Hank doesn’t rule out Bonds


Two weeks ago, Brian Cashman had this to say about Barry Bonds:

“I guess I can say that they have engaged us in the past and I’ve told them that I have too many people, maybe not too many people with the same ability, but too many people at the same spot that you have a lot of dollars committed to.”

However, that was before Matsui faced a setback in his rehab and Jorge realized that the pain in his shoulder is too much. With both offensive cogs likely done for the season, it looks like the Yanks don’t have “too many people at the same slot.” Though they brought in Dicklock Sexy, he seems to be an option only against lefties and as a late-innings defensive replacement.

Could the Yanks work out a system whereby Bonds takes a few days a week from Damon in left, in which Damon would DH, while acting as the primary DH? Could Damon move to center some days and Bonds could play left? Oi, that would be some horrid outfield defense. And where would that leave Jason Giambi? He needs time at DH, too.

It appears the Yanks will be addressing these question, and are probably addressing them as you read this. I’ll offer that there are certainly worse ideas. But the idea of having Bonds in left, Damon in center, and Abreu in right is frightening. Maybe if Wang was on the mound, but we know that’s not happening for a while.

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  1. steve (different one) says:

    Bonds needs 10 days to get ready.

    once he is ready, Damon should be ready to play LF.

    Bonds DH, Damon LF, Giambi 1B.

    • BurnBernieBurn says:

      As a fan of teh game of baseball I cannot describe the pain it would cause me to see that man in a yankees jersey. He is despicable and I wouldn’t have lost a second of sleep if he had blown out his knee before reaching Hank’s record. He should have retired one home run before. Then jumped off the Golden Gate bridge.

      • TheLastClown says:

        Geez dude. What’s despicable about him? That he’s an arrogant jerk? Because that has to do with him being one of the most talented players EVER….even Pre-PEDs.

        Is it cause he took PED’s? So did Giambi, Pettite, & even Jason-gad-dang-Grimsley!

        He’s despicable because he was great, and PEDs launched him over the top. Ah well, c’est-la-vie, as they say.

        I wouldn’t mind Bonds in pinstripes….it’d only be for two months anyway. Get over it. The extra offense would be fun to watch.

        Plus hometown-hating “Yankees fans” need a pinstriped player to boo, now that A-Rod is consistently producing *how dare he*

      • TheLastClown says:

        Oh, and please don’t advocate suicide for anyone. And I mean anyone. It’s nasty business

        • BurnBernieBurn says:

          The reason I find him despicable is because of what he went on to do, that he didn’t seem to find it enough to e as great as he was without roids, and that he (as cliched as it sounds by now) made a mockery of the most important record in baseball.

          That’s why, and I apologize for the golden gate bridge comment, that was over the top.

      • christopher says:

        and doc gooden and strawbery were coke-heads and became beloved yankees. winning heals many wounds

        • BurnBernieBurn says:

          Also, cocaine and steroicds not the same thing in my mind. Good for them that they were able to overcome that (on second thought, they haven’t really), but I find steroids to just be disrespectful to baseball and everyone that has played or been a fan of it.
          My personal opinion..

          • And you’re entitled to you opinion, no matter how illogically artificially sanctimonious and counterproductive it may be.

            Kudos to you.

            Steroids were disrespectful to baseball. That doesn’t mean Barry Bonds should be banned into perpetuity. He did not singlehandedly tarnish the game, hundreds of players, coaches, trainers, owners, and journalists all collectively tarnished the game or looked the other way and patted themselves on the back. Barry Bonds was a part of a much bigger problem; he shouldn’t be singled out for it.

            Test him daily if you want to, but put him in a uniform and lets keep winning games.

          • Sherman says:

            Jesus Christ dude…

        • nick blasioli says:

          you are so right…give the guy a chance…i cant wait to see him batting against boston…or any other team…they will freak out…i say lets do it..

  2. jsbrendog says:

    if they sign bonds i will have to become a royals fan.

    cause if i pick a team that doesnt suck ill be a “bandwagon fan”

    • BurnBernieBurn says:

      Wanna go in on joint season tickets at the Kauf? I’m with yah on this one

      • Have fun. We won’t miss the two of you. Take Mike and the Mad Dog with you on the way out.

      • jsbrendog says:

        it’ll be like the arly 90′s again but with waterfalls

        and mike and the mad dog are not welcome anywhere i go. ever. ive almost turned my back on the yankees many times, never more so then the sheffiled randy johnson wright pavano era…tony womack kenny lofton..never ahave i hated a team more..but still i petrsevered. but i will never, never, never condone barry bonds, not because he tookd steroids, not because hs black or any of that crap but because of what he represents and who he is. to me he just epitomizes what is wrong with sports today. I wouldnt want allen “we’re talking about practice man” iverson and i dont want bonds and i wouldnt want TO and i dont want shockey.

  3. Jamal G. says:

    Yeah, Jorge Posada has shown good OBP skills this year but his power has been zapped due to the injury. Barry Bonds is looking better and better. I, for one, could care less about a player’s off-field issues so that has no bearing with me.

    It will be interesting if Jorge Posada can’t make it back.

  4. MJ says:

    I can’t think of a guy I’d like to root for less than Barry Bonds. A lousy teammate, horrible with fans, arguably the worst media-relations player of his generation, and at this point an abject disaster with a glove on his right hand. Can he still hit? Probably, based on last year’s numbers. But are the Yanks really lacking for LH hitters? What the hell does bringing Bonds to the team accomplish? Satisfying Hank’s desire to finally make a splash now that Daddy’s given him the keys to the car?

    • TheLastClown says:

      “I can’t think of a guy I’d like to root for less than Barry Bonds. A lousy teammate, horrible with fans, arguably the worst media-relations player of his generation,”

      Melky’s fan friendly, but do you want your players waving to the creatures while they’re trying to field the ball?

      “and at this point an abject disaster with a glove on his right hand.”

      DH him

      “Can he still hit? Probably, based on last year’s numbers.”

      This is the only factor to consider

      “But are the Yanks really lacking for LH hitters?”

      With Matsui *LHB* and Posada *LHB against righties* out…..YES!

      “What the hell does bringing Bonds to the team accomplish?”

      umm…you answered this with your assessment of his hitting.

      “What the hell does bringing Bonds to the team accomplish? Satisfying Hank’s desire to finally make a splash now that Daddy’s given him the keys to the car?”

      If that splash you’re talking about is a title….YES!!! And I think that car is a race car, so wouldn’t you want to win your first race with Daddy’s billion-dollar-empire of a car?

      • christopher says:

        but can an injured posada or matsui come anwhere near the production of bonds – they couldnt when they were healthy.

        argue that you dont want a liar or steroid user on the team – dont argue that he cant help the teamwin

    • christopher says:

      reggie was an ass and the team was a day awy from signing albet belle. this move helps the present and doesnt hurt the future. let go of the bias and think of the playoffs

  5. Ben K. says:

    For some reason, I am reminded of this Onion article. Two of the five people in the photo have been or are on the Yanks already.

    • whozat says:

      I love the onion. The article about a Moyer changeup finally reaching home plate after a lengthy journey was hilarious.

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      “By noon, Yankees GM Brian Cashman had signed the entire National League and most of the American League to multi-year contracts. Some 10 hours later, the final opposing player, Texas Rangers shortstop Alex Rodriguez, had been acquired by the Yankees, who bought out the remainder of his $252 million contract for $300 million.”

      Mildly prophetic, isn’t it?

  6. kunaldo says:

    horrible outfield? sure, but he’s spend most of his time at DH…and I’m sure as hell not crying about an OPS over 1.000….some of you guys can hang out on your high horses while us reasonable, objective fans enjoy our offense destroying teams…thank you very much

  7. Joey H says:

    lets hope King George II puts his foot on cashmans throat and makes him sign bonds

  8. Viasistina says:

    Why would the yanks sign Bonds to extend his HR record when they paid A-ROD all that money to go catch him? The public reaction to Bonds would be horrific.

    • TheLastClown says:

      A-Rod, if he’s healthy, will shatter Bonds’ record by more than whatever he’ll manage to put up in two months.

      Plus, the Yanks paid A-Rod all that money to win games. And extra bonus incentives for breaking records.

      Winning first, records second.

      And if A-Rod doesn’t stay healthy, he won’t get the record. This is a non-factor.

    • steve (different one) says:

      Why would the yanks sign Bonds to extend his HR record when they paid A-ROD all that money to go catch him?

      is this a serious question?

      you really don’t see why the Yankees would want Bonds to hit HRs while playing for them?

  9. willypooks says:

    I have to agree with the majority on here. If Bonds puts on the pinstripes, I may have to give up on baseball this season and just wait for my Jets to take the field and go 5-11. He is a despicable guy, and not because he used PED’S like Pettite and Giambi LastClownSTanding, it is because he lied to the federal government and refused to acknowledge that steroids improves your game. He took no responsibility in improving this tarnished era of baseball. This is not a good guy we are talking about. Can you honestly say Pettite and Giambi are anyway as despicable as he is. Now saying all of that, those who do not care about bringing in the cover boy of steroids, well along with Clemens, can bring him in and fit him for pinstripes. But is a 45 year old that is not using steroids anymore, well who knows about that, what can we expect out of him being that he has been out of baseball for over 1 year and there is only 60 or 59 games left in the season? Save face and say no to Barroid. Lets start a campaign RAB!

    • TheLastClown says:

      So he’s got lots of character flaws, and next year might be a convicted felon “probably not”

      You rooted for Darryl Strawberry right?? You loved to see him launch moonshots into the black right?

      This guy was a crack smoking wife beater!! Much worse than lying to a jury about doing something that physically hurt only yourself.

      In my humble opinion.

      My dad taught me when I was young that baseball players are fun to watch on TV or @ the game, but most of them are assholes, and you wouldn’t want to bring them into your home.
      Of course there are some exceptions, but whether or not he’s a “good guy” really makes no difference.

      To me at least

      • christopher says:

        maybe i have little baseball ethis, but i want to win this season and i see a chance now..nobody will care once he hits a game winning hmerun against boston

        all the bonds haters once fell back on the “we have too many DHs” now the excuse has changed to “he is a bad guy”

        just admit that he could help win number 27

    • Rob_in_CT says:

      “Can you honestly say Pettite and Giambi are anyway as despicable as he is.”

      They cheated, just like him. They lied about it, just like him. And then, when caught red-handed, they finally admitted it. Bonds did not do that last part, but frankly I’m less than impressed with Giambi’s and Pettitte’s “apologies.”

      I simply don’t see how Bonds is “despicable” and other ‘roiders aren’t. The double-standard is nutty. I know, he broke the all-time HR record. Steroids helped him do it. If only Barry had the decency to have been less talented, so that the ‘roids had merely made him a really good player (say… an AL MVP). If only… ;)

      Barry Bonds can still hit. Really, really well. He doesn’t have a big platoon split. He will cost peanuts. Signing him will seriously upgrade the offense w/o costing the Yanks prospects (and they need their prospects, b/c they will need to make some trades to fill other holes at some point – probably in the offseason).

    • I gotta say, I’m so geeked about so many “Yankee fans” giving up their fandom and walking away from baseball over this. Good riddance, shorter lines for nachos at the concession stands for me.

      Hate to break it to you, “willypooks”, but if my choices are A) have the Yanks sign Barry Bonds and we all go win some games and have some fun, or B) lose you as a compatriot in Yankee Fanhood, I’m picking A every time and twice on Sunday.

  10. christopher says:

    on a night when joba – a high K guy pitching is out there, or if wang a ground ball pitcher is out there or dare i say it they get burnett another high K pitcher they could afford to have subpar defense.

    as i see it they need a hitter and a pitcher – trading for both would kill the farm. sign bonds and get burnett. people think that the jays will never trade in division, but those people forget that the yanks and jays have always had a good relationship – clemens? cone?

  11. Curramba says:

    No thank you to Bonds. We don’t need a major jerk in club house.

    • Jamal G. says:

      How do you know we don’t already have one. You have never spoken to any of the 25-players in that clubhouse. You have not spoken to any off the coaches either, you don’t know who is who.

    • nick blasioli says:

      what do you care about the clubhouse…you are not in there..

  12. willypooks says:

    Lets hope Cashman puts his foot on Joey H and tells him to go root for the dreaded Sawx!

  13. Joey H says:

    Okay lets look at his numbers. its not like bonds struggles against lefties. hes a dominating force. his career average against LHP is .289 thats .014 less than his average against righties. look at his splits. when you takes his AB against righties nad lefties he has double against righties, sure fair, there are less lefties than righties out there, so half as many doubles against lefties half as many homers, Half as many walks. and almost half as many walks. so just to shoot down any idea that bonds will make us worse against lefties, because that is just insane. Besides, his numbers from the second half on are far better than the first half.

    • LiveFromNewYork says:

      I don’t care if he walks on water. NO NO NO NO.

      We’re not desperate and we don’t need him. NO NO NO.

      • Rob_in_CT says:

        Actually, we are desperate. That is if we want the team to make the playoffs. The offense is in bad shape. I know they just won 6 games – that’s great. The rest of their schedule is really tough, and they’re still behind. The Sox are about to get Ortiz back.

        The team is down its #1 starter, its primary DH/backup LF, its starting catcher…

        It needs reinforcements. If you are ok with punting this season, then fine, no problem to oppose Bonds. He’s a stop-gap solution only. But if you want to “go for it” then there is no better option.

        • Whether or not we’re desperate, he makes us better and we don’t have to trade away anything to get him or pay him a huge, expensive long term contract!

          This is such a no-brainer that it’s insulting to the lobotomized to call it such.

  14. Realist says:

    Wow! Part of me says YES and part says NO………….what a quandry!

  15. willypooks says:

    Hey Joey H, why don’t you marry Barroid while your at it!

    • Joey H says:

      gee you just have it out for me today. stats dont lie.

    • TheLastClown says:

      He’s made some silly comments before, and people can refute whatever they want, but can we just talk about what we’re talking about? Joey H. was quoting stats, not writing love letters.

      Come up with some logical rebuttal. I didn’t see you telling me to go root for the dread sox when I dissected your anti-Barry post.

      I don’t like the guy either, but we’re not talking about candidates for best man @ my wedding.

      We’re talking about a big square peg to go in a big round hole that we have.

    • “why don’t you marry Barroid while your at it!”

      Who the fuck says this? What are you, eight years old?

  16. A.D. says:

    Jason Bay or bust!

    • Joey H says:

      trade two top prospects, or one ELITE one for jason bay… who as we know i feel is over rated. orrrr pay a dominant force with a OPS over 1.00 for the league minimum. hmm. im going to take choice B

      • A.D. says:

        Bay would end up playing for us for 4 or more years, and then they can easily let Abreu walk, its more of a now & future thing, then a 2-3 month thing

  17. LiveFromNewYork says:

    No no no no no.

  18. willypooks says:

    Joey bag of donuts, Bonds is an umbuulievable player, your right the stats do not lie, PASS! How bout we bring the Straw that stirs the Mojito out of retirement. Darryl was a fine Yankee, I would bring him in before Bonds! That is what I think of Bonds.

    • TheLastClown says:

      including all the crack smoking and wife beating?

      I won’t let this go until you admit it

      • Joey H says:

        LMAO UR THE BEST! hey why dont we do sign doc gooden too! hes not too old yet! we can throw him and strawberry in a clubhouse bathroom and make them fight over one rock. that would be funny

    • Joey H says:

      listen man, first off, dont try to make cute nicknames for me when your name is “willypooks” second of all, what do you have against bonds? have you ever been team mates with barry bonds? have you? no so i dont wanna hear about his clubhouse cancer, second,theres no lie he will be dominant, in 126 games last year he hit 28 hrs, keep in mind he was playing the OF, he also walked 132 times in 126 games. not to mention we have the short porch and he had a pretty large ball park to hit them out of. you cant go wrong with it. seriously.

    • LiveFromNewYork says:

      I swear I’d rather trade Joba Chamberlain than sign Bonds.

      Just a bit of hyperbole as to how much I despise him and am against the thought of him in pinstripes.

  19. willypooks says:

    By the way, if any of you so called Yankee experts remember last year when Jason Bay visited the House that Ruth built he blew ass. He was making errors and striking out like it was going out of style. He stinks, please forget Bay!!!!!

    • steve (different one) says:

      seriously you “experts”. if you don’t use 3 games to determine how good a player is, you should call it quits.

      that was 3 games. in the HOUSE THAT RUTH BUILT!

      not, in some rinky dink NL stadium. we are talking YANKEE STADIUM. in the BRONX. THREE GAMES.

      the defense rests.

  20. Jamal G. says:

    You know what’s funny, people hate Bonds and all that but if you really want to, you can call him the ultimate “team player”. I mean come on, the guy went above and beyond to help his team win games. He even went as far as to break federal law to do so. Can Derek Jeter say that? I think not.

    But seriously, what does him cheating a few years ago have anything to do with him playing for the Yankees (and making them that much better) in 2008? He obviously didn’t need the PED’s because he jacked 54-HR, 37-2B, and posted OPS+’s of 156 and 170 in 2006 and 2007, respectively.

    The Yankees have an average player age of 29, so don’t give me that crap of how he will come in and “disrupt” a clubhouse.

    • TheLastClown says:

      You hatched from a good egg Jamal

    • radnom says:

      Not that anything you said doesn’t make sense, from a baseball point of view it would be a great signing. The clubhouse would be fine, the media would have a field day but it wouldnt be the end of the world.

      If you can’t see our side of why we do NOT want Bonds on the team then why has nobody signed him yet given all the upsides you just mentioned. This is a legitimate question i’m curious.

  21. willypooks says:

    That Cano trade is still in my mind. Being that he is one of my favorite Yankees, behind Jeter, Posada, Mariano, and Soriano (shit they traded him for A-Nuts) I would want Kemp and Billingsly. Cash, get it done! Cano has more value than Kemp and we will need a top line Young starter so if Torre and Bowa really want my Cano there gonna have to give WillyPooks Billingsly or Kershaw to get him from me. You here that Larry!

    • TheLastClown says:

      Oh jeez…he’s back on this.

      Can you go post to yourself 4 threads ago please?

    • Joey H says:

      OKay ive really had enough with you you want to trade cano, and critisize bonds, and CALL AROD A-NUTS! are you insane. i think you and daryll are sharing a rock

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      Because all the Cash Man needs to do is wave his hands in front of Ned Coletti and say, “this is the trade you’re looking for.”

      I don’t doubt that *could* happen, but seriously, trades aren’t one-sided affairs. Even if the Cash Man wanted to trade Cano to LA, he’d still require a willingness from the Dodgers to trade Kemp and one of their young studs for Cano.

      Something I think is highly, highly unlikely.

      As for the subject-at-hand, I think it makes a lot of baseball sense to sign Barry Bonds, and I’ll leave it at that.

    • christopher says:

      kershaw and billingsley are a far cy from lowe. its not happenning with either of those two in the the deal or it would have been done the moment cashman got the call.

      there is no point for the dodgers to get younger at 2B and give up a top flight young SP.

      the answer to the yankee offesnsive woes is right there for the taking leaving them with a boatload of prospects to get a pitcher in here

  22. TheLastClown says:

    No One wants Bay, Joey H was saying how absurd it is to overpay for him when you can underpay for Bonds..

    Now admit you like people who smoke crack & abuse women

  23. r.w.g. says:

    Just sign Barry.

  24. willypooks says:

    Wow, Jamal, are you a RAB commentator? You cannot be son! You mean to tell me that you know that Bonds did not take a Human Growth Hormone in 2006 and 2007? Scientific evidence also gives evidence to the theory of muscle memory. What is muscle memory you ask? Well if you used steroids for 2 year and work out pretty fiercely and than stopped working out and using steroids for 2 years you will regain a majority of that muscle you accumulated through the use of steroids. Now, saying all this, where are you getting your information that Bonds wasn’t using human growth in 2006 and 2007? Isn’t it still undetectable? Jamal I will be excepting your resignation immediately.

    • Joey H says:

      Now paging… doctor willypooks..

    • TheLastClown says:

      You will not be accepting his resignation. He is the upper-echelon of knowledge, logic, and sense on this forum. And I’m not kissing his ass, I just respect what he knows & says.

      I don’t know about the evidence, thing, but WHO CARES!!! He’s not on the juice now, sign him for cheap & see what he can do!! Dump him if he doesn’t hit, end of story!

    • TheLastClown says:

      And seriously, you should resign immediately if you don’t have the “rocks” to admit you support crack use and woman abuse over using drugs that hurt ONLY the one using them!

    • Jamal G. says:

      Fine, you can make that argument that I don’t know if he was cheating in 2006 and 2007 but I can also make the same argument that you don’t know if he was as well. I have no knowledge on the muscle memory aspect so I’ll have to pass on that one but I do know for a fact you would not retain the muscle you get from doing steroids after you stop for two years because you gain that muscle by the extra weight lifting you do (the PED’s enable your muscles to have better stamina thus allowing you to work out longer and harder). So if you therefore stop for 24 months and have not been lifting as many weights as you were before, there is no way the human body would be able to sustain that muscle mass. The term “humanly impossible” has never been more apt in this case.

      Now, in terms of HGH, I have no clue if he ever used that or is still using it. I don’t care. Gary Sheffield still has power, Jason Giambi still does, and Sammy Sosa had a 20/20 (HR/2B) season in 2007. So these guys still retain significant power after they get off the PED’s. Barry Bonds OPS+’ed 156 and 170 in 2006 and 2007, respectively. I don’t care who you are and what side of the fence you are on, there is no way you are going to sit here and tell me that production such as that would not be of great aid to the 2008 New York Yankees.

    • A.D. says:

      Thats actually not what muscle memory is at all, muscle memory would be the ability to repeat your swing even with your eyes closed

    • christopher says:

      maybe jamal is relying on the fact that bonds was under a microscope for perjury and that the risk of using HGH far outweighed the benefits —–60 more homeruns in 2 years or getting caught aquiring HGH and going to jail for 6-10 years.

      use your brain and consider that without the steroids and hgh this guy is still one of the most talented players ever to put on a uniform

  25. E-ROC says:

    I don’t think this signing will happen even though I would like for it to happen.

  26. willypooks says:

    Hey curious question, Is Joey H giving it to the lastclown? You guys seem to defend each other and are always posting comments at the same time. Are you sitting next to each other with wireless laptops drinking your mocha? SO cute!

    • Joey H says:

      dont worry clown i got this one, first of all it only takes common sense, something you lack, trade cano ? to where? the dodgers? for what they have nothing we need. trading alfonso was stupid? how? it opened up first base for cano with a little stint of tony womack and we have a third baseman and a complete infield. .. common sense..

    • TheLastClown says:

      Dude, two days ago we were at odds because I didn’t agree with him over the posada contract.

      Its not about people giving it to each other, but I think we’re both similarly amazed by your comments and your refusal to refute what we say with any logic or facts. Truth be told, a lot of times I don’t agree with Joey H., and I tell him so. But today, you my friend are the one who deserves to get blasted.


    • radnom says:

      One person, two accounts.


    • Jamal G. says:

      Seriously, are the insults at all necessary?

  27. willypooks says:

    I’m just playing with you Jamal, we cool! Your a better commentator than Ben and Mike any day, and I’m not kissing ass like that guy from insane clown posse.

    • Joey H says:

      i think ben can be a little condescending but he still reports the facts. i cant critisize either one of them, mike does an outstanding job as well.

  28. radnom says:

    Whatever. You guys can defend Bonds all you want, because it would be an easy answer to a lot of our problems. The fact is, there isn’t really a team he couldn’t help, and there isn’t a team that the price isn’t right for (prorated minimum).
    No one has stooped down to that level yet. Not a single team.

    You can say its racism, the media scapegoating him, conspiracy etc, all you want but you’re wrong. None of that factors into Chashman or any of the other 29 GM’s minds when they are choosing not to pick up Bonds. Justify your weak wills all you want, but the fact that he is still on the market proves you are wrong.

    NO to Bonds in 08

    • TheLastClown says:

      Given that the Yankee climate has changed vis-a-vis Jorge going down…..as was the original point of the thread….you may end up seeing it happen.

      I think he’s being scapegoated because every scandal needs a fall guy, and since he’s the one at the top of the ladder, he’s the biggest & easiest target, given that his talent was as such increased to the point of being over the top.

      I don’t like the guy, I really don’t. I booed him @ Dodger/Giants games *I live in LA* and it wouldn’t make me all warm & fuzzy to see him play for the Yanks, but it’s not the issue

      • radnom says:

        “you may end up seeing it happen.”

        No arguments there.

        “I think he’s being scapegoated because every scandal needs a fall guy, and since he’s the one at the top of the ladder, he’s the biggest & easiest target, given that his talent was as such increased to the point of being over the top.”

        Perhaps, but you really think a professional GM is letting that cloud his judgement? There are other reasons.

    • Rob_in_CT says:

      That’s a circular argument, with a bunch of unsubstantiated assertions. Well done!

      • radnom says:

        Name the unsubstantiated assertions please.

        Let me simplfy so you can understand.

        -The Bonds supporters here are trying to convince us there is no off field reason not to want to sign him.

        -He make sense money/talent wise for nearly all teams to sign him, the only reason not to would be off the field reasons. He is willing to go anywhere.

        -NO ONE has signed him.

        Case in point, the decision makers in baseball do not agree with you. Not circular at all.

        • Jamal G. says:

          That’s where you have us misunderstood. We are in no way saying “there is no off field reason not to want to sign him”. In fact, we acknowledge the belief that there are a plethora of reasons not to sign Barry Bonds, but those reasons are outweighed by the aid he would give to the Yankees.

          So again, we know there are reasons and fully understand that, we just don’t care and want the best available to try and help us win games.

          • radnom says:

            Fair enough. I feel those reasons outweigh the tangable benifits to be gained from signing him. You feel opposite, there is no way to argue that point it is merely opinion.

            I was simply pointing out that every baseball front office is on my side of the fence.

            • Jamal G. says:

              Twenty-nine front offices in baseball felt that Joba Chamberlain was not worth a first-round pick and/or a supplemental-round pick. Just because all, if not most, agree on something does not necessarily make it correct.

              I don’t know who authored or spoke the quote but I live by it, “People are stupid, a person is smart”.

              • radnom says:

                You can’t really compare a scouting decision on a hit or miss prospect to a simple question of integrety.

                And no i’m not saying just becuase all the front offices agree with it that it is correct. I’m just saying if it was even borderline you would think at least one of them would have caved by now.

    • “You can say its racism, the media scapegoating him, conspiracy etc, all you want but you’re wrong. None of that factors into Chashman or any of the other 29 GM’s minds when they are choosing not to pick up Bonds.”

      …and, you know this how, exactly?

  29. willypooks says:

    By the way, in all seriousness, I know that Cano deal wouldn’t happen because LA and the Yanks wouldn’t do it, I was joking Joey H. I do not want to trade my man Robinson, I did want to trade Soriano for A-Nutz but I miss Alfonso. I’m allowed to miss a player aren’t I?

    • Joey H says:

      please, dont try to turn this around, you essentially sayd that trading arod for alfonso was a stupid move. Ill brb PPL gotta little running around to do

  30. willypooks says:

    Now that Radnom, is the name Radnom Lithuanian or Indian? You make me proud to be a Yankee fan! Radnom for President. I couldn’t have said it any better. Pick me for Vice President and we will rule the world, a Lithuanian/Indian and Mexican/Romanian rocking it out to Yankee baseball in the white house!

  31. Manimal says:

    If they really wanted bonds, they wouldn’t have got Sexy. Bond’s reputation is more dangerous than him hitting Homeruns. What I mean is he walks alot just because he is Barry Bonds the Homerun King(for now)

    • Jamal G. says:

      Couldn’t you say the same of Jason Giambi? Michael Kay says this ad nauseam (what else is new?) but he is correct, when Giambi si slumping he still is able to get on-base. His combination of a Hall of Fame hitting eye and his reputation as a slugger are the big contributors in that.

      You can say the same for Barry Bonds. It doesn’t matter to me how he posts an OBP of .440+ every season since 2000 (excluding 2005 when he played in only 14-games), just as long as he does.

    • radnom says:

      Yeah I agree with Jamal. Its more about being a good hitter than his “reputation”. Sure its a factor, and pitchers might be a bit more careful with him, but there are plenty of sluggers who never walk and its not because pitchers arn’t afraid of them.

  32. steve (different one) says:

    this thread is a trainwreck.

    please don’t let RAB turn into LoHUD v2.

    • TheLastClown says:

      Righteous. And not in the Wayne’s World way.

      Sorry I contributed to it all. I love the integrity of this place.

      I’m out.

  33. Manimal says:

    BTW, I was reading Sporting News and they said that the Yankees will be aggressively approaching the Indians for Sizemore. The kid has speed, amazing fielding ability and can hit homers. I would rather get Sizemore that Bonds.

  34. Kyle D. says:

    This game is about being fielding the best team, not the nicest group of guys. If it was, Mother Teresa would be in the Hall of Fame instead of Ty Cobb. I hate Bonds as much as the next guy, but I hate losing a whole lot more and at league minimum whats there to lose? Is he going to hit worse than Dickman Sexy?

  35. radnom says:

    Let me draw a parallel here.

    Rembmer in The Dark Knight, when the two ferries were both given detonators, and told they could blow up the other boat to save themselves.
    A real moral delemna.

    You guys are advocating pushing that button.

    • Chip says:

      Hmmmmm, killing innocent people vs. signing a baseball player. Yes, what a great parallel. You guys can get all upset if you want but if the Yankees do it then they do it and there’s no amount of whinning from you that can stop it

      • radnom says:

        Yes because I was being SO serious.

        And no ones “whinning”, everyone here is just discussing what we feel the Yankees should do. No one is under the assumption that its going to change what will actually happen, but isn’t that the point of a forum like this?

    • Jamal G. says:

      Actually, we are advocating to not push that button.

      What we are saying is to sign Barry Bonds for the pro-rated league minimum. That means no monetary cost or prospect cost. Which means no ferry gets to be blown up and the Joker gets to get his ass kicked (by that I mean the Major League club is improved without anybody losing anything)

    • jsbrendog says:

      i thought that when one of them pushed the button it would end up blowing up their own boat…now that wouldve been a big f u

      • radnom says:

        haha actually that is what I expected to happen as well

        the fact that both boats survived was surprising considering the tone of the movie up to that point

        • A.D. says:

          GEEZ, I haven’t seen it yet, thanks

          • Jamal G. says:

            LoL, that’s your punishment for waiting so damn long. ;)

          • radnom says:

            Oh. If you havn’t see the movie do not read my previous post. :p

            Seriously though its been a week now, and you couldn’t see there was a spoilter comming from the first few posts in this thread?
            That sucks though, but its still worth seeing as soon as you get a chance

  36. Chip says:

    Sign the guy to a minor league contract, if he doesn’t take a little humility and try to be just another guy (and of course assuming he hits) then bring him up. Are you afraid of him taking at-bats away from Ben Brussard or what?

  37. A.D. says:

    I think people are putting way too much into the Hank comment. Yeah Bonds name is going to be brought up in their discussion today, why, because he’s an option, and that the point of the whole meeting.

    The Yankees are going to map out thier needs/wants, and what they will give up, and then what players fit these needs. Bonds is obviously an option, but I would be very surprised if the Yankees go that way, they have to discuss it, just like they will likely discuss a trade for Matt Holliday, even though he’ll be overpriced, and it won’t happen. Hank didn’t say its a top option, just a bullet point on the agenda, along with a lot of other bullet points, which won’t happen.

    For those of you that say we don’t need a good bunch of guys just the best players, get this, do you think the other players want Bonds around? You think Jeter and Moose are itching to get Bonds in pinstripes. I doubt it, Moose doesn’t like Pavano for getting hurt, imagine what he thinks of Bonds. If you think Barry coming to NY would just ripple the media, your wrong, it would wripple the whole team, it would probably piss off the following:
    Posada (although not playing)

    And if you think a 45 year old slugger coming off any type of year, that would alienate the better part of a team would be a good addition, your wrong, just wrong.

    • Chip says:

      I agree with you but what’s the hurt in signing him to a minor league contract? See if he’s got his act together and then make the decision

    • Glen L says:

      I think above all the players want to win … Bonds gives them a better chance of winning

      Moose can hate Pavano for showing no willingness to play .. that’s entirely different from whatever Barry’s flaws are

  38. Glen L says:


    mmmm i love me some barry!!!

    I hope Hank puts Hal in a headlock and gives him noogies until he gives in

  39. Mike W. says:

    For all of you that say Bonds would be a terrible distraction to the clubhouse, and this and that, can anyone of you tell me how the Ranger clubhouse has reacted to having Milton Bradley in it? How has that gone for the Rangers? These people are all grown men trying to win a championship? If Bonds is a fit for our team hitting wise (we need some help) and we don’t have to give up prospects for him, why is this even an issue? Do you all even want the Yankees to win a championship again?

  40. KW says:

    Is it known that Bonds will play for the minimum?

  41. Jamal G. says:

    Well when you get technical with it you can say that the number of teams that can even entertain the possibility are extremely low.

    IMO you can cross off 16-teams because he is not a positional player anymore, he is a strict Designated Hitter. Therefore we only have 14-teams to work with. Out of those teams, only seven of them are leading their division or are within 5.5-games of their respective divisions (TB, BOS, NYY, CWS, MIN, DET, LAA).

    You can cross off the Rays because they are a small market club and PR does play a big role in their revenue stream and things of that sort. The Rays are trying to build a franchise from a fresh start, signing Bonds from an ownership view would be far too detrimental to that goal than earning a playoff spot would aid that goal. The Red Sox have some guy named Ortiz in that DH role, so they are in no need of Barry Bonds.

    The White Sox are not going to take away AB’s from Jim Thome, they are basically the same player. The Tigers are overcrowded in the DH spot as well as they try balancing six outfielders and give DH spots to Gary Sheffield, Magglio Ordonez, and Marcus Thames.

    Again, the Angels might seem like the biggest need but they have six outfielders as well and are trying to get enough AB’s for Juan Rivera. They like putting Vlad in the DH role to take some pressure off his agin body meaning that Bonds would not get full playing time in Anaheim.

    So that leaves the Yankees and Twins as the only real teams that can truly, truly use Barry Bonds.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Sorry, this was in response to Random’s assertion that all 30-MLB front offices feel the negative intagibles of signing Barry Bonds outweigh the on-field production. Thus, that is why Bonds has not been inked to a deal yet.

      • And let’s clear something up: One of the biggest, most centralized “intangible” that is the biggest reason that most front offices haven’t jumped on what is clearly a super-smart baseball decision isn’t that “he’s a clubhouse cancer” or that “he’s a distraction” or that “he’s a jerk” or any of that nonsense.

        It’s that the teams don’t want to alienate portions their own paying fanbase, because they realize that portions of their paying fanbase are stupid idiots too dumb to see that the reasons they, as fans, hate Barry Bonds, are utterly nonsensical and either products on an uncritical mind, products of propagandized pseudo-journalism, products of bias and double standards, or products of overly conservative, dated groupthink.

        Basically, virtually every manager and player would love to have him and almost every GM and front office knows it’s the right thing to do, but they’re reluctant to do it because no matter how face-slappingly dumb willypooks is and how much most of the rest of us wouldn’t mind at all if he went back into his cave, he’s still an ignoramus with a checkbook and a wallet and there’s a chance his non-righteous indignation will cost the Yankees (or Red Sox, or Angels, or Rays, or White Sox) some actual dollars.

        The decision is purely financial. Does the risk of us being a better team and winning more games and making more revenue by doing those two things outweigh the risk of simpleminded O’Reilly-Factor-watching mouthbreathers boycotting the team and thus, reducing my gate, merchandising, and advertising revenue.

        There’s only 5-odd teams who would be a fit for Barry anyway, and thus far those 5 haven’t decided it’s worth the risk, FINANCIALLY. Not competitive risk, the personnel risk, the “clubhouse chemistry” risk, the media risk, the “intangibles” risk… just the financial one.

    • DP says:

      Your common sense is meaningless, Mrs. Bonds!

  42. dkidd says:

    the human brain is built (read: evolved) to make snap judgments and spin narratives in order to support those judgments. the entire sabr-metric movement was/is an attempt to overcome this evolutionary trap and achieve something like an objective view of player value. the bonds situation shows how hard it is to think objectively. i know in my brain that pettite cheated and lied about it, just like barry. i know that protecting my rose-colored memories of 1996-2000 is the reason i insist on seeing pettite as “a good guy” (i have a huge amount of emotional investment in the narrative that those late-90′s teams “meant something”). i know that barry bonds would help the yankees and cost them no prospects. and yet, i get a stomach ache thinking of bonds in pinstripes. i hate my illogical, moralizing, yarn-spinning brain!!!

  43. twotimes says:

    I would not watch another game this season, and I would sell the tickets I have to games later this year.

    • DP says:

      I will gladly get those tickets off you. I seriously don’t understand this, the Yankees have had drug uers (Gooden, Strawberry), arrogant guys (Reggie Jackson) and assholes (Sheffield) and all 3 (Canseco). The clubhouse is obviously not affected by distractions (see: A-Rod) and they need his bat. We donlt know what any of these guys are like off the field so why do we have to dislike a guy just because ESPN says so?

      • Mike W. says:


        Why do people not want him?

        1) Because they “think” he used steroids? That’s a good reason for sure. I hope they aren’t cheering for Giambi when he hits one of his mammoth homeruns or when Andy is tossing a gem for us.

        2) Because he hasn’t admitted it to anyone? How do you know what he has and hasn’t done. Also why does he have to admit steroid use to you? To make you feel better about yourself? We all pretty much suspect that he did it, so who cares, because 1/3- 1/2 of baseball was probably using some sort of PED during that era.

        3) Because he is under indictment? So people don’t get a chance to fight their cases anymore? Guilty until he proves himself innocent?

        4) Because he is an a-hole? Yeah, because most of the Yanks are fun-loving fellas right now. I have been enjoying every one of Mussina’s starts lately and it’s not because he is a good guy. From all accounts, he is a serious douche. It is because he is pitching the ball wherever he wants to and it is enjoyable to watch that I am enjoying his starts….

        The fact is that he can probably mash some homeruns and get on base with a lot of walks AND provide some protection for some people in the order for the league minimum for NO PROSPECTS. What do you want?

        • twotimes says:

          While my feelings have little to do with it, I absolutely love that so many think a 43 year old coming off a full year of inactivity is going to walk off the street and mash in 10 days.

          Nothing you’ve mentioned is comparable to Barry Bonds. Barry Bonds is the subject of an active investigation by the federal government. Barry Bonds is the most notorious asshole and clubhouse distraction in modern sports history. I damn near had to pinch myself when I saw someone compare Milton Bradley to him. Read something once in a while (other than the Bill James Handbook) and you would know that this guy’s behavior goes FAR beyond anything else seen in the game. The in-locker recliners. The physical altercations. The treatment of clubhouse attendees and reporters. What, do you think the presence of ALex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter is going to somehow “put him in his place”, or are you reasonable and think the man that couldn’t deal with Jeff Kent getting an ounce of the spotlight in SF is going to be on best behavior for 2 weeks before rubbing everyone the wrong way. I would be ashamed to have the man in any way involved with the Yankees. An for the love of God do not make another riiculously inadequate comparison.

          I am dumbfounded.

          • Mike W. says:

            I will end my comments and say that he is the HR king as of right now.

            Matsui is probably done for the year.
            Posada is probably done for the year.

            If the Yankees did nothing trade wise, I, as a season ticket holder, am not satisfied with their offense right now. Bonds would help their offense much more than say, Juan Miranda (nothing against him; he just isn’t Barry Bonds), from our system.

            And as far as the Yankee clubhouse goes, I hope you are secretly Melky Cabrera incognito typing on this message board, because if not, you have no idea who is an asshole in what clubhouse, especially not the Yankees clubhouse.

      • christopher says:

        didnt they win a WS with canseco on the team and if i recall correctly, getting him was an accident

  44. Manimal says:

    whats up with the assholes that randomly appeared here? I hope their not Nomaas or Lohud people

  45. steve says:

    whats the deal with draft picks if he gets signed ? hes a type A free agent or is there a statute of limitations on when u lose draft picks ?

    • christopher says:

      pretty sure that the giants didnt offer him arbitration – so he comes basically free and easy – jeez, could this move make any more sense

  46. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Bonds is a perfect option for the Yanks. Cost nothing but money. An impact bat at trading deadline, perfect. They wouldn’t need to part with any prospects. There is absolutely no way that he would come into this clubhouse and act like a jerk. It is full of players that I’m sure he respects.
    DO IT HANK!!!

  47. Joey H says:

    quick question, when is this “meeting” of sorts anyway

  48. Steve says:

    This is a no brainer as far as I am concerned. Sign him to a deal and stick him in the minors for 4-5 games to see what he has left. What is the harm in that?

  49. BillyBall says:

    Shout out for Radnom, DKidd, twotimes, and AD! willykooks needs meds and can we please get off this Bonds topic. There is no way he is coming to the Yankees. He has 2 bad knees, he is 45 years old, he along with Clemens are the 2 poster boys for the steroid era, he has been out of baseball for a year, there is only 58 games left, we have Damon, Posada if he returns, and Giambi DHing, did I miss anything. Oh yes, one last thing, he is under indictment! Give it a rest already, we are taking to much time and energy debating this nonsense. Lets move onto reality and figure out what needs to be done or perhaps keeping the status quo for the 2008 NY Yankee baseball season already people!

    • Joey H says:

      Hey billy, how about you provide facts, sure, bonds is a posterboy of the steroid era but you cant logically say that bonds is a co posterboy. he has NEVER failed a drugtest. sure that nutbag mcnamee might have all this so called evidence but its all unprooven. and possible tampered.

  50. Steve says:

    No to bonds

  51. RollingWave says:

    This was a team that made guys like Strawberry and Doc Gooden into great stories. they took on and handled Shawn Chacon and Sidney Ponson with far more class and dignity than any other organization, if there’s one thing this organazation has done really well its handling different people.

    If we pass on Bonsd for Brett Gardner, we become the Mariners, hows that for an organization?

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