Pettitte, on the fence, thinks Moose might call it quits

BA's Top 20 Florida State League Prospects
What Went Wrong: The Catcher

During packing day at the Stadium today, Andy Pettitte stopped for a chat with the reporters. Pettitte hasn’t made a decision yet on 2009 and is still firmly on the fence. It sounds, however, that Mike Mussina may be retiring. I never thought I would want to welcome back Mussina over Pettitte, but after their respective 2008 campaigns, if I had to pick one, Moose would be my guy. For all this, the Yanks still plan to, somehow, add some experienced pitchers this off-season. Who those will be is anyone’s guess.

BA's Top 20 Florida State League Prospects
What Went Wrong: The Catcher
  • Felix the cat

    Lets keep it real regarding andy. Last offseason was the worst of his professional career with the steroid controversy and abbrieviated workout regiment. I have more faith in him to make the adjustments compared to mussina who would have to make adjustments again after the league catches up again.

    • Ben K.

      Considering how their seasons ended — not began, but ended — that’s not an assessment with which I would agree.

      • Ed

        I think I would agree with it. Players that don’t work out enough in the offseason tend to wear out as the season drags on, which is what happened with Pettitte. Not to mention he hurt his back once the spring training gamesbegan, which would suggest he pushed his workouts a little too quickly.

  • Lanny

    I’d like them both back at the back end of the rotation. Not bad 4-5 guys if you can get it.

    Then again that entails signing Sabathia.

  • andrew

    once you learn how to pitch effectively with an 85 mph fastball, you dont lose that ability.
    but pettite hasnt adjusted to his diminished skills, maybe he will, but we dont know that.
    assuming they both do retire though.
    wang, joba (maybe 20 starts), hughes (i think he is a legit #2/3 starter), followed by who?
    sabbathia would be nice, but we can’t bank on him.
    derek lowe is probably an option

    so maybe it ends up looking something like (best case scenario)

    but im guesing its more likey something like this

    • KW

      Wang’s never been more huge for the Yankees. Pun intended, zing!

    • Steve H

      Pettitte needs to learn how to pitch like………..Jamie Moyer. Seriously.

      • Steve H

        Oops, didn’t even read below.

  • UWS

    Pettitte needs to learn how to pitch like Jamie Moyer.

  • JohnnyC

    Hank? Is that you?

  • Manimal

    We should do a odds and ends thing on RAB like they do on PTI

    Odds that Yankees sign Texiera
    Odds that yankees make the playoffs next year
    Odds that CC ends up in Pinstripes

    just a couple, list could go on and on

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Odds that Lanny’s head explodes when both Hughes and Kennedy have successful 2009 campaigns

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    Outside of Sandy Koufax can anyone think of another pitcher who retired after a 20 win season.

  • David Brown

    I am not big on ANY free agent pitcher except Sabathia. McAllister, Betances, Brackman and Pope are the future (With Joba, Wang and Hughes), and I do not want to block their path to the Bronx, with another 13-15 win pitcher (And paying them $13-15 MILLION (OR MORE) a season for that kind of production). Here is something to think about. Of all the free agent pitchers they have signed since free agency came into being that never played before in the Bronx (Like Petitte), the only success that had were with Hunter, Gossage, Wells, Key, Stanton and Mussina (Not very good odds).
    The player I like is Mark Teixeira, and he can make up for the lost production of Abreu (It shocking to see him going 100 RBI’s and Runs Scored the past 3 seasons, because he is not a great player) and Jason Giambi. Keep in mind, Teixeira has 100 RBI’s SIX STRAIGHT YEARS and Gold Glove DEFENSE. He is on his way to Cooperstown, if he keeps it going. That is the kind of player thay anchors championship teams.
    If I can’t get him (OR Sabathia) then I simply do not sign ANYONE (Except MAYBE Petitte for ONE YEAR), and re-stock the farm system, with extra draft picks.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      I agree with most of this, but I take issue with calling Bobby Abreu “not a great player”. I’m against bringing him back because I think he won’t continue to be a great player, but dude is a great player. He’s tailed off a bit the past two years, compared to where he was before, but he’s a beast. During his prime in Philadelphia, his OPS+ was between 125 and 145 like a metronome. He basically never had a bad year.

      You know how everyone in Bristol and the MSM polishes Kevin Youkilis’ knob at every chance they get? Well, in Philly, Abreu was Youkilis, only better. 60-70 XBH, 100+ RBI, 100 runs, 100 BB, and a .300/.400/.550… he even mixed in 30 steals a year. Abreu was nice.


      Also, Pope? Really, you put Pope in your list? You don’t want to sign a free agent because you don’t want to block Pope’s development? Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse a lil’ bit?

  • dkidd

    regardless of what mussina/pettite do, the yanks will not rest until they have both cc and burnett

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Okay, I disagree, but I guess you’re entitled to your opinion.

  • David Brown

    I DO NOT want AJ Burnett in the Bronx. Anyone look at his career record?
    10 Yr WL% .534 87 76 215 211 19 9 1 0 1376.3 1199 645 583 122 568 1278 60 66 5817 23 4 3.81 4.24 111 1.284, Source: This guy is NOT worth it. In fact, he has Carl Pavano written all over him .
    If you are not signing someone who will change this team into a winner (See Sabathia), then stay away (Particularly in bad economic times, when God only knows where baseball’s economics are going?).

    • Steve H

      Completely agree. Aside from wins (grossly overrated), this was one of the worst seasons Burnett has ever had. The best part of this season was that he was healthy.

      • steve (different one)

        uhh, you just quoted a whole bunch of numbers that show he is NOT Carl Pavano.

        he is much better than Carl Pavano.

        the comparison is meaningless.

      • Mike Pop

        id take the season burnett had this year 3 out of the 4 yrs of the deal we give him.. ur point is moot

  • mike G.

    yes yes yes, pitching pitching pitching.

    no one talks about defense? good defense = good pitching.

    Donnie was awesome. Tino was great. There’s a Pink elephant in the room. Over at 1st base.

    There’s also a purple dinosaur over in center, buy hey we have a gazillion outfielders to throw at the problem. worked with melky right?

    • J.R.

      If we have Damon LF, Garnder CF, and Nady RF thats a pretty decent defense. While Gardner and Damon have poor arm strength their speed makes up for it.

      Simply by getting Abreu out of RF and Giambi off 1B the defense should significantly improve.

      I think the real question for next year is whether or not Posada can manage 1B. Otherwise at least for the first few months we have a serious logjam at DH.

      • DaveM

        But not a very good hitting Outfield.