RAB Fantasy Football League Update III


There’s only one week left in the regular season of our first ever fantasy football league, and just one of the twenty teams has clinched a playoff spot. The last time I updated you on the league’s goings-on, I was tenth in the league with a 5-4 record, but riding the wave of a three week winning streak. One month later, that streak is still alive at seven wins, and I’ve gone from the middle of the pack to near the top of the standings.

The trade deadline came and went with much controversy (I’m not going to explain, long story), and now teams are stuck mining the unbearably barren free agent pool for fill-ins. I grabbed Ken freaking Dorsey a few days ago to replace Vince Young as my backup to Chad Pennington for no other reason than because Dorsey will actually get some playing time during the rest of the season. Ryan Grant, Brandon Jacobs, Kevin Walter and Calvin Johnson continue to carry my squad.

Loyal RABer JSBrendog and I lock up for a UUUUUUGE battle this week. We’re tied for second in the league with identical 9-4-0 records, but I’m technically in third because my team has picked up 5.4 fewer points on the season. The winner of the week clinches a playoff spot and the second best record in the league, the loser’s playoff fate will be decided by the what the six teams with an 8-5-0 record do. You’re doing going down, fool.

Current standings are after the jump.

  1. Unstoppable Duo (formerly Craptastic Jay), 11-2-0, 1282.52 pts (clinched a playoff berth)
  2. JSBrendog (rocks), 9-4-0, 1059.72
  3. Mike A., 9-4-0, 1054.32
  4. Punk in Drublic, 8-5-0, 1278.64
  5. Tiki’s Empty Finger, 8-5-0, 1190.38
  6. Rafi, 8-5-0, 1166.96
  7. Tommie’s Titans, 8-5-0, 1157.90
  8. Our Daily Brett, 8-5-0, 1141.70
  9. Rae Carruth’s Hitmen, 8-5-0, 1049.76
  10. Jamal G., 7-6-0, 1195.20
  11. grgoyldef2, 6-7-0, 1219.52
  12. baseballbackyet?, 6-7-0, 1119.96
  13. Patrick, 6-7-0, 1101.82
  14. Vin R., 6-7-0, 1059.44
  15. Cano’s Hustlas, 5-8-0, 1072.78
  16. Manimal, 5-8-0, 858.16
  17. SAMIAMSPORTS, 4-9-0, 956.04
  18. The Highlanders, 4-9-0, 875.78
  19. GoYanks, 3-10-0, 943.96
  20. Joseph P., 1-12-0, 673.96
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  1. Jamal G. says:

    I need two of the teams ranked fifth through ninth to lose and a win for me; I would sneak in because I have the lead on all those squads in points scored.

  2. dan says:

    Wow, Joe is terrible. Good thing this isn’t a football blog.

    • Mike A. says:

      He abandoned his team weeks ago. I was going to take control of his roster since I’m the commish, but I didn’t think it would be fair that some teams got to play his squad with a crappy roster while others didn’t.

  3. radnom says:

    How many playoff spots are there?

    Joseph P., 1-12-0, 673.96


  4. Jay CT says:

    Allow me to say what happened with the trade deadline, since it still bothers me. It was suddenly moved, after two week notice that it was coming up, because “some owners wanted it pushed back so they could finish a deal.” After much complaining by me, I presented the following arguement: If Selig moved the trade deadline so the Red Sox could make a deal to aquire Peavy this summer, and the Sox beat the Yankees in the playoffs based on Peavy’s assitance, would you be angry? The ruling was then made; a trade was allowed to be passed, but then the deadline suddenly got moved up and the trade was still allowed. It could have been vetoed, but instead, Mike just got mad and said this is how it is, end of story. I would love some others opinions on their view of suddenly moving a deadline, then moving it again.

    Oh, and I am the first place team, the only team to clinch a bye week, and the number 1 seed who will probably get knocked out in round 1 as that is what usually seems to happen.I have to hope most of my guys continue to have stuff to play for.

  5. jsbrendog says:

    “You’re doing down, fool.”

    I can only hope your team plays as well as you type


    but seriously, when you look at my team I have no business being up there BUT WE WILL PERSEVERE!!

  6. Joseph P. says:

    Okay, so maybe I didn’t sub out my players who had bye weeks.

    But at least I didn’t go selling off my team for shit players.

    And if anyone wants my spot, it’s clearly going to be open next year (though I like TJSC’s idea about replacing the bottom four teams). I can’t do this fantasy sports shit.

  7. Manimal says:

    Fuck autodraft. I had first overall pick too.

  8. Murph1010 says:

    Mike, can you explain to me the downside of offering Mussina arbitration? If he declines, that’s what we expected anyway. If he accepts, that’s a good thing, bc it means he’s coming back to pitch.

    What gives with this decision?

  9. Patrick says:

    Been a good season, thanks Mike. No playoffs for me. :)

    • Jay CT says:

      Good thing you didnt trade me Reggie Bush when we talked about it. I think I told you that he was a tad too injury prone for me to go all in on him.

      • Patrick says:

        That’s not exactly what you told me, but it’s cool. Doesn’t really matter. Hindsight is hindsight. At the time, the offer’s that I was receiving didn’t make sense. In hindsight, it wouldn’t have done me too much good, anyway, since the closest that you came to making an offer was “Stephen Jackson and something for Reggie Bush and something.” And this was after Jackson’s slow start and Bush’s fast start. But, really, Jackson has underperformed Bush this season as Bush has 136.70 fantasy points and Jackson has 124.40.

        At the end of the day, it wouldn’t really matter if you had Bush and I had Jackson, etc. It would have been inconsequential. Your team has simply performed better than everyone else’s. Good work.


  10. jsbrendog says:

    i jusr realized, i totally got name dropped in a post, boo yah haha awesome

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