BA’s NY-Penn League Top 20 Prospects

What a difference 15 years make
By George, I think we've got it's starting to look like a Stadium

Baseball America continued their look into each league’s top 20 prospects with the Short Season NY-Penn League today. Tenth overall pick Jason Castro claimed the top spot, with several other fellow first rounders ranking behind him. The Staten Island Yanks were shut out though, not a single Yankees’ prospect made the list. Can’t argue, it was a deep league and SI’s talent was rather underwhelming.

The next list of interest to Yanks’ fans is the South Atlantic League, which will be released next Wednesday. I’m sure Charleston will be well represented, even though Jesus Montero will have to settle for a spot behind Madison Bumgarner & Jason Heyward.

What a difference 15 years make
By George, I think we've got it's starting to look like a Stadium
  • Reggie C.

    Pat Venditte? Why does BA refuse to acknowledge the awesomeness of Yank relief pitchers?! The list is a joke.

    On a more serious note. Heyward had a good debut season, but the amount of attention he’s getting is overboard. There was another terrific hitter (whose name i forget) on his team that i think helped Heyward see better pitches than either Montero or Stanton saw.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      btw, I call dibs on the official nickname for Pat Venditte:

      Inigo Montoya.

      You heard it here first, folks…

  • colin

    they probably take into account position and stuff. venditte has crappy stuff, and starting pitchers/position players have way more value than a relief pitcher. yeah, hes got great numbers but not much of a pedigree

    • UWS

      I’m pretty sure the Venditte comment was in jest :)

  • Mike Pop


  • Alex

    I know why Im obsessed with Bumgarner. Despite the lack of a breaking ball, he already has mastered the single most important part of pitching: fastball command. Greg Maddux has talked about it his entire career, and Mike Pelfrey is the most recent example of its importance to pitching successfully.

  • pat

    Definately should be a montero/ betances sighting as well as heredia or romine sneaking in in the late teens

    • Reggie C.

      The SAL league had some real good hitting talent this year. That said, i think Romine might make the bottom portion of the list. I just wish he had an extra 50 at-bats , cause if he’s not on the list, it’d be due to limited at-bats. Heredia had a nice season but nothing stand-out. Pitchers with more projectable stuff will get on the list before he does.

  • Reggie C.

    I’ve found Heyward’s teammate. His name is Frederick Freeman (1B). He put up a better offensive stat line than Heyward: .315 BA /.378 obp /.521 slg.

    That’s a pretty darn good hitter to bat alongside Heyward. I know its not a real knock against Heyward that he’s got a teammate who’s just as good if not better offensively. But i think its something to make note of for 2009.

  • Bo

    Our draft haul this yr was very lame.

    • The Scout

      Yes, and the GCL and NYP lists bear that out — one player in total from the first-season leagues cracking the top 20 lists of the two leagues. Yes, there were several significant late signees, but that is hardly the record one would hope to see.

      • The Fallen Phoenix

        When your first round pick refuses to negotiate in good faith, these things can be expected to happen.