Yanks unveil ’09 prices, relocation plans for season ticket holders

Melky in the minors, for now
Game 138: Building a team around pitching

Finally, a stadium with section numbers that run sequentially. It makes too much sense. (Click to enlarge.)

Over the weekend, as ESPN reported, the Yankees unveiled their season ticket prices for 2009 and the relocation plans for ticket holders not interested in forking over their left kidneys for comparable tickets. As the Yankees have repeatedly told the public, the vast majority of tickets in 2009 will be sold at the same price point as they were in 2008, but what the future holds is anyone’s guess.

The news first:

Prices for the best seats were announced in March, with the Yankees charging $500-$2,500 for tickets near home plate in the first nine rows, contained in 25 sections ringing home plate. In all, the Yankees have sold more than 3,500 of approximately 4,300 premium seats on the field, main and terrace levels, chief operating officer Lonn Trost said Friday. “Other than those 4,300 seats, which are going to subsidize everybody else, the prices are not” being raised significantly, Trost said. “And remember, 24,000-plus seats will have no price increase at all.”

The Yankees said Friday the remainder of the field-seats level seats cost from $75-$325 as part of season tickets, while main-level seats go for $45-$100. The highest deck is split into two areas, with terrace seats going for $40-$65 and grandstand selling for $20 and $25.

In a sign most of the best seats will be sold as season tickets, only the least expensive category of field seats and the two least expensive levels of main seats are being made available for partial plans. The Yankees are charging $5-$10 more per seat for partial plans than they are for season tickets. Individuals game prices haven’t been set.

So a lot of this information is nothing new. The Yanks long ago announced the new price points for the 2009 season tickets and their fancy premium seats. Now, we have season ticket pricing for other areas as well. Partial season packages will be available only on the Field and Main levels past first and third bases, on the Terrace level midway up the basepath and for the entire Grandstand and Bleacher levels. The seats right behind the outfield in front of the bleachers will basically cost $100 per ticket per game.

The people who end up getting the short end of the straw here are the fans sitting in what will become the premium seats. Those fans — including the ones sitting in what are now the primo sections in the Tier Boxes behind the plate — will either have to foot the bill for substantial price increases or enter the relocation lottery which doesn’t guarantee seats substantially similar to what those fans have now. That is, of course, the price to pay for moving across the street to the new digs.

While season-ticket and partial-plan holders are sure to feel rightfully upset by this move, I can only wonder what the future has in store for ticket prices. The Yankees are keeping 24,000 seats at the same price next year, but Lonn Trost has made no guarantees beyond 2009. I doubt the Yanks will be so altruistic come 2010. The best is yet to come.

Melky in the minors, for now
Game 138: Building a team around pitching
  • giselle

    it looks like sections 133-135 are going to be really close to the left field grass. might we see bleacher creatures out in LF?

    • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Intriguing, yes. As someone who picks RF bleacher seats frequently, it will be nice to have the LF as an option (in the current stadium, i avoid it as I hate being so far away from the action behind the monuments.)

      Not to bite off Fenway too much, but one of the things I’ve always appreciated about that stadium was the super-close seats against the low RF wall. Any idea on how high/low the OF walls are going to be?

    • http://nosenseworrying.vsport.tv Jen

      I believe the core group of bleacher creatures (not the ones that just buy the shirts and proclaim themselves as such) will be staying in the same area they always have. So in the new stadium it would be Sec 203 & 204.

      For all of the crap they’re getting about ticket prices and what not, they seem to be doing a good job with this relocation thing so far. I do feel bad for those that were pushed out of their seats that they now deem “premium”. But the relocation lottery is done by seniority, so those people who have had their seats for a long time will probably get dibs on the new seats that they want.

      Also, if there’s another ticket holder that you’d like to sit near you can request that your new seats are next to each other. I had my fears that they would just hand out ticket assignments and it was that or nothing, but they seem to be doing this in a fair way considering there are less seats to be had.

      Oh, and this 3d seat selector this is really cool. Click on Daylight Views and you can see approximately where the shadows will fall during different times of the day.

  • MarkOB

    Does anyone know about the alcohol policy regarding the Bleachers for 2009? It appears that the Bleacher sections will still be seperate from the rest of the seats, even the ones in front of them will exit thru a tunnel that goes underneath them. I don’t understand this red-headed step-child treatment for us Bleacher folk.

    • pat

      haha whats not to understand? the drunkest rowdiest loudedest pot smokingest section should probably be kept separate. I think its cool that the org went outta their way to preserve the creature culture.

      • Gary

        I’d have to be smoking pot myself to ever freaking pay $2,500 a ticket to watch those bozos.

        • MarkOB

          I hear ya guys, but my comments were based on that they are hyping up this Food Court in the Bleacher section, should of clarified that. BTW..this will also be where the 2K SRO tickets will be able to access. I, as well as some other plan holders have spoken with the Yankee reps and they refuse to answer the Alcohol question regarding the bleachers.

  • Manimal

    Will there be tours of the NEW stadium? It will be nice to get pictures of and walk on the new field.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    A friend has the Sunday package for Tier MVP seats and I am usually the lucky recipient of those left over seats (over 1st base). I assume there will not be any such thing in the new stadium?

    • http://www.nosenseworrying.com/ Jen

      What do you mean by “any such thing?” The Sunday package or the availability of the Tier MVP seating? There’s still a Sunday package, but the comparable seats in the new stadium aren’t available for anything under the 20 game plan. If you look at the picture Ben posted the smaller plans start in that lavender section (312).

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