The death of Shea

Lowe seems to prefer Boston over New York
Ajax's hot hitting continues

Check it out. WCBS 880 AM has a gallery of Shea Stadium destruction pictures. While the new Yankee Stadium now has grass, Shea no longer has seats. Objectively, I’ve always enjoyed pictures like this, and I have no emotional attachment to the Mets or Shea. When, however, the crews start tearing down Yankee Stadium, the photos will be bittersweet indeed.

Lowe seems to prefer Boston over New York
Ajax's hot hitting continues
  • Steve

    Yeah, I drive by Shea every day on my way to work and I noticed the seats gone a few weeks ago. Didn’t notice the outer facade being taken down, though.

    BTW-The new Citifield is absolutely gorgeous.

  • DonnieBaseballHallofFame

    Not even close to a fan of the Mess or Shea, but it is still kinda sad seeing old parks torn down. Something about it seems sad to me.

    Just paid my final respects to Yankee Stadium and that was sad but I put a positive spin on it in my mind so I was ok. It still is not right by moving locations. They should have built in the same spot and played at Shea or somewhere else for a year or two if need be. Moving across the street for the Mess means almost nothing, for our Yanks it really means a lot and not just to baseball fans or Yanks fans but the whole sporting world. Even Dead Sox fans.

  • Trevor

    So when are they going to start to dissemble YS?

  • Joey H.

    I drive by Shea a few times a week and you can see the bleechers all gone and its kinda sad but then i realize how much i hate the mets and i feel better.

    • Ashish Skaria

      Haha, I don’t know why but this cracks me up, like alot. :)

  • Steve

    Lets face it, the death of Shea is a mercy killing.

    • Ashish Skaria

      Like in Mortal Kombat?

      • Mike A.

        More like youthinasia. ;)

      • Steve

        I was thinking more Metallica’s “One” based on the Dalton Trumbo book/movie “Johnny Got His Gun”.

        “Darkness imprisoning me
        All that I see
        Absolute horror
        I cannot live
        I cannot die
        Trapped in myself
        Body my holding cell”

        Which is what Mets fans say pretty much every September lately.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      That’s what happens when you name your stadium after an anonymous, non-descript lawyer.

  • Gary

    I can only recall the bizarre finale. The mutts implode and then they make 85-year old Yogi and 77 year old Willie walk 400 feet into the infield area. How tacky is this team????

  • This is the david