Willie’s options

Newark Bears fold
World Series Game 3: Rays @ Phillies

While the Yankees and Larry Bowa won’t be reunited this fall, I wouldn’t expect to see Willie Randolph back in the Bronx either. The former Mets manager turned down a job in DC so that he could keep his name in the running for the Milwaukee managerial opening. Considering that Willie would have become the heir-apparent in Washington, at this point, it sounds like Willie will hold out for another top slot and isn’t too keen on joining someone else’s staff.

Newark Bears fold
World Series Game 3: Rays @ Phillies
  • pat

    What did he have left on his mets contract 1 year? Time to chill with the family and collect checks from the wilpons while waiting to cherry pick your next job. Not too bad of a situation to be in.

    • Steve

      1 year 2.25 mil.

      I’m surprised he’s going after this job as hard as he is, he’ll likely make more sitting home next year. Yost was making 1 mil per and the Brewers are a small market team. Maybe he could get a deal for 3 years/4.5 mil or thereabouts. I guess he really wants to get back to work.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I don’t think Joe G. would be too fond of having Willie there. It would be like those Warner Brothers cartoons where one character sees the other turning into steak.

    I think Willie would be great but Joe G. knows he wants the top spot and one misstep and Joey G. could be out on his ass.

    I wish both of them the best of luck. Great respect for both men, believe both are good for the Yankee organization but I can’t see them entering into an uneasy alliance.

  • JD

    Leo Mazzone isn’t signed with a team. We should sign him to help work with our young pitchers!