Report: Yanks ‘interested’ in Peavy


The Yankees are interested in Jake Peavy and have had very preliminary discussions with the Padres about the righty, NJ.com’s Dan Graziano reported last night. The Yanks, according to the report, feel that the Padres are further along in talks with other teams and that Peavy wouldn’t waive his no-trade clause to come to New York. So in other words, the Yanks’ interest in Peavy is similar to my interest in Scarlett Johansson: It ain’t gonna happen.

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  • http://barackobama.com TurnTwo

    id guess itd prob cost Hughes and AJackson, if you believe the reported request from the Padres wishlist.

    disappointing, certainly, but i’m glad they at least threw their hat into the ring.

    • JD

      I think the Yankees can come up with something without having to add either of them to a deal for Peavy

  • Steve S.

    I wouldn’t close the door on it. The Yankee stuff may be just to throw people (specifically the Red Sox off the scent). Peavy has the no trade but he also knows where the money is here. He can actually get the Yankees to pay for that no trade which the other teams involved like Atlanta or LA probably wouldnt do. I know he has that $22M option on the last year of the deal. I doubt anyone aside from the Yankees, Cubs, Red Sox or Mets would agree to pick that up now.

    • http://barackobama.com TurnTwo

      that to me is the equalizer here. if he wants someone to guarantee that last option year at $23 million in order to waive his no-trade, then its not going to be the Braves or Dodgers that do it.

      Do the Astros have anything left in their system to trade?

      I could see the Cardinals go in big with Colby Rasmus, too.

      • Reggie C.

        Wow. You’re right. Peavy would like sleepy St. Louis. Good job on ID’ing St. Louis. I simply do not see the Dodgers breaking up that core. They’d be better off holding onto Kershaw, Billingsley, and Kuroda. The Cards can definitely use an upgrade in that staff. The hitters are in place, and the need is pitching.

    • Reggie C.

      If Peavy doesn’t want to face the DH, and its b/w the Cubbies and the Mets. If I were the Mets, i’d look into it. It’d likely cost F-Mart, Niese, and David Murphy, but the addition of Peavy should put the Mets over the top and actually let them HOLD divisional leads in september. The Mets improved under Santana, so Peavy should be enough.

  • Joe Maddons Bookie

    Thank god. Peavy is no good for us.

    • JD

      If you think that 1 of the top 5 pitchers in the ML who happens to be in his prime is no good for us….I would like to know what you’re smoking?

      • radnom

        If we can add a different top 5 pitcher (CC) this offseason and not trade away the farm, that would be ideal.

        • B

          I think you have to see what they are willing to take. Because if the Padres are willing to take Melky, Kennedy, and maybe two other minor leaguers(no Hughes, AJax), maybe Igawa as well(since they had an interest in him before). Then I say yes make that trade!

          If we do get CC and not Peavy, then I would like to see if the Yankees could try to acquire Zack Greinke from the Royals. Possibly add David DeJesus to the deal that of course would not include Hughes or AJax. Could it be done?

          Could we have a rotation in 2009 consisting of:


          • E-ROC

            If the Royals trade Greinke, that transaction would be the polar opposite of what Drayton said a couple of weeks back. He wants the team to start winning or at least talking about winning instead of rebuilding. The Yanks would have to ‘wow’ the Royals with an offer for them to trade Greinke, which I don’t think happens.

            • JD

              I hear that the Royals will be listening to offers for Greinke but not nessecary are going to trade him. They’re looking for a big bat.

          • cult of basebaal

            Because if the Padres are willing to take Melky, Kennedy, and maybe two other minor leaguers(no Hughes, AJax), maybe Igawa as well(since they had an interest in him before). Then I say yes make that trade!

            i dunno, that seems a bit one-sided, i think i’d make the Padres include Adrian Gonzalez, too, just to balance it out.

        • JD

          Still doesn’t answer how Peavy is no good for us. It all depends on who we would trade.

  • Rob H.

    The Padres can be as far along as they want to be with other teams but that doesn’t mean Peavy will want to go to that particular team. I would hope that the yankees will continue to pursue this and see what it would take and if they could potentially work something out and then leave it up to Peavy and what he would like to do. I remember a report that came from his agent, i believe, who said that there were three teams in the AL that could work for Peavy so hopefully the yankees would be one of them. I can’t blame Peavy for preferring the NL since it’s the easier league but if you want a real good chance to win, the AL is usually the way to go due to all the strong teams that have a chance to win on any given year.

  • RobC

    Peavey and CC could improve the bats off the bench.

  • Art

    Nice thing about Peavy is he doesn’t make as much as a CC will cost you. Try to put a deal with Melky and Ian Kennedy together and get it done. Peavy would fit in nice in our rotation and who knows what he woud do with actual Run Support

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Melky Cabrera will not be a centerpiece to any trade. He lost his Major League starting job this year. Every team knows that, and he lost significant value if he ever had it.

      • http://barackobama.com TurnTwo

        what do you mean… who would YOU rather have: Melky Cabrera or Colby Rasmus? Jason Heyward? its not even close…

        Melky’s going to be the next Carlos Beltran.

      • radnom

        Don’t you know man. Melky + IPK are a package that can land pretty much any hypothetical player.

        • Steve H

          But why would we even give those 2 up for Peavy, I mean we weren’t willing to give them up for Johan. That’s like trading a young Beltran and Maddux.

          • Reggie C.

            Geesh. Peavy’s got 3 guaranteed yrs left on that contract and an option year. That’s 4 years which in only the LAST yr Peavy makes big money. Remember the hitch on Santana was prospects + a 7 yr deal.

          • Reggie C.

            nevermind. missed the sarcasm. i’m a dummy.

            • Steve H


          • JD

            Actually we did offer thos 2 for Santana. The Twins didn’t want Kennedy!

            • radnom


            • jsbrendog

              who does :-P

    • Steve H

      We have an abundance of money. Who cares if CC costs more? #1. he’s better. #2. I’d rather pay CC twice what Peavy costs if it means we keep Hughes, Ajax, Melancon and whatever it would cost us.

      • Reggie C.

        Gotta agree. The only way Peavy becomes a priority is if we miss out on CC Sabathia. And by then, Peavy’s probably already been traded to a NL team that’ll pick up that big option year. Towers will trade Peavy. If I’m ATL, i pick up that option. Peavy will only be 31 or so by then, so it does make sense that he’s got SEVERAL Cy young caliber yrs left.

        I just want this Moose / Pettitte thing resolved soon. Like right after the WS soon. We can’t enter the Winter Meetings still not knowing which of those 2 comes back.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

          Pettitte said, as we discussed yesterday, that he wants to come back. That ball is in the Yanks’ court. Mussina hasn’t said yet and I’m sure that won’t get dragged on a la Brett Favre.

    • steve (different one)

      Try to put a deal with Melky and Ian Kennedy together and get it done.


      • Steve H

        maybe if they are the 5th and 6th guys

      • radnom

        The team has decided that Melky would be most useful in the front office. He meant that Melky would negotiate the deal.

  • David Coonce

    I’m a Padres fan, so I hate the idea of trading Peavy, but I would much prefer him going to the other league. The thought of him in Dodger blue makes me shudder.
    Having written that, I would be interested in the Padres dealing Peavy AND Adrian Gonzalez to the Yanks – with Kyle Blanks almost ready and nowhere to put him and both AGon and Peavy in their primes, there’s no better time than now to make that trade. And with both those guys making a lot of sense for the Yankees, I could also see a huge haul for San Diego, starting with Hughes (or Joba), Kennedy, JAckson, Cano and, I don’t know, maybe Edwar Ramirez? (Think of what Trevor Hoffman could teach him…). I don’t know the lower rungs of the Yankees system too well, so I’m not sure who the big-time younger prospects are, so I’m just thinking of the current big names. I know the Padres had some interest in Kei Igawa, who might be able to perform decently in Petco against weaker competition.

    So what do you, as Yankee fans think – Peavy and AGon for Hughes/Joba, Kennedy, Jackson, Cano and Ramirez. A good trade?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      For the Padres. That’s a terrible trade for the Yanks. It creates quite a few holes and burns the Yanks’ biggest potential trading chip in one fell swoop. Plus, the only way the Yanks are trading Joba is if they receive someone better in return. That’s not happening here.

      • David Coonce

        Interesting. Do you think if it was Hughes instead of Joba it would be a better deal for New York? I also, as a person who doesn’t follow the Yankees a lot, am unclear of where people stand on Austin Jackson’s upside. IS he a legit prospect? The Padres have made it pretty clear they’re looking for a young center fielder. If the deal was Peavy and AGon for Hughes, Kennedy and Jackson, plus the ghost of Kei Igawa and some other minor prospect, does that get it done?

        • aaron

          i think that just might get done IF they miss out on cc, although cash doesnt seem to want to let go of hughes, no matter what, but that might just do it…

      • RichYF

        Ben, I agree in some sense, but the talent coming back is pretty spectacular.

        It’s a catch-22 for the Yanks. Both of these holes can be filled by Free Agency, but if they don’t pull the trigger on a _proposed_ deal such as this before CC/Tex are signed, then it’s obvious that the price goes up significantly. If we were getting someone to play 2B out of the deal (not named Orlando Hudson), I think it would be fine. The issue for me is that Tex is a FA and it’s definitely possible for the Yanks to pay WAY over slot for AT LEAST one of CC or Tex. If their highest offer is $20 / year (hypothetically) and the Yanks offer $27 / year with an extra GUARANTEED year, I highly doubt it gets turned down.

        I’m not sure if it’s possible, but maybe more teams get involved and the Yanks get some young kids back (after ridding themselves of all of the above)?

        Personally, I’d rather test the FA market and live with what happens rather than trade everything away, but I’m a homer like that. I’d rather see the guys I’m rooting for succeed rather than someone else’s prospects.

        Either way, it’s going to be an interesting off-season.

      • steve (different one)

        if the trade is Hughes instead of Joba, i don’t think that’s a bad trade for the Yankees at all.

        Hughes/Jackson/Edwar seems fair for Peavy

        Cano/Kennedy seems fair for Gonzalez

        you’re right that it creates holes, so in that sense it’s a “bad trade” for the Yankees. not arguing that.

        but just looking at the players going back and forth, i would say the Padres actually might not be getting enough.

    • David Coonce

      And throw Igawa in too, with the Padres taking on his salary.

    • Steve H

      That’s two positions that hopefully they can fill simply with money with Tex and CC. Even if we only get one of those guys (and the players union will push the player to this biggest dollar amount) we would only have to fill either the Ace or 1b hole. If their were no other options for the Yanks, that trade (with a few less pieces) would be something to consider, but we might as well throw $$ at our weaknesses and continue to build the farm.

  • http://pinstripealley22.blogspot.com/

    No Hughes, No Montero….

    • David Coonce

      I don’t think the Padres would really ask for Montero. All reports are that he’s a first baseman in the majors, and San Diego has too many guys at that end of the defensive spectrum (Kouzmanoff, Blanks and AGon, who is a terrific defensive 1B). They’d have nowhere to put him. Plus, I think the Yanks are crazy to move him. In the AL, at least, he could DH.

      • radnom

        If a trade were to happen, they would certainly ask for him. But not at the expense of Ajax or Cano.

    • Steve S.

      Montero shouldn’t be an untouchable at this point. Especially for a guy like Peavy. AJX probably shouldn’t be untouchable and he is much further along.

      I think you need to start with Hughes or Cano (probably Hughes because Im not sure if San Diego even wants to spend the money on Cano.

      • David Coonce

        I doubt the Padres would insist on Cano. Their philosophy is evolving towards the Beane model – OBP skills are paramount, and Cano doesn’t really have those. Plus, he’s owed a bunch of money and the Padres are slashing payroll.

        • Steve S.

          Agreed, Cano is guaranteed $30M over the next four years while Peavy has $60M. Its a discount for a proven player like Cano but again he might not be enough especially as a centerpiece for a guy like Peavy. I think Hughes would be a better chip to build around.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Ben, What does Ryan Reynolds have that you don’t? Does he have a cool website? Scarlett is within your reach.

  • Mike Pop

    Guys PEavy would not have to have his 23 mill option gauranteed by the Braves or LA or some of the other NL teams he’d prefer. Obviously Yanks would have to pick it up or probably the Red Sox and other AL teams maybe not the Angels cuz he likes Cali. But I think he will end up in a Brave uniform. By the way those trades suggested above arent even close to what it would take in my opinion especially the one consisting of both A-Gonz AND Peavy. No way that would get it done we’d have to give up more. Hughes Kennedy Jackson would be the main for PEavy which I dont want to do. Id honestly rather sign CC and Burnett than trade for PEavy cuz we all know Hughes should be a top 10 pitcher in the league someday and Cash knows it and we shouldnt give him up. By the way the only way Padres take Igawa is if we eat the salary, I dont think anyone wants Igawa lol. I still believe KEnnedy could be a solid 4 or 5 in the AL or NL, NL being easier. I like KEnnedy and hope he figures it out and becomes a great pitcher. I dont know if he will become a great pitcher but I wouldnt mind to see him moved in the right deal this offseason if it comes up

  • Dave44

    Some of you guys need to get real. The Padres would hang up the phone if offered Melky and Kennedy.

    Memo to Yanks’ fans: everyone outside of NY realizes that Melky Basura stinks and that Kennedy is a #4/5. We don’t want your garbage.

    Also, forget about Gonzalez, that isn’t going to happen. He is young, cheap and getting even better. He fits perfectly into the Padres’ future.

    For Peavy, the Yanks would probably have to give up not only Hughes and Jackson, but maybe Cano as well (or a few other VALUABLE pieces – read: not Kennedy or Cabrera). Peavy is a Top-5 MLB pitcher who is just entering his prime AND under control (at a cheap rate) for the next 5 years.

    I can never understand how Yankee fans believe everyone else’s players are theirs for the taking…

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      I’m not sure if you come here alot or not, but its a running joke here that Melky and IPK can get any player in baseball. Don’t take it literally. If you want to see people who really believe bullshit, go to Lohud.

    • Mike Pop

      You are not welcome here..and baseball gms and execs value Kennedy much higher than fans do. Kennedy still looks good for teams like San Diego and other low payroll NL teams. Im not saying hes a top trade chip or he will be great Im just saying baseball people value him higher than people like you do. IF you think hes garbage as of right now your pathetic. Hes had a handful of starts, let me guess you think Buchholz should retire and go work at PETCO too ?

      • Dave44

        I don’t care if you think I’m welcome here or not, I’ll still post. Maybe Kennedy could be included as a small piece in the deal – my point is that he won’t be an important piece. What, do you know all baseball GMs personally? I doubt it. You have no idea how baseball people value him, you just believe anything your propaganda department sells to you.

        …sorry for misunderstanding Andy, but apparently there is at least one guy who is serious about it.

        • Andy In Sunny Daytona

          Don’t get me wrong Dave, I still think that Kennedy can be an excellent pitcher, and being in the minority, I still think Melky can be decent player, but the two of them, at this stage could not get Peavy.
          That be said, we sould have traded them for teh Johan!!!11!11!!

  • vincent

    maybe we will give you yankee satdium as well. peavy is an elite pitcher but hughes jackson and cano is insane

  • Yankee1010

    A boatload of prospects for Peavy to leave the HUGE stadiums in the NL West and come to the AL East is not something I would be interested in.

  • Kulish

    Peavy is an elite pitcher anywhere in the majors. I guess we’re forgetting that the NL has some of the smaller, more HR prone parks in the majors. Philly, Colorado, Houston, Cincinatti, etc…

    • Mike Pop

      I think hes awesome too but look at this
      this year– 1.74 era at home 4.28 on road

      career 2.77 to 3.80 home—road

      at qualcomm stadium (his first home ballpark) he had a 3.23 era but he was younger and far less established so we will leave that out

      at petco in 541.2 career innings he has a 2.66

      He is definitely a superior pitcher but I think loooking into this deal we have to consider these stats. He is 28 right so is that the prime or is he entering a decline and San Diego wants to deal him at his peak value ? Idk but I think if we get into real serious talks Cash has to take these stats into consideration. After all could Hughes be just as good as PEavy ? I think he could be just as valuable for us as Peavy(but im a biased yankee fan) would and we would be able to keep our extra guys like Ajax. All I know is Hughes was the #1 pitching prospect at one time and I think he is going to be a #1 Ace as well.. I dont know if I want to give up the farm for Peavy, although he would look good in a Yankee uni

  • Keith

    I like Peavy but I would not rank him any higher then Santana and the Twins got far less then Hughes, Kennedy and Jackson. I would agree Kennedy is no more then a 3 in the NL – and COULD not be the centerpiece for someone like Peavy (although if Cashman could sell it he would be a genius). The Yankees have a few Major League ready centerfielders – that does not mean All-Stars – like Cabrerra or Bret Gardner (who is a stolen base machine) who could be packaged with a Kennedy or possibly Hughes or Jackson in a deal. I would venture Joba is un-touchable, but the Yankees would have to give up Jackson or Hughes to get it done. Cano is still an All-Star level 2b, albeit had a down year, but I don’t see him fitting in SD. I would go strong after Peavy if I am Cashman.

  • Dave44

    Keith, you are correct that Peavy < Santana. However, Peavy is more VALUABLE than Santana was last year at this time because of their respective contract situations. Obtaining Santana meant also giving up the 6-yr, $138M extenstion. With Peavy, he is locked up for 4 yrs/$59M, with an option at $22M. That is a much more attractive contract, which is why the Pads will get much more for Peavy than Minnesota got for Santana. Hughes, Jackson and Kennedy would probably not be quite enough.

    • JD

      The Twins took the worst deal for Santana because they played their hand wrong. Its not nessecary that the Padres have to trade Peavy, so as they might try to get more they should be careful because they could also have their bluff called by the teams willing or can make a trade for Peavy.

  • Mike Pop

    Heres a good article written by someone who knows more than both me and you Dave and yes I do know Billy Beane quite well, him and my cousin went to college together


    • Dave44

      Right, Billy must keep you in the loop on all his baseball dealings…

      Interesting article, and of course Peavy is helped by the park he pitches in. What that article fails to mention is how terrible their defense has been for Peavy. Outside of Gonzo and Greene there is not a defender who is even average, and the OF range has been laughable. They also have teams run on them at will because they haven’t had a catcher who can get the ball to 2nd. Considering the track record, I still think he rates above anyone not named Santana, Sabathia, Halladay and maybe Webb.

      Hughes may end up being a very solid MLB pitcher, but realistically what are the odds he is ever as good as Peavy? Probably not good. Point is the Yanks would be getting a proven commodity. They would have to pay a high price.

      • Yankee1010

        A guy who has proven that he can pitch very well against NL batters at home in a huge park.

        • Dave44

          Check out his 2007 stats. Almost identical home/road splits. I don’t have the number, but I believe his 2008 road BABIP was around 20 pts higher than at home, so a little of that is accounted for by bad luck. The guy is a stud, you can’t dismiss him as a Petco creation.

          BTW I’m not even a Padre fan. I’m stuck in KC – wish we had a shot at him!


    LOL… You Yankee fans have serious problems. You think we are gonna trade you peavy AND Agon for your trash like AAAA-melky cabrera and ian kennedy?

    Getting knock out of the playoffs in teh 1st round the last few years has really sent you guys to the looney bin. Peavy is gonna cost nothing short of Hughes AND Austin Jackson (and maybe more). You are talking about a 27 year old ace that has cost certainity through what? 2013? LOL melky cabrera…. hey, maybe we can throw in Hoffman and Chris young while we are at it too….

    It is this type of overvaluing horrid talent that got you to where you are today – a non playoff team…. clowns

    • Keith

      From what I have been reading the Padres wan’t 2 young pitchers and a Major League ready centerfielder for Peavy. Peavy has a full no trade clause and has to approve any trade. I know he is on the outs with the organization and wants to “win now” and not be stuck in “re-building” mode. The Yankees could put together a package that meets the criteria for the trade and it may not measure up to what the Dodgers may offer – maybe the Braves put together a decent package as well. Now the Padres will have to pick thier poison – do they take the better talent (arguably) and trade him to the Dodgers where he will face them several times a year and have to deal with all the bad publicity every time he wins (Met fans – how is Kazmir looking?) or do you take a bigger risk on talent from the Yankees and keep him out of the NL? I guess time will tell.

      • Dave44

        I don’t think they’re seriously discussing him with the Dodgers. That’s a bluff, making teams think there’s an extra team involved. If they did that he’d shove it up their keister 5 times a year. The Braves are easily the front-runner, followed by the Cards. Both teams have way more to offer than the Yankees…even when you consider future super-stars Kennedy and Melky.

  • ohbwonhomie

    Cano, Hughes and IPK, with two mid-levels gets it done. I know the package is extreme but its needed. Peavy can get it done, he’s a brain with nasty stuff out there. He’ll immediately make the yanks the team to beat in the east. I know a stretch but the hitting cant possibly be this horrid again?! trading Cano will be hard, I like the guy and he’ll rebound. But we can sign Odawg to play a better defense and he can hit and get on base, bat him 2nd and Jete 3rd. Hes intense outthere and a leader in the clubhouse. keep it going. GET PEAVY!!!!

  • Phil McCracken

    Can someone explain to me why everyone is gung-ho about trading for Peavy, but wasn’t with Santana? Especially when everything about Santana is better than Peavy.

    And you might be able to get one of Peavy’s uniforms for Melky and Kennedy.

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