Cashman: Impacto Deportivo report is ‘not true’

Joey on the spot
Fun with Bill James' projections: The Lineup

Bryan Hoch texted Brian Cashman this morning, and the Yanks’ GM categorically denied last night’s report of an impending Manny signing. I’m inclined to believe the words coming out of Cashman’s mouth, but he could just be denying the report because it’s not a done deal. Either way, if the Yanks and Manny are even in discussions, I highly doubt a signing will be forthcoming any time soon.

Joey on the spot
Fun with Bill James' projections: The Lineup
  • thisisthedavid

    Hopefully the Manny from 07 doesn’t show up…Still believe that should be money Tex makes..

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      FWIW, 2007 Manny Ramirez still put up a wOBA of .375, good for 26th in all of baseball, better than 2007 Kevin Youkilis, Ichiro, Brian Roberts, Dustin Pedroia, Carlos Guillen, Adrian Gonzalez, etc.

      … as well as 2007 Derek Jeter, Hideki Matsui, Bobby Abreu, and Robbie Cano.

      2007 was easily his worst year ever, and there were still only 25 men in all 30 teams of Major League Baseball more productive than he was.

      1995 – .409
      1996 – .412
      1997 – .412
      1998 – .409
      1999 – .457
      2000 – .476
      2001 – .414
      2002 – .459
      2003 – .421
      2004 – .414
      2005 – .411
      2006 – .434
      2007 – .375
      2008 – .432

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    “Categorically denied “? His response was “Not true”.
    Cashman was still was denying the CC signing even when CC was visiting Yankee Stadium the day before the press conference.

  • Mike

    Matter of hours before Cashman says something different?

    And you’re right thisisthedavid I don’t want Manny of 07 either.

  • Ryan S.

    Manny himself said he won’t sign until Tex is off the market. This sounds like to me like just another game of telephone based on the NY Daily News article from a couple days ago.

    • Mike Pop

      Where was he quoted as saying this? A quote right from him, or was it from a source?

      • Ryan S.

        My bad, it was from a source – I didn’t make that clear at all. Most recently, I read it on an article from (link:

        It says:

        The report noted that Ramirez has no plans to get serious about any offers until after first baseman Mark Teixeira — like Ramirez, a Scott Boras client — makes a decision about his own future.

        Guess I’d fit right in with the telephone game lol.

        • Mike Pop

          Ya I thought so. I dont think players would directly be quoted as saying that. It would just be leaked.

  • rbizzler

    Ugh, I am conflicted on Manny. Way more than I was on the Burnett signing. I still am of the belief that the cons trump the production that Manny brings. Can somebody convince me otherwise?

    • Ryan S.

      Remember how awesome A-Rod was in April 2007? That’s what Manny is like every October. Is that convincing enough?

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

        rbizzler: How good is Manny Ramirez, really?
        tommiesmithjohncarlos: You know the Holocaust?
        rbizzler:: Yeah?
        tommiesmithjohncarlos: Picture the opposite of that.

        • Ryan S.

          If clutch hits were symbols of freedom, Manny would be the world ambassador for peace.

        • rbizzler

          I hear you. I also think that ‘chemistry’ is overrated, but Manny is the outlier in that winning does not seem to cure his discontent. Or was his situation in Boston that bad?

          Let the justifications begin….

        • mustang

          How is Manny if doesn’t get his way and starts clashing with his manager, teammates, ownership and the NY fans?
          Picture NY blowing up from Independence Day.

          • Ryan S.

            Jeter and Posada would beat the living shit out of him and threaten castration.

            • mustang

              Especially Posada believe me that Puerto Rican/ Dominican thing plays a lot into a situation like that.

              • Ryan S.

                I really don’t see Manny being a negative clubhouse presence. He’d just be one more superstar, one more ego. If anything, he could help since he’d be taking media attention away from other guys like A-Rod. There’s nothing to fear.

                • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

                  “There’s nothing not much to fear.”

                  Let’s not go crazy with the blanket statements, there… I agree with you that the risk is overstated, but it’s not absent altogether.

                • mustang

                  I’m not too sure about that, but then again winning cures many clubhouse issues. See the 1977 and 1978 Yankees.

                • Ryan S.

                  The only people who need to be fearful of Manny are the opposing pitchers. In terms of him bringing along negative intangibles, I don’t think he’s any bigger of a risk than your typical superstar … and Manny has actually always been good with relating to youngsters in a clubhouse.

                  Y’know who I would be concerned about signing? A whiny guy like Youk … I would be glad to see Boston extend his contract.

                • Mike Pop

                  Youk will be a Red Sock for the next 6 or 7 years until they run him out of town.

              • Mike R.

                Damn right!

          • mustang

            And still that bat behind A-Rod damn.
            That tells you how good he is and I can’t stand the guy.

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

            mustang, I don’t have a good answer to justify Manny quitting on his team in order to get a bigger payday. All I can tell you is, Boston has a long and storied history of burning its bridges with it’s aging and departing stars, and I (as an outsider) wonder how much of the Manny fiasco was caused by that club/front office/town itself.

            It’s not much, but remember that they were trying to dump Manny long before he started “dogging” it or showing any outward signs of discontent. You can lay most of Manny’s antics at his feet. I don’t know if you can lay ALL of Manny’s antics at his feet.

            And in any event, if there was EVER a player worth the baggage, it’s Manny.

            • Ryan S.

              Agreed 100%. Also, Scott Boras had JUST as much to do with last year as anybody else. Manny really is a naive, gullible guy, and he followed Boras’ lead the entire time. If ManRam got those 2 option years from Boston (or if the Dodgers had kept those 2 option years when he switched), its Manny’s FORMER agent, not Scott Boras, who would’ve gotten a cut. Boras was a major orchestrator in the Manny fiasco of 2008, no doubt about it.

            • mustang

              I understand the history in Boston and you make an excellent point.
              And maybe if you surround him with stronger leadership he could be better. I’m a stronger believer that a lot of the Manny being Manny thing was developed because of the Sox lack of leadership.

              • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside


              • jsbrendog

                but vtek is the best captain ever! and a perennial all star!!!!

                • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

                  Just wait until the Sox have a new catcher in the system to replace Varitek, and they don’t need him anymore, and we start hearing from Gammons and McAdam that he was an evil baby-raper and that nobody liked him and that he pissed in the team Gatorade.

                • Alan


                • Mike Pop

                  And the new catcher is a god.

    • mustang

      I agree with you, but the guy’s bat is unreal. Still if it goes your stuck with some much expensive garbage I just wouldn’t want to take that chance.

      • mustang

        so much

  • Mike Pop

    It would be awesome to have this guy on our team regardless of the defense he plays. His offensive production outweighs his defensive problems. He replaces Bobby and we still have a better outfield D than last year.

  • mustang

    Does anyone remember a crazy off-season then this?
    At this point I don’t believe anyone, but it’s funny how you can see some of the bias reporting from the different news sources. For example the NY Daily News is pushing the Manny to the Yankees thing. ESPN is pushing the Tex to Boston thing. It’s hard to get a read of what’s the truth.

    • UWS

      At this point, I choose not to believe anything until the ink dries on the contract. It’s the only way to be sure.

  • RollingWave

    Thank god, I would be utterly pissed if we sign Manny to a 3/75 , unless Teixeira end up north of 35M per year.

    • Old Ranger

      Thank god, I would be utterly pissed if we sign Manny to a 3/75.

      Agree with that sentiment entirely. Also, I think I have gotten off the fence in regards to Tex…about time, I know.
      I would like to have Tex but, I don’t think we can afford the long and expense of his contract…so it is one of those “Wants over we Need”. My choice is we don’t need him, therefore NO to Tex…unless he comes down on his demands, somewhere around 3 to 5 years @ 19 to 20mm a year.
      Not to enthused with Dunn, we may be ready to just stay as we are, it wouldn’t be the worse thing to do. 27/09.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

        so it is one of those “Wants over we Need”. My choice is we don’t need him, therefore NO to Tex…we may be ready to just stay as we are, it wouldn’t be the worse thing to do.

        Yankee position players (with at least 2+ years of service time) under contract after this coming season, sorted by age:

        1.) ARod (through 2017)
        2.) Jeter (through 2010)
        3.) Posada (through 2011)
        4.) Swisher (through 2012 + one option)
        5.) Cano (through 2011 + two options)

        Young kids with a realistic shot to be anything more than a backup player by the end of this season, provided that things go well for them:

        6.) Brett Gardner
        7.) Austin Jackson


        There’s 9 spots in a lineup. Adding another position player isn’t a “want”, it’s a need. We need more offense going forward. Between this year and next year, we’re losing 5/9ths of our offense (Giambi, Abreu, Damon, Matsui, Nady); so far, all we’ve added is Swisher. That still leaves 4 holes, and while I love the farm like you do, it’s unrealistic to think that our current crop of positional prospects can produce 4 quality starters during the next 12 (or even 24) months. 2 or 3 would be outstanding. 4 just isn’t going to happen.

        We need at least one positional player addition, both for 2009 and for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013…

        • nick blasioli

          i dont think you know that much about baseball to say the things you are saying…to say we dont need manny or a bat is crazy…never mind the kids…we tried that and it didnt work…we need a bat..tex or manny.

          • nick blasioli

            sorry,,i miss read your apologies….

        • Ryan S.

          Tex is also about as safe of a long term bet as you can make. The guy is in peak physical condition and is a true switch hitter, with great bat speed. As he’s a golden glove defensive player now, he should be able to have a respectable glove at 1B for the duration of his career, and be a defensive asset there for most if not all of his contract.

          I think A-Rod can maintain being a quality or average 3B for at least another 4 or 5 years, and you can slot him over to DH after that. Jeter going to LF would make the most sense for him, and its not worth giving a shit about Montero/Posada/whoever else could be a future 1B guy.

          • Mike Pop

            I really think A-Rod can play a respectable 3rd base for more than 5 years. I think he will play there until hes 40.

        • Matt M

          yea aside from austin jackson, the entirity of our positional prospects of merit all reside in high-a tampa this season.

          they’ll be a force in a few years (imagine the chemistry they’ll build up together by the time the travelling future yankees make it to the bigs) but as it stands right now and for the immediate future…the reinforcements are a few years off and the needs are now.

          we made our move on pitching. now u can sign a manny/tex to ensure that its not just arod/cano holding the fort down for the near future

  • jsbrendog

    there’s no ay this can be true unless manny was talking to cashman while wearing his feetie pajamas and playing whatever the hell video game manny plays, probably mlb 09 as himself.

    remember, he is repped by scott boras. this owuld’ve been EVERYWHERE if it were true

  • yankeeesfan52

    I believe manny is going to be signed. Cashman is waiting for Tex to sign and then steal the spotlight. GO GO GO

  • MS

    I really hope the Yanks get Tex. He fits a need and also hurts the Sox. At this point I see Tex most likely going to the Sox (75%0 or Yanks (25%). The Sox have no back up plan and this would crush them. If the Yanks reall want to cut payroll I understand, but I doubt that. I for one don’t care what their payroll is because I don’t pay the bills and it doesn’t bother me when other fans or the media critisizes the Yanks for over spending.

    • Mike Pop

      8 years is really a long time. I would give it to him but it could end up hurting us.

  • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Donald

    I would there to be a story about Cashman spending Christmas with the Ramirez family. Real or fake, I would get a kick out of that.

  • Mike

    Hey everyone,

    One of the guys on forum emailed the author of the article and the author stands by it. He says his “source” told him it’s a done deal.

    The author also posted ANOTHER article this afternoon saying Cashman was lying when he denied the earlier report.

    Just thought I’d post what I heard/read.

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