Carroll: Things look ‘relatively positive’ for Joba

An idea to save the Yankees pitching staff
Yankee scouts under investigation

Baseball Prospectus’ resident injury guru Will Carroll offered up his take on Joba Chamberlain‘s injury:

The early word is that his muscle tightened up due to a combination of the blistering heat (I sat in that heat the night before, and yeah, it’s a huge factor) and fatigue. It’s the latter that’s most worrisome given Chamberlain’s switch of roles. While he built up his arm strength, no one has any idea how the fatigue will be affected by the shape of his season. He’s headed back to New York for tests, so we’ll know more soon, but early reports and sources tell me that things look relatively positive, based both on the pain’s location, and on his reaction. Expect the Yanks to be ultra-conservative, and for Chamberlain to miss a start at least. We’ll know more after the images, but I’ll leave the DXL as a TBD for now.

Carroll’s report is pretty much the best-case scenario for Joba. He could be going through a dead-arm period, but Carroll doesn’t note which muscle tightened up. Some reports have Joba’s deltoid as the muscle in question while others are relatively vague.

Again, we don’t really know anything beyond what Joba, Joe Girardi and a few unnamed sources have said. Strength tests were positive last night, but any time there’s fatigue or stiffness around the throwing arm, there is cause for concern. Hopefully, we’ll know more later.

An idea to save the Yankees pitching staff
Yankee scouts under investigation
  • Ivan

    Well hopefully he comes out okay. Seems the news is good and he probably be on the DL just for precautionary reasons.

    • Joey H

      yea too bad we dont have a 7 day DL. we could just throw him on that. call up someone to cover his spot. and then let him get the much needed rest without taking up the space. o well ,, we dont have it so thats that.

      • Old Ranger

        Send him to AAA for 10 days, then bring him back. 27/08?

        • Joey H

          im sorry i might be an idiot but i dont get the 27/08 thing, and yes thats an alternative . but i dont know if they would do it. thats what i call a “video game move”

          • Andy In Sunny Daytona

            Unless there is an injury, you have to stay in the minors for at least 15 days.

            • Ed

              Minimum Minor League stay is 10 days, DL is 15. Minor league DL is 7, which is where Joey’s original comment came from.

          • bklynJT

            27th championship in ’08

            • Joey H

              ohhh wow. now that makes sense lol thanks

  • Joey H

    great “dead arm period” last time that happened we kept pushing the guy and he needed surgery

  • Kyle D.

    I’m tired of all this Joba coverage, can we please get some real reporting in here and talk about Brett Favre? He’s reporting to camp! Football isn’t even in preseason! We must talk about him as much as possible!

    • Joey H

      i think espn is covering us in that department kyle

      • Kyle D.

        They stop talking about Favre when they go to commercial.

        Thats about it.

        • A.D.

          actually at times they put the bottom bar on Farve during commercial….that’s how redic it got

      • Ivan

        Oh, by the way, how did you like K-Rod last night? Told you he was overrated.

        • Joey H

          very over rated. not only that. hes a god damned prick. im tired of this explosive celebration. did you hear them rag on him? doubt it.

          • Ivan

            I can care less about his celebrations.

            Nevertheless, I be wary signing K-Rod because of the millege on the arm and the high BB rate. Add on the fact lets face it, you going to pay a guy 15M a year who’s not even top three in concern with closers.

            • tommiesmithjohncarlos

              There’s nothing wrong with K-Rod’s theatrics.

              Joba’s fist pump, however, is totally bush and probably the reason he’s injured. That, and the fact that he’s throwing way too many unimportant, “non-8th-inning” innings.

        • Kyle D.

          Career stats:
          ERA+: 186
          K/9: 11.69
          K/BB: 2.90

          …and hes averaged over 44 saves the last 4 years. I don’t think he’s overrated. Maybe over talked about this year because of the amount of saves, but this guy is definitely in the discussion for best closer in the game.

          • Ivan

            he’s good no doubt but he’s not even top three in the AL.

            John Kruck (or John Cock) said he would pick him as his CY Young winner. I guess he never heard of Halladay or Cliff Lee.

            Also, can Joe Nathan get some burn here. Since joining the Twins and being their closer, he has put up the best stats at the closer position in baseball. The man is nasty.

            • Kyle D.

              Well, we all know Kruk is an idiot.

              And I didn’t mean to count Joe Nathan out or anything, but I think when you look at track record you can make an argument for K-Rod. That’s all. I don’t know if someone can really be overrated if there is a legit argument for them being one of the best. He’s not one of the best ever (not yet) and there are people in front of him in the pecking order to be called the best closer in the game. Plus, that delivery of his is going to catch up to him one day.

              The problem is people who know nothing about baseball look at saves and say “Well, a closers job is to save games, so the guy with the most saves must be the best.” And if you’re upset with the recognition he gets for that, I completely agree. But this kid is 26 years old, has been closing for 4 years and has put up great numbers. That means something.

              • Bo

                I’d be wary of listening to the same people who say Edwar is better than K-Rod.

                • steve (different one)

                  hooray for strawmen!!!

                  where did anyone say Edwar was better?

                  they said his numbers are similar (while pointing out that K-Rod has pitched in many more high leverage innings) and noted the difference in perception between the two.

                  no one ever said Edwar Ramirez was a better pitcher than Frankie Rodriguez.

              • Ivan

                I be wary paying him that much money. Yes he’s young but he already has alot millege on that arm (Mike Scioscia is kind of a minny Torre Clone but gets away with it) with not the greatest mechanics with a relatively high BB rate.

                Plus, Nathan really has been closing longer than K-Rod. Nathan has been closing games since 04, K-Rod got the Job in 05 although he was the setup man 3 years before that.

                • Kyle D.

                  K-Rod is 7 years younger than Nathan and has been closing for one less year, albeit at a lesser level (statistically).

                • Jamal G.

                  Mariano Rivera, Joe Nathan, Jonathan Papelbon, and Joakim Soria are all much better than Francisco Rodriguez.

                • Ivan

                  speaking of closers, here’s an article from Jim caple:


                • Kyle D.

                  Soria has been closing for a year and a half. I like to hold off on claims like that until I’ve seen sustained performance. But that’s me and other people obviously think differently.

                • Joey H

                  plus. id love to see him close alot of games that mo has in his career. he almost choked against boston last night. that was a bullet off the bat of casey

  • Jamal G.

    We know not to trust Will Carroll on his personnel rumors, how is he at reporting injury rumors though?

    • The Fallen Phoenix

      He actually talks to sources in the organizations he’s reporting on when he compiles his injury reports, so he’s pretty much the best guy to read when it comes to them.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Is a “dead-arm period” kind of like “the stranger”?

    • Kyle D.

      In my experience, a “dead-arm period” seems to last longer than “the stranger”.

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona

        I guess not nearly as fun either.

  • Ivan

    Think about, if I told ya that Jeter would have his worst season of his career, Phil/IPK would not pitch well and get hurt, Matsi and Po out for the year, Joba was hurt, offense not as good as last year, you would of thought this team at best was a .500 team. Instead despite all the adversity the team are still in striking distance.

    • Kyle D.

      And if I told you Mike Mussina was tied for 2nd in the MLB in wins, that Johnny Damon was batting .315+, the bullpen would turn into a strength and we got rid of Kyle Farnsworth for an actual useful piece, you’d think we’d have the best record in baseball… mainly because of the Farnsworth trade.

      As much as things have gone wrong this season, a whole lot has gone right, and unexpectedly so. Its been an awfully weird hundred plus games so far.

      • Ivan

        Moose exceeded expectations and bullpen as well doing that have not outweight the injuries to the rotation, in the lineup, rookies struggling, Jeter and Cano having off years and the O in a third of the season scoring less than three runs or less.

        Besides, you knew Damon would bounce back once 100% healthy. I’ve always knew Damon would produce once healthy like the second half of last season.

      • nmc

        Re-sign Moose. that is all.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          Nice of you to join us, Mr. Tellem.

  • Bo

    I just cannot see the Yankees taking any chances with Joba the rest of the year. he’s just too important.

    • AndrewYF

      Not having Joba pitch is also taking chances. If they shut him down the rest of the year, they lose whatever shot they had at a championship this year, but also, Joba’s innings cap next year will remain unchanged, and I doubt they want to put him in the bullpen again.

      The best thing for Joba this year may be just to pitch if he doesn’t have further troubles with his shoulder.

  • Jon G

    I am guessing this may have been heat-related, but conditioning is key here. Remember last year when Clemens laughed at Clemens for always exercising? I’d not be surprised if this ends up being a little kick in the butt to Joba to step up his conditioning, which seems to have already improved considerably.

    The bright side of this may be that I have a good feeling about how Hughes is going to do when he returns…

    • steve (different one)

      didn’t Joba come to camp like 15 pounds lighter than last year?

  • Jon G

    Oops that would be when Joba laughed at Clemens for his exercise ball…

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    If you are Manny Parra, don’t you have to take an ass-whipping? You just can’t stand there and get pushed like a little bitch.
    I wonder if he’s walking around the clubhouse today saying “It’s like that Prince fucker in front of all his friends. Huh? Huh mother fucker.”

  • jsbrendog

    sidenote, why wasnt big cec at old timers day?

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      OTB hadn’t closed yet, probably.

      • Count Zero


      • steve (different one)

        is that the gambling house or popular Mexican chain restaurant “On the Border”?

        frankly, the joke works either way.

  • Russell NY

    If Joba was put on the 15 day DL, I would be MUCH MORE than happy.

  • http://jobajitters godfather

    so joba is too important to nyy to use him the rest of the way? my god, how the hell can he have any importance unless he pitches? one thing to be careful, another to not even try to compete…what happened to the “get back on the bike” spirit?

    • Count Zero

      Back under the bridge with you…

  • Mulls

    let joba take 2 weeks off get his arm strength back and in the meantime bring the franchise back up, no need to panic here folks

  • Realist

    Much speculation and still no answers……..”it is what it is”, ever hear of that?

    NY made some fantastic moves and as many of you have already stated, the farm is full of replacements. I don’t believe so but many of you seem to believe that…so that said, whether he comes back or not “it is what it is”. Just plug in Hughes, Kennedy, Aceves(SP?)…etc

    Now is the time to see what these Yankees are made of, they have continued to excell through adversity and I believe they will continue…whether Joba returns or not…though his return would certainly be in their best interest.

  • TheLastClown

    And I just bought tickets specifically to see Joba pitch this Saturday in Anaheim…..ah well…wonder who I’ll get? With Joba missing @ least one turn, they’ll probably leave either Rasner or Sidney or both in there for another go-round….and I think it should be Sid, personally, just because he had a decent game against the Angels *which I attribute to Pudge*

    So maybe the glorious return of IPK on Saturday? Thoughts? Could we see Aceves? Hmmm…..

  • Babe’s Ghost

    Interesting note from Chad Jennings. If this is accurate and Hughes comes back strong within two weeks. I think we still have a decent shot no matter what happens with Joba.

    “Pitching coordinator Nardi Contreras is here with Hughes and watched both of his rehabs in Charleston. Contreras said Hughes looked about as good in his last start as he ever has with the Yankees. His fastball command and velocity were both very good — 93 to 95 mph, not 101 like the stadium gun showed — and Contreras said the curveball was as sharp as it’s been since 2006 when Hughes was so good for Trenton.”

    His last outing was great,” Contreras said. “He threw the baseball that day like I saw him when he went up and tore up that Eastern League. He really threw the ball well. That was encouraging. The way he was throwing before he hurt his hamstring (with New York), remember? That’s how he was throwing the baseball.”

  • Newman

    Joba is going to see Dr. Andrews. FUCK

    • Joe B.

      I just saw that on ESPN, and had basically the same reaction.

      Never good.

  • Jon G

    Fuck. Man, what an unlucky, injury-plagued year. That means they found SOMETHING not good in the MRI, and that we’re unlikely to see Joba any time soon unless they want Dr. Andrews to look at it and see how long till he’s OK…

    Well, it’s a transition year, so let’s see how it all plays out toward 2009… Maybe we get a few positive surprises out of all this – some AAA players who step it up for the MLB team…

    • Mike A.

      It’s just a second opinion, relax.

  • Jon G

    I hope you’re right, Mike… The good sign is that Joba’s last pitch was 96…

    On another note, Melancon tore through the Sox AAA unit tonight, and CJennings was saying he was the talk of the Sox dugout after the game. Could Melancon be 2008’s Joba-like late-season addition to the pen..?? My sense is that he’ll be in NY by the end of the month, if not sooner.