Red Sox try to retaliate with former farmhand

Open Thread: Dodgers interested in Abreu
Bernie hurt in winter ball

If this had happened, it would have been scary: According to Jon Heyman and Tom Verducci of, the Red Sox made a play for Marlins SS Hanley Ramirez last week after losing out on Mark Teixeira. If you remember, and I’m sure most of you do, the Red Sox traded Ramirez — along with Anibal Sanchez, Jesus Delgado, and Harvey Garcia — to the Marlins in the winter of 2005 for Josh Beckett and what was thought to be Mike Lowell’s salary. Both teams got what they wanted out of the deal, but now it appears Boston wants to trade Florida more players it can trade back for in three years.

I know some of you are thinking it, and I’m sure someone has said it in the comments section at MLBTR, but it’s not what you think. This is not Boston retaliating. Signing Carl Pavano and trading for Randy Johnson? Retaliation for 2004. Bidding 27 freaking million dollars on Kei Igawa? Retaliation for Daisuke Matsuzaka (or at least one could make the argument). Attempting a trade for Hanley Ramirez? Not retaliation for the Yankees nabbing Teixeira.

By making a play for Teixeira, Boston attempted to upgrade their offense. They saw a number of question marks with players like David Ortiz, Mike Lowell, J.D. Drew, and whomever is going to catch, so they sought a reliable bat to go along with Dustin Pedroia, Jason Bay, and Kevin Youkilis. Unfortunately for them, the Yankees also saw question marks: Hideki Matsui, Jorge Posada, Robinson Cano, Nick Swisher. They sought a reliable bat to go along with Johnny Damon, Derek Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez. They paid the premium and solidified the lineup. That doesn’t change Boston’s plans, though.

Maybe, just maybe there’s a hint of retaliation in this, in that the Red Sox realize that not only do they have the same number of question marks as before, but that the Yankees have one fewer. The pressure is then greater, I suppose, to add that reliable bat and keep pace. I’m sure that the Red Sox don’t think like that, though. They wanted a bat before, and they still want a bat. After missing out on the top free agent on the market, they turned to the best player on a team that’s always willing to listen. Apparently they didn’t get far, but considering the player that’s to be expected. Not only is Hanley the best offensive shortstop in the majors, but the Marlins just signed him to a long-term deal this past May. He doesn’t get expensive until 2012 — perhaps 2011 if you’re the Marlins, which they indeed are.

As Heyman and Verducci noted, it would have taken an overwhelming offer to get the Marlins to budge. Specifically mentioned were Jacoby Elsbury and Clay Buchholz, plus others. I’m guessing Lars Anderson’s name came up. And why wouldn’t it? The Marlins have this guy for $5.5 million in 2009 and $7 million 2010. Considering Ryan Howard’s first-year arbitration salary, it could have been a lot worse. So why not hold onto him while he’s cheap and trade him away when he makes $11 million in 2011? He’ll only be 27 at that point. And then maybe he’ll become someone who toils in relevancy for a 90-win team.

This shows that the Red Sox aren’t going to quit their pursuit of run production just because they missed out on Teixeira. They have a strong farm system that could fetch them a number of capable major league players. The question is, how much are they willing to give up?

Open Thread: Dodgers interested in Abreu
Bernie hurt in winter ball
  • ortforshort

    What’s retaliation got to do with anything? The Red Sox realized they were missing something when they got rid of the evil Ramirez. In the back of their minds when they did that was that they’d go full bore after Teixeira to replace him in their lineup. That’s fallen through. Now they’re going after someone who can give them the same thing – the good Ramirez. It’ll save on paper, too, because Francona can just reuse some of last year’s lineup cards.

    • deadrody

      Full bore, eh ? Maybe that would have worked. They probably should have tried it then.

  • Stephen

    Do you think they regret (at all) the trade. Beckett was great in 2007, leading the Sox to the WOrld Series, but he’s only had that one good year, and who knows if he can stay healthy. Hanley Ramirez is one of the best players in baseball, and is actually not a terrible defensive SS anymore.

    • Mike Pop

      Is that ring better than what Hanley could have done ? Who says Hanley doesnt win them one. Its hard to argue I guess. I know this was brought up a while back and Ben was all over it on here but I still think it was a bad trade regardless of the ring they won.

      Hanley Ortiz Manny would of been just ridiculous and could of won a series dont ya htink ?

      • JeffG

        Howie Kendrick – I think he is a hell of a second baseman. In my mind though pitching is a major leg up when it comes to shutting down a whole lineup in the playoffs.
        I know hitters have done well is postseason but most teams that have gone all the way do it behind the rotation… batters can get cold real quick… consider the Rays against the Phillies.

        • Jay CT

          You cannot be saying that Howie Kendrick will be a target on the Red Sox radar right? You also cannot be saying Kendrick and Hanley are even in the same ballpark.

    • A.D.

      They won the title thats all that matters to them. If you said would you rather have a WS title or a very good team that may win a title, everyone is going to take the title.

      Its like the Eli vs Rivers debate…Eli won the title, thats all that matters

      • Jamal G.

        If you said would you rather have a WS title or a very good team that may win a title, everyone is going to take the title.

        Yes, but if you are using that argument then you are basically saying the Red Sox knew for a fact they would win the 2007 Fall Classic if they made that trade.

        • Bo

          There is a reason that every team is out there looking for dominant starting pitchers. Because they win titles.

          Ramirez while a nice player and a fantasy superstar isn’t Beckett and doesn’t win you titles.

          Boston would make that trade ten times out of ten.

  • pat

    Id much prefer hanley stays in florida. I’d rather deal with beckett a few times a year than hanley ramirez 19 times

    • pat

      that was stupid ugh.

  • Manimal

    “…the Red Sox realize that not only do they have the same number of question marks as before, but that the Yankees have one fewer.”

    Perfectly said. This could be seen as retaliation, but in the end the red sox need stability in that line up which they still need. Sorry Theo, no trade backs.

    • Manimal

      Wow, Ignore that last part that made no sense. I’m tired. Good night.

  • Reggie C.

    Talks probably stalled after Marlins demanded Lars Anderson. No way Buchholz, Ellsbury, and somebody like Hagadone and/or Bowden would’ve been enough. Anderson is a top 10 hitting prospect in the minors, and the prime chip in the Marlins’ eyes.

    • K.B.D.

      Bucholz and Ellsbury collective stock has to be relatively low compared to what it was this time last year. Neither was impressive.

    • Jamal G.

      Saying Lars Anderson is a top-ten bat in the minors is a bit much, and Clay Buchholz would be the prime chip in that trade. I bet the Red Sox did an either-or deal, like either you take pitcher A+ and hitter B+, or pitcher B+ and hitter A+, but not both.

      • Mike Pop

        Like they did with teh Johan. It was either or but not together. I could see that

        • RollingWave

          Hanley ‘s trade value right now is a lot higher than Johan, equally awsome talent, much younger and controlled cheap (relatively), much less of a injury worry long term.

  • A.D.

    Whats wrong with Jed Lowrie, why do the Sox not want to let him play. I get Hanley is better, but you’re going to pay through the nose

  • Reggie C.

    Last post of the night…

    I find it alittle troubling the Marlins would even listen to offers for the 2nd best player in the National League. They’re overall pretty strong in the hitting department. They could use an ace quality starter and bullpen help, but we’re talking about a team that surely could take the Wild Card next season.

    I hope it was for shits and giggles … why move Hanley? Unless Theo opened the convo with an offer of Lars/Buchholz/Ellsbury/Hagadone … why listen?

    • A.D.

      Marlins ownership loves to slash payroll

  • Mike Pop

    This would be a deal that set them up for the next decade lol

  • Ivan

    Wow talk about something coming out of the blue right there.

    The more I think about it, the more I really like the signing of Tex (which I love already)

    this signing affects Boston alot like this for example of since losing out on Tex of they want to get a bat comparable of Tex they would have trade assets/prospect to get that type of bat.

    Where as the yanks maintain their assets/prospects and just give up money in concern with Tex.

    Nevertheless, Hanley coming to Boston wouldn’t be nice at all but hey if they want to get a bat like Tex they gotta pay double in concern with money and prospects.

  • Phil McCracken

    These are the kinda moves that you have to respect Boston for. When they went after Beckett, it was going after a real young pitcher with ace potential.

    By revisiting Hanley, the Red Sox are doing what they did with the Beckett trade. Getting players well before their primes.

    I like the approach. I wish Cashman made similar moves. Why not stack up some prospects and go after a real young CFer like Bruce or Rasmus and get these guys when they are cheap and young.

    • Mike Pop

      I bet we could get Rasmus for Hughes + but is it a good idea.

      • Phil McCracken

        From what I’ve read about Rasmus, he doesn’t project to be as good as Bruce with the power, but will still be a top hitter/OF in the league.

        With the rotation pretty well rounded out 1-4 for the next few years, I’d roll the dice for a Hughes+ package for Rasmus. Especially since OF will be a big need next season with 3 OFers coming off the books.

    • TheLastClown

      Why do that? I know AJax isn’t going to be a superstar CF, in all likelihood he won’t be as good as Bernie. *of course no one knows this for sure, but this seems to be the prevailing opinion*

      But, we could have a good, solid, above league average CF, for as cheap as they come, as he’s homegrown.

      I know there is a dearth of position prospects in the NYY system, but the ML holes with no foreseeable prospects were, before Sexy Teixy:

      SS *when Jete can’t play there anymore*
      Corner OF

      Now Teix eliminates the 1B hole, so maybe flipping some pitching prospects for positional depth at the SS & corner OF positions will be a good future move, but there are better-than-adequate stopgaps until that’s necessary.

      Cashman has been great. He’s filled our needs not only to the best of his ability, but the best of the availability. Not many fans can say that about their GM. I don’t know why you say that you wish Cash made Theoesque moves. It would be as if we traded Joba for, say, Grady Sizemore, and then had to give up Hughes & AJax & Melancon or something to get Joba back. I know this isn’t a quid-pro-quo analogy, but I think it’s adequate.

      The Yankee team is looking great, stacking up with strength against the rest of the much contested AL East, and I’m looking forward to praising Cash’s moves as we see them in action in ’09 & beyond.

      Besides, it’s not like the BoSox actually got Hanley back. There could be a rumor that the Yanks are targeting Dioner Navarro & Carlos Pena, would that be a better apparent “approach” for you?

      • Phil McCracken

        You’ve already mentioned what I was going to say. Austin Jackson is by no means a superstar in the making. Will he be a serviceable outfielder? Maybe.

        Next year you’ve got 3 outfielders off the books and I wouldn’t touch any of them in free agency. Boras will make some case for Nady coming into his prime, when in reality he’s a 4th outfielder who strikes out a lot. I’m sure Boston will go hard and heavy after Holliday. So even if Jackson makes the team, you’re still gonna need 2 more outfielders next year. So why wouldn’t a Hughes for Rasmus deal make sense when every scout is saying that Rasmus is more than ML ready?

        I’m not suggesting the Yankees go after players you once had on your roster like Pena and Navarro. I’m suggesting to make trades for top tier talent before they reach that 29 year old free agency range.

        • Mike Pop

          I would love to get a Rasmus type. I am just not ready to trade Hughes though. I would in the right package but Rasmus is no sure thing ya know. I cant give up Hughes yet, its just too risky for me. Would I give em up for Bruce…..I dont want to but I probably couldnt resist.

          • Phil McCracken

            Hughes isn’t a sure thing either.

            I’d have some concerns about a 21 year old pitcher who seems to be made of glass.

        • MattG

          At this point in there careers, Rasmus and Jackson are the same for me. I understand Rasmus supposedly has a higher ceiling and is 6 months ahead, but neither is an established major leaguer. All things equal, I would take Rasmus–however, at this stage of the game, I think the Yankees can check off the “potential CFer for 2010” box on their task list. Neither Jackson or Rasmus has enough bat to project in the corner, so I don’t see why you give up anything to create redundancy (when you have other needs).

          For that matter, I would think the Red Sox would want to see what they have in Lowrie. If Lowrie was not part of that offer, or if Lowrie wasn’t set to go somewhere else, I wouldn’t think this would make perfect sense for Boston. The last thing an organization should want to do is screw with a major-league ready player’s value. Ask the Dodgers about that.

    • Currambayankees

      I would hope if the Yankees are going to trade some very good prospects it would be for a CF that has star potential not an SS who’s glove sucks but has a great bat. Does anyone remember Soriano? A great bat whose glove sucked at 2nd.

    • AndrewYF

      So if the Yankees go to Baltimore and say, hey, we’ll give you Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy for Nick Markakis, would we then have to respect the Yankees for going after young players?

      • Phil McCracken

        The biggest trades Cashman has made during his tenure as the Yankees GM have all been salary dumps, ie Alex Rodriguez and Abreu.

        In my opinion, a GM should be somewhat of a visionary to make a move with young players that will be cornerstones of the team for years to come, not summer rentals.

        While I appreciate that Cashman went out and bought top tier talent on the free agent market in Sabathia and Teixeira this year, I sitll don’t see what makes him a great GM.

        • AndrewYF

          Psst. Theo was against the Hanley-for-Beckett trade. That was made by the Boston management group while Theo was in a gorilla suit. He came back, and the trade was pretty much finalized.

          I would much rather the Yankees spend only money for top talent, rather than give away someone who will become one of the best young players in the game.

          And besides, the Yankees did make a solid ‘creative’ move by trading for Vazquez. That it didn’t work out is simply baseball, not any lack of skill on a GM’s part. And they still only lost Nick Johnson and Juan Rivera in that trade. If George hadn’t interfered, the Yankees could have had a solid arm in their rotation for years.

          The Yankees *should* trade for salary dumps. The A-Rod trade was incredible. So was the Abreu one, and so is the Swisher one. Cashman has proven himself a master of getting teams to stupidly give up good players for nothing. He’s a perfect fit for this team.

          • Mike Pop

            This was a great post man. I was also reading some of your posts on MLBTR where you talked about Jeter for Smoltz in 95 or w.e and trying to compare that to Hanley/Beckettt.

            Some very good stuff. Good to read.

            • Bruno

              We might not need OF’s for ’10. Jeter-LF? Gadner/A-Jax-CF, Swisher-RF

              We might be in the market for a SS and C, Posada-DH.

  • BklynJT

    No way the Sox get Hanley for just minor league prospects. They gotta at least be asking for Lester as a starting point. He still has 2 years of arb left and can be trade bait when his free agency time comes up.

    Buchholz is our version of Hughes, not as good as the projections, but not as bad as their time in the majors would say. Ellsbury was completely over hyped by Gammons.

    I would think a package of Lester, Ellsbury, and Lars would be a good starting point.

    • Phil McCracken

      Marlins wouldn’t want Lester. Too much service time.

      They want guys who either have a year or less.

  • Alan

    If I’m the Marlins, the conversation STARTS with Lester AND Buchholz or I’m hanging up the phone. Hanley Ramirez is an absolutely phenomenal player just coming into the peak of his career, and he’s signed relatively long-term. The Marlins have no reason to trade him, at least not at this point in time, so they should hold him unless they get a king’s ransom. And this isn’t just my Yankees bias, if I was the Marlins I’d be expecting the offers to start with Joba and one of Hughes/Ajax, along with whatever other goodies were in there (Melancon? Montero? Betances?).

    Hanley will be wearing the turquoise and black next season, no worries there.

  • Mike Pop

    Cant believe some Sox fans at MLBTR really think Pedroia and Hanley are comparable players. And they call us Yankee fans idiots.

    I would think Buchholz, Lars, and Ellisbury would be the starting. Then the other prospects wouldnt just be “throw ins”. Wouldnt they have to be guys like Bowden or Masterson. I mean the Marlins have no reason to trade Hanley……yet

    This is why Cash is stockpiling those pitchers !!! We are getting Hanley when he becomes available in 2011 or so.

    • Alan

      No way. Ellsbury is overhyped, he’s a glorified 4th outfielder. Lars isn’t ready yet. Buchholz, while nice, is not the kind of centerpiece you want for a guy like Hanley. I’d imagine they’d want SOME kind of major league player in the deal, hence I suggest Lester.

      • Mike Pop

        Twins and A’s are better matches but thats my last time Ill suggest that.

        It said in the article they like him (Ellisbury)..Its fair for Buchholz to be one of the top 2 guys in the deal. The kid can pitch. They just might need VTek to catch some games.

        • Ivan

          or some free Laptops.

        • Alan

          I agree that its fair for Buchholz to be one of the top two pieces, but Ellsbury isn’t at this point. An outfielder with a .336 OBP and a .730 OPS doesn’t impress me. He’s got nice speed, but that’s about all he brings to the table at this point. Lars Anderson could be a “centerpiece” guy, I think he’ll be a very good player, but he hasn’t proven anything yet at the ML level.

          I guess I sort of agree with your proposed starting pieces, but I’d want to see some quality filler prospects in it too.

  • Kevin

    Couple of fun facts… remember the last time Boston tried to trade for an all-star shortstop? He wound up at the hot corner in the Bronx.

    Boston wanted to use Hanley as a centerfielder. So they basically would be upgrading over Ellsbury with Hanley, but sending Buchholz, and Anderson and/or michale bowden and/or justin masterson. It would’ve been costly for them. And I agree with Alan, Lester easily could’ve gotten called into the discussions.

    Hanley is about three months younger than Ellsbury.

    Hate to compliment the red sox farm system, but kinda interesting that three young pitchers that started in their system have thrown no hitters in recent years (anibal sanchez(who was in the beckett-hanley trade) lester and buchholz.

    Hanley reminds me of Alfonso Soriano. Both started their careers as speedy middle infielders with great power and sub-par defense. Soriano’s first 3 full pro seasons he hit 18, 39, then 38 homeruns. Stole 43,41, then 35 bases. Hanley’s first 3 full pro seasons he hit 17, 29, 33 home runs. Stole 51,51, 35 bases. Fonzy has more power, hanley more speed. But both are way above average in both categories. But Hanley’s clearly better when you bring OBP and SLG into the discussion.

    Hanley hit as many homeruns as teixeira in 08. he hit one less homer than tex in 07. And he’s doing that as a shortstop, a position not known for power hitters.

    I’m impressed that no-one, as of this posting, has asked why the Yanks didn’t explore the same trade. growing maturity for us rab readers.

    • RollingWave

      actually, the Yankees should try to trade for Hanley, but the time would be after 2010, when Jeter’s contract is up and Hanley’s is starting to get more expensive.

      • waswhining

        Exactly. That’s our 2011 shortstop. Dodged a bullet on that non-trade.

        • ChrisS


  • Toby K.

    The Marlins would probably want Buchholz, Ellsbury, Lars, Masterson and/or Bowden for Hanley, he’s a special player. But, the Sox aren’t going to do that in all likelihood, and the Marlins have no reason to trade him for at least a year or two. Now, when his salary approaches half the team’s payroll in about two years, then the Marlins will really want to trade him. But, if he were to be traded THIS season, if I were Cashman I would give up whatever PROSPECTS they wanted. It would actually probably take Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Austin Jackson, Austin Romine, and a McAllister/Gardner type to snag him, heck I would even replace McAllister with Brackman, I feel like he’s overhyped anyway. Of course, if we’re giving all this up I would ask for a 4th start pitcher type to fill Hughes’ spot in the rotation. Imagine a lineup of Damon (LF), Jeter (SS), H. Ramirez (CF), ARod (3B), Teixeira (1B), Posada (C), Matsui (DH), Cano (2B), Nady/Swisher (RF).

  • JeffG

    This proposed move by the BoSux shows me that they are taking a logical approach. Retaliation if equaling strategy is a good idea. Tex was very logical signing. Filled a visible hole. In the same light, it would be a sensible idea for them to upgrade their weakest position. Retaliating is more like matching us in pursuit of a similar goal.
    Along the same lines, the idea of ripping Hanley Ramirez back from the Marlins would be the equivalent of us trying to grab Curtis Granderson from the Tigers. Worth the try but costly and perhaps no farm seems deep enough to break stone.

  • Ryan S.

    Don’t ever count out Boston! You know what this attempted trade tells me? Boston is going to keep making plays for a bat until they get one that fits. It might not be until the middle of next season, but they are going to improve their lineup significantly. Its a scary thought when you think of the potential salary dumps that are going to be going on in the near future.

  • yankeefan91 (sign manny asap hes getting cheaper lol)

    i think hanley the best replacemment wen jeter retires

    • chriistopher

      you just said exactly what i was thinking,=. the only way to keep jetes on the team (not ar SS) wouls be to get a better one. the article mentioned that he will becom expensive in 2011. doesnt jeter’s contract expire in 2010. sing jeter for another 5 years with the understanding that they may move him to another position. with all the young pitchign prospects the yankees have and montero on thhe way about that time, they woould seem like perfect fits for each oher with ramirez taking over SS.

      on a side note, i think the yanks should make a move for a strong young bulpen arm – juan cruz with 71ks in 51IP and add some life to the pen. bullpens are so volatile that you cant count on them year in and year out (unless you are the angels or the 96-2001 yanks)

      and I continue to push my sign smoltz campaign. he is a perfect fit in a rotation that with quite a lot of talent also has a lot of question mrks – joba ns his inningz, phil Nd hia inningz, and AL with his health. smoltz takes an extended spfring and comes up to form a 4 man (back end of the three man rotation)

    • Reggie C.

      I wonder if Stephen Drew would be available by then …. supposedly he’s against signing an extension with the D’Backs, and with Boras as his agent Drew must be determined to hit the FA market , or perhaps even force a trade to a team that will pay him big bucks. By the end of the 2010 season, the D’Backs should have a good idea if they could afford Drew.

      • waswhining

        Here’s something I came across on fangraphs:

        “Would you believe that A-Rod has actually been underpaid relative to his production over the last four years? Sounds ludicrous given his contract, but it is true. A-Rod has been worth +28.5 WAR in this span, which translates to $110.6 mil. His actual salaries add up to $98.4 mil, a full $12 mil below his fair market value.”

        What kind of a fan response do you think you’d get to the poll question “Do you think AROD is underpaid?”

        • Should be working

          Interesting. And I could just imagine the response. Funny.

          • Bo

            I’d rather see stars like A-Rod get paid than billionaires pocket all that revenue. All athletes are overpaid compared to fans. But no one has a clue til they see the books. The owners wouldnt be payiong these guys these salaries if they weren’t rolling in dough.

    • Currambayankees

      Why would you want Ramirez as the Yankees SS? One of the most important D positions on the field and you are going to put a guy whose glove sucks there. NO THANKS. The Yanks do need to get younger but they did to get better on D at the same time not going backwards and that’s what Ramirez would be a downgrade from Jetes.

  • steve (different one)

    so Theo *proposes* a trade for Hanley, which gets rejected, and everyone falls all over themselves praising him?

    yeah, if he actually MADE the trade, i could see it. that would be an awesome trade. but it didn’t happen and most likely won’t happen.

    so people are taking a RUMOR and criticizing Cashman for not being part of more RUMORS like this?

    and wasn’t everyone here positive that Theo was going to land Teixeira? “Theo always gets his man”, and all that?

    if the Sox want to move prospects to improve their team, they should be trading with Texas for a catcher.

    • John NY

      I agree. The big hole for them is catching. Although the search for a young, before his prime bat, is a wonderful strategy for Boston. It will be costly in prospects for any team. Especially in this economy, what team would trade cheap, controlled talent for unproven talent? Marlins, maybe…but they prove to be good at this kind of dealings.

      Good Luck!

  • D.B.H.O.F. p.k.a The Last Don

    That is why the ONLY way we beat the Red Sox long term is to equal them in their draft, minor league system and acquisition of overseas talent. If we can do that, we will blow them out of the water and they will NEVER be able to keep pace. If we can equal that effort we can drown them with our financial power. IN truth we do not even need to equal them to do this but I would hope our goal as of now would be to do that.

    • steve (different one)

      i agree 100%.

      and i think in another 3 years, we’ll be there.

      the difference between the two organizations is that Theo inherited a rich farm system that was built by the previous regime. they had a 3-4 year head start from the time Cashman seized total control.

      Lester was drafted in 2002. Youkilis in 2001. Pedroia in 2004. Hanley signed in 2000.

      the Sox were drafting and signing young talent while the Yankees completely ignored player development from 2000-2004. it is almost impossible to get as little from the 2000-2003 drafts that the yankees did. just by accident, you would think they’d draft a few useful players.

      Cashman didn’t bring everything under his control until 2005. since then, i think the player development machines have been fairly comparable.

      in another 2-3 years, the Yankees will have caught up and will still have that financial advantage.

      it may have taken the Sox kicking their butt for a few years to get the Yankees to change the way they do things. hopefully we look back in 10 years and see 2004 as a turning point more than as a black eye.

  • MattG

    Oh, the want to play Hanley in CF–I get it now. That’s different.

    This story is pure stupidity. So Boston called Florida and asked about Ramirez. There’s no match here. This isn’t news. Ellsbury and Anderson would need to be accompanied by a sure fire star with no service time at all, and there is no player on the Boston roster that meets that description. Are there even any in baseball? Ramirez will make peanuts the next two seasons. What could you possibly trade to get him?

    Joba, Hughes, Jackson and Melancon, maybe. Joba/Hughes might have too much service time.

    Boston is going to get something done. They have too many pieces of value.

    • Bo

      Lester isn’t a sure fire star? How about Papelbon? What if they included Paps and signed Fuentes and traded for Street? What if they included Lester and signed Lowe? They easily have more than enough young talent to get a deal done here.

      • MattG

        Lester and Papelbon both have too much service time. “Sure fire star with no service time at all.”

  • KW

    Unless the bosox are giving up just a smorgasbord of cheap prospects, there’s no way this is happening:

    Check the bottom, where it shows value in dollars vs. salary. Hanley’s produced $72.5mm of value while being paid $1.2mm over the last 4 years, and this trend looks to continue. It’s like getting an A-rod for 500K a year. There’s no chance this is going on!

  • Bo

    How is it not retaliation?

    We just got 3 top players. They feel they need to improve. That’s retaliating.

    • Should be working

      Because they felt they needed to improve reguardless of who we got. They were trying to sign Tex to improve themselves before we got him. Its them exploring other options to be a more potent offense.

  • maytrix7

    marlins hate the yankes cuts thy would never trade with nyy

  • cackle7

    Hanley would be a great replacement for Jeter in 2011/12. As long as the Sox don’t get him. He steals 50+ bases, hits over .300 and has pop. He’s essentially the Arod of the NL.