• stewman23

    Hey, does anybody accessing the site from a mobile device know if there is a trick behind getting the live chat to display normally? It appears in some sort of foreign language and I’m not even sure if it can be displayed normally if it’s some sort of Flash application, but figured I’d throw it out there.

  • christopher

    A comment from the draft that is concerning is Mr. Gammons report that CC will wait until after Tex sisgns. This opens up the Red Sox to royally screw the yankees.

    If the CC negotiations drag on longer and Burnett and maybe even Lowe disappear it will become even more necessary for the team to get sabathia. If Boston were to swwop in and get Tex, the Angels could very well use that money to give to CC. They do have the power, if they dont sign tex, to possibly match or at least come very close to the yanks offer.

    Tex goes to Boston leading CC to the Angels = worst possible scenario this off season and I dont think this hasnt passed through Theo’s mind.

    As much as I prefer Sheets to Burnett moreso because of the years and dollars it will take, I think the yanks need to make a play for burnett while the await a decision from CC. If they miss CC, they will need Burnett and Lowe/Sheets in order to possibly contend plus a couple of big bats

    this offseason is defintly mot unfolding as planned. By now, Cashman probably thought he would have CC and either Moose or Petitte locked up and be in the midst of negotiations with Burnett, Sheets, and Lowe as well as a middle of the road bat such as adam dunn, milton bradley, or even Ibanez.

    getting nervous and I cannot take being second to the red sox anymore..it is driving me absolutly nuts