Joba to headline PAL fundraiser

Hal — not Hank — on SBJ's most influential list
Open Thread: Slow times for Yankees' news

Jim Baumbach and Katie Strang penned an interesting piece on Joba today. The Yanks’ pitcher is going to skip his DUI court date — a mere formality at this point since he has already entered a not guilty plea — to headline a Police Athletic League fundraiser tonight. While Joba had been set to appear at this event long before his arrest, PAL decided not to pull Chamberlain from the event after his legal troubles arose. “What’s a better message to teach our kids?” PAL Executive Director Felix Urrutia Jr. said to Newsday. “You make a mistake and it’s not the end of the world. It’s how you respond to it that defines who you are, not that you made a mistake. That’s the overall lesson here.” That’s an interesting take on the situation for sure.

Hal — not Hank — on SBJ's most influential list
Open Thread: Slow times for Yankees' news
  • Matt C

    why isnt the rocket excused then

    • The Third Yip-Yip

      Pedophilia isn’t a mistake you learn from…

    • Steve

      No husks of corn were endangered by his actions.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

    Will there be an open bar at this fundraiser?

    • Alan

      I heard Leyritz is bartending for it.

    • ceciguante

      there’s open bar at all these fundraisers. nice perk.

  • ceciguante

    i was at this event tonight, sat 10 feet from joba and ralph branca. said hi to both of em, got a ball signed by joba too, which was cool. joba signs with his left hand, btw. so while he’s signing this ball, i told him i’m a fan, yadda yadda, and that i want to see him start this year. he seemed to appreciate that.

    during the ceremony joba spoke for about 2 or 3 minutes, talked a bit too fast and was visibly a little nervous. real nice guy, shows his youth a bit. a little smaller in person than i was expecting, but still obviously a big guy. it was pretty endearing to see his modesty and notice his nerves making a speech. he did fine, but you could tell he wasn’t completely comfortable addressing the crowd. that kills me, considering he seems perfectly at ease with runners on in the 8th on national tv. i guess it’s all what you’re used to.

    jennifer steinbrenner was there as the other honoree on behalf of the steinbrenner family. she spoke very well, and for her age, stays in pretty damn good shape (for all you 50+ single guys who need a sugar mama).

    but for me, the best part hands down was saying hello to ralph branca. i told him my dad was a big bklyn dodgers fan back in the day, etc. he grabbed my arm, pulled me in and said, jokingly “you know, when i was 23 i had 58 big league wins.” we both cracked up at that one…great guy, branca.

    • Ben K.

      Ah, sounds like a great event. What exactly did Joba touch upon as he spoke?

      I think it’s true for a lot of athletes. These guys can come up in pressure situations and perform no problem, but once you take them out of their element, they’re different people.

      • ceciguante

        joba mentioned how he was influenced by a similar PAL-type group when he was a kid, so he jumped at the chance to get involved as a yank. DA bob morgenthau introduced him, as well as len berman and sal marchiano, all with nice things to say about how he handles himself as a nebraska kid making it big in a flash, and even how he didn’t shrink from the DUI thing. nice vibes all around, mutual admiration society. jennifer steinbrenner also came across very nicely, spoke briefly and well, mentioned that george was touched when he found out that joba was being honored by PAL since george has always been a big supporter. morgenthau added that george has always been a generous guy, once insisting that a donation of his be made anonymously. pretty cool.

        so joba also thanked a few people, the steinbrenners, steiner sports, etc., and came across as a self effacing young man. he mentioned how he’s really just a young guy with a lot to learn and adjust to, and how back home it used to make him nervous just to stand up and talk to 2 people, but here he is talking to this room of “all you people”…i’m sitting at a table of lawyers (cuz our firm supports the cause), and we’re thinking wow, that’s joba fuckin chamberlain and he’s nervous about talking to us?? no way. joba did fine up there, but it was just so cool to see how a jeter just doesn’t get phased at all, whereas joba was truly moved by it. great stuff. no need for another reason to root for him, but there it is.

        there were also a bunch of folks / handlers sitting at joba’s table, so it was tough to get close to them, but i’m pretty sure one person at their table was yankee general counsel lonn trost. i blew it, i should’ve asked him for a job…