Lowe seems to prefer Boston over New York

Hughes, Ajax named to Rising Stars Showcase
The death of Shea

So notes Frank Della Femina. Personally, I’d much rather see Derek Lowe in a Boston uniform than in a Yankee uniform as well. There are bigger fish to catch than Lowe, and Andy Pettitte and/or Mike Mussina can do Lowe’s job for less money and fewer years. Pass.

Hughes, Ajax named to Rising Stars Showcase
The death of Shea
  • http://evizions.com eVizions

    I think Lowe is a quality guy to have in your rotation if you cut the money and years he’ll be asking for/getting in half. We should definitely avoid him.

    • JD

      Good because I don’t want him on the Yankees!

  • Manimal

    Lowe Had a 3.24 ERA, Moose had a 3.37 ERA because of his early season troubles but Pettite had a 4.54 ERA. Honestly, Lowe had it easy being in the NL, more spacifically NL West, but 3.24 is still alot better than Pettite’s 4.54. Plus Lowe is mildly consistant, Pettite is hot and cold.

    • greg

      I would guess that a move from the NL West to the AL East would add at least a run to a pitchers ERA and vice versa, so I don’t really see the difference between Pettitte and Lowe.

      • Thomas

        Also Lowe had a much better ERA in Dodger Stadium than on the road. Over a two run difference this year and over .5 runs each of the last three years. Avoid him like the plague.

    • Chris

      Didn’t Pettite have shoulder tendinitis for most of the second half? At least his shoulder was sore for the second half, which could explain his struggles.

      • Steve

        I think it does. Girardi said he was having trouble finishing his cutter, which is one of his main weapons against righties. If you look at his righty/lefty splits for this year, he had a terrific year vs lefties, but an awful one against righties.

        He was good in the first half, his velocity was relatively unchanged this season. I find the cutter/shoulder explanation to be as plausible as any.

      • Steve

        Also, think about how a cutter moves and where a pitcher would try to place it. A cutter is a fastball that loses a few MPH but has some late break that is opposite a 2 seam fastball.

        So when Andy is throwing cutters to righty hitters, he’s looking to throw the ball on the inner half over the plate, hoping it will look like a good pitch to hit and then break in on the hands for either a weak grounder or an inside called strike. But if it doesn’t break, what you end up with is a lousy fastball with too much plate that the hitters crush.

      • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos

        *cough* HGH *cough*

  • Bill R

    What people forget about Andy Pettite is that he had to deal with the whole HGH crap at the beginning of the year and didn’t have as much time to devote to getting his body back in shape for spring training and there fore his body gave out on him. Give him a chance to get healthy and he’ll be better than Derek Lowe any day of the week!

    • Matt M.

      now we all love andy here. (and id rather take him back as an innings eater #4 rather than waste money and years on lowe to be a #3)

      maybe he was tired and didnt get to train as hard because he had to deal with the Mitchell report drama

      however, isnt it more likely that pettitte’s FAMOUS ‘second half numbers/gear’ could be attributed to his HGH use and not his ‘gritty’ ‘true yankee-ness’

      i love the guy and i dont blame him for using. but we cant expect anything more of pettitte than to be an innings eater and hope that he canperform @ or near league average at the back end of the rotation.

      if he comes back. he will have a valuable role in the rotation, it just wont be what we’re used to expecting. He’s not coming back to be “Andy Pettitte” and pitch to the connotations that that name instills in yankee fans. last three years he’s had a WHIP of over 1.4. the good news. the last four years he’s given 200 innings.

      that means that if we go shopping and add pitcher(s) we’ll have depth so that we wont have to trot out the likes of Sir Sidney

      • whozat

        “but we cant expect anything more of pettitte than to be an innings eater and hope that he canperform @ or near league average at the back end of the rotation.”

        This is all I want from him :-)

        There will be injuries or ineffectiveness. Joba has innings limits. Starting the year with Sabathia, Wang, Joba, Moose and Pettitte almost guarantees starting opportunities for Hughes without putting roadblocks in front of him for the future. Andy and Moose’s age, plus CC’s workload over the last two years, plus Joba’s innings cap…that’s fine as long as they have Hughes in their back pocket for the inevitable callup.

      • Ed

        “however, isnt it more likely that pettitte’s FAMOUS ’second half numbers/gear’ could be attributed to his HGH use and not his ‘gritty’ ‘true yankee-ness’”

        Not really. There isn’t a lot in the way of studies so far, but, the evidence there is suggests that HGH doesn’t really do anything useful when given to people who already have normal levels of it. It seems to increase muscle mass, but not muscle strength (it causes the wrong type of tissue to grow). It’s also got a lot of nasty side effects when given to adults who don’t need it.

        That aside, I do agree with your expectations for him.

  • Kevin

    It could just be a ploy by Lowe and his agent. They know that if the Yankees want somebody they will overpay to get him. Of course it may not be a ploy and he might actually want to play for Boston.

    BTW dosen’t it seem kind of odd that a lot of the free agents the Yankees want to sign want to play somewhere else (CC, tex, Lowe, etc.)

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      CC hasn’t limited his list, and his statements — or the anonymous statements about him — are bargaining ploys.

      Teixeira hasn’t said one way or another where he wants to play.

      Lowe has always been a little bit of a headcase. I wouldn’t read too much into free agents opining about their desires to play for the Yanks or in New York.

      • http://evizions.com eVizions

        My best guesses from a marketing standpoint:

        CC and his agent know that the Yankees want & desperately need him. They’ve Hank made it very clear that he is priority #1. By floating innuendo that he prefers the West Coast and NL, they have effectively gotten the Yanks to consider drastically overpaying him in order to bring him there. Had the rumors from the beginning said that CC was interested in the Yankees, all they would have had to do is outbid any other team. Now, they they have to outbid by a considerable amount to compensate for his West Coast/NL preferences.

        Tex is in a different situation. The Yankees are known to want to kick the tires on Tex, but have plenty of other options at 1B that they’re considering. Tex needs the Yanks to be interested to keep the price high on him and will say all the right things to hint that he is definitely interested in playing in NY and, therefore, keep them in the bidding.

        Since Lowe and Tex are both Boras clients, they will both be heavily involving the Yanks and Red Sox. Keep them both interested in 1) the player, and 2) the player not joining the other team and you’ve got yourself a nice payday, which is all that Boras really cares about, anyway.

      • Kevin

        I’m glad to hear that. I CC and Tex didn’t want to go to New York, it would make up more expensive.

        • Kevin

          *If cc and tex wanted to go to the west coast it would make them more expensive

  • aaron empty

    I say that if cc is unavailable, then lowe is, unfortunately, our best bet on the free agent market. aj is always hurt, and only pitches well against us anyway. as for sheets he could be a good option but only on a seriously short/incentive laden contract. and yeah mabie lowe would be simular to the moose/pettitte mold, but you can never have too much pitching, and i would rather not head in to spring training once again guaranteeing one or more of hughes et al a spot, if they earn it, great, too much pitching is a problem i want to have for once.

    • http://evizions.com eVizions

      I would much rather take a flier on Sheets than Lowe. The contract numbers will probably be similar and the upside for return on your investment with Sheets is a hell of a lot greater than Lowe. Even with the possibility of Sheets pulling a Pavano, I would much rather take a chance with him.

  • Steve S

    I know people are gonna jump on me for this but I was listening to Mad Dog Radio (on Sirius) and he happened to be interviewing some LA Times writer whose name escapes me. He said Lowe is on his way out of LA not by choice but because McCourt’s wife cant stand him because he recently left his wife and two infant children for a television news reporter who was covering the team (dont know if its true but thats low). Also, the same reporter heard that Boston wants nothing to do with him because he was all over the Boston night life and had that kind of reputation.

    All that stuff doesnt speak well for fitting into the New York scene. I know the Yankees need to add pitchers but if CC doesnt sign, I really at this point think no one on the free agent market is worth the investment.

  • Lanny

    There is no “taking a flier” on Ben Sheets.

    This is a guy with some of the best stuff in the game. This isn’t a 1 yr contract with a ton of incentives.

    He’ll be getting 4-5 years and 12 mill + a yr.

    There is no such thing anymore as FA bargains.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      You had me until the end. Why did you have to go and ruin a good point with that last sentence?

    • Ivan

      All seriousness, would Sheets take a 2 year deal? There’s a chance that he might not get that lucrative 4 or 5 year contract because of the health issues especially to the elbow. He’s probably behind the likes of AJ or Lowe. I mean it’s probably wishful thinking but if Sheets accepts a 2-year deal, you gotta get him no?

      • Steve

        “All seriousness, would Sheets take a 2 year deal?”

        Of course he would, if its the best offer on the table.

        People who assume the gravy train will never stop running in sports should read whats going on nationally and in other sports. The NBA just announced 9% across the board layoffs for its employees. Some baseball teams are already seeing season ticket renewals decline due the recession. Bud Selig has told all owners to do their best to hold the line on ticket increases due to the bad economy.

        I’m not sure how/if this will affect the locals, but I won’t be surprised if the free agent market is the weakest since the 03-04 offseason, where salaries were either flat or declined.

  • mustang

    “Andy Pettitte and/or Mike Mussina can do Lowe’s job for less money and fewer years. Pass.”

    Totally agree.

    • Steve

      Me too, plus you never know when you bring a guy in how he’ll handle all the distractions and pressure to win. We know about Andy and Moose, we don’t know how Lowe will respond.

  • E-ROC

    I can’t believe Lowe isn’t coming here; ah, not really. The Yanks had no shot unless they tossed a ton of money Lowe’s way along with the years. He never liked New York or intimated he would want to pitch in New York.

    Taking a flier on a pitcher would be signing Prior, Mulder, or Sergio Mitre. I wouldn’t mind seeing them sign those pitchers as they did with Victor Zambrano and Eric Milton.

    • http://evizions.com eVizions

      If we can get Prior for a 1yr/$1M minor-league deal – his speculative value – why not take a chance?

      • Mike Pop

        Thats a chance you take and if somehow god willing he pitches pretty good and can help the major league team out you put him in the pen as a setup man

  • Joe

    Lowe’s a douchebag…met him once when he was on the Sux. Pass.

  • Joseph M

    I could care less where Lowe winds up. He’s a competent starter for sure and an upgrade to Rasner and Ponson (who isn’t), but he’s nothing to get excited about and if he’s the type of player the Yanks spend much time chasing in the off season next year is going to be a 2008 replay.

  • Ivan

    How about a Hermida for IPK and Veras trade? Sound reasonable. His Value is pretty low and can be had for another player. Interesting proposal.

    • E-ROC

      Can he play CF?

      • A.D.

        9 career games in cf in the majors

    • A.D.

      Hermida trade would be interesting, and he is rumored to be available, problem is there isn’t necessarily room for him in a outfield full of corner guys. You’d have to put up with him, damon, or nady playing center for most of the time

      • whozat

        But should he cost a guy who’s likely to be a cheap league average starter for the next five years?

    • Ivan

      Well Hermida is available. Marlins have (suprisingly) soured on Herminda alot more than I thought and people in the organization have given him the soft label.

      His value is quite low given his underperformance and not being healthy. Yes he’s not a CF but he’s a young cost controlled player who has the potential to be a terrfic player with very good disipline unlike Nady and a better fielder than Nady.

      • whozat

        The problem is that they might be right. It just seems odd, to me, to spend chips acquiring a player for an area at which they have two above average MLB players currently under contract (Nady, Damon)

        If he was a CFer, or a 1B, I’d see that.

  • Steve

    I’m with NoMass on the Cano for Cain bandwagon. I hope that Sabean will make yet another horrendous pitching decision, to go along with his signing Zito and trading away Liriano/Nathan.

  • Steve


    “10:24am: According to ESPN’s Buster Olney:

    Mark Prior, who had a second, less-invasive surgery on his right shoulder earlier this year, is in the midst of a throwing program and should be ready for the start of the 2009 season, said his agent, John Boggs. Prior is expected to file for free agency. “He said he feels good, that his shoulder has never felt better,” said Boggs.”

    That reminds me of an aging ex-champion fighter, who tells everyone he’s “in the best shape of his life” just before he goes into the ring and gets his ass handed to him.

    • Reggie C.

      Isn’t he signed with the Padres?

  • nick blasioli

    who in the hell does lowe think he is…sandy k….the yankees would never sign him,,,especially since our pitchers are equal and better than lowe….take lowe and peavy and flush them both….like someone esle said..there are bigger and better fish out there….why anyone wouldnt want to play for the yankees is beyond me….the best organization ever….