Heyman: Yanks, Boras talking Tex

Some CC & AJ contract details
Cool on Sheets, Yanks view Pettite's return as 'virtually inevitable'

According to Jon Heyman, the Yankees and Scott Boras are talking about Mark Teixeira. It’s hard to tell how we should take this report. It could be a ploy by Boras to get the Red Sox back to the table or the Yanks could genuinely be interested in the first baseman. For what it’s worth, Mark Feinsand says that Manny remains the Yanks’ target and that the team has probably not yet made an offer for Teixeira.

Some CC & AJ contract details
Cool on Sheets, Yanks view Pettite's return as 'virtually inevitable'
  • Deezer

    “talking about” sounds pretty mild. i mean, im talking about mark teixeira too. but it might put a little fear in powder and the rest of sox management. if they really want him, does a 15M difference really matter? they nickeled and dimed with arod too – didnt that deal fall apart over a 12M give-back by arod that the union wouldnt approve? – then lost him in the blink of an eye. (altho they probably dont regret how that one turned out.) nice move by boras to plant this with heyman.

  • daneptizl

    He did say talking parameters… idk if that’s within the organization or with Boras though…

  • DCR

    Like I said before, if you’re going to hand $20-23MM to Manny for three, just give it to Teixeira for eight.

    I think its a ploy to get Boston to up their bid. Teixeira will land in Anaheim or Boston and the Yankees will end up with Ramirez.

    • Mike Pop

      Like I said before, if you’re going to hand $20-23MM to Manny for three, just give it to Teixeira for eight.

      You say it but it doesnt make the most sense. A shorter term deal is better for us as a team. As much as I love Teix, 190 million or so come on.

      • Old Ranger

        As I stated below; Tex for 3/4 years, is great, but 7-8+ he is just clogging up the roster. Manny for anytime is a bad deal (my opionion). Dunn, I have never seen him play but, it sounds as though he would be a DH on the Yanks team. If this is true, he is not a big op-tick from Matsui. Keep Matsui this year and bring up Miranda next year as DH. No bat needed. 27/09.

        • Mike Pop

          I know you love the farm but as of right now I am not comfortable with Miranda as a DH got 2010.

          Oh man Im watching the 2004 world series film on MLB Network, its so hard to watch.

          • Old Ranger

            Amen to that!
            As of right now I am not either but, 2010…that’s diferent, if he can hit lefty’s that will be the story. The thing I was trying to get at is; we have a few (very few) guys to put in as a DH and 1st base in the future. 27.09.

            • Mike Pop

              Yea, but its too bad Teix would laugh at a 4 year offer.

              • Old Ranger

                True but, if he did well with the Yanks…big payday @ age of 33-34. 27/09.

                • Jay CT

                  Sure, but the same big payday is available right now without the gamble of a major injury or market crash. It makes zero sense for Teixera to take a 4 year deal. I think the aboslute lowest he would go would be 7 with a couple vesting options.

              • Sweet Dick Willie

                Yea, but its too bad Teix would laugh at a 4 year offer.

                Why can’t we get creative here? Offer 4/$100 with another 4/$80-85 that will vest if certain benchmarks are attained.

                • Mike Pop

                  He would rather take 170 gauranteed than that deal, no ?

                • Sweet Dick Willie

                  Maybe, maybe not. Depends on the structure. 8/$170 is $21.25 AAV. 4/$100 is $25 AAV. So for the 1st 4 years, he guarantees himself $15 mil more.

                  I don’t know what he would prefer, all I said was why can’t we get creative? Why does it have yo be straight AAV?

                • cream

                  give tex 8 years 184m, but give him an opt out after 4 years. he is a boras guy who will cetainly opt out. esentially the yanks would get him under the terms they are more comfortable with ( 4years – 92 mill).

                • Sweet Dick Willie

                  he is a boras guy who will cetainly opt out.

                  You can’t say that for sure. An injury during the 1st 4 years, or the market dynamics changing over the 1st four years could persuade him not to opt out.

                  I’m not saying don’t offer him an opt-out clause. If that’s what it takes to sign him, fine. All I’m saying is don’t count on it being exercised, because circumstances we can’t foresee today may prevent it.

                • Jay CT

                  I think that right now, a lot of Yankee fans are thinking what is in the best option for the team, whereas this is a job. Would Tex rather have 100 with a chance to make another 100 if he does well in 4 years, or a guaranteed 185 or 190 million right now, no if ands or buts.

                  Put it this way, if you were advising your son, would you tell him to gamble with the chance that another 100 or 120 million could be waiting? That is a HELL of a big risk, as one major injury could kill that chance. You take the guaranteed money.

                • penstripes777

                  i hope we can land tex and and say screw manny. he is on the down slope of his career

    • steve (different one)

      Like I said before, if you’re going to hand $20-23MM to Manny for three, just give it to Teixeira for eight.

      this argument makes little sense.

      8 – 3 = 5.

      5 additional years.

      i hope they sign Teixeira too, but your logic here is a little flawed.

      • Mike Pop

        No the argument makes no sense because there is no argument. He just says you should just put another 120 mill on your payroll.

        • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

          False. He says he would prefer to sign Tex, if the AAVs are similar, even though Tex demands a longer-term contract, than sign Manny for a similar AAV on a shorter-term contract. There IS an argument there and it does make sense, you just don’t agree with it.

      • DCR

        No it isn’t. Manny is in his late 30s. Texieira is 29. How is my logic flawed that the Yankees should lock up an elite first baseman through his prime instead of paying $20MM+ for Manny’s swansong?

        • steve (different one)

          that’s not the argument you made though.

          this argument: “the Yankees should lock up an elite first baseman through his prime instead of paying $20MM+ for Manny’s swansong” is a reasonable argument, and a little more clear.

          this one: “if you’re going to hand $20-23MM to Manny for three, just give it to Teixeira for eight. “ isn’t a good argument. this argument sounded like you were just saying that the money is the same per year anyway, so just spend it on Teixeira, while ignoring the tons of extra risk that comes with any long term contract.

          so, if i just misunderstood your choice of words, i withdraw my objection. no big deal. it was just a little unclear.

          • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

            I’m actually with DCR on this one, at least as far as the interpretation of what he meant. I think it’s pretty reasonable to assume that in saying “if you’re going to give Manny X then I’d rather just give it to Tex” he was taking into account who those players are and not just saying the long-term commitment is better than the short-term commitment. He didn’t say “long-term is better than short-term, let’s go with the guy who wants 8 years.”

            • steve (different one)

              he probably did mean that, and i am ok with that. i withdraw my objection.

              but there have just been so many people making the argument that the length of the contract is irrelevant so long as the effect on the 2009 payroll is the same.

              and i think that argument is horsesh*t.


              • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

                Yeah fair enough, I hear you. People tend to think that just because you can make the numbers work a certain way for 2009 that all else is good. Think I saw someone trying to say that the Yankees have more money to play with since CC’s “salary” is only $14 million in 2009, as if the $9 million signing bonus isn’t real money paid-out by the Yankees. (I do think that’s different than this Tex/Manny conversation, at least when people consider the prospective contract-terms, players involved, etc., but I hear you.)

                • Jay CT

                  I think both signings have some major advantages and major disadvantages. Either one would make most Yankee fans happy, but either one has major drawbacks as well and would give the Yankees some pretty big issues down the road.

                  I am of the opinion that due to Manny taking a contract that is much shorter with less overall money, plus Manny has a better bat then Teixera, and is considered extremely clutch- he would be my choice.

        • Mike Pop

          Because it is 8 years and 190 million. Thats crazy money. If we could get him for 6-150 Im all for it. But the 2nd(or 3rd if you count both A-Rod deals) for him. I dont know man. He is great but thats a whole lot of money. I would not be opposed to it just because if the Yanks give it to him, more power to them but I just dont think they will give him that much money after what they have spent.

          In the end if they gave him all that, Im gonna be happy either way because it improves the team. Im just taking Manny on a 3 year deal about 70 mill over Tex for 8 190

          • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

            I agree that money matters and I don’t think the Yankees have unlimited resources, but on the other hand they know what their limits are and if they decide they can absorb the Tex commitment and that it’s in the best interest of the team to do so, then I would assume they know they have enough money to make it work and not cripple their personnel flexibility. So I guess what I’m saying is, the money matters, but this argument that Tex should not be pursued simply because he’s asking for such a large contract doesn’t fly with me. Who cares if other, better players don’t make as much? That’s irrelevant.

            • steve (different one)

              , but on the other hand they know what their limits are and if they decide they can absorb the Tex commitment and that it’s in the best interest of the team to do so

              right, but what is they decide they CAN’T absord the committment?

              that’s not going to be an acceptable answer to most people here.

              in other words, most people here DO think they have unlimited resources.

              • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

                Sure, I don’t think I said anything that would be in disagreement with that statement. I was responding more to this sort of sentiment (not picking on you in particular, Mike Pop, just using this as a general example): “Because it is 8 years and 190 million. Thats crazy money. If we could get him for 6-150 Im all for it. But the 2nd(or 3rd if you count both A-Rod deals) for him. I dont know man.”

                So… Pretty sure we’re agreeing here and I should just shut up now.

                • Mike Pop

                  Heh, he isnt worth 190 but no player is worth that much money or the money players are paid today. I just dont think you see Teix unless he takes 160 or so.

                • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

                  I’m confused… So you’ve changed your mind and you wouldn’t have a problem giving Tex 180 million or so?

                • steve (different one)

                  Sure, I don’t think I said anything that would be in disagreement with that statement.

                  agreed. you didn’t.

                  just hypothesizing.

                • Jay CT

                  I think the best bet is to give Manny a deal with two vesting options based on player plate appearances. Manny in a bad market, with a big carrot in front of him (money) plus the home run marks he wants to hit and the ability to terrorize the Sox 19 times a year? Look out

  • Old Ranger

    Wish there was a way to get Tex for 3-4 years!. In about 2-3 years Montero will be ready to catch or play 1st, if he continues hitting as well as he has been…we would plug him in, as a 21 year old catcher/1st. Tex could very well be gone by then (3-4 year deal).
    Austin Romine is no slouch either. If Montero goes to 1st, Austin will be the catcher. Both of these guys have a very high upside, more so then Cervelli, although Cervelli would be the starter until one of them is ready.
    In 1-2 years (maybe st) we will have Miranda kicking down the door for 1st base.
    All of these guys can rake very well, so the need for Tex is non-existent…nice to have his glove and bat.
    I don’t think we need another bat at this time, with this pitching rotation we don’t need to score 6 runs a game. 27/09.

    • Zebidiah

      Maybe an opt-out in four or five years would be mutually beneficial?

      • Old Ranger

        That’s a good thought! Good show. 27/09.

      • Sweet Dick Willie

        Maybe an opt-out in four or five years would be mutually beneficial?

        But if he doesn’t exercise the opt-out (and he wouldn’t if he was not performing at an elite level or if the market dynamics had changed), then the Yanks would be on the hook for the entire contract.

  • Shamus

    Just saw on MLBTR that the Jays have been fielding offers for CF Vernon Wells. He is owed roughly $100M over 6 years.

    While JPR says Wells isn’t on the block, the thought has been that the Jays would try to shed some salary this offseason. There have been Halladay rumors cropping up here and there, as well as BJ Ryan rumors.

    My question: Anyone like Wells for CF? If it takes, say, Kennedy, Romine, Veras and Melky/Gardner? I’m sure they’d ask for Cano and Hughes, but Wells is locked into a big salary, so I guess it would be a dump (?) ….

    Thoughts? I know he was injured last year, but I also know (living in Red Sox County) that he strikes fear into their fans… He ALWAYS kills the Sox.

    • sabernar

      I love how people think that trading away a bunch of mediocre prospects will net us a big fish.

      • Shamus

        As I said, it would be viewed upon as a salary dump. Its not like I said offer Igawa and Melky for Josh Hamilton!!!

        That would be the starting offer. But, if the NYY could snag Wells for a package headlined by two good prospects, an MLB ready picther and MLBR CF, then why the hell not?

        I wouldn’t go as far to call Wells a big fish, either…

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

          Calling Melky a “MLBR CF” is a little generous.

          • daneptizl

            Wells is ass…..

            Wells’ career OBP:332

            Melky’s career OBP:329

            Melky’s not good, but Wells isn’t someone I’d like…

            • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

              Wells’ OBP skills certainly aren’t top-notch, but the comparison to Melky is silly.

              162 game averages:

              Wells: .283/.332/.480, 27 HR, 109 OPS+

              Melky: .268/.329/.374, 9 HR, 84 OPS+

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Put the shoe on the other foot. If you had Vernon Wells, would you trade him for a no-hit, all-field middle infielder, a mediocre middle reliever, a crappy center fielder and Ian Kennedy? Because that is, in effect, what you offered.

      • Shamus

        First offer!!! :x

        When you bought your house, or that most recent car…

        DID YOU GO ALL IN ON THE FIRST %^$&#%$ OFFER !?!?!?!?!?!??!

        BTW Ben, you got me on the mlb-ready CF !!!

        • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

          But you didn’t offer the information above as a “first offer.”

          You said: “Anyone like Wells for CF… If it takes, say, Kennedy, Romine, Veras and Melky/Gardner?”

          You said that as a guess at what it would take to acquire Wells, not as a first offer.

      • Shamus

        and Yes!

        If I (hypothetically) operated a baseball team in C-A-N-A-D-A, where no one EVER comes to the games, and I was overextended in salary, then yes, I would try to get quanity and quality.

        But again, its the opening offer.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

          I see your point on the opening offer, but I think you’d have to offer up another better prospect than the four throw-ins. If you offered Kennedy + higher rated prospect + salary relief, you could probably give up fewer players. Wells is certainly intriguing for that CF hole.

          • Mike Pop

            But for 100 million ?

            • steve (different one)


              the Yankees would be overpaying to even offer that much.

              Wells is untradable.

      • steve (different one)

        actually, i don’t think it would take much to land Wells at all.

        his contract is a major albatross.

        probably one of the 3 worst contracts in baseball.

        i actually do think Ian Kennedy+ could get the talks going. i actually think it’s too much. with Wells’ contract, he almost has NEGATIVE trade value.

        NO ONE will take Wells’ current contract. no one. unless the Jays kick in a lot of money or basically give him away, he ain’t going anywhere.

        if i were Cashman, i wouldn’t even pick up the phone.

        • Mike Pop

          I would look into it if they kicked in 20 or 30 mill. IPK being the centerpiece. Vernon could turn it around but he could be the next Andruw Jones. Its a risky move but it might be one I make.

    • E-ROC

      Pass. Can’t stay healthy and may not age well over the length of that contract.

      • Shamus

        Thats a fair point. He has had injuries.

        I just think this team needs one addition to the offense, and it is championship caliber.

        Nick Fukinay Swisher doesn’t do it for me. Hideki as A-Rod’s protection? please……

        I like all the free agent bats, at the right price. Tex, Manny, Dunn. Hell, if the dollars are right, I like any of the trio. Obviously, though, I put them in the order of which I’d like to see them in ‘stripes.

        Burrell, Abreu, et al? Ughh. NO !

        Via trade — hey, if a package like Hughes, IPK and two B prospects could land a Josh Hamilton, I’m all for it.

        This team is void of the last bat they need, IMO.

        • Mike Pop

          Hamilton is not going anywhere.

        • steve (different one)

          Nick Fukinay Swisher doesn’t do it for me.

          Swisher career: .244/.354/.451 – 112 OPS+
          Wells career: .283/.332/.480 – 109 OPS+

          Swisher’s 2008 season: .219/.332/410 – 92 OPS+
          Wells’ 2007 season: .245/.304/.402 – 85 OPS+

          Swisher – $21M for 3 years
          Wells – $117M over 6 years

          the grass is always greener, my friend.

          • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

            Dude you just brought the hammer down.

  • Vincent Vega

    No Manny, no Manny, no Manny! I will truly vomit if I see that scumbag wearing the pinstripes. Sign Dunn for for 3/35.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Yeah. The thought of the best right-hander of our generation hitting .300/.400/.600 for the Yanks makes me vomit too.

      • Mike Pop

        Its not like he would help us in the postseason or anything. He is not the perfect addition on a 2 or 3 year deal.

      • Vincent Vega

        That stat line sounds great! Until he sits out 4 straight games complaining about a knee injury but can’t remember which knee hurts….. Or until he takes three straight strikes against Papelbon because he feels the Yanks are disrespecting him in some way….. Or until he throws our traveling secretary (George Costanza?) to the clubhouse floor after some juvenile dispute. Sounds like a Yankee to me.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

          Are you hung up on the fact that he doesn’t “sound like a Yankee”? That’s probably the worst reason not to acquire him. There are plenty of reasons not to acquire him. That’s not one of them.

          • Sweet Dick Willie

            I think he’s saying character, while maybe not the most important aspect when considering acquiring a player, cannot be ignored either. And while I don’t personally know Manny, the incidents that Vincent cites are facts, and probably should not be ignored.

            But hey, that’s just me.

        • Mike Pop

          Your making a bigger deal of it than Manny actually brings. This guy behind A-Rod is one of the best things that could happen to this team in a long time. Adding Manny + what we already did, I feel real real good about our chances in the playoffs come next year. I feel good bout them now but I would like to add one more bat.

      • Old Ranger

        Do you really think Manny would fit in with this team? I love the idea of Manny and A-Rod hitting back to back but, will he play every inning of every game for 3 years? I could care less about his antics (still think he should grow up) as long it doesn’t hurt the team. 27/09.

        • Mike Pop

          We would probably be in the world series 2 out of those 3 years. If that was the case Im okay with him taking a few games off(which I think is exaggerated)

          • Old Ranger

            No one can argue with his bat, is it really worth it? 27/09.

            • Mike Pop

              Yes sir

  • Currambayankees

    I hope the Yankees are in the bidding for Tex. Offer him 184 for 8 and see if he takes it. Hey, we just had Giambi a below ave 1st baseman with power, good eye and poor ave for 7yrs, why not swing for the fences again and give a gold glove switch hitting 1st baseman with power, a good eye and good ave a 7-8yr deal? I have a feeling this guy will age more gracefully then Giambi because he’s more athletic.

  • Dan

    If your willing to commit to the rest of vernon wells contract why not take better numbers from manny for 3 years instead of six manny being manny be damned

  • Januz

    I have always favored Tex, over the other free agents available. A strong left handed hitter (Or switch hitter), has always been a hallmark of Yankee teams, and that is the missing piece to title 27. I know there are persons who want Matt Holliday, next year. But this is NOT Santana or Sabathia, where you do not want to give up Phil Hughes, so you wait. Sign Tex NOW, let Andy go, save the $10m, and use it on Tex. I would rather have Tex and Hughes NOW. Than Andy then Holliday and Hughes next year.

    • C.Panella

      Andy wont be back next year sir it would be a 1 year deal for andy only then phil gets his full time shot again

  • Rob NY

    In 3 years when Tex is 31 would you sign him to a 5 year deal? If the answer is yes than signing Manny is stupid because you can have Tex for essentially the same thing (including the 5 years you wanted him for later). If you don’t want him from age 31-36 than that’s where the argument falls apart. I can’t stand Manny and could never root for him, so anybody but him is a win for my rooting interests. I also don’t really want Tex if it’s going to cost 23m but I can see the argument the guy up top made.

    • steve (different one)

      In 3 years when Tex is 31 would you sign him to a 5 year deal?

      we can’t answer that until we see his next 3 years. the answer could easily be “no”

      what if halfway into 2009, Teixeira breaks his wrist and is never the same hitter again? you are stuck for the next 7 years.

      we could be sitting here in 2003 and arguing how you’d be stupid to opt for signing Bonds for 3 years vs. 29 year old Nomar for 8 years. or sitting here in 2006 arguing to trade for 29 year old Travis Hafner.

      not saying that will happen to Teixeira, but that’s the risk you take with a deal that long. 8 years is a crazy long time in baseball world.

      just look at the Yankee roster from 8 years ago. there are only like 7 players out of the 46 players from the 2000 Yankees who are still even playing.

  • Rob NY

    ” If that was the case Im okay with him taking a few games off(which I think is exaggerated)”

    Exaggerated? He was proven to be faking an injury last year because he didn’t want to play. In ’06 the guy took an entire month off because he felt like it. He is a HoF hitter, but as a player and guy he’s a complete and total bum.

    • kimonizer

      I think it is hard to ignore how much he disliked the Boston fans/environment and how likely it was that the organization was also sabotaging him. Not that he is a saint, but it is doubtful that the blame is on one side here.

      Although the Yankees have not tendered contracts to players that the fans like at times (a la Bernie Williams), in general the Yanks don’t mistreat cornerstone franchise players. Look at the Mo and Posada contracts which were probably bigger and longer than ideal or the fact that Beltran wasn’t signed so Bernie could stay in center. There is more respect from the organization and that is what I feel Manny was really slighted by.

      For all the props they get fro being shrewd, the BoSox management is also shrewish and petty.

  • gianthinker

    Teixeira comment—-
    I keep reading people who dont want to see the Yanks get into the Teixeira bidding say he’s not worth Arod money. It’s bothering me. First of all, who is? Arod shouldn’t even be making that much money and he’ll be the best hitter of all time when its done. What these guys make is ridiculous. That being said, its all monopoly money. Who cares? You’re not paying it. In fact, if you want to say you ARE paying it by buying tickets, beer, jerseys and such FINE. Why wouldn’t you want the best product out on the field then? If you’re paying them all that money to see them why wouldn’t you want the best version possible?

    I could go on and on about that but what I’m really wondering is how any Yankee fan can say $20-$25 Million a year is too much for Teixeira. Is it a stupid amount of money? Yes, obviously. But my question is HOW can we think paying Giambi $21 Million a year was okay when he cant throw, is slow and is basically a full time DH and then turn around and say we cant possible spend around the same or a few million more a year to have a power hitting, switch hitting, gold glove award winning 1B — who grew up like a lot of us did (I know I did) idolizing Donnie Baseball — isn’t worth the investment?

    …Sorry I know that was a long run on sentence but that really been bothering me. People want to throw $25 per year at Manny to be a JOKE of an OF or a DH and deal with his crap but not spend the same on a 28 year old guy who could be an all star for the next decade (maybe not that long but 7-8 yrs) as a key position WITH AN OPENING? I just dont get it.


    • Frank B.

      Precisely… but the yanks will pay Cameron 10 mil. and NOT consider Tex.. boggles my mind.

      • steve (different one)

        this argument makes no sense.

    • usty

      Haha…I always say, they weren’t going to lower prices becaue they DIDN’T sign someone. 10.50 beers/09 ftw!

    • Permínio

      I’m totally with you. Teixeira is young, athletic, never had any serious injuries, I mean, it’s not like he will be 40 at the end of the contract, he will be 36. Jorge is 37, A-Rod is 33, you guys don’t think A-Rod will have at least 3 more great years? I’m no good on building a solid argument to make my point ’cause english is not even my first language but I’m all for giving him a 184/8 contract and see if he wants to be in pinstripes.

  • Kay Sturns

    phil wants his shot now. he is ready and willing to dominate. heard it here first!

  • nolan

    I don’t think people are trying to say Teixiera isnt a good player. But there is a good argument about him not being an ELITE player. Arod, Pujols, Manny. Those guys are Elite. Tex is great…but not in the same category. That doesnt mean the yanks shouldnt offer him an 8 year 184 million deal – he’s worth whatever a team is willing to pay him to play 1b – but the yanks should look at the duration of the contract more than the dollars. Do we need to clog up 1b for the next 8 years when we have Posada, Arod and Jeter – all who will need to eventually move to a different position. In my opinion, within the next few years, the yanks should move Arod to 1b, jeter to 3b – and look to go trade for a great new young SS. Defensively we’re a pretty horrible team and that needs to improve if we want to win championships. As far as 2009 goes, we do need another bat – and Manny fits the mold PERFECTLY. A 3 year deal for him to just DH (with an occasional appearance in RF) is exactly what the yanks need. We don’t need teixiera for 8 years.

    • steve (different one)

      Manny the player really is a good fit for this team.

      Manny the total package? i’m not sure.

      • ryan

        manny is great but winning without the likes of manny would be greater. He brings a lot of negatives along with his potent bat. Manny is a below average fielder, 37 yrs old and on the decline bar a short season with LA during his coontract yr. Manny is a selfish player and can destroy a club house as well as carry it on his back. People are rightfully scarred off by his antics, as proof by only 1 team offering him a contract when his right handed ” must have” bat would be a key pickup for any team. How would fans like to flip open the paper and hear how manny was in bad mood and smacked around a couple of their favorite yankees. There is still an image that is carried with the yankees i like to believe…it’s an image of professionalism. Derek jeter is an example of that image, he plays every day through injuries no one hears about until after the year ends and does it in the most professional manner possible. Manny is the on the other spectrum. NO ONE QUESTIONS HIS BAT.

      • Larry

        Ever see Manny swing at a bad pitch? – No. Rarely strikes out (The Mo strikeout notwithstanding). He has a great eye for the strike zone. Manny for Three!!

        • ryan

          sure i’ve seen manny swing at a bad pitch….as a matter of fact i’ve seen him not even take the bat off his shoulders while on one of his tantrums. NO QUESTIONS HIS BAT. funny how every argument for bringing him aboard starts and ends with his bat, Guess that means that’s the only thing positive he brings to the table. And if im not mistaken there was a lengthy period of time that he was scarred of hard stuff , remember him sitting out when joba pitched? He’s a great hitter and that’s it.

          • Sciorsci

            The Yanks need a hitter. I think it would be great to acquire one whose bat no one questions.

            I’ll be happy with Teixeira or Manny (or Dunn, for that matter – in fact, he’d be my preference). Heck, I could probably even talk myself into Ken Griffey, Jr. to platoon with Nady in RF. They just need a bat now.


    This is one of the hardest debates ever:

    Give Manny a 3-4 year 75-90 million deal at the age of 37 with declining statistical seasons for the past 2 years (with Boston)


    Give Texiera an 8 yr 190 million deal for a guy who never finished above 7th in MVP voting, always has VERY slow starts to the year, and has been viewed more as an “end of the year stats guy” rather than a “clutch” guy (can anyone say AROD?)

    Both situations are not great. I’d have to take situation A though – only for the less years required to lock it up.

  • Joseph M

    Forget about Tex, Manny is the play here. I like having options at first and options with a team carrying this kind of age is a must. What happens if halfway through AROD’s contract (he’ll be 37 then) he needs to be moved off 3rd. What happens two months into the 2009 season if we find out Posada can’t throw.

    Manny is the rising tide lifting all boats. He is a one of a kind hitter who not only helps AROD but the hitters in front of AROD (Damon and Jeter) by his lumming presence. Manny pulls the hitters behind him up as well by wearing pitchers down.

    I know he has a huge downside but look at what he did for the Dodgers, look at what he did for Boston, pencil him in as DH for the next three years and maybe we get a championship or two out of it before father time sends the club into full rebuilding mode.

    • Sciorsci

      Chamberlain, Hughes, Kennedy, Jackson, Brackman, Montero, Romine, Adams, Miranda, Melancon. Father Time will send them into a new dynasty before “rebuilding mode.” In fact, so long as YES and the new stadium allow them to operate at a different financial threshold than the rest of MLB, they’ll remain a reloading team rather than a rebuilding team.

  • http://www.bronxbaseballdaily.com Rob Abruzzese

    This all sounds interesting to me. My guess is that the Yankees are seriously considering Manny and are wondering if it’s worth it to sign Teixeira instead. So they’re just having conversations before ruling anything out.

  • http://nyyu.blogspot.com Mike @ NYYU

    Seems to me that ever since Heyman has been on the Mets’ payroll, his Yankees “information” is usually wrong or negative.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      As a fellow blogger, let me just say that statements like this destroy your credibility. That’s an absurd, baseless thing to say about a reporter.

      • http://nyyu.blogspot.com Mike @ NYYU

        Sorry you feel that way. Listening to him on WFAN was great until he started working for SNY. His whole attitude towards the Yankees changed after that.