybe just got a nasty bruise.

  90. Link says:

    Wow yeah they really should have left him in the bullpen.

  91. Mike A. says:

    Guys, it was 100% intentional. I don’t like him throwing at his head, but it’s nice to see a Yankee starter not afraid to get after it.

    • Joey H says:

      Mike im sorry but .. that guy joba threw out, i know how to verbally say his name but not spell it, reminds me of a chain smoking disgusting looking rapist. the sight of him is harmful to the eyes. everything from that beard to his batting stance makes me sick

  92. Joe says:

    Is Marte here yet?

  93. Kelvin says:

    Joba’s just great. Now, if Hughes can also pitch like he did in the minors…hmmm…:)

  94. Jamal G. says:

    Forearm tightness for Delcarmen? Uh-oh.

  95. Bill N says:

    I don’t agree throwing at peoples head but I do hate youk. He makes me want to club baby seals. However it is nice to see Joba have the brass to actually throw at people makes up for all the times we never retaliated

    • Joe says:

      I don’t think I understand this mentality at all. What exactly is it that you hate about Youkillis, that makes you want someone to throw a baseball at his head at 98 MPH? How is that going to make up for the fact that our guys get thrown at? You throw at someone in retaliation. None of our guys has been thrown at yet.

      • Geno says:

        Youk is the biggest loudmouth on that team. By many accounts, not everyone in the Boston dugout likes Youkilis. What happens when he gets thrown at and goes back to the dugout, crying like a baby? I’ll bet in those moments, he can tell that nobody on the Sox has his back. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Joba always seems to throw at Youk. There’s a method to his Winnebago madness.

        • Whitey14 says:

          Many of us fans don’t care much for him either, and I didn’t think Chamberlain was trying to hit him, but when he does throw at him, or anybody else, he needs to keep it below the waste. Elsewise, he might get John Roseboro’d

  96. Joey says:

    Why Farnsworth? Why not Veras? Wait, I’m not questioning Joe G.

  97. Brian says:

    think boston brings in tiny papi for the 9th?

  98. BigBlueAL says:


  99. BigBlueAL says:

    WOW bringin in Mo already for a 5-out save?? Joe G pulling a Torre and panicking a bit….

    • Joey says:

      nah, if it takes Mo that many pitches then maybe he’ll put in Veras or Edwar for the 9th, I like how he brought Mo in now

      • BigBlueAL says:

        Dont get me wrong I didnt question the move at all. Im just sayin its a move straight out of the Torre book thats all.

  100. gxpanos says:

    I’d leave Farns in. The Crisp hit wasn’t exactly scalded. Little panicky here.

  101. Joey H says:

    who else things ellisbury is an assbandit?

  102. MOOSE says:

    hahaha, keep signin those autographs at 100 bucks a pop, Elsbury. Cocky fuck.

  103. Joey says:

    Joba’s ERA down to 2.30 now–sick

  104. Mike A. says:

    The Hammer of God slams another door shut.

  105. Flynn says:

    Melky would need to go out of his way to be any more inept than he currently is at the plate. Horrid!

  106. kris says:

    The offense is trying so hard to snatch defeat out of the jaw of victory.

  107. Manimal says:

    Am I the only one who plays Enter the sand man outl oud when Mariano pitches?

  108. Mike A. says:

    It was a good pitch, what’s he bitching about?

  109. Link says:

    stay classy Red Sox fans. Am I the only one that thinks the NESN ‘Pitch Zone’ is full of ****?

  110. Mike A. says:

    The Hammer. Of God.

  111. Kelvin says:

    MO is GOoD. Wooh! Yanks win!!

  112. MOOSE says:



  113. MOOSE says:



  114. Bill N says:

    Big win…. I think the ump was pointing at lowell telling him his manpon fell out and to get that shit off the field………

  115. Joey says:

    Mo is GOD!!! (Say it with me Al)

  116. Manimal says:

    Last time the yankees won 1-0 was April 27 vs CLE. Wang out pitched Sabathia. I think that was Joba’s greatest appearence ever.

  117. Ivan says:

    Mo i straight marvelous.

  118. LiveFromNewYork says:

    Sweep A’s check
    Sweep Twins check
    Pwn Boston 1 check out of the way.

  119. Manimal says:


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