Cole opts for college…

A quick DotF
AP: Yanks set to open new stadium on April 16

So says an anonymous source of Tyler Kepner’s. I don’t buy it, both Mike Moustakas and Josh Vitters pulled the same stuff last year. If Cole does go to UCLA, the Yanks will get pick #28A in next year’s draft, which for all intents and purposes is pick #29. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

A quick DotF
AP: Yanks set to open new stadium on April 16
  • Jamal G.

    If there’s one thing that is a guarantee in the sport of baseball, it is the fact that everything you read or hear leading up to the draft deadline means absolute dick until said deadline has past.

  • stuart

    Coles dad should get his head examined.. 3 yrs from now is a lifetime. Boras is not giving his client sound advice..

    I do not believe them either. .The only concern is knowing how stupid people are maybe Cole and his dad are really that dumb, you never know.

    • r.w.g.

      It’s dumb to go to college for free?

      I want the kid to sign but if he wants to go to college, that’s terrific.

      • Chris

        If his goal is to play baseball and get the most money possible, then yes it’s dumb to go to college. If he wants the college experience (college life, chances to win championships, etc), then it’s not a dumb move.

        The chances of him getting injured (or just struggling) in college are much greater than the chances of him going in the top 5 in the draft in 3 years. I expect that is where he would need to go to get equal or more money. Also, he would likely make the majors faster by going into the minors now rather than waiting 3 years, which again would help his earnings.

        If this were a final decision, then you would have heard something from a named source (either from Cole’s side of the Yankees). Since it anonymous, it’s clearly not set in stone. It wouldn’t surprise me either way, but I sure hope he signs.

  • Reggie C.

    I’m sure the KC Royals are getting the same word from Boras on Hosmer. Yea … i had an hour to think about this rationally.

    Hosmer and Cole will both sign.

  • Ed

    There’s what, 5-10 1st round picks still left unsigned? #28A could end up actually being #39.

    • A.D.

      right now doesn’t look like Crow is signing anything, Alanso isn’t that close either

  • pat

    im callin bullshit too no other team will pay him as much as the yankees are willing even if he is the first overall choice in the 2011 draft…. BULL SHIT

  • bklynJT

    Question, what are the exact rules regarding a draft pick that does not sign?

    I’m assuming a drafted high school player must wait until junior year?
    What makes a draft eligble sophmore?

    • Mike A.

      To be a draft-eligible sophhomore the player has to turn 21 yrs olf age within 45 days of the draft. Cole will have to wait until his junior year if he doesn’t sign.

      We see. I won’t call it dead until 12:01 Saturday morning.

      • dan

        Isn’t the deadline at 11:59:59? You’re gonna wait that long to pronounce it dead? Step up your game.

  • Manimal

    Next years draft will be nothing short of amazing for the yanks.

  • A.D.

    Would be very, very lame if he did. After what the Yanks did for Brett Marshall, I’m sure they’ll put a beautiful package together for Cole.

    Would be redic if this actually is true/happened:

    ANy word on Bliech?

  • dave

    i dont know where to post this but supposedly chris russo has left wfan

    not sure if this has been posted yet

  • CB

    Can’t make anything of this until the clock strikes midnight.

    With Borass you expect this kind of nonsense.

    A major league contract should be a deal breaker if that’s what borass is after. No way you given a major league contract to a high schooler – especially one that is still on the raw side, like Cole is.

    If the negotiations do break down it’s not going to be because the yankees were the unreasonable party. I’m sure they’re willing to offer Cole more than any other high school player besides Beckham got. Can’t do much more than that.

    If Borass has convinced the kid and his parents that he’ll be the first pick 3 years from now and they should turn down life changing money for him to roll the dice that’s on them.

    The yankees will be fine without Cole. If Cole wants to take the risk of seeing whether the reverse is true so be it.

    • r.w.g.

      Cole is from Orange County, right? It’s not exactly a major league signing bonus directly into his own bank account.. but I’m sure his family is very, very comfortable and he is not hurting for money in any sense.

      • CB

        Orange county is arguably the best amateur baseball in the country. Tons and tons of kids get drafted from that region.

        Funny how it’s always money that’s the crux of the issue in these negotiations even thought many of their families are probably “very, very comfortable.”

        This is about money – plain and simple. Cole signs – he would still have the yankees put in a bonus to pay for his college. He gets a full ride either way by signing or taking a scholarship. If Cole doesn’t want to take $4-5M now and wants to see if he can be the first pick in the draft three years from now is completely his prerogative.

        Lots of kids blow out their arms in college. The goal of college baseball isn’t to develop talent – it’s to win.

        But that’s completely the risk-reward Cole and his family have to balance.

        • r.w.g.

          I think the fact that these kids have parents with tons of money who can afford the best little league fields, the best high school equipment, transportation to and equipment for all of the travel teams is a big factor in why Orange County produces so much baseball talent. The year-round baseball weather, too.

          Maybe it’s about money, or maybe the kid genuinely wants to go to UCLA. A couple years ago I visited my friend who goes to UCLA and the women on the campus are amazing. Maybe it is totally 100% about money, but I can’t begrudge this kid if he wants to be a big man on campus in Los Angeles.

          • dan

            Baseball players are rarely BMOC… especially at UCLA, where basketball is king.

            • r.w.g.

              I think he’ll do alright..

              • Tim

                I think he could do better as a New York Yankee if he can make the big club.

          • kris

            UCLA girls rock!

            • Smitt Dog

              Its heaven if your into asian broads. ‘Cept they’ll only talk to asian guys. I lived in Westwood for 2 years. Gotta head to USC or better yet Santa Monica City college for the best looking women.

              • steve

                ASU owns all.

  • radnom

    off topic but it is an offday

    “Manny Ramirez Likes Red Sox’s New Blue Uniforms”

    • Tim

      The really funny thing here is that I can believe Manny would forget which team he is playing for.

  • Tim

    In business negotiations you need to establish a credible alternative or a credible threat to switch to generate leverage during a direct negotiation. So far that is all I see here. Cole has established a credible alternative to signing with the Yankees and will now attempt to use that leverage to his advantage in getting a larger bonus. In reality it is the right business move as much as we hate the posturing as fans. I am sure that the Yankees are doing everything possible to downplay his leverage throughout the process.

    Now if he is serious and has stopped negotiating in order to go to school that is something different. I am not one to criticize a young man for choosing to get an education but from a purely financial standpoint this is hard for me to rationalize. When you take into account the time value of money (relatively small factor) and apply a risk coefficient (relatively large factor) I do not see a likely scenario where the value he can expect in three years is greater than the value he can capture today.

    So my conclusion is that Boras is a good negotiator who generally makes rational financial decisions. This leads me to believe that Cole will sign. The wild card is a young man who may or may not be thinking rationally at this point.

    • Mike R.

      Is stating “that Cole intends to go to college, no matter what they [the Yankees] offer.” really a negotiating point? That would be the dumbest thing to say. He’s pretty much closing the door if he in fact said that.

      • Tim

        1. This is a rumor so who knows exactly what was said

        2. Sure that is a good position to take. The position is basically you need to blow me away with a financial offer just to get my attention.

  • stuart

    Did Matsui play tonight?

    Anyone know the details?


    • Chris

      Game was rained out.

  • Ryan

    This is definitely just to get more money. Back in ’96 a kid from my high school was drafted in the top 10 and did so much as to pack up the car and tell the Royals that he was going to be the running back at Maryland.. Suffice it to say he hasn’t played football since high school.. but he sure did get a big signing bonus

  • Lanny

    Does Tyler Kepner really post rumors and get played by childhood friends?

    Another misfire in this terrible season.

  • Ramadan

    Please got get laid and stop worrying about these minor league ball players(or high school). Seriously, eff Cole, no gurantee this kid would amount to anything. 95% of these bum wont see the majors.

    • Joltin’ Joe

      I agree with you there but it still sucks when you can’t sign a guy who had no business falling to us at #28.

      • Bo

        Well, when the team is in rebuilding mode and they tell us to focus on the young pitching what does it say about them when they can’t sign their top pick?

        • steve (different one)

          i think it says that the kid changed his mind about wanting to go to college even though all relevant parties believed he wanted to sign at the time he was drafted.

    • ChrisS

      This is wrong. First rounders have a much better than 95% success rate at making the ML. They may not all be world beaters, but don’t confuse first round talent with roster filler and sleeper picks in the later rounds.

      • 27 this year

        Actually you are kinda off. I remember reading something over at mlbtraderumors near the draft that said first rounders have an about 55 percent chance of making the majors.

  • Jamal G.

    Mike, is it me or does it seem like whenever you don’t do a full DotF, neither does Pending Pinstripes? LoL, are you guys on the same schedule or something?

    • Eric

      Yes. If we were women, we would also coordinate our periods.

  • Joltin’ Joe

    Yonder Alonso at #28a next June? LoL

  • Baseballnation

    Every person that lives in orange county is not rich,that’s just perception, and while alot of wealthy people are o we even know what his family does?

    Boras knows hat he’s doing…He’s a dick, but he knows the yankees didn’t draft Cole just so they won’t sign him and get a pick in ’09.

  • Bo

    This has a Mark Prior feeling all over again.

    • steve (different one)

      not even close.

      the Yankees let Prior walk for a relatively small sum of money b/c the draft was run by assholes back then.

      Oppenheimer knows exactly what he is doing. the Yankees ALWAYS pay well over slot and have been doing it for several years. they have drafted and signed Boras clients as recently as last year, and paid a fortune for Brackman.

      if Cole goes to college, it won’t be because the Yankees were cheap.

      • Bo

        Well, they are letting a very talented go to college. Seems to be it’s very similiar. I didn’t call them cheap in this case but you can expect it comes down to money.

        • steve (different one)

          i guess my point is that they could have easily changed Prior’s mind if the organization had their priortities in order, and it’s just not so easy to change Cole’s mind (provided he’s not bluffing)

          i mean, yeah, i am sure the Yankees could do something like offer him $11M and he’d sign.

          but is that a smart thing to do for a HS pitcher? probably not.

          my point is that i think Oppenheimer has earned the benefit of the doubt: if he goes to school, there wasn’t really anything the Yankees could do about it.

          the problem with that explanation is that there is no place for frustrated fans to place their anger.

  • Jake H

    HS pitchers are stupid to go to college if they are drafted in the first round. Your 1 pitch away from blowing an elbow or shoulder. If the kid goes to college I hope he doesn’t get hurt. You never make the money on your first contract. In 3 years is cole going to get that much more money? no. Also Cole is a Yankee fan so I think this is just posturing. It might be he wants a mlb contract.

    • steve (different one)

      here is what doesn’t make sense: the point of getting a major league contract is to get yourself on the 25 man faster to get to arbitration faster to get to free agency faster.

      not signing will automatically push all of those things back a minimum of 3 years anyway.

      it makes sense for college juniors to hold out for major league deals if they have the leverage, but not high school players.

      taking a guaranteed $5M is a MUCH MUCH MUCH smarter decision than taking a chance at signing for $10M in 3 years.

      but like others have said, maybe his family is wealthy. if they are, it changes the equation.

  • Bgood

    Don’t forget that the Yanks are supposedly his favorite team. I can’t imagine that he’d rather turn the money down now, go to college, and then get drafted by a team like the royals in 3 years. He and his Dad drove down to Airzona to watch the Yanks in the 2001 WS. Who really thinks that this kid would turn down millions to play for his favorite team so that he can spend a few years in college and then get drafted by a team like the royals for similar to slightly more money (while risking injury in college)? If that’s the case, then we have another A-Rod situation here where Boras makes all the decisions. Hopefully Cole will have the foresight to follow ARod’s lead and call Hank & Brian himself to get a deal done.

  • bklynJT

    After speaking with TK, Lane Meyer doesn’t seem very confident in a Cole signing. It seems that the Cole family doesn’t even want to hear offers from the Yankees… If that is the case, it doesn’t seem likely to be a negotiation tactic. I still really hope it’s just a business move and that we do sign Cole, but it’s not the end of the world if he doesn’t sign.

  • Jake H

    My problem is this. BA isn’t reporting this. They are the authority on prospects and the draft and when they updated their site overnight no hint of this story.

    • Jamal G.

      Baseball America is not the authority, they are just the most recognizable publication.

      • Eric SanInocencio

        I’d say that they’d hear more on this subject than Kepner. Doesn’t it worry anyone that he’s the only one reporting this? Will all the media in New York? If he gets this, he’ll look like a genius.

        • Jamal G.

          “People are stupid, a person is smart.”

          You and I know the NY media pays little to no attention to the MLB Draft, because they aren’t reporting this means nothing. Hell, they killed the Yankees and Mets in 2005 for not drafting Craig Hansen, a fucking reliever in the first round. How did that turn out?

  • Mike R.

    I agree that it is a rumor, but if it is a negotiating position then someone from his camp started it. Based solely on my experience working with PR the stance of “It doesn’t matter what you offer” is not a good one. The smarter position would have been to state that he has his heart set on college or that pitching for UCLA has always been his dream.

    At no time does he imply that he would have to be “blown away” to sign.

  • rbizzler

    Beacuse it is Friday and I am bored at work, can we put some odds on Cole signings? I was surprised to see KLaw in his chat yesterday mention that he thought Cole was less the 50/50 to sign.

    What do you all think? Longshot, 40% or is Boras just bluffing his way to a bigger payday?

  • Jake H

    Here is the Gerrit Cole press conference from june.

  • Bo

    I wonder what Cole’s father says when he blows out his arm at UCLA from overuse.

    • Jamal G.

      Why does it seem some of you want Gerrit Cole to get injured if he does not sign with the Yankees and head to UCLA?

      • AndrewYF

        Poetic justice. Also, can’t feel bad for the kid, he knew the risks (or should have), and made his choice. Completely his fault if has an injury that affects his career.

  • r.w.g.

    I don’t know what next year’s draft looks like, but if he really wants to go to college I don’t think this is a huge deal.

    The team could be getting 2 first round picks plus possible compensation picks from Bobby and Pudge Rodriguez.

    I’m sure the team made a very generous offer and the kid just wants to play college ball. If he’s honestly holding out for a major league deal as a HS player, good luck with that.

    • Jamal G.

      I disagree with you on whether this is a “UUUUUGE” deal for the Yankees. Gerrit Cole is an exceptional talent, you won’t find arms like that dropping to us in every draft.

      I just seem to notice a mentality of “Gerrit Cole doesn’t want to sign with us? Then fuck him and his career.” amongst some people.

      • r.w.g.

        I noticed the same thing. It’s definitely surprising to me. If Gerrit Cole had said “I’ll only sign with the Boston” then I could understand the undercurrent of hostility.

        College is a great experience and I cannot blame an 18 year old kid for picking UCLA over Charleston or Staten Island.

        • Ivan

          Well Hughes sign with us rather than go to college.

          • r.w.g.

            And I can’t blame Hughes for that either. Minor league baseball is a great experience as well, I’m sure.

            I heart America.

      • Ivan

        Well if the Yanks make him a lucrative offer and he blows if off then what ya gonna do.

  • The “ghost” of SAMIAM

    Also keep in mind that his mechanics are bad (as you hear from every report) and that would probably only increase to his risk of injury in college. The coaching he would receive from the yankees to fix those mechanics is far better than he can get in college…

  • Jake H

    I don’t want the kid to be hurt but when your drafted in the first round and are going to be getting top 5 money then you should sign. My problem is that pre draft he didn’t have a strong committment to UCLA if that was the case he would have fallen in the draft.

    • Jamal G.

      He did fall in the draft. He was a potential top 10-pick.

      • rbizzler

        He also fell not due to his UCLA ties, but due to his connection to Boras and his bonus demands.

  • Reggie C.

    Does anybody here think that Gerrit Cole may be thinking that there are too many young guys in the Yankee farm (betances, mcallister, heredia, brackman) with big league potential + Hughes + Joba , and that this may be contributing to the rumored change of heart ??

    Cole could be looking at the system and think that he could be buried beneath the current crop of youngsters which could keep him in the minors for a while.

    If Cole is supremely confident in his health and pitch development, he probably doesn’t care to wait 3 years if it means he’d get picked by another squad with a weaker farm.

    • rbizzler

      If this kid is as good as advertised, the Yanks will find a spot for him. He projects as a potential ace while guys like Z-Mac looks more like a solid 3.

      Can’s see this being an issue or part of his thinking. Especially if he is as confident/cocky as reports suggest.

    • A.D.

      if hes as good as they say he can push someone out of the rotation

      • steve (different one)

        i don’t think this thought ever crossed his mind.

  • A.D.

    The surprising thing if this is true is that he seemed very open to signing originally, generally picks will let teams know if they want to go to college so that they’re not picked so early, its fairly dick to say your open to being drafted, and then say you were never going to sign, whats the point, make a team blow their 1st rounder on you for the ego boost? Seems unlikely, either they’re blowing smoke or there is something else going on.

    • AndrewYF

      This is why so many Yankees fans are upset. Cole duped the Yankees, and hurt them, by originally wanting to sign and then deciding no, he’s going to college. It’s also a terrible decision – you can go to college at any time. A lot of things will have to go right for him if he ever wants to see that $5 million+ the Yankees are likely offering.

      • r.w.g.

        Duped? Terrible decision? Relax.

        He’s 18. He changed his mind. And yeah, you can technically go to college at any time.. but anybody with a brain knows it is a completely different deal commuting to night classes or whatever when you’re 25 versus getting the best on-campus apartments right out of high school.

        Isn’t this kid’s high school a stone’s throw from Scott Boras’ house? He probably already has $5 million in a trust fund.

  • JohnC

    I think it is ludicrous for fans to blame Cashman on this one. The kid gave every indication that he’d sign if the offer was a real good one otherwise they would not have drafted him. Now all of a sudden he has a change of heart and wants to go to college no matter what the Yanks offer and that is Cashman’s fault? Ridiculous!

  • Old Ranger

    How did Cash get dragged into this? He signs them, he doesn’t pick them. If the guy says no way, I want UCLA not the Yanks! What can one do? You can’t force him to sign and you can’t give him to much money…the commissioner would step in and void the deal. One does what one can, that’s the bottom line.
    Off topic; I’m on my way to DC, House of Reps. for their support. 27/09?

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