Pags: Pavano could be useful

Cano missing Bowa's 'tough love'
Game 129: Perfect Timing

As we near the first Carl Pavano start since April 2007, Mike Pagliarulo has chimed in with a piece of reverse psychology analysis. The former Yankee believes that Pavano can be effective because he’s made just two starts since the middle of 2005. And some people accuse us of focusing too much on the silver lining and not the cloud. That is some admirable logic from Pags right there.

Meanwhile, as part of the Welcome Back tour for Carl Pavano, Tyler Kepner looks at a few contracts worse than Pavano’s. Yes, Kei Igawa earned himself a spot on that list.

Cano missing Bowa's 'tough love'
Game 129: Perfect Timing
  • bill

    I think Pavano will do a good job, better than Hughes

  • Jamal G.

    Kei Igawa earns $4M per year. I know the Yankees paid $26M for the posting fee, but if MLB does not count that as part of the team’s salary (i.e. Igawa’s contract), why should we?

    • Joseph P.

      Because the Yankees didn’t pay the posting fee in Monopoly money.

      • Chris

        but because of the luxury tax, the posting fee does not exactly translate into a salary.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    I agree, Pavano could be useful…


  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    As for that contract list… Gary Matthews, ugh. LESS THAN ONE YEAR LATER the team has already written him off as a friggin sunk cost and signed Torii Hunter to a mammoth deal to replace him. How much does it suck to be named to a list of Hindenburg-like disasters like the Mike Hampton and Chan Ho Park deals a year and a half into your tenure?


  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    I was just perusing’s Gamelogs… did you know that the last Rays game not started by one of their top five rotation guys (Kazmir, Garza, Shields, Jackson, and Sonnanstine) was April 29th?

    APRIL 29TH.

    Basically, Kasmir wasn’t ready to start the season, so they threw Jason Hammel and Jeff Niemann out there for Kazmir’s first seven turns in the rotation. Kazmir came in and hit the ground running, and EVERY FUCKING THING ELSE has gone EXACTLY to plan.

    Meanwhile, we lose pitchers (both young and old) left and right and have to exhume the rotting corpses of Sidney Ponson and Carl Pavano.

    No wonder those jackasses have a ten game edge.

    • Mac

      Well. Not everything else. Unless crawford and longoria were supposed to get hurt etc… Unless that was a planned “badass” factor.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        Okay, i know that. Percival too.

        Just saying, it would have been damn nice to keep throwing Pettitte-Wang-Joba-Moose-Hughes up there, day after day, week after week…

  • jsbrendog

    GREAT NEWS! know this isn’t quite relevant but there’s no game thread yet. according to becket will miss his start tues against the yanks and wakefield will come off the dl to take his place. WE CAN DO THIS!

  • bill

    Man the Red Sux got fuckin pounded today

    • Chris

      Makes Thursday’s game look a little better, huh? At least when we got killed it was Ponson vs Halladay…

  • Mike R.

    If Pags said it now I know we’re doomed. That guy wouldn’t know a right idea if it bit him on the ass wearing a shirt that said “Hey Pags! I’m a correct and coherent thought.”.