Hughes starting AzFL opener today


Via the Arizona Republic, Phil Hughes will toe the rubber later today for the Peoria Javelinas when the Arizona Fall League season begins. First pitch is scheduled for 12:35 local time, which is 3:35 on the east coast. Here’s the league scoreboard, you should be able to follow along on Gameday (the link will show up as we get closer to game time). Austin Jackson will likely be patrolling CF behind Hughes.

HWB was off last night, hence no DotF.

Update (3:15pm): Here’s the Gameday link. Hughes starting, Ajax batting third & playing CF, Kevin Russo batting ninth & playing the hot corner.

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  1. UWS says:

    C’mon Mike. We all know Hughes is a bust because he can’t throw 100mph. Why do you bother?

  2. Ivan says:

    He had his shot Mike, and he blew it, he’s a BUST!

    All seriousness, I fuckin tight, cuz by the time he’s pitching, I,ll be at work.

  3. A.D. says:

    Is Humberto going to start or relieve in Arizona?

  4. Reggie C. says:

    Phil Hughes vs. Matt Weiters & Justin Smoak …

    This might be a tough debut.

  5. Miles Roche says:

    What is Kevin Russo’s ceiling?
    It has been my understanding that the AzFL is a showcase for premier talent or at least impact-caliber talent, and there definitely wasn’t much buzz surrounding him. . .

    Care to enlighten me?

  6. Kyle D. says:

    Shouldn’t every pitcher in the Yankees organization try to learn a cutter so that Mo can spit some knowledge on them?

    I mean, yeah, Mo’s probably just God wearing a Panamanian suit, but theres got to be something more than that… right?

  7. Nady Nation says:

    I’m pretty sure Phil is at 70 innings (or thereabouts) on the season between the minors and the big leagues. How many, approximately, should he be expected to pitch at AZFL? I’m trying to figure out around what his innings cap will be next year

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

      Isn’t the whole innings-progression theory based on limiting any innings-jumps over the pitcher’s season of highest usage, as opposed to his most recent season? (i.e. Approximately 30 innings jump over his highest single-season innings total, not his most recent season’s innings total.)

      • Nady Nation says:

        Interesting, you definitely might be right. I hadn’t considered that, so then his innings cap would basically be the same as last season, as well as Joba’s

      • Ed says:

        If a pitcher’s innings total is close to what it was the year before, it seems to be ok to use the higher of the two totals as the basis. It’s not really talked about much what you should do when you’ve got wide fluctuations in the innings counts.

        Hughes pitched 110 last year and something like 70 this year. Skipping the fall league and trying to have him pitch 140+ next season sounds like a bad idea. With the fall league, he’d probably hit at least 100, making 140 a nice target.

        Off on a tangent here, but I’m curious how Liriano does going forward. I’ve seen it brought up that pitchers returning from Tommy John surgery rarely throw 200 IP in their first season, which he did. Logistically speaking, you’d have to have his exact scenario play out to do that – have Tommy John at the end of one season, miss the next season, then be ready for game action at the start of the next season. Most pitchers return from the surgery mid-season, making 200 IP an impossibility.

    • Rafi says:

      Also, don’t forget about his playoff starts when tallying his innings.

  8. Rafi says:

    Anyone know of any way to watch AzFL games online? Thanks

  9. Victor Eisenhower says:

    As a Yankees Fan I have always have this thought: When it comes to prospects We SUCK big Time. Hughes is a Mini Sterling Hitchcock, he’s way overrated. In fact he hasn’t done anything to merit all the fuss and buss that he constantly get from the media. Another mediocre and immature prospect is Kennedy, who has been more of a Jared Wright than anything else. Realistically speaking I think it’s time for the New York Yankees to start emulating other MLB teams such as the Rays and YES the Red Sox. For example we already knew back in august that we weren’t going anywhere, so why not start auditioning prospects for next year. Another issue that bothers me is how the media still treats Cashman as if he weren’t responsible for creating this mess we have become. Last winter he refused to part with Cabrera and Kennedy for Johan Santana. In the summer he was reluctant to part with Hughes for Sabathia. He’s an average GM at best, most of the other GMs often get creative when it comes to making trade and signing free agents. If the Yankees don’t stop acting like the Knicks, like MSG the new Yankee stadium won’t see a championship in years to come, probably decades. They should try to sign Burnett and Sabathia at all cost. If Peavy is available why not try to acquire him for a package that revolves around Hughes. Trade Cano for a very good defensive first baseman and a very good utility player. In the outfield they should try to acquire David De Jesus, move Damon to left, trade Matsui for anything decent, move Nady to right. It’s time to start treating Posada like what he is a mediocre defensive catcher, he should platoon with Molina who handles the defensive duties of the position way better than Posada. Try to sign Manny to be our primary option, I know that it sounds crazy but we need to be realistic When it comes to clutch Hitting A-Rod will never be successful in that aspect. With Joba it has gotten to the idiotic point, Cashman needs to let him know if he’s going to be a reliever or a starter, it’s already ridiculous, they treat him like if he was a museum piece. Another thing that bothers me is Girardi not being blame for the mess that was last season. Ponson and Rasner amounted for 14 loses, Joe Torre used to get creative, just look at the Dodgers. Had Girardi not let those 2 bums pitch so many meaningful games we would’ve have made it. He looked lost many times, Once he let Pettitte pitch till the 6th inning even thought he had allowed 10 runs already. He overused some of the relievers i.e Damaso Marte. It hurts me to say what i’m going to say, Jeter needs to start acting like a real captain, he have you ever heard in the news that he held a meeting in the locker room? We need him to tell this new guys what it means to be a Yankee, Jeter and Damon and Mo were the only Yankees that played like if they cared. They should demand more from A-rod, he’s getting paid all these money to produce when he’s needed to not during the first inning or when the Yankees are winning or losing by a big margin. It really hurts to see Boston acting like the old Yankees, heck even Tampa Bay is playing in October, remember when it used to be all about us around this time of the year, I really miss those days. I can’t argue anymore with Red Sox fans, at this point we can’t use the 26 championships because it has been so long since we last won one.

    • UWS says:

      Oh dear. Someone forgot to take their meds again.

    • You should stop watching baseball.

    • Rafi says:

      I’m not gonna do the obvious response(I’m sure that someone else will). I will however simply say this: the reason that Sterling Hitchcock wasn’t a productive Yankee had a little to do with the fact that he was traded by the Yankees to the Mariners for Tino & Jeff Nelson. Now granted, the Yankees re-aquired him at the deadline in 2001(when he was 30), but I think that the fact that all it cost was Brett Jodie and Darren Blackely, it wasn’t so bad. I think the fact that Yankees turned a failed prospect into a great return, is the REAL thing to take out of him.

  10. Bo says:

    Hughes should really be working on his secondary pitches here.

    So forget results.

  11. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    1 at bat, 1 strike out. There’s an out pitch for ya.

  12. IvanS says:

    I’m at the AFL and Hughes is throwing 94-96 right on the corners. He struck out the first batter on a filthy curve that just froze him also.

  13. IvanS says:

    Jackson grounded out to third but it was a good swing and he hit it hard. The 3b did a good job scooping up the shot.

  14. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    How do you walk the #9 hitter who is batting .000? I guess this means he sucks again.

  15. UWS says:

    Is the Chad Tracy in this game = Dbacks’ Chad Tracy?

  16. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    Here’s a strange fact about Javelina’s. They are cute and adorable, and could be the next celebrity “in” pet.

  17. pat says:

    austin jackson with a bases loaded sac fly

  18. Rafi says:

    Is there any way to watch these games, or just the gameday?

  19. Clay Parrish says:

    best hitter eVeR!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t understand why people think that we need to do this total rebuilding job (especially Vicky up there…how many people are we going to magically obtain?).

    I think if we sign a frontline starter, whether it be CC, AJ, Sheets, or even Lowe, then our top 3, assuming it’s the free agent, then joba and wang is absolutely filthy. Yes i realize that Joba has an innings limit next year, but still, Girardi said he was going to get creative. Also, I have 100% faith in Phil, I see the potential is there, and if he develops into anything like what he has shown (think Texas first start, Indians playoff relief appearance, or last start this year) then we have one of the best rotations in baseball. Granted I do know that he won’t pitch like that every time out.

    I was excited to be a yankee fan this year, even though I knew it may not be our best season. I am even more excited for two years from now, when I think that the fans will really start to see the fruits of Cashman’s labor.

  20. pat says:

    phranchise K’s weiters woop woop

  21. Marc says:

    Can anyone tell me the next game that Phil Hughes will pitch? I live in Tucson, AZ and wished I had known he was pitching today. I would have made it to the game!

  22. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    Matt Weiters, feel the power of the Collared Peccary!

  23. Steve says:

    hey guys I’m stuck at work with just my iPhone. Can anyone update. E on Hughes and ajaxs line ?

  24. steve says:

    thanks mike the iPhone can do many things but following on gameday is too much for me

    I’m assuming the four walks is due to his layoff.

  25. Eric says:

    The Javelinas look to have a great defensive outfield, with 3 centerfielders covering the 3 positions. I’m not sure about Halman’s D, but Stubbs and Jackson are both supposed to be plus defenders, so I’m not expecting many flyballs to drop in on that trio.

  26. X-Man says:

    Humberto next?

  27. IvanS says:

    More observations:

    Hughes struggled in the 4th, but I don’t know if it was because of the long inning on the bench or because he’s just fatigued since he hasn’t thrown in a while. He did seem frustrated and was missing by a lot.

    Jackson has really put together some professional at bats. The sac fly followed some really good pitch selection. The single he just hit was another hot shot to 3rd like the grounder from the 1st inning. He’s putting some good wood on the ball. These are the only 3 ABs of his I’ve ever seen in person but I’m impressed so far.

    • Rafi says:

      Just out of curiosity, was the infield in on the hot shot RBI single? I assume that it was, but just curious. Thanks

      • IvanS says:

        It was a hard shot that the third baseman could not handle to his backhand side. He missed it and the ball popped up and behind him.

  28. yankees65 says:

    hey ivan how has hughes’ velocity been

  29. UWS says:

    AFL is supposed to favor hitters, right?

    • Mike A. says:

      Oh yes, very much so. Give it about a week for everyone to shake the rust off, and balls will be flying all over the park.

      • UWS says:

        Hmm, interesting. Does that mean we should be putting more stock into good pitching performances? Less stock into poor ones? Or none at all since they’re there working on pitches and stuff?

  30. X-Man says:

    too many ball for Hughes

  31. IvanS says:

    Hughes is done for the day. He needs to cut down on pitches and not go full on so many hitters, never mind walk them. Does anyone know if he’s here for the whole Fall? I think he needs the innings.

    • Rafi says:

      He only threw 86 pitches(granted only 49 were strikes). The real reason that he’s out now is because the team has like a 20-man bullpen. Don’t expect starters to go past 5 unless they got like a no-no going, and even then, it’s unlikely. Like I pointed out earlier, the most innings anyone threw last year was less than 30

  32. Rafi says:

    Well, that was fun. Be back later if Humberto or Whelan show up

  33. IvanS says:

    Jackson’s triple in the 8th was a line drive to the CF that he dove for and let it get past him. Pretty productive day…2 hits, sac fly, 4 rbi’s. It was fun watching him run around the bases.

  34. IvanS says:

    I’ll be able to do it tomorrow but the roster of Yankees playing will probably be far smaller. Possibly a reliever or two. After that I’m back home until possibly the end of the AFL.

  35. ortforshort says:

    This is a non-event. We all know that Hughes can get minor league hitters out. What he needs to do is to learn how to get big league hitters out and to do that efficiently so that he hasn’t hit the hundred pitch mark by the fourth inning. Hughes doesn’t have the big time stuff that’s going to make him an instant success in the big leagues, but he does have talent and there’s a possibility that he could eventually develop into a good pitcher as he progresses.

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