2008 Rule 5 Draft


I’m camped out in the Rule 5 Draft war room, and I have to say there’s way more people here than I would have thought. I’m not going to take a picture of the room because there’s not much to see; lots of chairs, a podium on the stage and two big projection screens with a simple yet fancy R5D logo. I’d estimate that there’s room for about 500 people in here.

The big event starts at noon eastern, and I’ll be live blogging the whole schabang. Until then, you can check out some previews from Chad Jennings, Jonathan Mayo, and John Manuel. I know it’s the same software, but it’s not a chat, it’s a liveblog. I expect this thing to go by pretty fast, so I won’t be answering any questions. Maybe afterwards if I have time, but our flight is leaving pretty soon.

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  • EricVA

    Do these picks open up spots for any other Yankee prospects?

    • radnom

      Open up spots how?

      The people being picked are not on the 40 man.

      • CLT_JR

        I think he means… does it open up spots for guys at levels below them, who may have been blocked, to move up from AA to AAA?

  • Chip

    Anybody know of a decent player every taken in the minor league portion?

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

    I like the Pirates taking Veal. He has/had great stuff, could be a late bloomer. And lord knows the Pirates have room to keep him on the 25-man all year. Nice pick.

  • jsbrendog

    since this damn blog live thing doesnt work and is blocked at work where can i go after this thing to see the full results?


  • jsbrendog

    where did reegie coronoa project? big loss or no?

  • jsbrendog

    soo many yankee farmhands getting taken….good sign i hope.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      Spin #1: Cashman is an idiot for not protecting these guys, we need them.
      Spin #2: Cashman is an idiot because the farm system is weaker.
      Spin #3: Cashman is an idiot for not trading these guys at the peak of their value.

      Which one should we run with, guys?

      • dan

        I’m sure Steve Lombardi has something intelligent to say on the matter.

      • jsbrendog

        I like Cashman is dumb for only getting 4 of them taken and only making $200,000. at 50,000 a pop if he were a good gm he would’ve made a coool $500,000.

  • emac2

    This live blog software is the lamest thing on the internet. It drops to the end of the page every time someone posts so you either get here on time or wait for the thing to end.

    • dan

      All you have to do is click the “do not scroll” button on the bottom of the box. its a little arrow going up and down.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

        Second button over on the left.

      • emac2

        Thank guys.

        I guess I’m too old to figure out the new english.

        The new Math was tough enough…

  • BigYank1

    ‘Also, big thanks to the guys at River Ave. Blues. Baseball America’s web site wouldn’t load and wasn’t updating so I followed the draft through their live blog. Kudos to those guys for going to Las Vegas to cover the winter meetings themselves. ‘


    Direct quote from Chad Jennings over on his blog, pretty cool.