Hawaii Winter Baseball says aloha


There’s been some rumblings about this for a couple of weeks now, but Kevin Goldstein says it’s now official: Hawaii Winter Baseball is kaput. Major League GM’s voted to consolidate off-season leagues to Arizona, so HWB’s second tour of duty comes to a close after three seasons (the league previously operated from 1993-1997). Rumor has it that a second Arizona Fall League will be established, but it’ll be a “junior league” for lower level players, similar to HWB. At least now we won’t have to be jealous of the players assigned to play in Hawaii each fall.

Categories : Asides, Minors
  • A.D.

    Nice cost cutting measure

  • Reggie C.

    No big deal as long as there indeed is a second AFL season. HWB in 2009 would’ve been ideal for kids like Higashioka and Brett Marshall.

  • dan

    I wonder what made them change their minds.

  • chad

    Too bad. The Japan Major Leagues would not participate in the AFL. That’s a big loss. HWB is the only league I heard of that both Japan and MLB are playing together.