Coming in 2009: More Delta commercials than we ever wanted

And the false rumors fly
Angels getting in on the CC show

Delta Airlines and the Yanks announced a major sponsorship deal yesterday afternoon. The Atlanta-based airline will now become the Official Airlines of the New York Yankees. In return, Delta gets extensive signage throughout the new stadium, a fancy luxury suite behind home plate and advertising in Yankee publications and on the game broadcasts. Terms of the deal were not announced, and I’m sure John Sterling is already practicing his Delta commercials as we speak.

And the false rumors fly
Angels getting in on the CC show
  • Yank Crank 20

    JetBlue would have been much cooler.

    • Matt

      No, JetBlue should sponsor the new Meadowlands Stadium….’JetBlue Stadium’

  • A.D.

    Wasn’t someone else the “official airlines of the Yankees” or am I making that up?

    • KW

      I think it was Continental…

      • Nickel

        I believe you’re correct.

  • jsbrendog (rocks)

    john stirling at home in front of the mirror:

    “n’it is high, n’it is far, n’it is gooooooooone! An intercontinental first class flight on Delta by Hideki Matsui back to the orient with no layover!”

    no, that’s too long

    “an abomb from arod just hit afirst class delta plane flying out of jfk!”

    kill me now

    • Steve

      How about a daily sponsored fart in the broadcast booth.

      Suzyn “. . of John, please. I’m gonna puke. You had to eat broccoli again?”

      John “You know what they say Suzie, whoever smelt it, dealt it. And speaking of Delta, did you know Delta has $99 flights to sunny Florida all this week?”

  • CountryClub

    It’s in the paper that this site doesnt like to talk about…but sounds like Cano is in great shape:

  • RollingWave

    i guess now that oil price came down, all these air liners are back from the dead.

    then again, just wait a few more months before they start crying poverty again.

  • Matt M.

    oh guisseppe franco, where art thou

    • Matt

      Do you know those commercials were filmed like 5 years ago in LA, and the NY market is the only place they really air?

  • DonnieBaseballHallofFame

    Do people really buy things based on being the official this or that of the New York Yankees? I am glad they got the deal hopefully it will pay for Manny’s new contract with the Yankees.