Scheduling details emerge for 2009

The Boss could bring down Yankee Stadium
Team USA falls to Cuba in Olympic semifinals

According to Ed Price, the Yanks are set to play against the NL East next year during Interleague Play. While the full 2009 schedules are still be finalized, Price reports that the Yankees will host the Mets, Phillies and Nationals at the new Yankee Stadium. In return, Chien-Ming Wang will attempt to run the bases more successfully next year in CitiField, Atlanta and Miami. This whole Interleague Play thing is getting a bit boring.

The Boss could bring down Yankee Stadium
Team USA falls to Cuba in Olympic semifinals
  • Zack

    Yeah, there really is nothing left for interleague play to offer. I’d much rather see them scrap it and go back to the balanced schedule, but that will never happen. I am so sick of playing the AL East teams 8,000 times a year…

  • Pablo Zevallos

    Frankly I’m excited to see them play in Atlanta and Florida.

    • Jamal G.

      I am as well. I get to see my favorite player (Hanley Ramirez) host my favorite team.

  • Glen L

    Atlanta was terribly unlucky this year prior to trading Tex … assuming Jurrjens and Campillo progress, they should be back to being a good team next year

    • Ivan

      Yea but they gotta fix the other parts of the rotation. Glavine is pretty much done, Smoltz who knows and Hampton is well Hampton.

      • E-ROC

        Smoltz will probably end being their closer next year so that he can continue his career. He may not be able to start anymore. Jurrjens and Campillo are probably locks. Everything is else is up for grabs.

        • jsbrendog

          have them sign pavano


    What started off as a novel and fun idea (inter league play) Now is just done for strictly revenue reasons.
    Us fans must stop thinking that mlb is doing this for novelty purposes ( even though i do find some of the match ups somewhat compelling) This is done for strictly business purposes.

  • Ivan

    I don’t know about you guys but I love interleague play.

    • Jamal G.

      Yeah, seriously. I don’t see why people have any issue with it. The wins count the same and last time I checked, they are still playing the game of baseball.

      You don’t see people whining about the Giants and Colts playing, or the Knicks and Lakers. So why is everybody up in arms about the Red Sox and Phillies playing? Every sport in North America has inter-league or inter-conference play, I don’t get why people in baseball have to have an issue with it.

      Also, don’t give me that “Oh it’s tradition, it’s been done that way for a century” crap, because when that’s your last argument, you have no argument.

      • Ivan

        Plus, with interleague play you get first hand get see a players like Lincecum or who knows maybe Justin Upton and get see sexy matchups like 6 years ago when the Giants came to play here and Barry Bonds just hit like one of the longest homers in yankee stadium history. Then later in the game it was bases loaded with one out and Mo and Barry squaded off and Mo struck him out.

        Come on now, matchups like that you dream off and with interleague play you witness it.

        • Ben K.

          You can see those players first-hand at Shea Stadium also.

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos

            Hah ha, that’s funny Ben. Good one.

      • Old Ranger

        What is the problem Jamal G….
        Having a bad week or what? You are not sounding like your normal self. Seem to be very aggressive lately. Perk up boy, we’re all alive…so far. The sun will shine on the Yankees once again. We can retool this off season, and go get’um next year. Perk up, keep the faith. 27/08??

        • Old Ranger

          Sorry Jamal…
          Getting to personnel. Forgetit. Have a good one. 27/08??

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Damn straight. There’s nothing wrong with interleague play, and thinking that a schedule where teams only play half of the other teams in the baseball is a good idea is stupid. I’ll gladly play games against the Brewers and Padres as long as we get to play the Mets and Braves too… it’s not like we’re really clamoring for more Mariners and Royals games on the sked.

      Going back to league play would add nothing, and subtract a lot.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        Now, if you want to argue the DH, you may have something there.

  • Mike W.

    I hate interleauge play.

    1) The leagues play by different rules. It is stupid to make an NL team come to the AL and expect them to take a player off their weak benches and use a DH. It is even more stupid to make a player from the AL who is only used to pitching 5 days a week swing the bat and run the bases.

    2) It is unfair from year to year who has to play who in interleague play. If you want the AL to play the NL, then every team should play every team.

    3) The teams in the American League are not vying for playoff spots in the National leauge, nor vice versa. We should be playing against teams that are in our league so the games mean something in the standings.

    • jsbrendog

      a win against the dbacks counts just the same as a win against the mariners. one is a contender in the other elague the other is not in ours. its the same

      • Mike W.

        No, it does not in the true sense.

        We have six games left the Red Sox.
        We are six games out.
        If we win all six games, (discounting what the Twins do), we tied for the Wild Card Lead. We don’t have to count on anyone else. If we play the Diamondbacks for six games and not the Red Sox, then we have to win the games against the Diamondbacks and the Red Sox have to lose those six games.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          Okay, let’s play this out, reductio ad absurdum style:

          You claim that the games against the DBacks don’t count like those against the Sox do, because they’re in a different league and we have to depend on outside factors vs. playing teams in our own division/league where we “don’t have to count on anyone else.”


          Say we’re three behind the Sox for the WC, going into our last three game set in Fenway Sept 26-27-28. We win all three, we get the WC tie.

          If we close the year with the the Blue Jays last, however, instead of just second to last (as in the actual 2008 sked), then we have to win the games against the Jays AND the Sox have to lose three to oh, say, the Orioles or the Rays.

          Ergo, those wins against the Blue Jays, an intradivisonal opponent, don’t “count” as much as those against the Sox (since we “don’t have to count on anyone else.”)… so we should just play the Sox 162 games every season so that every game “counts”. That’s the only way to ensure that each game has the same impact… we can’t even trust intraleague or intradivisional play. Waters down the drama too much.

          • Mike W.

            Exactly my point. The Red Sox are in our league. The Diamondbacks are not. The Twins are in our league. The Cardinals are not. Play the games against the teams you are competing against.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      1) No argument there. But that’s not an “interleague play” issue, it’s a “it’s butt ass stupid to have two different sets of rules in the same profesional sports league” issue. Fixing the DH discrepancy can be addressed while still maintaining interleague play. Last I checkes, the AFC teams don’t get to have two quarterbacks on the field at the same time.

      2) It’s not unfair, it’s just the luck of the draw. The NFL has rotating divisional play; sometimes you get an easy schedule, sometimes you get a hard one. Hasn’t diminished the quality, legitimacy, or excitement of the game one iota.

      3) BS. Every win counts the same. The Phillies don’t mail it in against the Rays because “They’re not in our league, we don’t need to win this series to win the NL East…” By your logic, the Yankees shouldn’t play the AL West or AL Central teams either, because we’re only truly competing against Boston, Toronto, Tampa Bay, and Baltimore to earn the divsion crown and the accompanying playoff berth.

      • Mike W.

        2) We are not the NFL. This is MLB. We don’t play 16 games. I love the NFL (and my world champion NY Football Giants), but frankly, no one should be comparing any of the leagues to MLB because there is not a league other than MLB that plays 162 games. We can’t come up with a better system than “luck of the draw” over the course of 162 games?

        3) Please see my argument about above regarding this. We should play teams in the AL East, AL West, and AL Central because we are competing for a division title and the Wild Card (which in the American League only comes from teams in the American League)

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          2) Re-Rebuttal: Never said the NFL = MLB. Just pointing out that you can have year-to-year fluctuations in strength of schedule and the world will not come crashing to a halt. If you start the slope of saying that it’s not fair that the AL East teams have to play the NL East teams while the AL West teams play the NL Central teams, then you get into the slippery slope where you’re going to have to abolish divisions and leagues altogether in a never ending balancing act for unattainable equality of schedule.

          3) Look at my above response to your above argument, which frankly doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

          All of the fairness of schedule and integrity of competition arguments just don’t hold merit. Having every single team play a schedule of equal difficulty is impossible, and the notion that games against certain teams don’t have the same impact as games against other teams presupposes that we could know the future results of which teams will be good and thus, which games will have more “impact”. It’s revisionism, and there is no cure for a sickness that doesn’t exist.

          • Kevin

            “Having every single team play a schedule of equal difficulty is impossible”

            AL teams have 13 opponents in their league. 162/13 = 12.5, roughly. (NL teams have 15 opponents in their league. 162/16 = 10, roughly.)

            Play some half the teams 12 times, half the teams 13 times, and you’ve got a system vastly more fair than the current one, in my view.

            If MLB’s going to keep up the charade of the leagues being separate entities (or the non-charade-like wild card), that’s the fair way to do it.

            Otherwise, just standardize the rules, make the schedules more like the NBA or NHL, and everyone plays everyone else.

            • Mike W.

              Edit: I wrote my response without reading Kevin’s response.

              Basically, what Kevin Said = QFT.

          • Mike W.

            2) Re-re-rebuttal: If you want to play that way, then describe for me why the New York Knicks play every single team in the NBA and the New York Rangers play every single team in the NHL every single year. Please explain to me why, with double the games than those leagues, the geniuses at MLB can’t come up with a system where we either play every single team in MLB every single year or develop a system where there is no interleague play (as was the case pre-interleague play).

  • AndrewYF

    The only issue I have with interleague play is that the leagues operate under a different set of rules. The NL is the only league in the entire world that doesn’t use a DH. I think it’s time for them to get with the times.

    And the unbalanced schedule may not be completely fair, but it certainly adds much more excitement to the regularseason.