Stadium closes with demolition set for March

Angels getting in on the CC show
Yanks' Plan B coming into focus

On Sunday afternoon, Tony Morante, a 50-year employee of the Yankees, led 40 fans on the last ever tour of Yankee Stadium. It was a bittersweet tour, and Oren Yaniv of the Daily News was on hand for the historic event. After the final set of fans left the field, the Stadium now sits empty awaiting demolition that the Daily News says will start on March 15. Nearly 85 years and 11 months after opening, Yankee Stadium will begin its sad swan song.

Angels getting in on the CC show
Yanks' Plan B coming into focus
  • Matt

    I will remember you…..will you remember me?

    • Ben K.

      That sounds like one cheesy YouTube video waiting to happen.

      • Matt

        Haha, it was intended to be that way…

        In all seriousness, 2 years ago, I was pumped about a new stadium, but as the games continuted to countdown, I did get a little emotional.

        I mean, I have so many memories inside that stadium, the 96/98 clincher, subway series games, 2001 WS games, my first game ever, ect….

    • radnom

      “as we go on, we’ll remember…all the time we….spent together”

      “dada da da…….dada da da…….”i forget the words
      (that vitamin C song that I’m sure anyone who graduated in the past 10 years has heard a million times)

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona

        Must have been a great tour.
        “Where are the monuments?’
        “Where’s home plate?”
        “Can I have my money back?”

  • DonnieBaseballHallofFame

    Reading this just made me feel sick.

  • Yank Crank 20

    Idk what it’ll feel like watching the stadium implode. ugh i don’t wanna imagine it

    • Ben K.

      Technically, it won’t be imploded. That’s illegal in New York. Even worse will be the way they take it down piece by piece as they’re doing with Shea.

      • Yank Crank 20

        That’s true. With all of the memorabilia sales idk what made me think they’d just blow it up.

      • Thomas

        It should be legal. Implosions are much safer (or at least that is what I was taught).

        • Joseph P.

          The issue here, I think, is that there are train tracks basically right up against the Stadium.

          • pat

            The issue with implosions is that there is no possible way to control every little piece of debris that results from detonating thousands of lbs of explosive. If you were to try and implode a building in nyc you would have to protect every sheet of glass in a 10 block radius and thats not really feasible. Imagine the lawsuits that would happen if someone were to get injured by a flying piece of concrete or metal. Obviously they’re legal in other places but thats why they’re not in nyc.

          • Thomas

            Yeah, that could be a problem. I know they have used implosions in similar odd situations. For example, the New Haven Coliseum was able to be imploded even though part of the structure was directly above the interstate.

            I wasn’t saying it should be used in this situation, I really have no idea. I assume in the professional said “it wasn’t appropriate”, it shouldn’t be used.

            I was just saying in general they are safer and thus should be legal.

          • radnom

            Don’t be a pussy. Just blow that shit up.

  • Dave

    Here’s a counterpoint to the normal sentimentality…

    Wwhile I know I’ll miss the old stadium, I’d rather it come to this, where it is being replaced by a better facility within a stone’s throw of the old place so we can all pay our respects and tell our kids and grandkids where it was. The team is doing well financially and still being competitive and the glow from the last dynasty is still there, albeit dimmer than we’d all like.

    It was a matter of when, not if the team would move out of the stadium. Would you rather the franchise collapsed into shambles and moved away, like if the team had moved to Westchester County or NJ in 1989 as George “threatened” to do?

    • Marsha

      The Yankees were never going anywhere. George’s words were just as you said–a threat and nothing more. Why would you move the team out of the Bronx, and out of Yankee Stadium for that matter, when their attendance is breaking records every year?

  • berman thumson

    i read that they were filming a movie and the stadium would not be torn down until after next summer at the earliest. I think I read it over at pete’s lohud