Yanks acquire Nady, Marte from Pittsburgh


Breaking news: The Yanks have traded Jose Tabata, Ross Ohlendorf, Phil Coke and George Kontos to the Pirates for Xavier Nady & Damaso Marte. More to come.

Update: SI has it now. I love Ross Ohlendorf, and Jose Tabata was still a very promising prospect despite his problems this year, so I’m kind of on the fence with this one. I think they sold low on Tabata.

Update 2: ESPN’s joined the fun. I’m coming around on the deal, but I still don’t like selling low on Tabata. Ohlendorf has a chance to be pretty damn good, and Coke had a chance to be serviceable. Kontos sucks, I never liked him. If you’ve been following my stuff since the 2006 draft, you know that’s the truth. At least now the Yanks have a decent option for replacing Abreu next year.

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  1. cult of basebaal says:

    well … ok, i guess … i’m not super psyched to get nady … but he’s an upgrade and nothing we gave up is irreplaceable …

    • Lanny says:

      You’re not pysched to get a right hand bat hitting .330 with a .380 OBP and .535 slugging?


      What would get you psyched? Barry Bonds in 2002?

      • RollingWave says:

        I hope your not assuming that Nady is a true .330 / .380 / .535 player, beucase your in for an awful lot of pain if you do.

  2. YankCrank20 says:

    I was kind of hoping to see Tabata develop into a Yankee, but with his injuries and attitude I guess dealing him is ok

  3. Joey H says:


  4. MOOSE says:



    And all the players Yanks gave up were goin nowhere fast. Tabata is a huge head case and will probably never amount to anything.

    LET GO YANKS!!!!

    • Ken O says:

      I would have used Tabata to bring in a starting pitcher. Marte is a national leaguer who has not pitched in the AL East.

  5. Jamal G. says:

    Initial reaction: Boooo, Hssssss.

    But seriously, Jose Tabata? I’m not liking this at all. If it were Jason Bay that we were getting back I would feel a lot better. But screw it, I have great faith in this front office.

    • Lanny says:

      Have you ever seen Tabata play? Have you personally scouted him and projected him? Have a little faith in the Yankees front office. I think they know what they have. Tabata has a ways to go before he even thinks about the majors. And with the Yanks draft and the money they have I think they can replace him.

    • Geno says:

      My thought exactly about Bay. Just doesn’t do it for me.

    • Old Ranger says:

      The part I would criticize is Ohly! Damm, the guy has the stuff to be a very good pitcher. He was moved back to starter and doing very well.
      Oh well, as I wrote earlier today. I also trust the Cashman and his team.

  6. Sean McNally says:

    And the circle is complete… now, will the Yanks deal Marte for Enrique Wilson, AGAIN?

  7. Scott says:

    gives us the lefty we need and a solid right handed LF’der….go yanks…I lke ohlendorf but with robertson being nasty he became expendable, and hopefully tabata doesn’t come back to bite us..(at least its the NL)

  8. Joe says:

    Wow, Nady has a higher career ops than damon, by a small margin, but is he expected to be our right fielder next year

  9. Joey H says:

    well, now that im calm. i can say its not a horrible deal. i agree with the guy up there who said if bay was coming over would be better. and dont call me a contradictory prick cause ive said bay is over rated, but the fact is that nady isnt legit if you ask me. if he can continue this “ive stepped in shit” momentum this season then hes as legit as i care to know

  10. christopher says:

    tabata???? after one bad year adjusting to a new league. Nady ould be hitting his peak but this could be a career year. bay has a much better track record – they couldnt have had him instead?

    • whozat says:

      You’re right, they probably didn’t ask about Bay. They probably didn’t even REALIZE he’s on the Pirates.

      1) They obviously couldn’t have gotten him in this package, or they would have.
      2) You’re complaining about losing Tabata, what if it was Hughes instead of Ross, but Bay came back? Would you be more or less upset?

      • christopher says:

        i am not saying the yanks didnt ask for bay – just sayinng i would b much happier with the deal had they got him

  11. Ivan says:

    Well I really didn’t wanna trade Tabata and Love his potential but overall I think it’s a solid trade. Ohlendorf really didn’t have a future hear even though he has a great, Kontos was in the same boat and Coke was just a filler.

    I feel a little bit of pain that Tabata is gone becuase if he can develop the power he can be a sick player. The other three players are extendable. It’s an good trade, not great (mainly because the yanks parted ways with Tabata) but solid nevertheless.

    • christopher says:

      hopefully by the time tabata develops he will be a free agent

      at least cash finall made a damn trade though.

      bonds splitting time in LFDH with damon would really make this line-up look great and who knows mabe he is a paul oneill type who doesnt realize his talent until late 20s

  12. christopher says:

    i hope that the yankee scouts seee less in tabata then they did a year ago o this is a bad deal.

    at least it sets us up for net year becaue they will need only a fistbasebaman and starter – maybe a LF is they get ambitious

  13. Manimal says:

    Ohlendorf needed a smaller stage(not NY) to succeed, he was way too streaky. Tabata is a bust, his mental issues effect his play. Phil Coke was a good pitcher I really liked him, and Kontos got a lot of strike outs but… with a lot of balls. This is an excellent trade in my opinion, All these guys have not proven their ability to reach the majors(Tabata neads to wake up and smell the coffee, 3 out of 10 times you wont be on base, the other 7 times stfu and get back in the dugout)

  14. Double-J says:

    I wasn’t as high on Ohlendorf as some here, so I’m fine with getting Marte, who seems to have sick stuff.

    Nady? I dunno, from everything I’ve read it sounds like this is a big year for him and he might go down from here, but hell, if it means we can cut Abreu loose after this year, I like it.

    I soured on Tabata after some of the behavior issues this year, but still hoped he could do well on the Yankees. The development of A-Jax seems to have made him expendable.

    Not sure about Kontos or Coke…

  15. Manimal says:

    We got a very nice right handed out fielder and a nice lefty reliever.

  16. D.B.K. says:

    Sterling and Waldman are talking about Kennedy being in the deal with Ohlendorf and Tabata. Anybody see that anywhere on the net? Can’t find a thing about Kennedy’s inclusion.

  17. christopher says:

    you dont think thy could have gotten more fo tabata? its not too long ago that he was compared to manny ramirez – or downside JASON BAY – a much moe consistant player

  18. Mike W. says:


    We have got to give up things to get things. Not every deal is a dump.
    What did we really give up to get a nice RH bat and a dominant left reliever?

    I know we all liked Tabata’s talent, but who knows what he will be…

    We know that we now have our RF for next year.
    We know that we have our 8th inning guy to replace Farnsy next year.
    We know that we have a dominant lefty…

    It’s a good deal..

    • christopher says:

      just cant get over the potential in tabata…if it was bay i would be thrilled but nady has had 1/2 a good year. hardly production that can pencil him in in RF next year.

      big chance too because if they get swept by boston they are toast and they have stranded 7 runners in 4 innings so far

      • iYankees says:

        enough already. i’ll take nady’s .805 OPS from last year if that’s “all we get”. people need to stop overvaluing tabata and get over it. he could be many things, but let’s face it, the yankees addressed an issue they needed to correct for this year (righty bat, DH), while addressing an issue for the future (next year, RF). not only do the yankees save money here (by not signing abreu next year), but they also get draft picks from marte (depending on where he goes when granted FA). relax already. if it was bay it would be a ridiculous deal, but right now, everyone thinks the yankees got the best out of it, even if tabata becomes a monster in the OF (which won’t happen for another 3 years, if that).

  19. christopher says:

    whats the contract of nady – years and dollars remaining?

  20. christopher says:

    still think they could have gotten dun cheaper. guess this means they are going for the playoffs so unless they are sure wang is coming back they are going to need to get a pitcher too

    • steve (different one) says:

      i don’t understand comments like this.

      you still think they could have gotten Dunn cheaper?

      what are you basing this on? anything?

  21. Mike A. says:

    They’re still trying to get Washburn too.

    • pat says:

      do you think cashman will be more willing to give up melky or gardner for washburn now?

      • christopher says:

        abslutly – to me m melky is expndabl. i think we hav sn what h can do – not so with gardner who takes tim to develop at ever stage

  22. Joe says:

    I wonder how much they would have to have given up to get Bay? I would much rather replace Abreu with Bay. Next year’s outfield Melky, Damon and Nady. Don’t know how much I like that

    • christopher says:

      i doubt melky will be on the the team next year. if this deal is a prelude to the 2009 team i am okay with it – get a quality LF or DH and CC and you have a pretty good team

  23. Manimal says:

    I guarantee that this was all hank. Cashman is like WTF? when did I make a trade?

  24. Jamal G. says:

    The reasons I am coming around on this deal are that Xavier Nady is our RF next year and Bobby Abreu can possibly get Type-A designation. Also, Damaso Marte is a free agent this off-season (pending the Yanks declining his 2009 option for $6M). So it is very possible that we just acquired or 2009 RF and four draft picks (Marte might get Type-A as well, I would hope) in the 2009 draft.

    I am really liking the deal if we get those two draft pics each for Bobby Abreu and Damaso Marte (if Yanks decline his 2009 club option for $6M).

    • BigBlueAL says:

      Why not keep Marte for another season even at 6 million???? I get your point so in reality either way its a good move for the Yankees.

      • Jamal G. says:

        It might depend on how the Yanks view the talent pool in the 2009 draft class versus the 2010 draft class. However, banking on Marte to have another good year in 2009 might be a bit too risky so they might cash in on the compensation this year.

        • Joe says:

          Who’s gonna give up six million for a middle reliever?

          • Jamal G. says:

            Did you not see the the deals middle relievers got this past off-season? Ron Mahay, Scott Linebrink, Octavio Dotel, and Francisco Cordero (I know he is a closer, but Marte has closed this season) just to name a few.

          • Ed says:

            The Yankees gave Farnsworth has a $17 million 3 year contract.

            Marte is left handed and is better than Farnsworth. The difference between those salaries is less than the major league minimum. I think the option is only getting declined if Marte blows his arm out before the the date they have to decide.

    • Jake says:

      While I love Tabata’s potential, this is the exact reason I love this deal. Abreu is certainly type-A (just look at recent ones), and Marte has a shot at type-A; and with the current economics of baseball and the value of the young superstar ever rising, it has become clearer than ever, that the draft is the most important part of building a winner.

  25. Joe says:

    NESN just showed Cashman at the game, he is still on the phone

  26. Joey H says:

    CASHMAN has earned alot of respect in my book. he pulled the trigger on a top prospect in our system and believe it or not i was looking at the minor league affiliate of the yankees roster while arguing with a friend over AIM and i saw phil coke. the name stuck with me cause haha coke, the soft drink, correct me if im wrong but isnt his ERA under two? thats pretty sick. anyway cashman showed alot of balls trading for these guys. but still our biggest weakness remains exposed. a starting pitcher. i listened to WFAN and ESPN radio with michael kay and both shows said it was more important to get (in order) a starter, corner outfielder, lefty reliever. now, if cash wants to do this backwards, i dig it. just as long as he does it.

    • justin says:

      Although they happen to be somewhat correct on this,you shouldn’t listen to those shows…they pollute the mind with nonsense.

  27. Baseballnation says:

    I think this is a stealing oup for the yankees and Nady is just icing on the cake, Marte is filthy who i thought was attatched to some bigger name propects? Can we spell S-T-E-A-L- ….

    Ollie is really just a a reliever who should be serviceable.

    Coke is ok….yes some love hime but stuff and projection wise, he’s probably the least of the four prospects given up.

    Kontos I like and see him being a decent league average pitcher in the big leagues, one who gets strikeouts but also gives up the long ball somewhat and has his spells of inconsistent control.

    Tabata is a complete enigma and that perpurtrates mainly from his immaurity and inconsistent ability to stay healthy. I still think he could be a 15 home run hitter with a .300 clip but he’s also highly suceptible to flameout because of his enigmatic ways.

    Aain great deal for the yankees.

  28. Jamal G. says:

    Mike, I did not fully understand Keith Law’s explanation of Elias’ free agent type designations. Is it a safe bet to say that Bobby Abreu (if he can get to the 100-RBI plateau yet again) and Damaso Marte are both Type-A guys? I think it’s a safe bet for Abreu, but I’m not too sure on Marte.

  29. Manimal says:

    Where do you make room in the bullpen for Marte? Bruney is up soon, Latroy is gone, and that leaves one person to be sent down, Robertson? Giese? They have been too good.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Brian Bruney may not be up soon. They want his velocity to increase a bit more, he is not fully ready in the Yanks’ eyes.

      • Manimal says:

        I heard but still he will be in the majors at some time and you have to make the tough decision.

        • A.D. says:

          actually he doesn’t, he’s on a minor league deal, so they don’t have to bring him up when his rehabbing is done

          • Ed says:

            No he’s not. Bruney was in the majors when he got hurt, so he’d have to be released and resigned to be on a minor league deal.

            Anyway, he’s on the 60 day Major League DL, so he can’t possibly be on a minor league deal.

          • AndrewYF says:

            Didn’t Bruney sign an arbitration deal? I imagine he’s in the minors because he still has options. I agree that he will see major league time this year one way or the other – the Yankees need to decide whether he’s worth keeping for next year.

    • Joey H says:

      wow good question. so front to back, Mo, farnsworth, marte, veras, welll wait. do you think they would call down edwar? since he was a guy we rely on to get out lefties? i say definately not but thats just me. i say they stick marte in there not put bruney back unless someone gets hurt and just let bruney get ready for next season, velocity wise and all

  30. BigBlueAL says:

    Guys, lets be realistic about Tabata. At best the earliest he wouldve made any type of impact with the Yankees wouldve been what 3 or 4 years maybe?? Trading Ohlie and a 25 yo pitcher at AA is nothing and the Yankees got 2 very good players who ALOT of teams were trying to acquire and both make alot of sense financially. This is the kind of move the Yankees have made in the past that has secured playoff spots for them and hopefully it will do so again. Plus who knows, they may not even be done yet……..

    • Jamal G. says:

      I don’t like arguments like these beacuse just how you can say we can’t criticize the deal because we don’t know what Jose Tabata will become, we can say you can’t defend the deal by saying you don’t know what Jose Tabata will become either.

      That said, I understand your point and I agree with you. I just really, really liked Jose Tabata.

      • BigBlueAL says:

        Im not saying who knows how good Tabata will be, Im sayin that question wont be answered for another 3 to 5 years. Plus the emergence of A-Jax and having Melky and Gardner in the bigs already who are all young makes Tabata even that much more expendable. Heck Im a bit pissed too cause my Bowman Chrome Tabata RC worth 10 bucks has probably lost a shitload of value now!!!! Im just looking at this trade not just for this year but 2009 as well and in that sense this is a really good trade for the Yankees.

        • Jamal G. says:

          I am coming around on it, that I can not argue. Still, Jose Tabata has scary potential, The draft compensation is the stickler for me. Depending on how that works out this off-season will determine the true value of this trade.

      • Joey H says:

        its a play to win now society, new york isnt a place where they can have a waste year. we are all very hungry for a world series so just stop being a general manager, you arent, be a fan, be glad that this gives us a chance to win NOW and now 5 years down the road.

  31. Joey says:

    and Jamal’s favorite part of the PeteAbe blog, PeteAbe’s opinion!:

    TRADE ANALYSIS, 8:40 p.m.: This is a smart move for the Yankees. Nady gives the lineup a boost with Matsui and Posada out and unlikely to return. Even if Posada comes back, his shoulder problem clearly was hampering his hitting.

    Nady can play left field, allowing Damon to DH. Marte slides into the bullpen, giving the Yankees what is right now the best unit in the league.

    Tabata, while only 20, has not hit for power and was a discipline problem this season. Ohlendorf is a No. 5 starter type or a set-up man. Coke has pitched well the last two seasons but you have to give up something to get something.

    Neither Coke or Kontos were among the team’s A-list prospects, although Coke was moving up fast.

    Getting Nady also serves as a hedge to letting Abreu leave as a free agent. I don’t see the downside to this move.

    • Todd says:

      I actually think that Abe is kind of an obnoxious jerk, but I agree with him. This is truly a tribute to the Yankee Minor League depth. All of the pitchers traded were replaceable. We have 3 guys for each guy we traded in terms of stuff, results, and age (OK OK, a slight overstatement but you get the point). And I feel like I am the only guy who follows Yankee minor leaguers who does not like Ohlie–at all! Outfielders are a position we can always simply buy. I do not place minor league OF depth very high on the priority list for a franchise like the Yanks. Great move by Cash.

  32. Manimal says:

    When do the rosters expand to 40 men?

  33. Joe says:

    6 million is an awful lot for a middle reliever, who would bite on that and give up their first round draft pick?

    • steve (different one) says:

      he’d be a free agent. teams can pay him whatever they want.

      not sure i understand.

      • RR says:

        hes got a 6 mil option for next season if the yankees want to pick that up.

        they wouldn’t lost their draft pick though he would be their free agent, just the potential draft picks they would get if someone else signed him

  34. Joey H says:

    well you know what jamal, we live in a play to win NOW society. especially how we saw this team rattle off 6 in a row with great pitching and timely hitting. this is a year that i would waste, and quite honestly, i dont care what happens 3,4,5, years down the road until it comes and we are all 5 years old sitting here on RAB BSing. but in the current state, this was the idea trade to make. cashman finally put his chips in and said give me what i want.

    • christopher says:

      seems to me its a few months too late ..put juhan on this team and thy are easily in first place….this, to me sems like making up for a big big mistake in th eoffseason not aying they could have gotten johand for this package, but throw in gardner or melky and IPK with tabata and they may have had a chanc- at last th beginning of negotiation. tabata’s stock was much hhigher then as was IPK and horne. could a packag of horn, IPK, tabata and a high upside low lvel pospect could have gotten it done then?

      just a thought, but i really think they went into the season thinking they had no shot at the division and now think that they do

      dont gt me wrong, i dont think this was a bad deal, but i would have given hughes, tabata and melk if it meant johan in the offseason

      • iYankees says:

        wang would be giving us what johan is giving the mets. johan hasn’t even dominated while switching leagues. granted, he’s still pitching well, but if wang was pitching the way he was the first month he’d be doing the same for us. there’s a lot that could have happened, but let’s be happy with what IS happening. our pitching is strong and should get stronger by the trade deadline.

  35. MS says:

    I like the deal. Olendorf reminds me of Proctor who throws hard and straight. Tabata seems like more trouble than he is worth especially with Jackson in the outfield. The other two guys I know nothing about. The only thing that worries me is if either of these guys are free agents soon. I hate to trade guys for one year. Now if we get Washburn I’ll be happy. I’d also like to see Favre in green and white, but that’s another issue.

    • christopher says:

      i still want burnett- a guy capable of dominating on any given night, something washburn is not, but then again maybe th team eally thinks wang willbe back and effective in sept giving them a good plaoff rotation.

      they rolled the dice on nady, why not burnett

  36. Manimal says:

    Thanks mike.

  37. Mike A. says:

    Or a LOOGY for that matter.

  38. Baseballnation says:

    Well who said Bruney is a lock to return to the bullpen anyway. dfa Hawkins is garbage…but I’m not willing to send down a Giese or Robertson who have been a tremendous boostto the pen. And with Melancon, and Cox bearing down for future spots soon, I don’t see Bruney nor Britton finding much chance here.

  39. Harry Doyle says:

    I agree this trade does set up some nice possibilities for next year, but the focus should be on how it helps us now. we get a nice bat who is an upgrade from Gardener and Betemit (who will get 0 ABs now). We get a better lefty than we had before (because we had none) and strengthen one of our strong points (relief) by giving up PROSPECTS. AA outfielder and a set up guy. no matter how they project, that’s what they are now.

  40. gxpanos says:


    I don’t really like this deal. Nady is probably going to regress–he’s had a good half year. Marte is 33 and his WHIP will probably go up in the AL.

    Plus, this year is the one year I can remember that the Yanks don’t need a reliever. Girardi is WAY better than Torre at handling the bullpen, plus the club is finally letting the young guys pitch. Even if Marte is lights out, he’s more of a luxury. Cash still needs to figure out that we don’t “need a lefty in the BP.”

    I really think Cash should have forgotten about both of these guys and gone after Bay only. I don’t even mind giving up Tabata if it’s for Bay.


    This feels a little like a Yankee move from five years ago, except a little better.

    Hope I’m wrong.

    • Sherman says:

      I don’t like this deal either…
      I saw Coke and he was really impressive, Ohlendorf’s stuff is nasty and I think he coulda turned out well too…
      Tabata I think they sold for too little
      And Kontos I don’t give a crap about, though Ashmore just reported that Kontos heard about the trade on ESPN..Ouch.

    • steve (different one) says:

      obviously Tabata wasn’t enough to get Bay.

      if he was, they would have done it.

      the Pirates obviously wanted another “A” prospect for Bay: Jackson, Montero, Hughes, etc.

      isn’t this fairly obvious?

    • A.D. says:

      Doubt the WHIP will change in the NL, he’s a high leverage inning reliever, he’s going to face the best a team has

  41. christopher says:

    question for veryon – do th yanks gt compnsation if thy bu out giambi?

    would mussina be a type A? woul the yanks offer him arbitrtration anyway?

    a ig problem though with compensation picks for marte though is that only a good team would sign a 6 million + eliver meaning low picks in return.

    its clear now to me that either damon or matsui gets dalt in the offseason an outfield of burrell melk/gardner/ and nady would look good next year

    just wish they could have gotten bay

    and why isnt adam dunn being talked about in trades to any team?

    • A.D. says:

      No comp if Giambi stays with the team

      Potentially on Moose, but it could be close

      Well someone will sign Marte, we don’t know the contract, but a low first rounder is still a first rounder, we can only get 16-30, so you don’t want a bad team to sign him. If the Halos loose K-Rod they might go for Marte.

      I don’t see that. Abreu walks, Nady to RF and then Damon in LF, Melk/BG in cf

      Bay would be nice

      Adam Dunn is hitting .230 and is a terrible defensive player

    • Ed says:

      To get compensation, you have to offer the player arbitration and have him decline it. Arbitration rules state a player’s salary can’t be cut by more than 20%. Which means Giambi would earn over $16 million next year if he accepted. Considering he likes it in New York, and I can’t see anyone offering him that much money, I think he’d accept arbitration.

  42. E-ROC says:

    So will Damon be the full time DH for the rest of the season?

  43. Joe says:

    I guess this eliminates Bonds, Sorry Barry.

  44. christopher says:

    question for veryon – do th yanks gt compnsation if thy bu out giambi?

    would mussina be a type A? woul the yanks offer him arbitrtration anyway?

    a ig problem though with compensation picks for marte though is that only a good team would sign a 6 million + eliver meaning low picks in return.

    its clear now to me that either damon or matsui gets dalt in the offseason an outfield of burrell melk/gardner/ and nady would look good next year

    just wish they could have gotten bay

    and why isnt adam dunn being talked about in trades to any team?

    would the jays bite on IPK and a sonda prospect for burnett – provided agrees to not opt out? add him and i think this team is plaoyff bound

  45. christopher says:

    was this any better than biting the bullet and signing bonds

  46. Mike A. says:

    Hey all, we’re having some server issues due to the traffic spike. If the site’s not working for you, give it 2 or 3 mins and it’ll be back up. Please don’t keep hitting refresh, it only makes it worse.


  47. Alan says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this trade right now. Marte is a luxury we didn’t really need, as our bullpen is already the strength of our team. Nady is playing way over his head and I’m expecting him to come down. Tabata was sold low, but I was never really high on Kontos and Coke. I’d feel alot better about this trade if it was Jason Bay instead of Nady.

  48. BigBlueAL says:

    Considering both Tampa and the Mets were looking real hard at both Marte and Nady it makes me like this trade a little more since it screwed those two teams a bit….

  49. Matt G. says:

    Nady Molina Melky at the bottom of the order.

  50. Manimal says:

    Bring in Joba in the 8th?

  51. Ricochet says:

    I hate losing Tabata, his upside is so much better than AJAX and while I do think he was traded low this deal is actually quite good for the Yankees.

    Coke and Kontos were both drafted to be trade chips, they’ve got a chance to be decent MLB’s and had no future with the Yankees. The Yankees will spend big in free agency when it’s smart to do and with what the Yankees currently have as well as having the like of Hughes and IPK let alone the likes of the next generation of pitchers Heredia, Betances, Nova, McAllister etc. etc.

    Ohlendorf’s got a great arm but the Yankees have a lot of those let alone what the Yankees currently have with the parent club. They are dealing Ohlendorf because good young relievers are a strength right now in the Yankees farm and there just isn’t room for everyone and come next season the Yankees should have Melancon, Sanchez and Cox ready for the bullpen.

    Marte is a big get because not only does he give the Yankees a quality lefty but he’s a proven set-up man.

    Nady gives them the righty bat that they need now as well Abreu’s replacement for the ’09 season.

    Now the Yankees have a cheap replacement for Abreu and they will get more draft picks for the ’09 draft.

  52. Travis G. says:

    at first glance, not too thrilled about it. Cash is selling low on Tabata and Ohlendorf while buying high on Nady.

    • steve (different one) says:

      i think they sold high on Ohlendorf. he’s not that good. he’s exactly the type of guy that should be available to deal.

      • Travis G. says:

        he has very high potential, but his ML era this year is 6.53. the dude can throws a mid-90s sinker. i just think he could’ve been a very good reliever.

        i like that they’ve opened up some spots in AAA (they had a surplus of RHPs), but i thought ohlendorf could’ve been something special and just got overused by Girardi, causing some of his suckiness.

  53. Mike R. says:

    They should have asked for McLouth! He is so much better than Nady!!!!! seriously guys. this looks like a pretty good trade to me. Nady is a solid RH bat and PNC Park has similar dimensions to Yankee Stadium so there shouldn’t be a big power drop off. In fact if you look at his hit chart a couple of doubles and a couple of flyouts could have been HR’s in the stadium.


    • christopher says:

      by the way – tabata was anked as the d bet prospect in the yankee farm system, but that came from ESPN so take it fo what it is worth.

      i just fer that he wil harness that potential and come bck to bite the anks in the ass

  54. [...] « Yanks acquire Nady, Marte from Pittsburgh 25 07 2008 [...]

  55. Joey says:

    watching Baseball Tonight, and I know this means very little considering where and who it is coming from, but Olney is saying a lot of other GMs are saying Cashman got another huge steal from this one

    • Mike A. says:

      It all depends on Tabata. If he becomes 3/4 of the player he is capable of, Pittsburgh wins this deal.

      • Joey says:

        I don’t know, I really liked Tabata and I think all of his “make-up” concerns, while not what we’d want, were way overblown. Maybe being in Pittsburgh will help him, the NY pressure and all that crap.

      • Travis G. says:

        yep. you cant judge this deal tonight (or any deal for that matter), but for years. how Nady and Marte do factors into the RJ deal when we got Ohlendorf, which factors into the original Vazquez for RJ deal. so even those deals are being judged.

  56. steve (different one) says:

    i can’t believe the Pirates offered Bay for Kei Igawa and some grass from Yankee stadium, then the Reds offered Dunn for Melky and 4 AAA batteries and Cashman turned them both down to get Nady.

    what an idiot.

  57. A.D. says:

    So I’ve talked to many a friend about this, and props to the poster who wrote the MLBTR comment first.

    Tabata is obv a talented prospect this year aside, however you would have to give up someone for this. Otherwise I’ve never been a huge Ollie fan, and Kontos is nothing special, Coke is selling high on him.

    They got a righty who can play a bunch of positions and a real good lefty, which they don’t really need, but they could flip, or they can take the 2 first round picks next year. Really makes Abreu & Farns expendable in free agency, which means 3 first round picks right there.

    Net in net, think the Yanks did well here, but a shame to see Tabata go

  58. Travis G. says:

    Marte has a club option for 09, so they could retain him if they like. and Nady is arb eligible, yes?

  59. christopher says:

    i do admit that i am biased on letting tabata go bcasu a year ago he was virtualy untouchable and after watching him in the futures game last year i loved his swing.

    hopefully, this is just a clever case of the yankees overhying thir prspects alla ruben rvivera, ledee, and bam bam muelens among others.

    i just wonder what they could have had in the offseason had they dealt a package of IPK, Tabata and a throw in.

    any way you look at it, they need another pitcher. washburn could mean a playoff birth, but i still think burnett could mean a WS birth

  60. bkight13@hotmail.com says:

    With the injuries to Jorge, Matsui and Damon, Cashman had to get an OF. Nady may be playing over his head, but his average year is much better than what Gardner is doing(esp against lefties). Tabata and Ohlendorf are good but so are Nady and Marte. Must’ve been an interesting meeting in Tampa.

  61. Jay in Raleigh says:

    This is a great trade. Yes, Tabata has big upside, but he’s also 20 and in AA, you’re still talking about a guy who may contribute in 2010 at the earliest. Ohlendorf is a decent RP prospect, but we have a boatload of good ones. Coke and Kontos are both fringy ML SPs, maby #4 starters on a decent team.
    In return, we get help this year. Nady makes up for some of the production missing with Matsui and Posada out. And while the BP has been very good and may not *need* a LRP, adding one of the best ones certainly doesn’t hurt.
    I really like the future impact of this deal. Nady allows the Yanks to let Abreau walk and pick up a #1 and a sandwich pick as a Type A FA. I think Marte ends up being at least a Type B FA, if not Type A. That means another sandwich pick and possibly another #1. I think the team has too many youne RPs who will be ready next year to block them by bringing back a 34 yo RP for $6M.
    As for the Giambi and Mussina questions, I’m not sure about the Big G. In order to receive compensation, the team has to offer arbitration, which can be no less than 80% of the previous salary. If the team buys out a ocntract, I’m not sure they’re in a position to offer arbitration. Even if they are, would they? After a $5M buyout, they would have to offer $16M in arbitration…unless they had a handshake agreement that G wouldn’t accept the arbitration, it doesn’t make much sense…they’d essentially be paying him $21M for 2009. Moose will probably be Type B (as will Giambi), meaning he could bring back a sandwich pick.

  62. A.D. says:

    So now Randy Johnson trade got us:

    Steven Jackson
    Vizcaino = Bliech
    and 1/2 of Xavier Nady or Marte (or 1/4 of both)

  63. angel says:

    Jason Bay is overrated

    • iYankees says:

      how is a hitter with a .900+ OPS overrated? especially one with a .289 AVG and 22 HRS? bay has had one bad year, which was last year, and he’s proving that that was caused by injuries. people need to get their heads out of their asses on that one. bay is a monster, and we didn’t get him, which is fine. but he’s not overrated by any means. in fact, i’d say he’s underrated.

  64. JRVJ says:

    Folks, it may be too late to get in on the fun, but I cannot possibly understand the hand wringing about this trade.

    The Yankees have done a great trade, because (1) They have improved their chance at winning it all this season (or even getting into the playoffs);

    (2) Have not compromised their farm system, particularly pitching wise (Folks, the Yanks still have Hughes, IPK, Melancon, Sanchez, Cox, Brackman and Betances). Ohly, Coke and Kontos are all organizational fodder (yes, Ohly could be more, but who knows. And the Yanks also kept Horne and McClutcheon).

    (3) The Yanks have made it clear that they will not keep Abreu next year.

    Nady is much cheaper than Abreu (I can’t find his 2009 salary, but his 2008 salary is $3.35MM, so that’s easily $10MM off the books what with Abreu earning $16Mm in 2008), plus 2 draft picks.

    (4) The Yanks have gotten themselves a LH reliever they haven’t had in a while. If Marte works out, the Yanks can take the Farnsworth savings plus $1MM of the difference between Abreu and Nady and keep Marte with a bunch of spare change in their pocket.

    (5) Austin Jackson is being handed an OF position for 2010. That much is clear.

    What’s the downside of this trade?

    Ohly could be special (but there’s lots of pitchers in the system which can make up for him). Tabata could be special, but then, he’s 3-4 years away, A-Jax is ahead of him AND the Yanks will have more than enough money to plug-in all-star OFs if they need to in the future.

    Really, let’s remember that young players are a means to an end (winning), not an end in themselves. The Yanks are not the A’s, and should not get caught up in going young for the sake of going young (especially because they have such huge $$$ resources that they can leverage when needed).

  65. Number 27 says:

    I gotta say. I really like this trade. Nicely done Cash.

  66. ceciguante says:

    anyone know what kind of fielder nady is? really curious on that. i’ve heard bay wasn’t good in the field, but i’m not much for fielding stats and i don’t know where to find a good source on this.

    i wasn’t so high on ohlie. losing tabata stings, but we all have to discount future performance for present performance. nady is a 29yo .280/20/80 type guy who comes cheap, and marte (who i wanted preseason) is a proven relief talent so far as one can ever say that. we address this year’s needs, we get a little younger and cheaper for next year, and we set ourselves up to haul some compensation picks. downside? tabata (young, immature) or ohlie (kinda old for a prospect) could be very good one day.

    so far, it looks like a nice, smart trade…we’ll know in 5 years or so…

  67. Joltin' Joe says:

    I see why Jamal was not happy about selling low on Tabata, but then again, I think we we’re lucky to get these guys by offering only one solid prospect (who’s more talent than high probability). Where would the pitchers help us? They wouldn’t start (Ohlie, maybe, as a back-end, but come on, what’s that worth?).

    GREAT trade, I think this could also help us if we decide we want to let Abreu go, since Nady will be ready to step in. His extra year of control is the killing blow for me, awesome, awesome trade Cashman. I ruv you.

    • ceciguante says:

      on further review, nady’s career offense (.281/.337/.456 and 108 ops+) is decent, but we can’t expect him to replace the offense of an abreu next season. if bobby walks and we get compensation picks, that’s great, but it might not be that simple.

      w/ abreu making $16M this season, the yanks can’t score compensation picks unless they offer him arbitration and he declines. i think arbitration rules guarantee a player a minimum of 80% of the prior year’s salary, and at the rate bobby’s going, he might just snap that up coming off what is currently the worst year of his career at age 34. just a thought re: the value of this trade and next year’s outfield.

  68. Baseballnation says:

    Were all in agreement this trade is a very good one. On Marte, considering the market for high quality relievers, 6 million next year for a Marte who has proven to be a filthy set up man who can close is pretty much in line with what he would get on open market value. Count the fact that you will just be substituting Farnz contract for Marte- Good deal.

    Nady at a 400 percent discount over Abreu- Great freakin deal. Especially considering that offensively they are pretty much on par with each other at this point with Abreu still on the decline.

    For the guy who said that Tabata’s ceiling is higher then Jackson’s…….Really?? A Rf who projects to hit .300 clip (doubting it more everyday) over a Cf with good defense, who also projects to hit .285-.300 with better power potential…..Easy call for me.

    • Brad says:

      I think it was a pretty fair deal. The coolest thing about it for the Yankees is the amount of roster flexibility the Yankees have now that we have Nady, a guy that can play both corner outfield spots and 1B AND Marte, a reliever that can be a very strong 8th inning man.
      With the crazy amount of MLB and MiLB relief depth we have, we can trade say, two relievers and not break too much of a sweat. I felt Edwar and Veras already had 8th inning potential (and good results this far)…is it crazy to say the Yankees can trade a JB Cox/ Brian Bruney and package them along with other prospects, say Romine, for a mid to front of the rotation starter?

      Oh sure, Nady is most likely over his head. But his career norms make him an average hitter…basically what Abreu is now. The Yankees can ride the wave in 08 and expect something reasonable in 09 for much cheaper than Bobby.

      Also, Tabata’s power ceiling is considered to be far greater than Jackson’s. Remember, Tabata is a teennager that was slugging around .400 until this year. He had a swing that many scouts felt could be a power swing in the near future. Some went as far to compare him to Manny Ramirez. That’s amazing. But yo, you have to give talent to get what you need.

  69. Scott of 3 Kids Tickets says:

    Coke had potential…the rest of em I can live without. Glad to FINALLY have a reliable lefty in the pen.

    Any chance we can trade Farnsy while his trade value is as high as it’s going to get? He almost bit us in the *ss tonight, as predicted many times over by me. I don’t care if he doesnt give up a run for the rest of the ye year. He’ll find a way to kill us, after all, he’s Farnsy !!!


  70. Axl says:

    I think I had this argument with Ben K a while ago…I wanted Xavier Nady…he’s a scrappy ball player…we didn’t need another Jason Bay. I had a good feeling about Nady. Hard nosed.

    I’m not exactly sold on Marte…only for the sole fact that NO middle relief pitcher coming over from the NL has done that well for us in recent past.

    Do we DFA Hawkins I hope?? He’s extremely useless.

    Didn’t Marte pitch better against Righties than Lefties also??

    • Mustang says:

      No Marte is great vs. lefties this year BAA .255 and lifetime .198

      Agree with you on Nady I had the same argument with been.

  71. Mustang says:

    First, I like to say how WRONG I was about Cashman. I have been dogging the man all year for him to pull this off I have no words. For those of you who like Jason Bay so much check out his numbers vs. lefties since 2006 and then talk to me. They would have had to give a lot more for Bay. For what they give up this was a GREAT DEAL they didn’t even give up IPK.
    I could not be happier this was the deal I been wanting for weeks.

    • Mustang says:

      Nice cherry on top we fucked the Mets out of Nady.
      My God does anyone have any idea what the Yankees bullpen looks like right it might better then 1996 unbelievable.

  72. dan says:

    Now all we have to do is put Joba back in the bullpen and we’ll have a ridiculous 6th inning!!!!11!1!!!1

    • goose says:

      6th – now are starters onl need to give us 4 innings per start – roberston for the 5th, marte, 6th , joba 7th and 8th (maybe occasionally extending the prior 2 based on matchups) and mariano for thr 9th.

      finall you numbskulls are getting it

  73. Joltin' Joe says:


    Ahem more self promotion…. wrote a pretty comprehensive article on the trade

  74. Randy says:

    Well Marte might leave at the end of the year, and he’ll be a Type A free agent because of his saves and wins the past 2 years. That could amount to us getting 2 draft picks and picking up someone like Cole, or atleast someone who may have similar value to Tabata in the draft. The deal is basically Kontos, Coke, and Ohlendorf for Nady. And Tabata for half year of Marte and someone like Cole who falls in the draft.

  75. [...] in the form of Monday’s tabloids — comes to judge yesterday’s Yankee acquisition of OF Xavier Nady and LHP Damaso Marte, columnists will be rushing to pass judgment on a trade that changes the look of the 2008 Yankees. [...]

  76. [...] we heard that Ross Ohlendorf had been traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates as a cog in the Nady/Marte trade, I found myself a bit disappointed. [...]

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