Jorge Posada, M.D.

How we met Joba's mother
Game 150: Immortality awaits

Dr. Jorge Posada, the Yankees’ trainer starting catcher who is out for the season with a shoulder injury, made a “CenterStage” appearance on YES this weekend. His interview, it seems, was rather incendiary. During the hour-long show, Posada said that Joba Chamberlain must stay in the bullpen to avoid future injury.

Now, I love Jorge, but come on. Posada, in the same interview, admitted that he hasn’t been around the team and hardly watches their games. In other words, he has about as much info as I do about the condition of Joba’s shoulder and the nature of his rotator cuff injury. Jorge should leave the medical assessments to Gene Monahan and the Yankee brass.

I do, however, agree with Posada in one regard. Jorge said, “Pudge, he’s my friend, but he’s going to have to go somewhere else.” Amen.

How we met Joba's mother
Game 150: Immortality awaits
  • radnom

    Since when has it become common for players to comment on their teamates playing situations in the media? Damon and others I believe also voiced this same opinion earlier this season. How must Joba feel, reading this, since he has always maintained he prefers starting (although he also said he would do whatever to help the team).

  • D.B.

    posada needs to shut up .

    • Steve

      You don’t trust the opinion of Dr Jorge Posada?

      The guy who thinks pissing on your hands toughens the skin?

  • Go on Jorge

    Jorge is dead on. I don’t know if his reasoning is right, but Joba NEEDS to stay IN THE PEN. I’ll take Jorge’s advice over anyone else – the man has been behind the plate for this team for a decade & knows what he’s talking about. He knows pitchers better then anyone else in the organization, including the complete joke of a pitching coach we have now. Dave Eiland? Are you serious? Was he ever effective when he played? Nope. Time to go get someone who was actually successful as a pitcher teach the young guys.

    Keep on keepin on Jorge – someone has to tell the truth & stop sugarcoating what reality is.

    • yankeemonkey

      RAB idiotic comment of the day?

      • 27 this year

        I would think so.

    • 27 this year

      By the way, since when has just picking successful players been the best strategy for figuring out who should coach. Just cause you were good doesn’t mean you can coach. I guess we should fire Long in favor of Bonds. After all, Bonds was a much better hitter.

      And that is why your comment is idiotic.

    • Jack

      Dave Duncan wasn’t a pitcher. Discuss.


      Wow …your a complete idiot

      • Old Ranger

        I just got in (fishing) but, I agree with your statment. He must be joking…right?

    • Double-J

      Dave Eiland? Are you serious? Was he ever effective when he played? Nope. Time to go get someone who was actually successful as a pitcher teach the young guys.

      Yeah, because Ron Guidry was so overwhelmingly successful as a pitching coach…

      Can I have some of what you’re smoking please? The problem wasn’t/isn’t the pitching coach, it’s that we’ve had injuries, ineffective pitchers, and most of all, guys named Rasner and Ponson in the starting rotation.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    First thing I thought of when I read the post title:

    “You ever heard of that show, Doogie Howser, M.D.?”
    “Yeah. Great show. GOD, I loved that show… heh, Doogie.”
    “Yeah, well, Neil Patrick Harris just stole my car.”
    “Hey! N.P.H. wouldn’t do that, a’ight?”

  • steve

    Francisco Cervelli was just called up. Kinda surprising but I like the move.

    • 27 this year

      Why not? He is a great defensive catcher, and could catch a few innings with like Humberto Sanchez, someone he caught before. Also, Cervelli doesn’t exactly have the type of ceiling that Romine and Montero have. He is a defensive specialist with a decent bat projects more as a backup. It wouldn’t hurt him to get some major league action especially because the Yanks do have Romine and Montero and possibly that new guy Higa… Japanese name. Cervelli is just a great defender maybe someone who could take over the backup role after Molina’s contract.

      • Old Ranger

        You may want to check out Cervellis’ BA in A/AA. After coming back from injury he was hitting in the .300s somewhere. You are right, in that he is a good defender…he can also hit well.

    • Mike A.

      This should be fun. I’d pay money to see Cervelli and Gardner take BP just to see who how long it would take someone to hit the ball to the track.

  • BigBlueAL

    Jorge Posada is not a doctor, but he did stay at a Holliday-Inn Express last night.



    • Steve


  • Chris

    It’s his opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I’m guessing that if RAB were the guest on Center Stage, then you would say no comment when asked for your opinion?

    I don’t agree with Jorge, but it isn’t unreasonable considering that Joba hasn’t been able to throw more than about 130 innings in a single season. I think you have to give Joba at least one more season to try to start, but if he has another arm injury then all bets are off. A starter is better than a reliever, but a healthy reliever is better than an injured starter.

  • Steve S

    He is entitled to his opinion and the guy does have some expertise when it comes to evaluating the risk of injury. Doctors treat injuries, they don’t really know how to prevent them, short of telling guys not be be major league pitchers.

    I hope its a last resort but we may have to deal with Joba going to the bullpen permanently. Cashman knows all the things that we know and he knows the value of Joba as a starter vs. middle reliever. I would hope that this thing that happened in Texas was just a blip and was the organization being cautious. But the way they have handled it since he returned seems to indicate that there is a legitimate concern whether his arm can ever handle starting (which I dont get).

    If they send him to winter league I would be more relieved because it would show a commitment to him being a starter next year and getting his innings to the point where he can go 160 innings next year. But it seems like that isnt the motivation. This one inning at a time stuff seems like they are scared and they have no concern about getting his innings up for next year, especially when Ponson, Rasner and Pavano are all getting starts who have no place on this team beyond two weeks from now.

    • BklynJt

      In that case, Jorge needs to take his weak arm over to 1b to avoid injury risk to his limp noodle arm, or he can shut up and let the organization make decisions. If I was Joba, i would be pissed at Jorge insinuation that i can’t hold up as a starter.

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  • Steve

    We can all agree he’s entitled to his opinion, even if we disagree with it. I happen to be in the camp that wants to see him as a starter.

    But I will agree with Posada partially. I think going from bullpen to starter (to bullpen again this year) is a bad idea. Innings aren’t all the same, and in the case of a late inning power reliever those are high stress-high octane innings. I suspect thats what led to his rotator cuff issues this year, although I’ll be the first to admit I have no medical degree and can’t prove it.

    What I can prove, conclusively and without any fear of contradiction, is that we tried the bullpen to starter thing this year with Joba and it didn’t work. To repeat the same thing next year would be doing the same thing all over again and expecting a different result. I hope they make him a starter next year from the beginning of the year and just give him time off whenever possible.

    • BklynJt

      Completely agree. I did start to wonder about the how bright the organization is when i heard rumors that they would start Joba in the pen again…

  • Manimal

    why not? Use Joba in the pen, have Melancon in AAA to develop a little bit more then right before Joba’s conversion back to a starter , bring up Melancon to see how he reacts to the majors and if he succeeds push him up to 8th inning man and joba to starter.

    • Old Ranger

      I personally, don’t have a problem with starting him in the pen and then move him to starter. The one thing I would do is move him much sooner then they did this year. Mel should be able to work the 8th next year. Joba has more value as a #1-2 starter. Mel can do the 8th inning (I believe) but who do we have that can be a true #1/2 starter…other then CMW?

  • Nickel

    Alright, someone help me out. An article on referred to Joba’s “injury-plagued” college and minor-league career. How “injury-plagued” was he in college really? (I don’t know because I never really followed the Yankee farm-system in earnest until, well, Phil Hughes hit Trenton, to be honest.) As far as being “injury-plagued” in the minor leagues, just how injury-plagued could he have been having rocketed through the minors in less than a season? If he was that injury-plagued, how come he still started 15 games in the minors last season? If I remember correctly, the whole Joba-in-the-bullpen idea was just intended to be a temporary solution to a problem of a shaky bullpen.

    • Old Ranger

      If I remember right; he had trouble with his legs…because he was over weight.

  • infernoscurse

    someone tell Posada he no longer is a adecuate starting catcher and should be moved to keep him from further injuring the team with his lack of defense and weak arm behind the plate, if hes willing to accept he no longer is then Joba could accept that hes not a starter even thought hes been a tsarter all his career

    Posada i love you man, you were born close to me, id love what you have done in your career but you have become too cocky and yet point out whats wrog in others but cant see that you arent that solid behind the plate anymore

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