Yanks inch back into race with two-game sweep

Game 91: Watching on Gameday will make this less painful
Yankee great to miss the All Star Game

As Bobby Abreu — the league’s least effective right fielder — blasted a ball into the right-center field gap and Derek Jeter rounded third to score the game’s winning run in the 10th, all was right in the Yankee Universe. Four games removed from a second straight loss at the hands of the Red Sox, the Yanks have won four in a row, two against the hated Red Sox and two against the division-leading Rays, to move right back into the thick of the AL Playoff race.

Today’s game had “blow out” written all over it. Coming into the festivities, Sidney Ponson had allowed nearly two baserunners per inning as a Yankee, and the Rays are a good offensive team. But Sir Sidney was effective over his 87 pitches today. He threw 6 innings, allowing five hits and two walks — 1.17 WHIP, baby. The only blemish was a Carlos Pena home run in the sixth, and Jose Veras, Kyle Farnsworth and Mariano Rivera did their thing.

The Yanks were facing an equally effective Edwin Jackson, and after plating a run in the first, the offense mustered nothing until the 10th. Melky Cabrera struck out in the 9th with one out and the winning run on third. Robinson Cano and Jorge Posada were held hitless as, one day after five Yanks each had two hits apiece, no one managed more than one. The Power of the ‘Stache — looking mighty fine on Mike Mussina — drove in the first run; Abreu drove in the last. And all was good.

As is his wont these days, my player of the game was Mariano Rivera. He threw 2 scoreless innings and struck out four. Again. Can’t say enough about Mo.

Meanwhile, for the Yankees, they needed this mini-sweep. They held the Rays to one run over two games and halted the Tampa Bay juggernaut’s roll through the AL. They’ve crawled back to within 6.5 of the division lead and face the Pittsburgh Pirates and last-place Blue Jays prior to the All Star Break. With Moose, Joba and Pettitte all lined up to start before the break, they could win three of four this week and end the first half on a very strong note become playoff buyers at the deadline indeed.

Game 91: Watching on Gameday will make this less painful
Yankee great to miss the All Star Game
  • Ivan

    Great win by the Yankees and the bullpen did a fantastic job especially Mo who was dominate.

    Chris Russo is now bitching how the yankees celebrated the win. Like Katt Williams said, Haters don’t hate us, they hate good shit because good shit doesn’t happen for them (like the Giants)

    Overall love the win and hopefully they take 3 of 4 from the Pirates and Jays.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

      Yeah, I heard that as well. Russo was also whining about the Joe Girardi and the YES staff wearing the mustaches, ugh.

      • Ivan

        I hate when he says in his arguements, “Your the Yankees” like we can’t be any other team. We can’t celebrate like youthful people but’s it’s ok for everybody else. saying “your the yankees” is like saying your a Billionaire you can’t eat McDonals or drive 98 Toyota or Etc.

    • mustang

      Russo is the same guy who yesterday said that it was a MUST for the Yankees to at least get a spit. The guy is a clown.

      • Ivan

        Seriously name the good radio hosts in WFAN? I can think of 4.

        • mustang

          My use for WFAN is about done. I can get far better baseball information from the Internet and I have grown tired of the Mike and the Mad Dog act. I was into that mornings show with Boomer for a bit, but that sidekick of his is worst then Mad Dog.
          They do get ratings so someone must like them.

          • Ivan

            The point of Sports talk radio or any media outlet that deals with sports is the more irrational you are, the more ratings you get period. Richard Neer might be the best person WFAN but he’ll never hosts a huge show because he think things through. Guys like Russo get ratings because unlike bloggers or smart fans, majority of sports fans are like Russo. So hey that’s how it is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

    According to PeteAbe the Yankees will miss Roy Halladay, A.J. Burnett and Dustin McGowan (DL) in the upcoming series in Toronto. Awesome.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Burnett always seems to pwn the Yanks. They usually muster a half decent fight against Doc though. Regardless, good news all around.

  • Steve S

    Whats truly sad is that this bullpen is really starting to come around (sans Bruney) and they are really one good starter (Cheng Ming Wang perhaps) away from easily being a a lock for 90-95 wins and being able to go get some consistency.

    I just wish they could be a little clearer on whats going on with Hughes. Is he in pain and the injury is still bothering him or are they holding him back to be cautious? And if he gets named in anymore trade rumors he is going to have a giant bullseye on his back.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

      No pain, threw from 90-ft. on flat ground about a week ago.

    • mustang

      I think right now they are playing their cards close to the vest. If you let to many things go public the prices of trades can go up especially for the Yankees.

  • mustang

    Agree with the thread and a great win. But I’m done with Melky Cabrera I hope they find a way to trade his ass.

  • Jake H

    Melky is so frustrating. Other then that the game was good.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    First of all, the Yankees have been beat to shit all season. They’re playing with 60 percent of their rotation hurt and most of their starting lineup have been out at one time or another. They arguably have the crappiest schedule in baseball.

    So they beat the “hottest” team in baseball playing good ball and they had the silly staches on.

    I LOVE THAT. The Yankees tend to be serious about themselves and the media expects nothing less. But they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

    We beat 2 very good teams the last 4 games and we’re still beat to shit.

    And Chris Russo is just a hater. Who cares what he thinks?

    Girardi has a lot of pressure managing this team in this city and trying to fill Torre’s shoes. The injuries combined with weather and scheduling have been killers. What’s a young manager to do?

    When things FINALLY go your way, throw on a stache.

    Hip hip Girardi.

    • Ivan

      Another thing, Could Chris Russo SHUT THE FUCK UP about Tim Lincecum. Could Russo take Lincecum penis out of his mouth. Every minute talks about Lincecum like’s he’s god. I know your team sucks and he’s one of your few bright spots but come on.

      • Baseballnation

        In order for that he would have to remove Matt Cain’s inserted cack out first…Not likely if were talking about Russo. How bout the Giants become semi relevant again before he mentions them again.

      • mustang

        At least he is not talking about Tennis.

  • Fabio

    Minor correction, but shouldn’t the WHIP include the 2 hit by pitch?

    • Findley

      Since it isn’t a hit or a walk, I don’t think it goes into the calculation for a pitcher’s WHIP. But it also means Ponson had 9 runners on in 6 innings. I think he had someone reach base in every inning. This game kind of reminded me a bit of his start against the Mets how he made pitches when he needed to.

      • A.D.

        Thats vintage Sidney, 2nd inning says it all

  • Mark B

    After Melky’s performance today, I have to think he will be traded or lose his CF job to a platoon of Christian and Gardner once Johnny D comes off the DL…..Cashman has to do something!

    • whozat

      Today somehow changes things?

      You want Christian and Gardner, with their combined .200 batting average or whatever? Why? Because they’re fast? Or because you think change for the sake of it is a good idea?

      • Ivan R.

        Because Gardner and Christian have potential. Maybe they end up stinking it up. We don’t know that. What we DO know is that Melky is terrible right now. Gardner might not have the arm Melky has, but he has good range. Why stick to Melky if he isn’t producing. Give the other two guys a shot. And for the love of God don’t tell me Gardner has gotten his chance and is failing. A couple of weeks isn’t a “chance.”

        • Mark B

          Thank you…..couldn’t have said it better

        • whozat

          “Because Gardner and Christian have potential.”

          You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about if you think Christian has more potential than Melky. He’s 28. He’s a nobody.

          Gardner is already older than Melky. Why is it that he somehow has more potential than a guy who’s put up two league average seasons in the bigs by the age of 23?

          • Jon

            Because they saw that a few guys on the internet high on them, they don’t think for themselves, and become overprotective of their new found religion.

        • Chris

          Melky has more potential than either Gardner or Christian. Christian is 28 and likely won’t improve measurably from what you’ve seen. Gardner is fast and takes a lot of pitches, but he can barely hit the ball out of the infield.

          We need to be honest about this. Melky is a 4th outfielder on a good team, and Gardner is a 5th outfielder/PR (they could have more important roles on bad teams). Both of them are just keeping CF warm until Austin Jackson is ready. The biggest difference is that Melky has the potential to be an above average CF (of course right now he doesn’t look likely to reach that potential) and Gardner doesn’t have that potential. At best he’s basically Juan Pierre.

          • A.D.

            Juan Pierre was an above avg OF

            Melky and Gardner both have potential the difference is if Gardner doesn’t hit for great avg he’s still got the speed, so he can steal when he does get one and cover a lot of ground. If Melk doesn’t hit he’s just got the arm, and pretty good range defensively. So Melks ceiling is higher, and downside greater, Gardner the downside is less.

            In reality both are stuggling, maybe this is who they really are, or maybe Melk is really struggling, and Gardner is adjusting to the bigs, Gardner has started slow at almost every stop, and right now hes getting the rookie squeeze. On gameday today he was struckout on called strike 3 twice, when gameday showed the ball easily outside

            Just relax, theyre are only real options right now anyways so if they take lumps it happens, and hopefully they will be better off for still getting to play everyday

            • Chris

              Juan Pierre was not an above average OF. Maybe you could argue he was average. His career OPS+ is 84 (compare that to Melky’s 88). If you add in his defense and speed, then you could reasonably argue he was average.

              I generally agree that Melky has more upside than Gardner, but Gardner is higher probability. Of course Gardner is not as bad as he’s shown, but I haven’t seen anything to suggest he’ll be better than average.

              As for the called third strikes, they showed the top-down view of one of them on YES and is was clearly a ball. It’s hard to argue against taking a ball just because the call was wrong. I think the biggest thing is that its more frustrating to see someone ground out on the first pitch than to see if happen on the 5th or 6th pitch, but in the end it’s the result that counts. Also consider that Melky is not that bad in terms of patience (not as bad as Cano, for example).

  • Ivan R.


    That’s what came to mind when Abreu hit that double. About a month ago I was having a talk with my boss and told him that in years past, I’ve never doubted the Yanks would make the playoffs. However, this year, I wasn’t so confident… I take that back.

    I know it’s heightened optimism considering the current mini hot streak, but I can see how this team is coming together at the right time. Guys that were doubted or scrutinized are coming through.

    Everyone said Mo didn’t warrant the money he got in the off-season; he’s a top 3 Cy Young candidate and the rightful starter of the All-Star Game.

    A-Rod went through the self-administered misery of an off-season that saw every Yankees fan wish him ill after he opted out, only to renege and come back to the Bronx to once again put up Ruthian numbers.

    Giambi… well… what is there to say about this guy? What wasn’t said about him? Yet he’s having a pretty darn good year. Long-live The Stache!

    Mussina has been discussed in length on this blog. No one in their right mind could have seen this coming from the Moose.

    Even everyone’s favorite fireballer, Kyle Farnsworth, is turning in a more-than-respectable performance as of late.

    That’s just to name a few. If the Yankees can hang around till Hughes/IPK/Wang come back, they will be in terrific shape going into September and hopefully October.

    Also, how great is it to finally have a legitimate stolen base threat in a guy like Gardner. Refreshing.

    And lets keep Joe Mo (can we make this nickname official? Has it been used before? I like it.) behind the plate. Put Gardner in center. DH Posada. Bench Melky. If/when Matsui comes back, shuffle the lineup around day by day. I love Molina behind the plate.

  • Henry Chinaski

    Aceves pitching for Scranton tonight— Bruney pitched for GCL today(scoreless inning) and then will go to trenton… the 16 year old Mexican lefty pitched 5 inning of no hit ball… Bannuelos— looks like a find

    • Geno

      Which Mexican lefty is that? Is he someone we signed? Do you have a link?

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    before killing Melky, look at what Gardner’s doing: nothing special. he’s hitting .143. he k’ed thrice today, and popped up a bunt, and his only hit was an infield single.

    it’s really time to take Gardner and Melky out of the leadoff spot, move them to the bottom, and push everyone else up. which is a better top 4? Gardner/Melky, Jeter, Abreu, Arod? Or Jeter, Abreu, Arod, Giambi? it’s pretty clear cut. speed only matters if you get on base.

    where are all the people that said the team would miss Joba’s presence in the pen?

    re: WFAN, i used to work in sports radio (specifically ESPN 1050). the ‘talent’ knows the deal: if you’re rational and thoughtful, you’re boring and no one cares. the way to get ratings is to be controversial and get people riled up.
    if you dont like it, stop listening. it’s the only thing they understand.

    • Ivan R.

      Like I said before. What’s the point of not keeping Gardner in the lineup in favor of Melky? Gardner has more potential than Melky. Do we remember how bad Cabrera was when he first got called up? At least Brett can track down a ball in center(Not saying Melky can’t, just making a comparison to when he first got called up).

      Keeping Cabrera in is counterproductive at this point. I do agree that Brett shouldnt be leading off. Bat him in the 9 hole.

      • whozat

        “Gardner has more potential than Melky.”

        Bull. He’s a year older and has done nothing in the majors yet. His minor league performance isn’t as good as Melky’s was either. Melky has put up league average CF production for two years while playing good defense. In what world does Gardner have more potential? He’s faster. That’s literally it.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          I don’t know if this occurred to anybody, but in order for Gardner to “do something” in the majors, he probably needs to be here longer than A FUCKING WEEK.

          Can we give him more than 25 AB’s before we pass judgment on what the next 10 years of his ML career will be?

        • Ivan R.

          Let’s see… what is Melky doing right now? Nothing. How long has he been in the majors? About three years. What potential is there in that? Gardner, on the other hand, gives the Yankees something they don’t have. A pesky hitter that when he gets on base is a nightmare. That’s a whole hell of a lot more than what Melky brings to the team.

        • A.D.

          Valid points, but the Melky better minors has some sample size issues with that one hot streak in AAA, it as if Melk retired after the biginning of the season when he was on pace for a .300 avg and 30 hrs and people said how redic he was

      • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

        oh, i dont advocate removing gardner from the lineup, bc there’s no one to replace him right now other than christian. and i like his approach at the plate more than melky. but i dont want either of them hitting leadoff.

        gardner’s MO is that it takes him 1/2 a year to adjust to a new level, so we might not see the real gardner until september or 2009. you just cant have a black hole getting the most ABs in a game (referring to both him and melky).

        i do think gardner can be a good MLer, but he has yet to prove it. until he does, he should be batting lower.

  • Alan

    A bit off-topic, but does anyone listen to Brandon Tierney on ESPN Radio? Good lord, I was listening to him on the ride home tonight, and he starts off by yammering about the Yankees. Suggests that the Yankees look into Matt Holliday and that he’d take Andy Pettitte over Scott Kazmir. WHAT?

    Matt Holliday is a product of Coors Field, a Scott Boras client, and still has a year left on his contract after this season? What does that mean? That he’d cost an absolute ton in prospects (Say good bye to any number of Melancon, Jackson, Tabata, etc.) and most likely wouldn’t sign an extension, leaving us with nothing. Good job Tierney.

    Also, Pettitte over Kazmir? Really, Tierney? Really? I love Pettitte as much as the next guy, but I’d take Kazmir over Pettitte any day of the week. Kazmir is 12 years younger than Pettitte, and a pretty damned dominant lefty. Great Pettitte is good under pressure, he’s also retiring at the end of the season.

    Sorry, I just got really pissed off with this idiot and needed someplace to vent.

    • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

      that’s Tierney. he thinks he’s smart… but he’s not.

      • Ivan

        Like Francesa.

      • Alan

        I guess it goes along with your standard sports radio bs, the more irrational the better. But good lord, at least put SOME thought into the words coming out of your mouth. The sad thing is, there’s probably Yankee fans out there gobbling this shit up in agreement.

    • Ivan

      He’s the guy from SNY.

    • steve (different one)

      i agree with your post, but who says Pettitte is retiring?

  • Mark B

    Acquiring someone like Ryan Freel or Darin Erstad to platoon with Gardner or Christian for CF when Johnny D comes back, would be a nice stop-gap between now and the playoffs. Freel would be a better fit with Gardner, though I can’t say good enough things about Erstad….he’s a stud

    • Chris

      Of course you can’t say good things about Erstad… he sucks. Before this season, the last time he was better than league average was 2000. Last year in 310 AB he had a 68 OPS+. Even with the crappy year he’s having Melky has an 80 OPS+. At least Melky has the possibility that he’ll improve. Freel and Erstand are both on the downside of their careers.

      (Just for kicks, Gardners OPS+ is -11 right now).

      • Mark B

        Erstad sucks? Compared to whom? He’s finally healthy and hitting .295 with a .340 obp in 132 abs with the ‘Stros. Talk to any player who’s played with him and he will tell you he’s one of the best teammates he’s ever had. It is veterans like him that help turn a playoff wanna-be into playoff contender.

        Will he solve all our problems? Heck no…though he would fit in perfectly on this veteran team and would come pretty cheap via trade. He also can play all three outfield spots and could fill in at first base if needed.

        You can’t tell me that Erstad would not have handled that at-bat today as well as last night any worse than the impatient Melky. Erstad knows how to play the game…..Melky does not.

        • whozat

          “Erstad sucks? Compared to whom?”

          Compared to the average major leaguer. If he’s playing well now, he’s due for a correction. Unless you think a career year from him (with a sweet .764 OPS. Ooh!) at age 34 is likely to continue.

          • Mark B

            Okay smart guy, and your solution is to the problem is keep penciling in Melky every day in CF and his fine batting eye? What happens come September in a tight game when his spot is up in the line-up and there are RISP?

            • Jake

              Looking at his career numbers, Erstad’s just as likely to make an out in that situation. Melky has the chance to get better. Erstad’s only going to get worse.

              • Mark B

                “Melky has the chance to get better.”

                He’s been given his chance and has looked like a 12 year-old at the plate. Having played the game myself, I can’t believe a veteran like him would handle at-bats like yesterday when he swung at pitches at his shoulder level.

                All I can say is the Yankees better hope Gardner starts hitting soon, otherwise we’re stuck with a guy who do his damndest to lose a close game at the plate for us later this September.

                Erstad, might not be the answer, though Melky clearly is not.

              • tommiesmithjohncarlos

                I hate to burst your bubble, but Darin Erstad died three years ago.

                I’d be more comfortable with my Jets signing him as a punter than with my Yanks giving him anything more than a minor-league tryout.

          • Ivan R.

            What is your obsession with Melky? Did you get a “Got Melk?” t-shirt and don’t want to look like a fool wearing it? He’s not a starter in this league. For all we know, neither is Brett Gardner, but we’re yet to find that out. Makes a hell of a lot more sense to play Gardner over Melky and see what he can give you. If he can hit .260 with a .340 OBP and 20-30 SB’s(reasonable considering it is what he did last year with SWB) he’s an upgrade over Melky.

            • steve (different one)

              yes, Erstad sucks.

              i can’t believe anyone in 2008 would even try to argue otherwise.

    • Rich

      You’ve just insulted all studs including nails.

    • Doug

      He’s gritty! He’s gutty! He’s a gamer! For God’s sake, what are you waiting for?? Sign him now!

  • AlexWest

    I agree with Tieney, yes Holiday is a product of Coors Field, to some extent, but expecting him to hit at least .290 outside of Coors is not out of the question and is basically where his splits put him, the Yankees need a decent righty bat like water in the desert, I’d take a .290 with power any day for our outfield. He still has another season left under contract so we have a while to see whether we even want to lock him up long term, and if we do want him we will lock him up long term, were the freakin Yankees we can spend more then any other team and we’ll have plenty of money to spend with Abreu coming off the books this year and Damon off the books next year, I really dont see the issue here.

    • Alan

      I was more concerned with the sheer quality/number of prospects that it’d take acquire a player of his ilk. Sure he’s a good (very good, even) player, but the fact that he’s got another year left on his contract increases his value in trade negotiations into the stratosphere (We’re talking Teixiera and above). Would you really want to take a huge chunk out of your farm for a guy that’s not the “missing piece”? I wouldn’t.

      • mustang

        I keep saying Xavier Nady is he in Holiday’s class hell no but he will cost a lot less.
        Nady’s HRs and RBIs have been going up since 2005 and he plays in a home park with similar dimensions to Yankees stadium surround by a much worst line-up.

        • A.D.

          Or Garett Atkins, can replace Giambi, and CRUSHES lefties this year, .479 BA, and .321 career.

          Probably somewhat of a Coors product but he’d balance out, Coors field sucks some hitters into traps

    • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

      i cant recall EVER seeing a player with as large a split as Holliday. he hits 300 OPS pts higher at home! 1.086 vs. .793 for his career.

      he’s basically Lou Gehrig at Coors, Johnny Damon everywhere else. and his D is worse than every outfielder we have (including Matsui). and his price in terms of prospects would be rather high.

      btw, Damon is signed through 2009.

  • http://knickerbockerchatter.blogspot.com/ Bruno

    I still think they should look into getting Salty: IPK, Tabata, maybe another arm? DH/1B Posada, platoon Salty/Molina.
    The Yanks also still need a starter. Aceves, Marquez, Hughes? I’d rather not see anymore Ponson or Rasner, but having ONE of them instead of both wouldn’t be as bad. I don’t think throwing ANYTHING at Texas for Millwood is a good idea.

    SIDE NOTE: Don’t be surprised if Phil Franchise ends up replacing Joba in the pen as Mo’s successor. If can’t stay healthy or last long, or develop a MAJOR LEAGUE 3rd pitch, I think he’d better suited to let ‘er rip for 1 maybe 2 innings at a time with hard heat and that nasty hook. Isn’t that what most RP are, failed starters? I’m not saying Hughes as already flopped as a starter, but say his rehab starts don’t go well or last long? Remember, Mo was a starter in the minors before setting up Wettland.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos


    • Ivan R.

      Why would you give up two young arms and a top prospect for a catcher to platoon? Not saying Salty isn’t a starter, but you mentioned platooning him. If the Yanks give up that much for him, they wouldnt platoon him.

      Yankees are fine at catcher. We don’t need an all-star at every position.

      • http://knickerbockerchatter.blogspot.com/ Bruno

        I only mentioned platooning him as a way to “break him in”. He’s not good defensively, but I’m sure Molina could do for him what Girardi did for Posada. ; ) He’d be the starter next year.

        “Yankees are fine at catcher.”

        Really? How so?

        • Ivan R.

          For this year, they have Posada and Molina. Sure, Joe Mo can’t hit a lick, but the man is stellar defensively. So what if the Yanks don’t have a .280+ hitter at every position. It isn’t the worst thing in the world. Jesus Montero is looking great in A ball. Yea he’s a couple of years away, and will need some work behind the dish, but why go and trade away young parts for a catcher when you can just be patient and bring someone up. Besides, it’s not like Salty is some Longoria type phenom that is raking, he’s struggling right now. Yea, he’ll probably be an above avg. catcher at worst, but you don’t go and pay a high price for someone you don’t really need.

    • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

      i’ve been saying that for a while, that Hughes COULD be the next Joba/Mo. it’s still way too early to call it but if his injuries persist, perhaps the pen is the place for him where he could let it rip with his 2 plus pitchers, probably hitting 96-97 mph. and occasionally using his slider and change. less innings, less injuries, more velocity, etc.

      (not that i want this, just something that crossed my mind.)

    • whozat

      “Don’t be surprised if Phil Franchise ends up replacing Joba in the pen as Mo’s successor. If can’t stay healthy or last long, or develop a MAJOR LEAGUE 3rd pitch”

      Pretty sure he wouldn’t have been rated one of the top two pitching prospects going into 2007 if he only had two MLB-caliber pitches.

      • The Fallen Phoenix

        I mean, that’s the thing; he actually has a really, really good slider, he just doesn’t use it.

        • whozat

          I thought the deal was his command of it wasn’t yet as good as his curve or fastball. So it’d make sense he wasn’t confident throwing it in the bigs.

          Sucks this is kind of a lost year for him. I figure he should throw winter ball this year too, to get more innings.

          We’ll see how his rehab and all go.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    Here’s my question:

    If the Rays had lost Matt Garza to injury from mid-June to September, missed a month of Dioner Navarro and Evan Longoria, had Andy Sonnanstine and James Sheilds struggle for a month or two and get shut down physically, had J.P. Howell and Trever Miller disappear after April, and had Carl Crawford and B.J. Upton both hit the 15-day DL at the same time, and the only injury we’d had was Andy Pettitte missing the first four weeks, how big would our AL East lead be right now?

    10 games? 15?

    • Mark B

      Be careful whenever someone starts a sports comment with “what if” or “if”…….

    • Jake

      Zero. We’d still be trailing the Sox.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        Not if we were relatively injury free, we wouldn’t.

        • Jake

          But the Sox have also had key injuries (Papi, Matzusaka, Bucholtz). And really the injuries to Wang, Arod, Posada and Matsui (and now Damon) are the ones that have hurt us. Kennedy and Hughes were getting lit up, so you can’t say their replacements have cost us wins. Same with Bruney and Albaladejo–our bullpen has been stellar. That’s not why we’re losing games.

  • A.D.

    Anyone know why Aceves only threw 3 innings?

    • steve (different one)

      50 pitch limit, just coming back from an injury

      • A.D.

        Thats what i wanted to hear….not re-aggrivated groin

  • Rich M
    • r.w.g.

      We’ll give Andrew Brackman a multi-million dollar major league contract knowing he is going to have Tommy John surgery, but we’re going to let Bittle go over some “wear and tear” in his shoulder?

      I know shoulder is always, always worse than elbow, but the kid is a reliever.. who cares if he burns out in a few years. His stuff is filthy. Nobody has to break the bank and I don’t know what the kid wants, but get him signed.

  • BillyBall

    The difference between Melky and Gardner:

    Melky has a better arm, and overall is a better hitter. When he is going good he uses all parts of the field. AT BEST he projects to hit 15Hr’s and 80 RBI’s with a 300 avg., 10 SB.

    Gardner has much more speed, more range in the field. AT BEST Gardner projects to hit 280 with 3Hr’s, 40 Rbi’s, 60SB.

    Now based on the Yankees needs, which is more range in the outfield to make up for Abreau and more speed on the base paths Gardner would be the right fit. Also they need a guy who can sacrifice and play small baseball. Every team has a guy like that in there lineup. Melky lacks that small ball mentality. Melky projects to be a better hitter but looking at his production right now day in and day out it is hard to see, also it is not what the Yankees as a team need. They need a guy that can play small ball and create havoc on the base paths. This is why Gardner value in the lineup is a bit ahead of Melky. I believe we could have traded Melky earlier in the year but his stock has plummeted and his value is almost zero. So we set up a platoon in CF for now until the right trade comes along or another injury. The truth is the Yankees do need another RH bat that can provide some pop and also play defense. Holiday is not the right fit. Nady may be an interesting fit to platoon in right field. But than do we trade Abreau. According to Replacement Level Yankees, Abreau is rated the worst RF in the AL based on offensive and defensive production.