• JD

    Rather see him having to face batters before decideing if this is good.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Seriously? Are you saying it’s not good that the Yanks’ ace is throwing off a mound after suffering a bad injury? What planet is that perspective from?

      • JD

        No, I’m saying that its been awhile for him and that hes gonna have rust. Worried about having him have something else injuried.

        • whozat

          Yes. It should be really hard for him to get the feel for pitching back over the next six months, what with being able to do his normal offseason routine and all.

          • JD

            He hasn’t faced batters since June 15. From June 15 until spring training is more than 6 months. Finally throwing off a mound is a good sign but its not the same as facing batters. There is still a risk that something else gets injuried.

            • whozat

              I don’t get it…are you worried about rust, or a heightened risk of injury? Not having faced batters doesn’t really bear on injury risk when you’ve got all winter and spring to gear up.

              If you’re concerned about there being lingering foot problems…ok, that’s more reasonable. Or, about lingering foot issues leading to him compensating and increasing risk of injury elsewhere in his body…ok, I can see that.

              But I don’t understand why you’re hung up on him not having seen hitters since June. Pretty much every veteran pitcher is about to spend 4 months not facing hitters. So what?

      • Chris C.

        I love the title………”Wang Tosses”.

        Good work, Ben.

  • Todd Gack

    Having a healthy Wang is almost as important as who the Yanks sign as a free agent (no pun intended)

  • MasterShake

    I’m really interested to see what Wang does next season. Last year he actually had his worst year in terms of ERA and WHIP, but there were moments (specifically at the beginning of the year) where he was just lights out and better than he has ever been.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=15305165&ref=profile Doug

      Yeah, remember the game where he worked off his slider and 4-seam and got 8 K’s? That was sick.

      • MasterShake

        I actually remember that game because everyone was talking about how his use of the slider could really catapult him further as a pitcher. That game (where he had 9 K’s in 7IP) and the one against Boston (9IP, 2H, 1ER with 93 pitches) were two of his best games pitched. Looking back at his gamelog, its kind of interesting to see that the combined GB:FB ratio was 17:19 for those 2 games.

  • daneptizl

    Ben, is that you who posted over at Tigers Thoughts? You had to say something explicit, didn’t you…

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Hah. Yeah that was me, but it wasn’t explicit. I had a question but then realized that I needed to look at a few other things on that site before posing it. So I deleted it. For some reason, blogger just deletes the comment but not the author name.

      • daneptizl

        Of course it wasn’t explicit…

  • E-ROC

    CC, Peavy, Wang, Joba, and Pettitte……wow. I’m not advocating a trade for Peavy because the trade open many other holes. Just imagining what a rotation would be like with the addition of CC and Peavy.

    I wonder what other pitches Wang will add to his arsenal this season. Glad to see he’s getting back on the mound again.

    • whozat

      Something to force them to swing at his sinker, I hope. I’d like to see him use his 4 seamer more, honestly. Right now, guy see fastball from Wang and just lay off unless it’s coming in waist-high. They know that it’ll dive below the zone if it looks like it’s coming in at thigh or knee height. I think he needs to show command of his 4-seamer down in the zone so that he can throw the sinker down there and they’ll still swing at it.

  • Relaunch

    I love his quotes

    • Mike Pop

      lol he keeps it short and sweet

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