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So Ian Kennedy has been sent back to AAA, and all of a sudden, the Yanks have a giant rotation hole. Phil Hughes throws on Tuesday for Scranton and won’t be back in the Majors until at least next weekend. Carl Pavano is still a start or two away from rejoining the Yanks provided he doesn’t chip a nail or stub his toe. So where does that leave the Yanks? Chase Wright threw an uninspiring game on Saturday; Kei Igawa could make his less-than-triumphant return to the Majors; Darrell Rasner, barely serviceable in relief on Friday, could make a Wednesday start. No matter how you slice or dice it, whichever pitcher is facing the Twins on Wednesday will be far, far from our first choice of Yankee hurlers in the midst of a do-or-die stretch of baseball.

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  1. A.D. says:

    Rosenthal claims the Yankees will make a claim on Washburn, but that could easily lead to nothing

    Otherwise Wright, Hacker, Aceves, Jason Jones?? Not the best options, best bet would to let Hughes thrown 85 pitches in Minnesota instead of AAA, but I understand the caution and wanting extra time for Hughes to be at 100%

    I’d think going with Wright or Aceves for a spot start, and then Hughes next week would be the best option, that actually could happen. They could come up and be serviceable for an outing, Wright against Minnesota might not be bad if he can nullify the Minnesota lefties with the curve, though he’d be on short rest. Aceves is set to pitch Wed anyways

    • TurnTwo says:

      Washburn already cleared waivers, meaning even the Yankees didnt claim him, from what i understand… and now with Contreras out for the rest of the season, apparently the White Sox are in on him, or at least interested.

      • Chris says:

        I’ve seen reports that he cleared waivers, but that was before the waiver window was supposed to be closed. Have you seen confirmation either way?

  2. TurnTwo says:

    i still think the Yankees should hold Hughes back a day and let him throw his 85 pitches from the Minnesota mound. that should get him thru 5 innings, maybe a couple outs more, and then hand it to you pen.

    every other choice makes my stomach feel queezy. seriously.

    I guess Chase Wright might be the best of the awful choices for one spot start.

  3. Serious Jujar says:

    Man, when Kei Igawa and Carl Pavano seem to be our only hope…
    fuck, that’s depressing.

  4. mike says:

    I’m glad that Cash didn’t do Melky/Gardner-for-Washburn – especially with the Yanks rotation locked for next year too lol

  5. Chris says:

    I don’t quite get the move to send IPK down now. For the Wednesday start, I don’t really see any better options than him, unless they’re going to start Hughes on Wednesday. Obviously there is a plan for who will start, I’m just not sure that it’s better than just starting IPK.

  6. Ivan says:

    I thought they would of gave Ian one more start oh well.

    Man Heilman sucks.

    • Mike A. says:

      It’s weird, it seems like whenever there’s a Mets’ trade rumor, the article says “so-and-so likes reliever Aaron Heilman.” Baffling, really.

  7. Mike Pop says:

    WE shoulda claimed washburn and byrd off waivers

  8. Erik says:

    Nolan Ryan makes a good point about all these stupid pitch counts just forget them. No matter how careful you are with someone it does not matter if they are going to get hurt they are going to get hurt. Look how careful they were with Joba and ………….look at that he is hurt. Lets let Hughes come up and throw 150 pitches it builds character.

    • Ivan says:

      Mark Prior just said hi.

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      Let’s say I’m a meterologist. I follow the weather patterns thus far this year, I compare it to weather patterns that have been recorded in the past, keeping account of historical jet stream trends, what I know of seasonal weather patterns, and everything else a meterologist presumably keeps track of in order to forecast the weather. This meteorologist, using these methods, has a documented success rate of successfully predicting the weather 75% of the time.

      Today, however, happened to be one of those days in the 25% failure rate, since in a freak of nature, a storm develops literally out of nowhere, and none of my scientifically-driven observations, which were recorded impeccably and without error, would have done me any good in predicting it. I had, instead, predicted good (albeit cloudy) weather, with a negligible chance of rain.

      Meanwhile, some kid on the street writes down four different outcomes on four pieces of paper. On the first he writes “sunny,” on the second he writes “stormy,” on the third he writes “cloudy,” and on the fourth he writes “snowy.” He throws these four pieces of paper into a hat, happens to draw “stormy,” and therefore concludes there was going to be a storm today.

      The kid was right, and the meteorologist was wrong. But who would you trust to predict the weather correctly next time, given all that we know?

      The baseball analysists who pushed for pitch counts most resembled the meterologist in this example. Sure, they’re going to get things wrong sometimes; sometimes you can follow a model perfectly, and by chance, something is going to go wrong (Joba). That doesn’t invalidate the method; it might indicate that the method should be tweaked, but it certainly doesn’t mean we should abandon it, and instead attempt to pick pieces of paper out of a hat to drive our behavior and predictions.

      • Erik says:

        It is what it is just let the kids go throw their arms off either they are going to make it or there not. Only the strong survive.

  9. Manimal says:

    Whats the point of having washburn or Byrd when we have a very very very slim chance of even sniffing the world series. Start a couple young guys and pack up and start to prepare some big deals for next year(CC, Tex, dare I say it Manny) Just imagine the 3-4-5-6 of Tex-Arod-Manny-Nady

  10. Mike Pop says:

    i would love for the yankees to spend over 200 mill this offseason on those 3 dudes.. it be awesome… but byrd or washburn gives us a better shot at the playoffs and we arent out of it yet

  11. Rob_in_CT says:

    I’d go with Rasner. Neither Wright nor Igawa is a good bet to be better. Rasner has pitched well at times. Minny isn’t a bad matchup for him.

  12. Mike A. says:

    Start Giese on three days rest. He threw only 83 pitches the other day, and no more than 17 in an innng. Thursday is an off-day, so everyone else will remain on schedule. Done and done, problem solved.

  13. John NY says:

    Giese on 3 days…why not…maybe it’s time to consider Melancon (not for starting) but to replace an ineffective/tired arm in the pen for that day.

  14. E-ROC says:

    Rasner will probably be the starter for Wednesday. The Yanks will sweep the series with the Twins.

  15. Old Ranger says:

    Melancon is a good example of innings counting. The guy throws 3-4 pitches (at most) to each batter, so he throws about 10 pitches an inning. He can go 3 innings (while most pitchers throw 15-25 pitches an inning) and have them count against his innings count…but if one goes by his pitches, it’s 1-1/2 innings. It is conceivable he could come up and help…in sept. 27/09?

    • 27 this year says:

      Well, old Ranger the only thing about Melancon is, can he keep that same pitch count vs real mlb hitters who work the count. The difference between AAA hitters and MLB hitters is huge.

      • Old Ranger says:

        That it is. One can only go by what we have! I must also add, the question is; “Can he keep the pitch count down and be effective?” Who knows? One thing we all know, AAA is not the show. We can all be optimistic, realist on his behalf, he has more then dominated all the way through the system…that means, what? Another Joba, I don’t think so but, one never says never! 27/09?

  16. JohnnyC says:

    Robertson had the same pattern of throwing economically in the minors. Alas, major league hitters do not simply genuflect at the sight of a curveball. They actually make you get it over the plate first. So, as much as I’m impressed by Melancon’s work at AA and AAA, it’s a whole different story in the bigs.

    • Old Ranger says:

      I hope you are wrong. I’ve seen this guy pitch, he knows what he is doing and looks very comfortable doing it. He has good control and command, not Moose quality but better then a lot of big boys. Hay who knows? 27/09?

  17. mike says:

    i dont see the problem with Washburn anyway – who, exactly, will be the Yank #4 starter next year – assuming both Pettite and Moose return, and Wang and Joba recover fully, and Hughes and Kennedy remember how to pitch?

    Too many question marks to let an average-guy get by, especially when we have seen how difficult it is to get an average guy presently!!

    If Ponson didn’t spaz out, where would the Yanks be now? Igawa? 84mph Freddy G?

    If you can get a pitcher to round out the rotation on basically a 1-year deal for nothing except $, you do it. If they take Melky, Ill pick up Wash at the airport.

  18. barry says:

    If only we had Karstens.

    • A.D. says:

      wouldn’t mind being able to bring up Ohlendorf or McCutchen either

    • TheLastClown says:

      Come on guys, Karstens is a good pitcher for Pittsburgh…he never once showed he could handle what NY had to throw at him. He has a couple of good starts for them & we’re in a bind so we always want to go to magic father hypothetical & say “if only” “what if this…”

      I can’t speak on Danny Mac, never saw him pitch, but I understood he was pretty good, and he was probably the most regrettable piece for me of that deal *because I wanted to see him work in the bigs*

      But if we had Karstens, we wouldn’t have Nady & Marte, and while Marte has done pretty comparable harm to good, I think Girardi needs to understand he’s not a 40-50 pitch guy, and should NOT be used as such *see two most recent implosions, most recent being yesterday*

      If we didn’t get Nady…….you can complete that sentence as you see fit.

      Nuts to Karstens, I’m very glad to be rid of him, he was the right handed Kei in my book.
      Now if only we could get Pitt to take Igawa…….

      • Ivan says:

        Karstens sucks.

      • A.D. says:

        I didn’t in anyway mean that I wanted to reverse the trade, just that it would be nice to have those guys right now giving the pitching staff, and McCutchen and Karstens would be here under the original deal. Either way doubtful either would be an answer

  19. Nady Nation says:

    Just to let everyone know, our wonderful manager has Justin Christian AND! Melky in the lineup tonight, along with Dick Sex. That’s right, no Giambi or Damon. Girardi has been brutal this year, from a strategic standpoint

    • mike says:

      Dont kill him yet – Im sure Damon/Giambi could use a day off (maybe both are a little banged up) plus Melky has hit Perkins really well this year (5 for 7), and Christian got 2 hits off him last game.

      You wanted a numbers manager, you got a numbers manager!!

      • Nady Nation says:

        Giambi just got a day off yesterday! Girardi has taken the righty lineup to a new level though, benching one of our hottest hitters in Damon. This is the stretch run, you play your best players – period.

        • mike says:

          maybe Giambi got the day off yesterday because he is a little banged up, and is getting off today too for the same reason…………………..

          and, Christain and Melky have numbers against this guy from earlier this season – if you dont play them now, then cut them and try someone new.

    • E-ROC says:

      Yeah, Girardi needs to puff, puff, pass. I got to have what he’s smoking. That lineup looks like a crime scene. I guess Girardi is trying to protect Damon from running on that turf, but he could’ve had Damon DH with Nady in left.

      • mike says:

        Ponson is a fly-ball guy, and the Twins put the ball in play – it might look like a track meet in the OF, and having those guys is your best D, especially since they have hit this guy before

        • mike says:

          figure Damon will play the next two games anyway, so this is the best chance to rest him a game on the turf.

          Can’t kill Joe for this one so far

          • Mike A. says:

            Whatever little insignificant defensive advantage is gained by playing Christian and Melky in the OF is completely negated – and then some – by the offensive black hole know as Melky Cabrera. Damon said he was fine (per PeteAbe), so he should be in the lineup (even if it’s at DH with JC playing CF).

            Girardi is not putting his team in the best position to win during one of the more critical stretches of the season. End of story.

            • mike says:

              But Mike – if they don’t play Melky tonight when he has great numbers off of a guy, when should he play him?

              And I am not defending him at all – he cannot hit, horrible bunter/situational hitter, fielding is overrated and is a barely average base-runner.

              If the answer is never play Melky, then put him on an iceberg and let the cold Atlantic take him off the roster. Having an offensive position on the bench not available is criminal.

              • Nady Nation says:

                That’s not proper logic to run Melky out there. That’s just a bullshit excuse. Girardi loves tinkering with the lineup and refuses to put his best team out there on a consistent basis, and it’s just pathetic at this point, especially in the heat of a playoff chase.

              • A.D. says:

                he should only get mop up time at this point, defensive replacement

  20. Old Ranger says:

    This is the time to rip Joe G. I guess! Why not, he has made some questionable moves lately. On the Marte thing, that one goes to the pitching coach…he should know his pitchers better then that. Marte is new to the club, so we can cut him some slack…very, very little though. 27/09?

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