Pettitte sounds like he’s ready to return next season

Aceves picks up first Major League win as Yanks down Angels
Thinking Out Loud: Where's Joba?

You can never have enough pitching. It’s the cliche that rings true every time you hear it. So if Andy Pettitte wants to come back, the Yankees should welcome him with open arms. Peter Abraham caught some quotes from the lefty which indicate that he’d be open to coming back next year should the Yankees want him.

“I look at that ballpark next door, and it makes you want to play there. It’s wonderful to look over there and think how special that would be,” he said. “I came back here to try to help this team win and win in the playoffs.”

In seasons past, Pettitte has been concerned about his family and being away from seven or eight months of the year. That seems to be less of a concern now. He says of his in-season home in Westchester:

“We love it, we really do. It feels almost as much as home as Houston does sometimes,” he said. “The people have been so nice to us.”

As for his kids, well, at this point they’re at the age where they can appreciate their dad being a major league pitcher. Pettitte says that they’d try to talk him out of quitting if it came to that.

Abraham also brings up Pettitte’s off-season workout routine, or lack of it. He’s worked hard since Spring Training, but his off-season workouts, less than he’s used to, might explain why he’s fading in the second half. Let’s hope that’s the case. This way, he can get back to working out as normal this winter, and give the Yankees a solid lefty in the rotation for 2009.

Aceves picks up first Major League win as Yanks down Angels
Thinking Out Loud: Where's Joba?
  • Yank Crank 20

    I don’t see how we can’t bring Pettitte back next year. We’re not overwhelmed by proven prospects coming up from the minors and much like you said, you never have enough arms. If he could agree to a contract at around half of his current $16 million a year (i don’t know if he’d agree to that) than i’d have to think the Yanks would take that. I guess we’ll see this winter…

    • Mike A.

      proven prospects

      Now that’s quite the oxymoron.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        Okay, Mike give me your unbiased opinion because I’m clearly confused: what are the even odds on these proven prospects panning out? Don’t give me a definite maybe, I need an exact estimate. Because if these guys come up small like jumbo shrimp, that would be pretty ugly… we’d have a minor crisis on our hands and our progress would come to a rolling stop.

        • steve (different one)

          what’s so civil about war anyway?

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    “Abraham also brings up Pettitte’s off-season workout HGH routine, or lack of it. He’s worked hard since Spring Training, but his off-season workouts HGH’ing, less than he’s used to, might explain why he’s fading in the second half. Let’s hope that’s the case. This way, he can get back to working out HGH’ing as normal this winter, and give the Yankees a solid lefty in the rotation for 2009.”

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Nonetheless, I’m on board with what seems to be the consensus plan of the assembled crew, which is offer one-year arb deals to both Pettitte and Moose, and if they take ’em, awesome; if they decline and retire, that’s okay; and if they decline and sign elswhere, the draft pick compensation is a fine alternative.

    • pat

      one day youre gonna have to tell me how you get them fancy newfangled bold and strikethrough typeface keytop things.

  • A.D.

    This is good new, why Pettite has had an up and down season, he’s a good veteran lefty presence, and it would be great to see him pitch in the new stadium. Hopefully a less hectic off season (i.e. no Mitchell report, Clemens & HGH mess) will allow Andy some better off season prep and a good 2009.

  • Bill

    Next yrs Dream Rotation:
    SP Sabathia (140 mil/7)
    SP Wang
    SP Mussina (24/2)
    SP Pettite (8/1 (+5 mil in incentives; same as the deal Schilling got this yr)
    SP Matt Cain

    Trade Cano for Cain. Move Jeter to 2B, sign Furcal(32/4 Orlando Cabrera’s Deal or if he wants a 1 yr deal to re-establish his value give him that) to play SS.

    Have Joba start out in the pen as a multiple inning RP (like the RP of old) and transition him into the rotation at somepoint when an injury hits.

    Also have Hughes, Kennedy, Aceves, Wright, Hacker at AAA.

    • pat

      Sorry to burst ur bubble but if jeets didnt change positions in deference to the best SS in the world coming to NY he is CERTAINLY not changing for rafael furcal or orlando cabrera.
      once again people want to trade cano, this is crazy talk. If he had a sick season we wouldnt be saying this. Now that he didnt do so hot this year people want to trade him when his value is so low. Do you not think other teams know this? Crazy man.

      • Bill

        Jeter was what 29 (in other words still in his prime) when A-rod was traded. Even he knows by now that at 34 his time at SS is almost up. Moving to 2B would extend his carrer(sp) as a good defensive player. I believ he would be more willing to move to 2B than LF, RF, or 1B, because he’ll still be one of the best 2B in the game. On the other hand, there’s no way he would be one of the best LF or RF, or 1B in the game.

        Trading Cano MAY be selling low. Or it may be selling at the RIGHT TIME. Kershaw and Billingsley aren’t being traded for Cano straight up. Maybe Cano+Hughes. But there’s little sense in making that trade from a NYY standpoint. Cain has ALREADY had him growing pains. It seems like he’s on the cusp of being a big-time pitcher. The Giants are desperate for young bats and will likely be willing to trade Cain for Cano.

    • A.D.

      If you’re going to trade Cano, you trade him for a Billingsley or Kershaw. Not that they necessarily can, but you want redic value for him, because there is no real reason to trade him unless the deal is staggering. Realistic rotation:

      Joba (obv there is an innings issue)

      then 2 of Hughes/IPK/Aceves/Wright/Giese

      or FA signing of Burnett, CC, Sheets and 1 of the above

    • Rob

      Don’t trade Cano, he is our only starting player under 30. They signed him to a decent deal andhe has value to this team, especially with players aging around him. Please let Pettitte walk, sign Mussina only if he’ll take a reasonable 1 yr deal. Say goodbye to Abreau, Giambi, Pudge, move Matsui at all costs. The bottom line is they must get younger! Resigning any of the above palyers is just a step back and a year further past their prime for each.

  • jsbrendog

    why not if he will take a large paycut. sorry but pettitte aint worth more than 10 mil IF THAT anymore…give him incentives out his ass and make him work for it. but yeah, bring him back

  • K.V.C

    Why would we want another over the hill pitcher to return? Petite’s numbers have steadly declined as the season has progressed. Enough, cut him loose with the rest of the deadwood on this team.

    • A.D.

      Pettite give you a good back of the rotation lefty, he likely won’t be counted on as a 1-2 pitcher but instead 4-5, essentially what D-Ras & Ponson were this year. I’d much rather have Pettite at the back end than D-Ras

  • TurnTwo

    there should be nothing given about bringing Pettitte back. if he’s the best option the yankees have to help the team win, then fine.

    but if there are other options, they need to be considered before Pettitte just gets another contract.

  • MD

    if Pettitte and/or Mussina slot in as #4/5, we’ll be in good shape

    • A.D.

      exactly, with Pettite its always nice to have the lefty

  • Ivan
    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      “Ivan.” Ha. Andrew Sullivan, your ruse is exposed.

      Take it to Wonkette. It’s funny, but just a bit irrelevant.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        Humorous juxtaposition of the day:

        “The Honorable Congressman” Mondesi telling someone to cut out the political talk.

        • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

          The Chair does not recognize the baseless accusations from Mr. Smith-Carlos. Order on the floor, please.

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos

            If it please the chair, I rise to a point of personal privilege.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    Okay, Bill, let’s parse, FireJoeMorgan style. Ready?… GO!

    Next yrs Dream Rotation:

    Hopefully, those Joba and Hughes guys are gonna be in it. They’re supertalented, I know I’ve been dreaming of them being rotation fixtures, Bill probably has too. Those guys are awesome, no homo.

    SP Sabathia (140 mil/7)

    Sure, makes sense. He’s great, we all know it; it might cost more than 20M/per, but I’m on board…

    SP Wang


    SP Mussina (24/2)

    Whoa, slow down… we’re betting on TWO more good years? That’s a bit dicey, no? Sure, Moose has been good for us and looks like he’s turned a corner, but pitchers that close to 40 should probably be going year by year…

    SP Pettite (8/1 (+5 mil in incentives; same as the deal Schilling got this yr)

    Andy wants to come pitch in the new stadium, but a 50% pay cut? No way he takes that little. He’d be insulted if we offered it. He may not get 16M, but 8M is fantasyland. And that whole “incentive” bit went over like gangbusters with Torre, didn’t it?

    SP Matt Cain

    Huh? I was expecting to see Hughes or Joba, but Cain’s intriguing. I mean, our kids have missed time and will still be fighting against inning caps, so I guess you can’t just hand a spot to them… And Cain is good, no doubt. Intriguing. That’s a little out of leftfield, but, sure, Cain’s quality, yup, I’m definitely intrigued…

    Trade Cano for Cain


    Move Jeter to 2B,

    ??!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!?! Really? That’s where you went with the whole “Jeter is a problem defensively” issue… you kept him in the middle infield? You want to fix a hole that we don’t really have (a lack of young righthanded pitching) by dealing away the only under-30 player we have who’s good both offensively and defensively (Cano), and then you want to take the worst defensive player in our infield and ask him to learn a new spot that’s still a defensive-premium, up the middle position? WOW. That’s a recipe for disaster, don’t ya think? LF or 1B makes sense; hell, even CF is something Jeter can probably handle with enough reps… but moving to second? That’s a jar of Planters Roasted Nuts. Next, you’re probably going to tell me that your master plan for fixing the new hole you’ve created at SS is to kick some uber-risky multiyear deal towards a 31 year old free agent coming off major back surgery who put up a pedestrian .270/.333/.355 line the year before that, in the hopes that he stays healthy and productive when he’s 35 in spite of his, you know, back problem.

    sign Furcal(32/4 Orlando Cabrera’s Deal or if he wants a 1 yr deal to re-establish his value give him that) to play SS.

    This post has officially gone from sorta reasonable to batshit crazy in 0.21 seconds. I’m done.

    • Bill

      Mussina IS a risk at a 2 yr deal. But what other options are there? Burnett at a 4-5 yr deal at 15 mil a year when he’s always injured and putting up WORSE numbers than Mussina when actually healthy. Ben Sheets at a similar deal to Burnett when he’s also always injured. Derek Lowe at a 3 yr deal when he had a 5 ERA in his last seaon in the A.L? The bottom line is that they need a #3 starter to match up with Boston’s #3 and Tampa’s #3. . Mussina gives them best chance of doing that at the least risk.

      I agree with your point regarding Andy. He may need more than 8 guarenteed. Maybe just make it a 13 mil/ 1 yr deal.

      So u won’t trade Cano for Cain? We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one, casue i probly won’t be able to convince you. I just think that Cain is very close to being dominant, while Cano is very close to going downhill.

      Bottom line is this: I don’t think Cano will ever be the dominant hitter he was expected to be becasue he hasn’t improved his plate disipline. While we are lacking young hitters, having a surplus of pitching is ALWAYS a good thing.

      As for Jeter moving to 2B, 2B is a much easier position than SS. While it is demanding, Jeter has enough range to be a good 2B, while he doesn’t have enough range to be a good SS or CF.

      Maybe 4 yrs is a bit too much for Furcal. I would def. do 2 yrs and probably 3.

      • colin

        they should at least make a run at sheets. imagine a rotation headed by cc/sheets/wang… orgasmic

    • Rob

      I agree. Enough with signing players over 30! Have we not had enough of that!
      Furcal?!?! Cabrera?!?! Come on! Seriously!

  • Ricochet

    I’m of the belief that the Yankees are going to bring back both Pettitte and Mussina and that CC Sabathia is the #1 free agent target for them and if they can get him that they will go with a rotation of CC, Wang, Pettitte, Mussina and Joba.

    I think come next season the Yankees are going to scout the hell out of Yu Darvish to make sure if he’s the real deal an elite talent that’s the cost in salary and more importantly the posting fee. If he’s a stud that they think will one of the better pitchers in all of baseball they will do everything in there power to win the bid after the 2009 season.

    Roy Halladay is another that they will target after the ’09 season because I’m sure one of Pettitte and Mussina if not both won’t be back for the 2010 season.

    Cano is most likely going nowhere, I don’t think they will put him on the market but if someone comes to them and it’s a need for the Yanks and it’s a great deal for them then maybe but I bet he’s a Yankee for quite a while.

    Like it or not people but unless there’s major injury I see Jeter at SS for the Yankees for 3 more years.

    I think the infield other the 1st base is set for awhile and after the ’09 season the OF is a concern. Nady has been good this year but he doesn’t have the track record so we just don’t know how good he will be beyond this season and come 2010 they will give Austin Jackson his shot but most fans already overvalue him as he’s a solid to good prospect not a stud that some make him out to be. Johnny Damon’s Yankee career will most likely come to an end at the conclusion of the ’09 season but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Matsui come for a season or two as the Yankees DH.

    So this offseason will be about getting a dominate starting pitcher as well as an elite set-up man to form a 1-2 punch with Mo. I think we will see the Yankees trade some of that young pitching to get either an OF, 1st baseman or a catcher. I think the most likely scenario is for an OF or a catcher followed by getting a 1st baseman.

    If I could trade for a top quality and long term catcher that’s what needs to be done because Posada shoulder isn’t going to be back to where it needs to be by next season. Posada getting his PT at 1st with the occasional time as the teams 3rd catcher and DH makes sense to me plus having Posada at first doesn’t lock in a long term option giving the Yankees a chance to have Jesus Montero as the Yankees future 1st baseman or to be able to move A-Rod to 1st in the future because I don’t see him finishing his career at 3rd or SS.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      I’d agree with most of that… but Toronto will give Roy Halladay ALL the maple syrup in Canada to never leave. Plus all the mooseburgers he can eat. I don’t see him coming free. Especially if they free up that Burnett money.

    • Rob

      Halladay just signed an extension this year with the Jays, he isn’t moving.

  • Old Ranger

    Moving from SS to 2nd base is like taking a CF and moving him to 2nd (well, not really). The footwork, throwing (hurt his arm), movement of the ball off the bat, and turn are completely different…he has played SS for over 20 years. If he moves to the outfield that would be ok, he has the knack of getting a read on the ball as it’s hit (most OF don’t) quickly.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Exactly. The only realistic option I see for the Jeter question is the outfield. Jeter is still a great athlete, he just doesn’t have the outstanding footwork and quickness anymore that’s needed to man SS. Virtually all the problems he’s having there (bad range, inaccurate arm, problems going to one side, problems getting down on the ball) will also plague him at 3rd or 2nd.

      1B also isn’t a great idea, because Jeter doesn’t have the bat that you need from that spot to field a balanced offensive lineup. We’re best served leaving 1B available to play better power hitters who would likely be more defensively challenged than the 34-35-36-37 year old Jeter would be, or for the occasional half-day off for our various DH/C players we’ll have.

      Since the OF requires more speed rather than just quicks, Jeter should be able to have great range for an outfielder, and similarly, his arm is strong rather than accurate. I don’t think it would be shocking to see Jeter, if he works at it and trains for an offseason, be a damn good defensive outfielder, even at his age.

      I’d say, after he christens the new park for 2009 as the everyday SS, next fall (when Damon and Matsui disappear) we should give him the LF or CF job immediately after the season ends, so he can spend the winter training with Gerald Williams (who is supposedly Jeter’s good friend) learning all the nuances.

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