Bernie faces long odds to make PR’s WBC team


According to a report in El Nuevo Día, a Spanish-language publication, Bernie Williams is a long shot to make the U.S. territory’s World Baseball Classic team. With better active players and some exciting up-and-comers available, Edwin Rodriguez, one of the team’s coaches, doesn’t see a spot for Bernie. Carlos Pieve, the ex-GM los Indios de Mayagüez, said that Bernie just doesn’t have the ability to compete at such a high level anymore. It’s sort of sad to hear these quotes about Bernie. He wanted to go out on his own terms, but he never could recognize when age had slowed him down too much.

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  1. Manimal says:


    • Billy Beane says:

      maybe a coach or something?

      • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Don Dodda says:

        What has Bernie ever done to show he had it in him to coach? I even recall him saying it does not suit his personality.

        As much as I am not a Bernie fan, I was hoping that he made the team if it was something he really wanted to do.

        On a side note I was watching the game that ended Cal Ripken’s streak in 98, on MASN last night. El Duque pitching, Mike Lowell at 3rd, etc. Bernie did one of his patented non dives for a ball he could have dove and caught, instead it bounced off his ground, then his body and went for a double. No error given. Those and the ones where he would loaf when he was younger or track a ball poorly start slow then use his super duper speed to just get there in time and people thought he was the best CF, are the type of plays that stand out to me when I think of Bernie in CF. 98 though at the plate was one fine fine year for Bambi. He really did his thing at the plate that year really all of 97 thru 99 he really did his thing with the stick in his hand.

        Yeah and I know, here comes the Donnie hate right?

        • Yank Crank says:

          Not a Bern fan? Any reasons why? I find it hard to believe a Yankee fan who enjoyed the dynasty years hated one of its key figures.

          • 'The' Steve says:

            Even those of us that love Bernie know he had horrible Baseball instincts both in the field and on the basepaths. He was (as John Kruk likes to say) more of an ‘athlete’ than a ‘Baseball player’.

            I can see someone not loving him as a Baseball player. To be honest, my good will towards Bernie has as much to do with his personality as it does his play, and most of what I loved about him as a player had to do with his bat, especially his clutch hitting.

            • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Don Dodda says:

              The Steve answered this one for me. I just did not like to watch the guy play baseball most of the time. It pained me to see a man with the ability he had, and the obvious intelligence he also possessed, yet no desire to learn the fine points of his position.

              Also being so horrible at base running for a guy with great speed made me sick.

              I love to see natural talents play, but I respect them more when with or without the talent they learn how to play the game properly. Something that I see in more and more players these days, not just Bernie.

        • Ben K. says:

          Without Bernie, the Yanks don’t win their championships. He was the best player on many of those dynasty teams, and if you hate him vehemently, that just makes me question your faith in the Yankees.

          • 'The' Steve says:

            “a five-tool player is one who excels at hitting for average, hitting for power, baserunning skills and speed, throwing ability, and fielding abilities”

            Bernie Williams
            Hit for average-Yes
            Hit for Power-Yes
            Baserunning Skills-Poor, but had good speed
            Throwing ability-Poor
            Fielding ability-Average at best. Had the speed to outrun his mistakes.

            I’m a Bernie fan, but I can see someone not loving his game. Half of his game was outstanding while the other half was poor. Depends on which side you value more.

          • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Don Dodda says:

            Ben, yet another silly post on your part. Nowhere did I say I “I hate him vehemently” or even hate him, or even dislike him. I said I am not a Bernie fan.

            He was not a very good fielder EVER. Now you can put up all sorts of stats or whatever but the guy was never good in the field. His combo of great speed for the first half of his career, and his horrible instincts led to many “wow” factor ends to plays but as he got older the wow factor wore off, and his instincts did not get much better.

            Bernie was great with a bat from 97 to 99, I never said he was not, and would argue with anybody who said that he was not. Loved watching Bernie work the count, but I did not like when Bern cried whenever he got a called 3rd strike which he seemed to do a lot. Without that team being as deep as it was he would not have had the opportunity to compile such stats, even with being a very good hitter for a few years.

            Calling Bernie the best player on the dynasty teams shows that you may not truly appreciate all around play including base running and pure baseball instincts which lead to a lot of things that happen on the baseball field that does not show up in the box score.

            I can name many players during those years that if they did not have them, they would not have won championships.

            Again more silly stuff on your part. So if they had another good to great CF who hit well they would not have won? Or you just want to take Bernie off the team and pretend the “dynasty” would play without a player at CF. And please spare me the replacement player crap, as the Yankees would not have just plugged in a shlub there.

        • Steve H says:

          What has Bernie ever done to show he had it in him to coach?

          Says the guy who is convinced Mattingly is bound to be the greatest manager in baseball history.

          And in the Yankee Pantheon Bernie>Donnie

          I almost wish Bernie had suffered a career ending injury at 33 years old so people could remember just how good he was. In an 8 year stretch, his lowest ops+ was 129.

          • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

            “Says the guy who is convinced Mattingly is bound to be the greatest manager in baseball history.

            And in the Yankee Pantheon Bernie>Donnie”

            Neither of the quoted statements is relevant to a discussion of whether Bernie would be a good coach. If you dislike it when someone frames a discussion of Bernie Williams with a comparison to Don Mattingly (which, I note, DBHOF did NOT do here), then it’s probably not best nor wise to do the same exact thing in response.

          • 'The' Steve says:

            “And in the Yankee Pantheon Bernie>Donnie”

            Sorry, but that’s just not accurate. Bernie’s number will never be retired. I didn’t think they should have retired Donnie’s either, since he didn’t stay on top of his game long enough and never won anything. But he was a fan fave, so they did it.

            Also, if you want to look at each player’s prime, at the peak of his career Mattingly put up OPS+ of 156, 156, 161, 146. Bernie best 4 year stretch was 147, 160, 149, 140. They’re both outstanding players, but Mattingly was better in his prime. Also, Mattingly was one of the best 1B in the game, nobody ever said that about Bernie’s glove.


            • Steve H says:

              The Yankees are about winning, Bernie has the rings, Donnie doesn’t. I’m not saying Bernie was or wasn’t a better player, just that he’s higher in the Yankee pantheon than Donnie because of the rings.

              • 'The' Steve says:

                Yeah, that’s your best argument. But Donnie was a better player in his prime. I also shouldn’t say Bernie’s number will “never be retired”. Its debatable, I just think they’ve retired too many as it is.

              • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

                “The Yankees are about winning… Bernie has the rings, Donnie doesn’t.”

                “Yeah, that’s your best argument.”

                Actually, that’s not the best argument and it’s not a very good one at all. Brian Boehringer has a World Series ring. Is Brian Boehringer ahead of Dave Winfield in your magical, made-up “Yankees Pantheon?”

                • 'The' Steve says:

                  Are you serious? Is Brian Boehringer one of two Yankee greats with comparable numbers?

                • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

                  I am serious by if “serious” we mean “using an arbitrary guideline to determine where someone falls in an imaginary entity called the ‘Yankees Pantheon.’”

                  There are many arguments to be made for saying Bernie Williams was a better baseball player than Don Mattingly (and vice versa). The fact that Bernie was on teams that won World Series is pretty far down that list.

                  Actually, I take it all back, you win. This whole “Yankees Pantheon” thing is an imaginary concept and, thus, you get to choose the rules. Pretty silly of me to bother engaging in this discussion.

              • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Don Dodda says:

                I think Rickey Ledee has a ring and so he is higher in your made up club of Yankees players than Donnie?

                You seem to be a glue sniffer.

            • Stephen says:

              Well, Mattingly was also a first baseman, while Bernie was a centerfielder. We can argue about how good Bernie was in the field, but the fact that Bernie put up those numbers at a premium defensive position, shows that Bernie was the better player.

          • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Don Dodda says:

            Steve H, sir you are a buffoon.

            “Says the guy who is convinced Mattingly is bound to be the greatest manager in baseball history.”

            Please find somewhere, that I said that or anything remotely like that.

            “And in the Yankee Pantheon Bernie>Donnie”

            Incorrect sir. When you go to a Yankees game 15 years after Bern retired count the number of Bernie jerseys you see. There will still be more 23′s out there.

            “I almost wish Bernie had suffered a career ending injury at 33 years old”

            Real class act you are there. True fan of the game.

            • Stephen says:

              Are the number of jerseys you see in the stadium really indicative of how good a player was?

              • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Don Dodda says:

                Where did I say that? Again this was not a Bernie vs Donnie thing, a few people who have nothing better to do wanted to make it into that. That is not what I did.

                People doing that when I say something that they do not like about Bernie in a Bernie thread would be like me dissing Raul Mondesi every time The Honorable Congressman Mondesi posts.

                The jersey statement I made, means what it means. Nothing more nothing less.

            • Ben K. says:

              I’m going to warn you one more time. If you don’t stop calling people names, you will not be allowed to post here anymore. I’m getting really sick of your utter lack of respect for anyone else. It’s clear you don’t like us and you don’t like other posters. If you can’t deal with our rules, then you’ll be asked to leave. It’s really simple.

              • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Don Dodda says:

                Ben. I actually have plenty of respect for plenty of peoples opinions. A guy who makes up things that other people said is not somebody I respect.

                Somebody saying “I almost wish Bernie had suffered a career ending injury at 33 years old” makes them a fool and not a good fan. If you need to ban me for saying that in response to that please do so.

                Your rules need to match up and hold true for all people. Really the truth is that you personally do not like when I say things on here, which I am fine with. I have been called tons of names on here and not once have I ever heard you say to somebody else that they are going to be banned. Tons of times has profanity been used against me and others on here and still never have I seen ONE post about you threatening banning somebody but me who has never said such things to anybody on here, nor will I even if those things are said to me.

                But if somebody says “I almost wish Bernie had suffered a career ending injury at 33 years old”, I will say they are a fool or a buffoon and mean it because while I am not a Bernie fan, he should never be talked about in such a way. That is a lack of respect for the game itself and peoples health.

                As far as not liking “us” not sure who “us” is. I get along with most people on this board and will continue to if I do not get banned. I think what is clear is that you Ben K do not like me. You said silly things and did not reply when they were proven to be silly. If that hurts your feelings and you need to ban me from it, I will not lose sleep over it.

        • Billy Beane says:

          yes i understand that bernie will never be a coach in the majors. not only is he not qualified, he would never want to.

          however, for the wbc, i don’t see why not. a symbolic gesture towards one of the greatest puerto rican born players of all time.

          • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Don Dodda says:

            I am not saying Bernie is not qualified to coach in the bigs, I am saying personality wise he does not show the want or need or ability to.

            I would say just off being who he is was and how long he was around the Yanks that somebody would give him some sort of job if he seriously wanted one.

            As for the WBC I think he wants to play. I hope he makes the team if it will make him happy. The WBC is a joke exhibition thing to me anyway, so I think if they put him on the team they are doing nobody a disservice.

            I also understand why Bernie still wants to play, who does not want to play baseball for money or for their “country” on TV?

            • Stephen says:

              what about his personality says that? Do you know him well, personally? So many times us fans think we know a player, when we have no idea what they’re actually like.

              • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Don Dodda says:

                Bernie said that himself a couple of times. I do not know Bernie personally, although I have met him a couple of times and spoken with the man, but we are not pals.. Bernie had to have Donnie tell other players to leave him alone the first couple of years he was on the team because he is a shy, intervened, cerebral type of guy which is not really typical for a baseball player.

            • I think how the United States considers this competition and how many of the latin american countries consider this competition are very different. I think there are many countries that take the WBC much more seriously then we do, and I suspect Puerto Rico would be one of htem

  2. McCaff says:

    I’d love to watch Bernie play again. However, it would kill me to see him struggle badly. If he could play at a high level and even hit and un-Bernie like .260 ish then i’d say his leadership and veteran approach could most likely help the Puerto Rican team. I’m iffy on this one.

    • OldYanksFan says:

      He could barely do that 3 years ago. Poor dude just doesn’t know how to let go.

      • 'The' Steve says:

        I’m sure he excuses it away as “I’m just a slow starter”. Which was true, but at his age you don’t know if it will ever come back again.

        I wish him well, always liked Bernie. He won’t have many more cracks at playing pro ball ever again, so let him have his fun.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

      “If he could play at a high level and even hit and un-Bernie like .260 ish…”

      Like when he hit .263 in 2003, .262 in 2004, and .249 in 2005? That seems pretty “Bernie-like.”

  3. VO says:

    Im sorry for this being irrelevant but do you have to pay for espn360?

  4. anonymous says:

    Use Bernie as a PH bat off the bench this year if he promises to retire afterwards.

  5. 'The' Steve says:

    “Rays Looking For Big Bat

    Joe Smith of the St. Petersburg Times says the Rays are still in the market for an impact bat, likely to be their designated hitter. While it appears the Cubs are confident they’ll land Milton Bradley, that still leaves Jason Giambi, Pat Burrell, Garrett Anderson, and Bobby Abreu. The Rays have already added to their outfield by acquiring Matt Joyce, so whoever they sign will most likely need to be onboard with playing DH.”


    What about Dunn? There’s a DH if there ever was one. They apparently don’t love him as much as some bloggers and folks around here do.

    It appears that Giambi will be headed back to OAK. Beane wants him back and he’d like to go there. As a Yankee fan, I hope they wind up with Burrell. Doubt he will produce in Tampa the way he did in Philly.

  6. Jake K. says:

    After reading Buster Olney’s blog about Manny today, and how he has no suitors at this point, I wonder if the Yanks should offer him a 1-year deal (assuming Abreu signs elsewhere, so we can sign another type A). It would obviously bloat our payroll for 2009, but you would get one of the best hitters in baseball, properly motivated to get his mammoth contract next offseason, since it looks like he’s not going to get it this offseason. Plus, the Yanks would effectively be sacrificing a 4th round pick in the 2009 draft, but would likely net a 1st round pick in 2010 when Manny signs elsewhere. I know there is no chance this will happen, but I kinda wish it would.

    • Reggie C. says:

      I thought the maximum number of Type A free agents we could get was THREE.

      Doesn’t the signing of AJ, CC, and now Teixeira max out the Yankees’ ability to sign Manny?

    • 'The' Steve says:

      Given what went on in Boston, a 1-year deal makes the most sense for whoever signs Manny.

      Wouldn’t it be wild if GMs pull a Barry Bonds on him and NOBODY signs him, due to his baggage?

      • Mike Pop says:

        Would be wild but I really don’t think it will happen. He has to sign somewhere. Dodgers gotta land him now. But if noone offers him any deals at all I would not mind seeing Cash offer him a 1 year 22 million deal. Would be awesome to have him as our full-time DH.

      • TurnTwo says:

        it would be insane to see that happen… i mean the guy is a little eccentric, but he can still mash a baseball.

        its interesting to hear so much about who may or may not be interested in one of the Yankees extra OFers… different articles ive read this morning have the Reds, Giants, and Angels as potential suitors for Matsui, Nady, and Swisher, and we know that the Braves were in on Swisher before the Yankees got him.

        i still think when its all said and done, if Pettitte doesnt accept his offer from Cashman, the extra OF will be moved for a 5th SP.

        • 'The' Steve says:

          I hope we keep Swisher. I love him as a utility guy, and then you can hedge the bet on him bouncing back. If he’s hitting the ball well, you play him. If not, you cut back on his time. He also allows you to rest the aging regulars.

          Matsui is really the square peg on this team.

          • Matt says:

            Nick Swisher is not a utility player. Nick Swisher is an every day player.

            • 'The' Steve says:

              He plays three positions, 1B, RF, LF. His OPS+ was 92 last year.

              Who would you like to play him over?
              Nady OPS+128
              Damon-Only leadoff hitter on the team, better speed and OBP.
              Everyday DH? That would be a waste of his defensive skills. Plus, Girardi like to keep DH open to give the regulars rest.

              He may be an everyday player, but not on this team.

              • Ryan S. says:

                And thus the Nady vs Swisher debate begins anew. Its baseball – it could go either way. Last year Swisher had a career low point, and Nady had a career high point.

                Girardi is going to switch the guys around and give them both a chance to play. Whoever produces the most is going to be the everyday starting RFer. I’d say coming into ST, Nady is first on the depth chart, but that isn’t saying anything at all. Even if Swisher is a utiltiy guy, he’ll get 400-450 ABs and probably be in the outfield everyday in 2010.

                Personally I like all the numbers about Swisher that Matt has shared, they all scream that Swisher is far from done and he’s going to have a bounce back year. Nady – I’m not sure if he’s peaked, if he regresses, or if he keeps on truckin’ and has a career year (again) as he chases a big money contract in 2010.

                Anyway, no debate can settle who starts. Only their 2009 season on-field performances will decide who ends up being the everyday guy and who ends up being trade bait or a bench warmer.

              • Mike Pop says:

                Ya but years before in Oakland it was 125 and 127 and that is in Oakland. He is probably better than Nady. Nady had a wild season in 08 but he had sub-par seasons in 06 and 07 while Swish is vice versa. Then Swish has a higher OBP, takes more pitches. They are both solid regulars for this team and its not a huge difference. They are both capable of being everyday players for this team

              • Matt says:

                Just because he plays a lot of positions doesn’t make him a UTIL player. He’s a good corner OF and should be used there now that Tex is the 1B.

                OPS+, eh? Go see who has the higher career OPS+. Hint: his name rhymes with Mick Risher.

                Go see who plays better defense. You know what? I’ll save you some time. It’s Nick Swisher.

                Go look at who takes more pitches and works more walks…it’s Nick Swisher again.

                Who makes outs 20% more than the other? It’s Xavier Nady. Not good.

                Nady had a hot first half of 2008, then his stats came right back down to earth in the second half. His second half performance is MUCH more indicative of his true talent than Swisher’s bad season.

  7. Rick says:

    Look, I love Bernie as much as anyone else, but this is his own doing. Why feel sorry for him? He made more money then he can ever spend, is looked at as a god in the Bronx, and is pursuing his love (music). If Bernie was smart, he would officially retire already so the Yanks can get plans for Bernie Williams Day underway.

    • 'The' Steve says:

      How many numbers are they going to retire from the late 90′s group? I think they’ve retired too many #s as it is. I wouldn’t have done Maris, Howard, or Mattingly. Reggie didn’t play here long enough, but at least he won and is in the HOF. Martin and Thurman were special cases, I have no problem with that. Rizzuto deserves a plaque as a beloved announcer, but not as a player.

      I would hope they only do Jeter and Mo. Torre’s #6 is likely as well. If you do Bernie, then a strong case can be made for O’Niell. If you do O’Niell, then a strong case can be made for many other Yankees. Tommy Henrich, Lazzeri, Allie Reynolds, Waite Hoyt, Lefty Gomez and Red Ruffing all come to mind. It’s the same reason why I didn’t think they should retire Guidry. I don’t see how you do Guidry and not do Ruffing and Gomez.

      • Mike Pop says:

        Lets say we put up 2 rings in the next 3 years, would Posada’s be retired ?

        • Mike Pop says:

          Well lets just say this, if all things go right CC, Teix, A-Rod, Joba, PHil, and A-Jax will all have their numbers retired. So thats 6 more right there! Damn we will run out of numbers soon enough ;)

          • 'The' Steve says:

            Exactly. Were going to be bringing up rookies with triple digits on their backs by the time I’m retired.

            • Ryan S. says:

              The Yankee retired # thing is getting as silly as the amount of guys being let into the HOF. At least Mo’s # is already retired by the entire league, so that makes it really easy to deal with him.

              Jeter – that’s it at this point. Jorge can have fun in Monument Park though.

              • Matt says:

                Jorge has been the best offensive catcher in baseball since his first appearance in the league since 1995. He leads all catchers in 2B, HR, RBI, TB, and BB, and is second in hits (not including 20008, for some reason,’s stupid historical/sortable stats page doesn’t incl. 2008). He has been an incredible offensive catcher and should get some HOF consideration.

                • Ryan S. says:

                  Hey, I agree on the HOF consideration. The problem is that we have so many numbers retired, and the more we retire, the stricter the parameters need to be. I’d make #20 a sacred mantle after Jorge retires. It should only be handed down to a premiere prospect, preferably a catcher. I’ll openly admit Jorge is more deserving of having his # retired than maybe some of the other guys who have received the honor, but unless we’re open to the idea of un-retiring some numbers, I’d want to be extremely exclusive about doing so in the future.

                • A.D. says:

                  Theres a difference between the Hall and number retired. Piazza should go to the hall as the greatest offensive catcher ever. Is his number going to be retired by the Mets or Dodgers? Probably not

                • Mike Pop says:

                  Now if Piazza spent his whole career with one of them, would it be different?

                • Ryan S. says:

                  Mets and Dodgers have a lot more numbers to spare, he’d definitely be worthy if he spent his entire career with one or the other.

                • Matt says:

                  If Piazza played w/one team, he’d definitely have had his number retired.

                • Jay CT says:

                  I think POsada has a good shot at getting his number retired. I am not a big fan, I have no trust in him, but if he has a few more seasons like he has had through most of his career, he could be a hall of fame player.

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

        Because Red Ruffing and Lefty Gomez didn’t play for George.
        Bernie was a lifetime Yankee, Paulie was not. Playing for one organization your entire 20-year career means alot

  8. 'The' Steve says:

    “The Dodgers and Rangers are interested in Andy Pettitte if he doesn’t accept the Yankees reduced $10MM offer.”

    It sounds more and more likely that he will be pitching elsewhere this year. Funny thing is, he probably won’t get more than 10 mil from either of those teams.

    • Ryan S. says:

      Yeah, what the hell?

      As much as I would like Pettitte back as our #4 guy, at least he’s not making it that hard to miss him f he does end up going somewhere else. Its not like the Yanks or shunning him or offering him a “thanks but no thanks” type offer such as what Hoffman or Johnson got from SD/Arizona respectively.

      $10M is good money. According to Cot’s, Josh Beckett is making $10.5M this year.

      If Pettitte decides to not pitch for us, it is no way the fault of the organization, and I’m warming up to the idea of the last rotation spot going to a prospect more everyday as I read more of this BS about Pettitte. Pettitte has always been pretty in control of his agents, so I don’t buy into the defense that its the Hendrick Brothers (or whoever his agents are) who are messing up this negotiation. Andy should know where we stand by this point and its time he makes a decision.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Pettitte comes back to NY for 11 million. You heard it here first

  9. Old Ranger says:

    Sorry guys, I loved Bernie when he played but, be honest…he was not nor ever will be a true baseball player. By that I mean, everyone should know by now, he was one hell of an athlete that just happened to play very good baseball. As posted above; bernie had bad baseball sense…judging fly balls, throwing, bunting, running the bases. Many a time he made a big mistake and people would smile, and say “well that’s Bernie, in Bernie world”…how could he coach a team or anyone.
    Again, I think he helped put up those WS wins (a big part) but, as much as I loved him as a player…he and “Mickey” were cut from the same cloth, great raw talented athletes playing baseball. Both of them did very well at it…don’t you guys think? 27/09.

    • Mike Pop says:

      School me a bit here, are you saying Mickey did not enjoy playing baseball, he did not have a love for it, or he did not have great instincts ? All I know is he was one hell of a ball player. My Dad’s favorite Yankee and I hear about him all the time. Heh, Im a huge fan of his because of the stories my Dad has told me. If he never had that injury in the outfield he would of been probably the best CF. His best 5 years match up with the best of em like Mays.

      • Old Ranger says:

        Mickey was one of the greatest ballplayers I ever saw. The thing I was saying is; he was a great athlete playing baseball GREAT. He was not a good ballplayer playing great baseball…maybe this is it—-it’s all in the Instincts (baseball instincts). Maris was a very good defensive OF (instincts), even though Mick was much faster.
        Hay, I go back to the late 40′s (48) so I saw Joe D and Ted W. play. Mickey was the best of the three, all around he was better, they were hitters and good “D”+/-. Mickey was better at everything Except hitting. My opinion…not stats, hell I don’t even know were to look for good stats. 27/09.

        • Mike Pop says:

          Oooh okay, I have done alot of reading on him in books, articles, magazines etc. Just hearing people talk about him and reading how people describe him makes me wish I saw the Mick play. I love how he hit that 1 home run where it would of went out of the whole ballpark but it hit the facad. I read about how this guy hit the baseball hit it 2 or 3 baseball fields in high school. Just ridiculous stuff. My Pops is always like he should of broke the Babe’s record in 61 but he got injured. He’s always pissed about that. Haha

  10. Un-Named Yankee Source says:

    Did Pettitte do something last year to even warrant $10 million?

    How about using that $10 million and sign: Penny, Kotsay, Milton, Pedro, Benson, Mulder, …hell get Ponson for fun too!

    • Mike Pop says:

      Penny-Yea, why not?
      Mulder-Minor LEague deal, why not?
      Ponson-HELL NO

    • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Don Dodda says:

      “Did Pettitte do something last year to even warrant $10 million?”

      No, but he made starts and pitched innings. That is really what you want from your low man on the pole. He could give them a shot to win games, but so could anybody who can make the starts and keep the other team to under five runs a game.

      I am all good to keep it moving and get somebody else. Pettitte has proven himself to be a liar on many occasions. If he wanted to play for the Yanks he can and even make $10MILLION dollars (more than what most people on this board will earn in their entire life doing regular jobs)

      Pettitte, have fun pitching for Joe or for the Rangers.

      • Ryan S. says:

        I’ve always loved Andy – way more good memories than bad. I want him back but there are definite benefits to just letting him leave. I wonder if he knows or cares that he’s alienating himself from the fans though … I know baseball is a business, but its not like he’s getting ripped off if he takes a $10M offer after he states he wants a 1 year deal, and he wants to play for us. I mean, c’mon. Take the deal and prove it – how is that money not good enough for him? He’s extended the negotiating process for long enough, he knows where we stand. Take it or leave it already!

  11. Mike Pop says:

    I would like to see Bern play, maybe hit a walkoff single against Venezuela or something lol.

  12. A.D. says:

    Too bad for Bernie, hope that he does get back into being around the team more, and is at old timers day this coming year.

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