Randolph headed to D.C.?

Roger Clemens is not a lot of things
NLCS Game 5: Phillies @ Dodgers

While just this morning we were debating whether or not Willie Randolph should assume one of the vacancies on the Yankees’ coaching staff, Ken Davidoff says fuggedaboudit. The Nationals, Newsday reports, are interested in bringing Willie aboard, and neither Brian Cashman nor Joe Girardi seem to keen on the idea of bring the former Mets manager and one-time Yankee coach back into the fold.

Roger Clemens is not a lot of things
NLCS Game 5: Phillies @ Dodgers
  • jsbrendog

    good luck willie

  • Joseph M

    This is good for Willie and good for the Yankees. The so so results with the Mets might be getter forgotten with another organization outside New York.

  • Lanny

    Why would Willie want to work with Manny Acta?


    He can reunite with Lastings again.

  • J.R.

    Speaking of former Yankees without jobs, Josh Phelps was designated for assignment today by St. Louis. This guy gets passed around like currency.

  • Steve

    Randolf isn’t going to earn anything close to the 2.25 mil he is owed from the Mets for 2009 as a bench coach or 3B coach. This is a waste of time.

    • steve (different one)

      does he still get the $2.25M? i don’t see why he wouldn’t. it’s not like collecting unemployment.

    • radnom

      Yeah, because getting his career back on track is only worth it if hes getting paid and additional salary that is almost as much as he will if he was just on vacation all year.