Teixeira not headed to Boston


Can you believe it? I can’t. Yet it’s coming from up top. Red Sox owner John Henry has said, in so many words, that his team will not sign Mark Teixeira. His exact words:

“We met with Mr. Teixeira and were very much impressed with him. After hearing about his other offers, however, it seems clear that we are not going to be a factor.”

You can follow the entire saga on MLB Trade Rumors. No one expected this, at least not this soon. The Red Sox, the team so many considered the frontrunners for Teixeira, will, in the words of the owner himself, not be factors. It appears, from Henry’s words, the price tag is a bit too high. Reports of the Red Sox offer varied, though WCVB-TV claims it was eight years and $184 million, or a $23 million average annual value.

Boston could obviously jump back into the picture, but for now it appears they’ll let the first baseman sign elsewhere. Clearly, I expect a flurry of “now the Yankees have to get him” comments. Think about this, though. There’s at least one offer out there better than eight years and $184 million. Should the Yankees go higher than $25 million a season for Teixeira?

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  1. UWS says:

    Check out this MLBTR nugget, though:

    9:16pm: Gordon Edes says Boston’s eight-year offer is more than $160MM but less than the $184MM figure Lynch mentioned.

    Would Tex take ~$184M to play for a contender vs ~$190M to play for the Washington Senators Nationals?

  2. CocoabutteR says:

    Should they go higher than 25 million? Hell yes.

    Tex > Manny

    Can’t fight science.

  3. Jamal G. says:

    Best. Off-season. Ever.

  4. Ryan S. says:

    Nope. They should let Teixeira go and sign Manny.

    • Chris C. says:


      Manny couldn’t get along with Francona, and you think he and Girardi will get along swimmingly? His best buddy on the Red Sox was telling Francona to get rid of him. He’ll be on waivers within the year.

  5. R. Arnold says:

    Boston not a factor, now there is a comforting flash back! This has put me in the greatest mood! I think I’ll go make dinner for the homeless.

  6. Steve H says:

    Tex is not a $25 million a year player. He’s just not. Seriously, make a list of all the players you’d give an 8 year/$200 million contract before Tex. If it was 4/100, I’d be all in. But I’m sorry, the guy is a career .273/.368/.502 hitter. Not worthy of the 2nd highest (or 3rd, Arod 2x) contract in MLB history.

  7. Januz says:

    Assuming Tex is not going to the Bronx, the ideal situation would be for Tex to go to Washington and for Manny to go back to the Dodgers. If this occurs, the biggest loser this offseason will be the Angels (Losing Tex & K-Rod), and the Yankees will be right up there with Boston & Tampa contending for a title.

    • Steve H says:

      Umm. I’d say the ideal situation is Tex to the Nationals and Manny to the Bronx.

      • Guiseppe Franco says:

        No way. Let Manny be a problem somewhere else.

        If they need a bat, Cashman can swing a deal for one down the road when some teams go into salary dump mode.

        It’s not worth having that kind of headache in the club house everyday and teams have to draw the line somewhere.

        • Steve H says:

          All the guy does is help his team win games. That doesn’t cause me any headaches. 14 seasons, 10 playoff apperances, vital part of all 10 teams. He joined a team that went (at the time) 82 years without a title, they won 2 in the next 7. Whatever headaches he may have caused did not have an adverse effect on his team winning.

          • Guiseppe Franco says:

            All the guy does is help his team win games.

            If that were true, he’d still be in Boston.

            There’s a very good reason why teams aren’t pounding on his door to sign him.

            Besides, they don’t need another really bad left fielder and they certainly don’t need another DH.

            • Steve H says:

              So does he lose games? No, the guy has been a winner his whole career. Those are the facts, they cannot be disputed.

              • Guiseppe Franco says:

                His baggage cannot be disputed either, but you’ve managed to ignore that part.

                What he lost is any respect he ever had from his Red Sox teammates when he quit on them and pulled all of that crap.

                If Manny was simply a winner and didn’t have all of that other baggage – he’d have quite a few teams going after him.

                But that is clearly not the case and it sure as hell isn’t because of the economy.

                His behavior has finally caught up to him and I bet Cashman the Yanks don’t even make him an offer.

                And that’s fine by me.

                With Teixeira now out of the Red Sox plans, the Manny to NYY talks will die down and we can move on because it’s not going to happen.

                • Steve H says:

                  He will make plenty of money, because he’s a ridiculously good player. When he “quit” on his team, he played more games than Lowell/Ortiz and Drew, while absolutely crushing the ball. He doesn’t have many teams going after him due to money. CC didn’t have many teams going after him either, that does not reflect on CC the person or player.

                • Guiseppe Franco says:

                  C’mon, you can’t be serious.

                  Those guys didn’t make up injuries to get out of games – Manny did.

                  Sabathia’s situation was apples and oranges. It was the Yanks’ intention to scare away other suitors with their $140M offer the day free agency started.

                  The Dodgers made an offer and quickly withdrew it and Manny hasn’t had a single offer from anyone since.

                  You’ve got to do better than that.

                  The Sabathia vs. Manny situations were about as similar as a Chevy Malibu is to a Ferrari.

                • K.B.D. says:

                  Yeah, his baggage can’t be disputed. It also, can’t be quantified in any meaningful way, whereas his hitting statistics can. And they say he’s a VERY good player.

                • Guiseppe Franco says:

                  It’s meaningful enough or he’d have more than zero offers on the table.

                  Barry Bonds was a very good player, too – but his baggage finally caught up with him.

                  Different circumstances, but mega-baggage all the same.

                • Simon says:

                  he’s not getting the money cuz of his age coupled with a desire for a longer contract and the low demand for corner outfielders. No other 36yr old could ask for a 4-5 year contract that manny wants and still have mild interest. The guy literally carried the Dodgers into the playoffs. And if he had stayed in boston, I would argue that Boston still would’ve made the playoffs. He is a pain in the butt but if winning what it’s all about, then he should definitely be a part of the equation

                • MattG says:

                  Maybe it is not his baggage that is the main factor in the offers. Rob Neyer has a real nice write up about the various left field free agent option total values, including defense. Manny’s fielding has slipped to such a point that there is not really all that big an upgrade over Damon for 2009–and when Manny’s bat slows in the 3rd, 4th year of his deal, he will be an overall negative. He would need to DH extensively for the Yankees to have positive value, and as such, I don’t even want to think about Ramirez unless I know the Yankees have a destination for Matsui.

              • Chris C. says:

                It’s sad to see some Yankee fans become sell-outs, and lose any pride they once had in the actual players on the team.

                Getting Manny Ramirez to bolster your offense is of course a positive. But getting Manny Ramirez for that kind of scratch after you’ve virtually ingnored Mark Teixeira is shit-for-brain stupid.

    • christopher says:

      too bad that the playoffs dont take the teams with the three best records so we will have to watch as a team from the AL East will miss the playoffs despite having the 3rd or 4th record in the AL

  8. Mike A. says:

    I, for one, will take great pleasure in seeing The Little Engine That Could be outbid for Mark Teixeira by the Nationals. Hah.

    • Manimal says:

      hahahaha or the Baltimore Orioles.

    • Ryan S. says:

      How about the fact that every Red Sox fan in the world just had their hearts broken after already making dozens of imaginary potential lineups for Tex and all the other same shit we do. And how pissed off must they be to see us spend whatever it takes to make the team better, and their ownership sneers at paying market rate for Tex. Just about everyone I’ve heard from thinks Tex would’ve been a pretty god damn good move for Boston … including their own braintrust. If it came down to a matter of $10 or $15 million more…c’mon. So I really couldn’t be more pleased with how the situation turned out.

      • Tommy S says:

        Exactly…….If nothing else at least I can sleep in peace knowing that red sox fans have just been shit on by there ownership

      • AndrewYF says:

        It sure feels like it’s 2003 again, doesn’t it?

        Good that they won in 2004 and 2007, I don’t want the Tobin Bridge to become the Red Sox Fan Memorial bridge.

      • DanElmaleh says:

        Why would it have been so good for them Is he that much better than Lowell/Dickless — one of whom would have had to be replaced/moved? I hoped they did sign him as it would have been overpaying for 1/6 of their payroll for 8 years.

    • JT says:

      Lets not count our chickens before they hatch. I do not trust any news that comes from Boston. I still believe this is a negotiating tactic and there is a good chance that Boston jumps right back in this, and immediately as the front runners.

      • Sciorsci says:

        I agree completely. I don’t understand how so many people here are actually taking those comments at face value. I think John Henry is just calling Scott Boras’ bluff. It’s a dangerous game to play, because Boras has shown a willingness to steer his client to the highest offer in the past, even when that offer comes from a garbage franchise.

  9. Manimal says:

    Put away your anti-redsox hatrid for a second and look at this situation. Isn’t it the perfect time for the yankees to pop in a 8/208 deal

  10. Jamal G. says:

    I fucking love NoMass:

    Sounds to me like they found out Tex likes black people.

  11. TJ says:

    Tex has to have a 10 year 200 Mil offer. Probably the Nationals? The Sox did not want to go 10 years or 200 mil.

    My only wish: The Cameron trade did not go through because Swisher will be in Center and Tex will be a Yank.

    I would most certainly give Tex 25 million a year for 10 years. Manny is a headcase, and he’s old and the Sox won’t bring him back. Let him rot. If we were going to give him 22-24 mil a year, then Tex is a great deal.


  12. TJ says:

    The Angels are desperate to keep someone, could they overbid for TEX??

    Don’t think so.

    Would the Nats have that ridiculous an offer? Why? He won’t do anything with no one hitting ahead or behind him and with crappy pitching. Sure go suck with them for 10 years.

    The Yanks are up to the old tricks again. Could they really keep a big offer like that quiet?

  13. Mark says:

    In my opinion, we should NOT go after Tex or Manny. It’ll cost too much for Tex and he’ll take up 1st for the next 8 yrs. We need 1st to be open for Montero, Jeter or Posada in the next few years. I’ll admit that Manny is one of the greatest hitters of our generation but he is old and we have enough aging outfielders who cant play defense. We should look at Adam Dunn. He “Big Donkey” is a monster with a great eye. It’s true he strikes out a lot and doesnt have a great average but he gets on base a ton, has hit 40 hrs the past 4 yrs and he sees a ton of pitchers. He’d be perfect in front of AROD. He could protect him and allow him to see a lot…just like Abreu. It also wouldn’t cost 8 yrs. We could prob get him for 3 yrs 30-40 million. We put him at first or in left, and Swisher could play left or first. Thoughts?

    • TJ says:

      Are you kidding, listen to yourself. The positive is that he WILL take up first for the next 8-10 years. There is a DH in the AL. Posada can DH if he can’t catch. He can’t play first base for BEANS. Jeter isn’t going to first either, he can go to DH too if he’s that worn out.

      Adam Dunn BLOWS. I like the defense that “He strikes out a lot and has a bad average” perfect, just what we need. His defense sucks too.


      • Chip says:

        Your post was awesome until you got down to “He strikes out a lot and has a bad average”. All I have to say is that Adam Dunn has a career OPS+ of 130 while Texiera has a career 134. They’re both the same age, Dunn’s OPS is skewed more towards OBP (a good thing) and Dunn plays a more defensively valuable position (and yes he does it badly). But we’re seriously talking something like 3/48 for Dunn vs 10/200 for Tex. This shouldn’t even be a conversation.

        You’d only consider offering a 10/200 for somebody who is either
        A. One of the greatest hitters of his generation or
        B. somebody who plays a very valuable defensive position (C, CF, SS) who puts up very very good offensive numbers.

        Can you really put Tex into either one of those categories? A-Rod fit into category B for his first huge contract and then fit into category A for his last one. Tex shouldn’t even be in that league

      • Mark says:

        There are things a lot more imporatant than average. I’m also not saying that Dunn is better than Tex. I’m saying that Dunn is a more realistic option who wont cost us 200 mill. It’s true he doesn’t play great defense but either does Manny and thats the guy everyone else is arguing for. How many HRs do you think he’ll hit with that short left porch? There is only one DH position…how are all these players going to DH? Where does Montero play if he cant play 1st and the Dh role is taken up? He is way too good a prospect to trade. He is also young and cheap. 8 years is a long time to have a player not named AROD and even then it’s still a long time. Your argument is that Dunn sucks because he has a shitty average but he also has a .380 on base percentage, hit 40 hrs the past 5 yrs, has at least 100 RBIs the last 4 out of 5 yrs and that was on shitty teams. He is also extremely durable playing in at least 152 games the past 6 out of 7 yrs. Not every player on a Championship team has to be an all star. Signing Dunn would also allow us to sign more pitching such a Pettite or Sheets if we wanted to. Pitching isd a lot more imporate wanted to. Don’t forget how quickly Giambi’s contract turned around on us. I know they are different players but still. Contracts that long are what end up screwing us in the end and put us in the position we have been in the past few years. Where we have no flexibility at all. But you’re right, he strikes out a lot and isn’t great defensively so he sucks…go get manny or tex. Bravo

      • Mark says:

        Lets also take a look at something:
        .307 average, 39 BBs, 85 Ks, .353 OBP, 19 HRs, and 97 RBIs
        .264 average, 101 BBs, 165 Ks, .386 OBP, 40 HRs, and 106 RBIs
        Which do we like?
        Lets not forget that a walk is as good as a hit. Those are Cano and Dunn numbers from 2007. Dunn also did that on a shitty team

    • Ari says:

      Dunn for three years would be perfect. Three years is probably the maximum amount of time before Montero is ready to rake in the bigs and Romine can take over for Posada. The only problem is that you really don’t want to play Dunn in the field, and matsui makes too much money to sit on the bench.

      • MattG says:

        I agree with what’s being written here. Dunn is a better option than Teixiera, but he would need to be the first baseman. Does he play an acceptable first base? Defense should not be a primary concern for the first sacker, but the Yankees also cannot accept 2008′s Giambi-like performance ever again.

        Playing Dunn at 1B pushes Swisher to RF, and Matsui and Nady into a DH platoon. Will these players be happy and productive in these roles? Does one of them need to be traded first?

        Also, I have read in many places that Dunn should be expected to age quickly, ala Travis Hafner. Anything over 3 years might be a mistake.

        Ideally, the Yankees would find a new home for Matsui–I am thinking Chicago Cubs, with some pitching, for Pie–then get Dunn for first base, and move Swisher to the OF.

        One other little bonus is that Dunn was not offered arbitration, so the Yankees will be able to keep their 3rd round pick.

        • Marky Mark and the other guys says:

          In my opinion the positives far outweigh the negatives. Dunn does play an acceptable 1st base. He is best defensively at first. His career fielding percentage at first is .984. Plus, he could be had for 3 years. Other teams such as the Mariners are looking at him for 3 years and he said he’d be willing to take a 3 year deal. Plus there is a much bigger chance that Tex breaks down over 8 yrs than Dunn breaks down over 3 yrs.

  14. Manimal says:

    Realistically though, Boras probably did the whole “You can have Tex IF you also sign V-tek” and Epstein refused.

    • TJ says:

      No, not when the numbers are that high for one and the other is a throw in.

      • Steve H says:

        Actually there has been a lot of talk about that. Plus Tek and Tex are friends and when you sign with Boras, you put the negotiation 100% in his hands. If he can use that to multiple clients’ advantages, he will. That’s why Manny probably won’t sign until Tex does, to try and drive up the price for the losers. It would benefit Manny if Tex signed with the Sox, since they won’t sign Manny, but other Tex suitors will sign Manny.

    • headstand says:

      If he did, Tex should fire Boras’ a** on the spot.

      Imagine you were Texeira and you were going to be limited in your options because of your agents other crappier clients. Itd go something like this:

      Boras: Yo Tex we have a deal locked up with Boston, you should take it, its really good (looks at watch nervously).

      Tex: Umm… don’t we have an offer from the Orioles for 30 million higher?

      Boras: Accept the Boston offer (whispers under breath) so I can get rid of this clown catcher they like so much (cough cough)….

      and it would end with your foot up his a**.

  15. Currambayankees says:

    I’d take Tex before Manny. Give him the 25 for 7.

    • Marky Mark and the other guys says:

      Realistically, how many guys are worth 25 million a year? Those are guys like AROD or Pujols and Tex just isnt in their league.

  16. Jay in Raleigh says:

    This Texiera love is getting ridiculous. 8/$184M+ is the kind of contract you give to the best players in the game. The sober truth is that that elite group doesn’t include Mark Texiera. He may be the best hitter on the market (considering age, etc), but he’s not even in the conversation of the best hitters in the game. Let the Nats have him.

    • r.w.g. says:

      Sort of agree here about the dollars. I don’t know if I would go as far as you and say Tex isn’t in the discussion at all.

      Obviously guys like Manny, A-Rod, Pujols, Berkman, Chipper, M. Cabrera.. I would rank those guys ahead of Teixeira.. probably. Definitely Albert, Chipper, and Alex. I think in a couple seasons you can make a case for Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun.. but not yet.

      After that tho.. I mean, who? Aramis Ramirez? Carlos Lee? Hanley Ramirez or Ichiro? Matt Holliday? Victor Martinez? Grady Sizemore? Bobby Abreu?

      Teixeira is in that discussion I think. If it’s just a money comment you’re making, than I mean.. not even A-Rod is really worth 184 million.. or at least he shouldn’t be (but that is trending into a societal issue).

      • Chip says:

        Joe Mauer, Ryan Howard, Josh Hamilton, A-Rod, Pujols, Manny, Chipper, Berkman, Hanley, Beltran, Sizemore, Chase Utley, David Wright

        Those are names off the top of my head who are better players than Mark Texiera. That’s right, I’d take 3 other first basemen before Tex in a fantasy draft. I’d imagine right now that Tex would get taken probably somewhere in the second or third round if baseball baseball had a fantasy draft. Having a slugging first basemen is just too easy to find compared to every other position and is therefore less valuable

        • r.w.g. says:

          Well see.. you’re getting a little fluid with your language now.

          Before you said hitters. Now you’re saying players. And you’re adding Joe Mauer to the discussion.. which makes me think you’re bringing up defense. I thought the discussion was just on hitting. And you would really add Josh Hamilton? That’s nonsense. Josh Hamilton’s best season in Texas falls short of Teixeira’s best season in Texas.. by 14 RBIs, 11 HRs, 6 2Bs, 8 points of OPS+, and 39 more total bases. They are practically the same age. Hell last year Tex beat him in just about every offensive category (AVG, HR, OBP, SLG, OPS+, BB, K) that matters playing in two different leagues.

          If I had known you were talking about defense as well, I wouldn’t have bothered to post in the first place. But if you’re talking about hitting the shit out of baseballs.. then I am sticking to Albert, Alex, Manny, and Chipper. Hanley and El Caballo are right there with him.

        • RollingWave says:


          Mauer: I’d give you that assuming he stays at C.

          Howard: really? seriously, listing Howard really lost most of your credibiltiy on this. suffice to say that I highly disagree. there are good rasons that the most common name to show up in Teix’s stats comp is Willy McCovey while for Howard it’s Norm Cash.

          Hamilton: maybe.. though my gut feeling is that Hamilton = new Brian Giles. (which really isn’t a bad thing but Giles isn’t a HOFer)

          A-rod: yes and we have him

          Pujos: doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out but he’s two year away from (maybe) entering the FA, given that he’s alraedy signed a extention once he seems like one of the few rare guys that might not reach the FA at all.

          Manny: at age 28 definately, at age 38? no.

          Chipper: yes, and he’s a HOF, and he’s injury prone, and he won’t be worth it when he becomes a FA.

          Hanley: definately, but what does our SS after 2010 have to do with Teix?

          Beltran: I’d consider Teixeria right now on par with Beltran after 04. given that we can’t go back in time, we’d have to let this one go.

          Sizemore: yes, but again, he’s far away from the FA and different position.

          Utley: see Sizemore

          Wright: see Utley

          Berkman: maybe, if he was at the same age, it is worth noting that Teixiera’s age comps come back consistently better than Berkmans (most likely because Berkman’s first full season was age 25 and Teix 23), Berkman might be the new Jason Giambi with a less attrocious glove.

          • Jay says:

            My original point was that, as a player, Texiera is not among the very top tier of players for whom you should be able to justify paying $23M/yr over 8-10 years. That does take into account age, defense and position scarcity but not current contract status.
            To me, the idea that Texiera is somehow worth the money based on the fact that he is the best hitter currently on the FA market is shaky, at best, but more likely irresponsible. By the same logic, Kyle Lohse deserved a mega-deal last ofseason because he was the top FA pitcher on the market, and only 29. Carl Crawford is probably the top hitter available next year, does that make him worth $23M+/yr??

        • Chris C. says:

          “Those are names off the top of my head who are better players than Mark Texiera.”

          Ryan Howard is not a better player than Mark Teixeira, champ.

  17. Chip says:

    So the Orioles/Nationals get Tex, the Dodgers allow the crying Manny to come back (or the Angels take him but I find it unlikely) while the Yankees get the game’s best rotation. All of this and the Red Sox don’t upgrade anything at all.

  18. Jamal G. says:

    Mike Lynch, of Channel 5 in Boston, had some details about the current goings-on of the Teixeira sweepstakes (H/T to SoSH):

    Sox are OUT
    A source says there is a $200M deal on the table
    The Yankees are in it
    Boras believes he’ll have a deal sometime tomorrow
    Sox only wanted to spend $160M, then were willing to go to $185
    No f’n way they were going to $200M

    • TJ says:

      Help! SOSH?? Link please

    • Manimal says:

      Channel 5 is a group of idiots. The New England press started this nonsense. And the Manny nonsense too.

      I wish I lived in NY.

      • I live in New England and go to school in NY, so I see both sides of the ‘spin’ coin. However, I think it should be noted – and you heard it here first – that Connecticut is more of an NYY state, unless you’re up north.

        Tex for 8/185 is intriguing but it could be dangerous at the end.

        • Manimal says:

          yeah im a junior in high school and im college hunting. I was thinking of going pre med at U conn or some connecticut college but why go out of state to another state college when you can get the in state discount. Ill probably go to UMass then look around to go to medical school.

          • louiedawg says:

            UMASS is soooo much fun, but be prepared. I was there from 98-2001 so I had my fun, but had to deal with some very very bitter Sox fans. Were talking riots not when the Sox won(cause they didn’t back then), but whenever we moved on in the playoffs. I still remember very vividly the burning of couches during the Subway series. Hillarious stuff to watch, but you better believe I kept my mouth shut and Yankees gear inside that night.

            Luckily when MO blew it out in 01 I was home for the weekend and didn’t have to deal with their nonsense. I can’t even imagine being a Yankee fan their in the last 4 years.

            • K.B.D. says:

              Bloop single = not Mo’s fault.

              • louiedawg says:

                a one run lead going into the inning that winds up in a loss is a “blown” save. a bloop single doesn’t score two runs by itself.

                i love MO and hold no grudges. it was still his fault though.

              • Stephen says:

                Well, I’ve been going to school in Boston for the last 3 1/2 years and let me tell you, it hasn’t been fun to be a New York fan in that time. I didn’t even get to enjoy the Giants winning because I was abroad for the semester.

    • Steve H says:

      Lynch is also the guy who reported that the Sox were close on Tex earlier, so I’d take it with a grain of salt.

  19. R. Arnold says:

    MLBTR is saying that the Angels are assuming Tex will sign with Boston. Boston is saying they’ve been outbid. The Orioles say they’re out of it. The Nationals? If he signs there we will forget his name by the time the contract is up. Something sneaky going on here?

    • TJ says:

      Would the Yanks have that much media control to keep a big offer quiet?

      • R. Arnold says:

        um…..Soriano to Texas for Alex Rodriguez.

        • TJ says:

          Sounds like that, agreed. I love our Bastards!

          • R. Arnold says:

            Yeah i don’t live anywhere near New York (I wish I did!) and I hear so much hatred for them. But I always say the same thing, “Being a Yankee fan is better than i can ever explain. You know every year, that ownership is going to do what’s best for the team and the fans!”

            It’s not my money their spending. Well it is, but like only $700 of it.

          • Chip says:

            That’s a little different, you don’t have an agent who has anything to gain by talking about it

    • Steve H says:

      The Angels assumption was before this late breaking news though. That was everyone’s assumption 4 hours ago.

    • Sciorsci says:

      There’s absolutely something sneaky going on. The offers for Teixeira haven’t been where Boras wants them to be, and his client is pushing for a resolution, so Boras plays the “I have a better offer” card (which he’s probably used successfully countless times in the past), except the Red Sox don’t bite, and, in fact, outdo him by publicly pulling out of the bidding.

      Now the biggest perceived contender for his services is supposedly out. Boras can’t use the Red Sox to drive up the price for the Orioles, Nationals, Angels (or Yankees, presumably), only to come back to the Red Sox (even though just a few days ago they supposedly would not be outbid for Teixeira) for an even higher offer. The Red Sox have made their highest offer. Now they’re going to attempt to lock in the price by not allowing their offer to be shopped.

      This is high stakes negotiating, nothing more, nothing less.

  20. Claudell Washington says:

    The Teix bidding is getting out of control. Manny for 3, maybe even 2, years is a crap shoot. Why not bring back Bobby for $12M or so?

  21. Skadoosh says:

    I’d rather wait till next year when the outfield will be less crowded and we could go after Holliday once we see if he can hit outside of Coors.

    • I love me some Holliday but as another Boras client, you’ve got to think he’s going to be aiming for $140MM+. I wouldn’t do that.

      • Steve H says:

        As soon as he is exposed outside of Coors this year, that number will come way down. He’s a good player, not a $140 million player.

        • RollingWave says:

          it depends on how 09 plays out but right now Carl Crawford is higher on my list than Matt Holliday. (under the assumption that this year was a fluke bad sason for Carl and Matt would take a mild regression outside of Coors.)

      • Chip says:

        Holliday will not be as good this year as he was in the past. You can write it down right now. He’s a career 1.068 at Coors with a .803. If he puts up a 140 OPS+, I’ll eat my hat. Even if it is a contract year, I think the home/road splits are just too scary. Think about this, his career BABIP is .353 while Ichiro Suzuki’s (the really fast guy who runs out like 50 infield hits a year) is .354

        • Steve H says:

          The BABIP is a huge point. Colorado has obviously inflated home runs, but it’s a huge inflator of base hits. Because of the thin air, the fences are very deep. Because of the very deep fences, there is way more field for a ball to drop in, wider gaps, etc. While Houston and Philly are great HR parks, Colorado is more of a great Offensive park, not limited to HR’s.

          • pat says:

            Steve-o if the fences are deeper thats also alot more room for outfielders to roam turing more long flyballs into outs.

            • Chip says:

              Yes but if home run balls travel further, then a liner to the gap will also travel further. Parks like Houston and Philadelphia are simply small and therefore allow more homeruns but all other types of hits should not be effected. If they were effected in fact, it would be a negative as outfielders playing in would catch more bloopers.

              Coors field is an entirely different beast. There is a huge outfield to attempt to keep some balls in the park but then the outfielders must cover much more field. Now, not only does it have a high homerun rate, it also positively effects all other types of hits as outfielders must still play deep to cut off balls in the gap and balls hit over there head and that would allow more singles to fall in front of them. I would definitely not want to be a Colorado outfielder

            • Steve H says:

              But those balls are aided by thin air. It’s the bloopers and gappers that fall in that wouldn’t elsewhere. Colorado does not only effect HR’s. Juan Pierre hit .328 at Coors in 2002, he hit .247 on the road. He didn’t hit a single HR at Coors either, so the average was not aided by HR’s. Ronnie Belliard in 2003 .311 vs. .251 without the benefit of many HR’s. A bigger field leads to more hits. Combined with the thin air, it leads to more hits and HR’s.

  22. gxpanos says:

    First thing: is there any conceivable reason why Henry would say this besides not wanting Tex? What I mean is, there’s no reason he should have said this. If they’re out of it, why say it publicly? Especially the owner, not some kind of leak or something. They should publicly act like they’re in it, especially since they know the longer this drags on, the more likely the Yankees are to get in it, in which case they’d want to keep the price up. Again, any way this could be a negotiating tool? I can’t think of how, but I don’t understand why he’d publicly say this, either.

    Second: SIGN HIM. SIGN. HIM. 8/190, up to 8/200.

    Also, why not an opt-out? The more I think about the CC thing, the more I like opt-outs. They’re like possible short-term deals. A guy with Tex’s durability may want to go back on the market in three or four years, and the Yanks get their flexibility back (IE, Montero’s ready). If he doesn’t, well, fine. It’s just the Steins’ money. The opt-outs are a little like bet-hedgers, and make non slam-dunk contracts (like this one) a TINY bit more palatable (even though I want them to sign him no matter what; just saying, more palatable for those of you who don’t want to commit to him).

    • Steve H says:

      Regarding the opt-outs, you have a point. They are extremely bad for a cheaper team, but if a guy has an opt-out with a team like the Sox, Mets, and of course the Yankees, if he’s any good, they will resign him for more money. They are the “open” market in a sense. It costs the team more $$ in the long run, but the threat of losing the player is minimized compared to Toronto having a player with an opt-out. Seriously, if Burnett had signed with the Yankees 3 years ago and opted-out this year, they’d have signed him to the same deal that they actually did sign him to.

      • Chip says:

        I think opt-outs are fine in the case of a CC Sabathia where it’s hard to imagine him having a reason to opt-out with so much money left on the table. When they’re bad is when you sign a guy like Burnett an opt-out. You never want to take a risk on a guy who could put it together and be dominant and give him an opt-out. I mean, you’re already taking a risk signing him long-term so you hope that you get him below market value if he puts it together and breaks out. The risk/reward gets so skewed with an injury prone guy who either is great and opts out or is horrible and you’re stuck with him.

    • Ryan S. says:

      It does kinda seem like the Yanks are afoot in the current goings on. Still, ManRam on a 2 or even 3 year deal would really be awesome. The ideal situation is Tex signing with the Angels actually, as that would take them out of the Manny race. If its between us and a Dodger 2 year deal, we could always just offer him a better 2 year deal and sign him.

      Who hear would disagree that Manny Ramirez for two years is a better hedge than Teixeira for eight?

    • TJ says:

      The opt out is a good point, if he’s horrible the yanks are stuck, if he’s out of this world he might walk for more, chances are he’d be somewhere inthe middle and stay. I cant imagine that the Nationals would have the high bid and that the yanks are out of it.

    • Chip says:

      I agree that this isn’t the smartest thing Henry has ever done. At the same time, it’s not like it hurts them. I doubt Boras could have used them for much more leverage. If the offer is already up in that range, the Angels aren’t going to offer more just because the Red Sox are still in it and I doubt any of these other teams would go more than 10/200 just because they’re afraid the Red Sox will take him. I think he’s just worried the fans will be pissed if somebody else were to sign him out of the blue when they all thought he was going to be a Red Sock

      • gxpanos says:

        Great point about the fans, that’s probably why he did it. That makes the most sense.

        It’s that damn ESPN! They trick me into believing Theo is super-mega- genius, and now I always think the Sox have an ulterior motive! Damn you, Gammons, damn you.

        • Ryan S. says:

          If they were doing this for the fans, they would’ve signed him.

          • Chip says:

            And if they were making excuses to the fans and trying to stop them from revolting, they would claim that the price was too high and all these other teams were so rich and they can’t compete. O wait…..

    • Sciorsci says:

      There’s absolutely a reason why Henry would do this. If he’s concerned about Boras either: a) shopping the Red Sox offer or b) trying to get the Red Sox to bid against themselves, the only reasonable response is to get up from the table and publicly announce that you’re not the top bidder.

      It’s risky, but what if the Orioles and Nationals are bidding mainly for PR purposes? What if they’re consciously trying to have the second best offer (which seems reasonable for teams that don’t want to be saddled with a huge contract but still want to appear to their fans as if they’re trying to improve their team)? Now what? The Yankees have not publicly gotten involved in the bidding, so that pretty much leaves the Angels. Why not call Boras’ bluff (assuming for the moment that it is a bluff, but this IS Scott Boras we’re talking about) and see if you’re able to lock in the price at your best offer?

      I honestly think the Red Sox are giving Boras a taste of his own medicine because the market for Teixera is not where he thought it would be, or where he needs it to be to get a typical Boras marquee client contract.

  23. TJ says:

    Sorry, I can’t really root for Manny, he’d make problems no doubt.

  24. Brooklyn Ed says:

    only an idiot would think Teixeria would only want to play for the Yanks, and he’s talking to Cashman now…..well, let me be that idiot right now.

    • jobatheheat says:

      Agree. Wonder how that Cashman Tex meeting realy went down. Maybee Tex is still holding grudge for that whole school thing. Maybee he saw that little press conf we had today. Tex will be a Yankee and it will probaly be discounted a bit. He wants to win. Its like that old saying IF YOU CANT BEAT THEM JOIN THEM. Either way Cash is the man. Who should now onley be refered as to MONEY cause he is automatic.

  25. pat says:

    Whatevah Lahs Andeson is the next friggin ted williahms. We didnt need dat bum texyerah.

    -RedSox Nation

  26. Manimal says:

    I would love to have Scott Boras’s job.

  27. Manimal says:

    I cant wait until Gammon’s has something to say about this.

  28. Lancer says:

    I’m wondering if what Henry meant by “after hearing the other offers out there” really meant that after seeing that the Yanks weren’t at all in the running, it wasn’t worth it for the Sox to plug a hole they didn’t need to fill that badly. They already have Youkilis and Lowell, it would force them to get rid of Lowell in order to make room. Teix is going to go for an insane amount of money, he’s not worth it unless you couldn’t care less about the price tag.

    In the Yankees case, even though I would consider it being overpayed, I think we can use him enough that if the Steinbrenners are willing to foot the bill I’d be happy.

    The only question would be “is 10 years too much”. He’s 28, so other than the money I don’t think age should be that much of a factor. Although it is hard to commit to that many years.

    • Steve H says:

      I doubt it. Lowell has 2 years left and is clearly on the downside. Papi is clearly on the downside. Both are injury risks. And Tex, believe it or not, is a year younger than Youk. For 2009 is Tex a need? No, but very soon they will have holes at those positions, and Tex would fill them.

    • Ryan S. says:

      I happen to know about an ever better hitter, and he would take a 3 year deal at about the same price. How would that sound?

      • Steve H says:

        Fantastic!! But I have to wonder, does he win baseball games? Or is he a clubhouse cancer who ruins team chemistry, therefore causing them to never make the playoffs or win it all? Clearly it’s one or other, they are mutually exclusive. If he wins, and, let’s say makes the playoffs 71% of the time, and was won a few titles, then I’d say it must be the first option. If that happens to be the case, sign me up.

        • Ryan S. says:

          Has everyone else on this planet gone freaking mad?

        • whozat says:

          Does he also give back a bunch of runs on defense? Would his presence cause us to also play a sub-par defender in CF, costing still more runs? Would that cause this CFer to break down — like he did last time he played CF for an extended period? Would spending on him likely cause the team to have to spend a month or so of the season running Hughes, Kennedy and Aceves (or, even more risky…replacements for those guys) to start games?

          • Ryan S. says:

            -There are a lot of ways you can limit his time in LF and keep the guy mostly as a DH

            -If you get to have a lineup that includes Damon, Matsui, and Manny, the offense will be able to overcome any defensive deficiencies in the out field.

            -If Damon breaks down in CF, he’d probably break down in LF too. Manny could give Damon more days off if anything, as you can have Manny in LF while Gardner/Cabrera is in CF. Damon can get a full or half day off depending on if he DHs.

            -You can still sign Pettitte/Sheets/whoever. I really hope Andy comes back.

            • K.B.D. says:

              I think its safe to say Sheets isn’t on the Yankees’ radar anymore. He’s a nice pitcher to roll the dice on, but I think they Yanks’ are already doing that with Burnett.

            • Mickauf says:

              What about Damon LF, Gardner/Cabrera/Swisher CF, Manny RF, and Nady at 1B.
              Also Damon has played a few games at 1B which would allow Manny LF, Nady RF, and Damon 1B.

  29. robert skollar says:

    This is all posturing by Boston. I still think he winds up with Sox…

    I would love him for the Yankees. I know we’ve spent a lot already…but if you were doing a dream list it would be a lefty stud (CC) and a young, good fielding, power hitting, good OBS first baseman (switch-hitter no less). If at all possible…we have to do it!

    If not…ABB…Anybody but Boston!

    • andrew says:

      Yea, I agree. I think Henry said this because he believes there aren’t any other offers out there higher than the Sox. He is tired of Boras asking the Sox to outbid themselves so he is pulling out of the negotiations until Boras comes back because nobody else was willing to go as high as the Sox in the first place.

  30. christopher says:

    after watching giambi – the good and bad – i am absolutly against 8-10 year deals for big money.

    The Angels are desperat for him so i have to think he is going there as i cannot see this guy, who has never been on a winning team except for 2 months on Aneheim) going to the National where he will be the face of the franchise for 2 years, 3. eooner rather than later the fans will remember that their team sticks and once again stop coming to the games.

    So manny goes to the Angels leaving manny with a choice between the yanks and nationals (the yanks can offer more and offer a chance to win and come home)

    the dominos are falling in place to have manny in a yankee uniform and it is an easy sell for Cashman. Either he sells Ramirez on the contract (which would matter most) and coming back home — that will make a lot in manny memorbiliain sales and the Sox/Yanks ratings on YES just improved dramaticaly.

    Dont overlook the AAV of the contract s they will be similar, but having manny fro 3 years/maybe 4 or even 5 with options (muxt be vesting options due to his history) for me is better than locking a guy into a position (1B) where they will be stuck at for the legnth of the contract – and who wants manny when he is 40+.

    If he goes to the Angels, i worry a bit because the yanks cant win againt that team, BUT as a yankee for three years with a boston sized chip on his shoulder that works both from a baseball and economic perspective.

    This deal is falling into place for the yankees to get him and if they do, you have to put them as the favorite.

    Cashman can explain that altough the payroll takes a hit this season (they should considering the new park) and spin a short term deal as a temporary thing with the buyouts for giambi and Pavano coming off the books. Ideally the yanks trade matsui, but that is unlikely, but the nady contract could bring back some good talent on the trade market. worst case, they unload matsui and damon next yearand pay manny’s salary

    Bottom line is that Manny makes this team the number 1 contender for a WS and a team that people will want to see play. This is a player that i think fans have wanted on the yanks since he was a free agent the first time.

    Finally, even the good stats are overrated because there are those certain players who have a knack to play big when it matters – see jeter.

    he is falling into the yankees lap right now and it is begininning to look like it is where he beongs.

    get manny in pinstripes for xmas with a side of ben sheets

    p.s. Figgins is a free agent next season and may be available next year. he and a true centerfielder need to be watched for next year.

    p.s.s. as for this season – wiggenton is a FA and

    p.s.s. comp throught the scrap heaps for released players to fill out the bench/bullpen

    now i am excited

    • Ryan S. says:

      I’m with ya for the most part. I’d hold off from giving Manny any 4 or 5 year contracts, as you can definitely win him over with a good 3 year deal. I think Andy is coming back still so no on Ben Sheets…and no need to go through the scrap heaps to complete the bullpen, we’re pretty set already there. Also, are you talking about Chone Figgins?…the third basemen? I think we’re covered in that position.

      • whozat says:

        He’s talking about Ty Wigginton, who is not going to sign with the Yankees when there are teams out there offering him a starting job at 3B. He’s not played much 1B, and he’s a poor OFer, so I’m not sure why people are so psyched on him.

      • whozat says:

        Oh. He was ALSO talking about Figgins.

        My bad.

        Not sure I’d want him to hold down a corner OF position, which is where the real availability will be.

  31. Chip says:

    This thought just occurred to me, somebody is going to sign a guy who has been to one career all-star game and has never finished higher than 7th in the all-star voting over his 6 year career to the third highest contract of all time. That just blows my mind

  32. Steve says:

    it’s all smoke, i’m sure they’ll sign him in the end

    • andrew says:

      Yea, I agree. I think Henry said this because he believes there aren’t any other offers out there higher than the Sox. He is tired of Boras asking the Sox to outbid themselves so he is pulling out of the negotiations until Boras comes back because nobody else was willing to go as high as the Sox in the first place.

      • headstand says:

        Precisely, but expect Texeira to take this charade personally and sign wherever the fudge he wants and stick it to Boston. People don’t take their future being jerked around with appreciation, especially twice now in Boston & Texeira’s case (High school & 2008 FA)

  33. parms says:

    now the yankees have to get him

  34. The Evil Dynasty says:

    This is it, what we’ve all been waiting for.
    Either :
    A. Tex goes to the Angels, then we get Manny.
    B. Tex goes somewhere south of NY and we’re done spending this off-season.
    C. Boras calls Boston back and says “Fine I’ll let you have him for 160″ and we offer Manny 3 years.
    D. None of the above.


  35. Stephen says:

    Why not sign Manny and Teix? Am I right? 10/250 and 3/75. Chump change for the Yankees.


  36. gianthinker says:

    Okay, so from what Torri Hunter is saying it sounds like the Angels blew everyone out of the water with a $200+ million deal. I was really hoping it would have been the Yankees but to be honest as long as its not Boston I’m okay with that. We did sign CC and AJ after all so I cant be mad. I do really want Teixeira in pinstripes but its cool, I can still like him as an Angel. As a Red Sock I would have just looked at him as a talented player but I couldn’t like him. I’ll still hold out hope for the Yankees but if Boston’s roster and the Angels roster basically stays the same its a win for the Yankees since they got their pitchers. Plus, even though I dont know if I want him to be a Yankee (his bat, yes but his attitude, no) Manny can still be had by the Yankees or Dodgers but the Angels and Sox will be out of it and only the Yanks will have a shot to change their lineup and not the Angels or Sox. Man, that was long winded I hope you guys know what I’m saying. Anyway, if Manny went back to LA and Teixeira went back to the other LA I’d be fine with that. As long as Boston doesn’t get another big bat. Man I hate Boston. GO YANKEES!!!!!

  37. gianthinker says:

    Just copied this from a blogger on LoHud—>

    Hunter’s mood brightened considerably when told of Henry’s e-mail. Earlier Thursday, when told Red Sox officials were meeting Teixeira at his home, Hunter said, “That [stinks]. I definitely want him to come back. He made us complete. I know we were up by 11 games when we got him, but he made us that much better.”

    Later in the evening, Hunter, who tried to call Teixeira this week and sent him a text-message Thursday night, felt a lot more confident about the Angels’ chances of retaining Teixeira.

    “What the Angels did was spectacular, they gave him an offer that blew everyone away, and it shows how badly they want this guy,” Hunter said. “I’m so happy they did that. I can sleep better at night. We can’t let Tex go. He’s very special on this team.

  38. Phil McCracken says:

    At first I wasn’t really for getting Teixeira, but we’re going to need 3 hitters next year with the loss of Damon, Matsui, and Nady.

    I’m not that impressed with the outfield bats available other than Holliday. If the Red Sox don’t get Teixeira, they will be in full pursuit of Holliday next year.

    I’d take the luxury tax hit on the chin this year for Teixeira, so we don’t overpay for players like Bay or Nady next year since we’ll need so many hitters.

    • RollingWave says:

      Carl Crawford, assuming that he proves that 08 was a bad fluke, would be a guy I’d like even on a longish contract.

  39. waswhining says:

    There is no “full pursuit” for the sawks. We were told when this ownership group took over that they didn’t have the cajones to own an AL East team. It’s all about real estate and dink and dunk how many more seats can we squeeze into that bandbox on Landsdown Street. LOL

  40. MS says:

    I doubt it’s over for Boston and Tex. I believe their offer was more like 8yrs-172 mil or so. He is obviously getting at least 190 from the Nationals so he just wants the Sox to go a little higher. The Sox saying they are out of it is just a ploy to see how serious Tex is about going to a losing team like the Nats. I still think the Sox get him. I would love to see the Yanks go 8-184, I think that would be a done deal.

  41. dkidd says:

    if we hadn’t already spent so much $$$, i don’t think this would even be a discussion. get tex! awesome approach at the plate (remember his at-bats against boston in the playoffs last year? works of art) his defense makes the rest of the infield better a la tino, he allows us to carry a strong fielding (read: doesn’t need to hit) CF which is a plus considering our corner outfielders. 2009 payroll is a little ugly but then damon/matsui go and things get back to “normal”

  42. ryan says:

    Yanks need to pass on manny at all costs …. if they wanna pour tons of money into another big free agent hitter it might as well be tex. He actually fits into the team perfectly and money is the only issue, as opposed to manny where money takes a back seat to his antic s. Can’t let boston get holliday, hopfully they are still into bay.

  43. dkidd says:

    off topic, but just saw this:

    “Ten minutes after he left my house, I looked at my wife and said, ‘I’m going to be a Yankee,’” Sabathia said. “I still get chills saying that.”

    sounds like a cool guy

  44. dkidd says:

    also, now that we have cc and aj, can we start a campaign to call joba “jc”?

  45. Yankeegirl49 says:

    I went to sleep last night resigning myself to the fact that one of my favorite players would be signing with my most hated team. I woke to John Henry saying it wasnt happening. No matter what is a GOOD day!
    If the Yanks somehow were to pull this off, it would be a GREAT day!

    And while I didnt read all the comments here, Im with Guiseppe and the others who don’t want Manny. He is probably the best hitter I have ever watched, he is also someone who quit on his team while making 20 million dollars to play a game. No thanks.

    • TurnTwo says:

      eh, you can get over that. Football players hold out on their teams all the time until they get what they want, either a new deal or get traded to get a new deal, and then they keep on chuggin.

      • mustang says:

        How do you get over a guy quiting on a team ?
        What makes you think he will not do it here?
        This is not football.

        • TurnTwo says:

          in professional sports, its all about the money.

          once the money is taken care of, Manny’s bat will take care of the rest.

          • mustang says:

            Yes, that work real well for the Sox last year.

            • TurnTwo says:

              i think it was just as simple at the end there as Boston wore out its welcome in Manny’s world… he was ready to move on from there, hence him playing his “get me the f outta here” card.

              • mustang says:

                Ok they made him the second highest paid player in the game and all they asked of him was to end the season so they can both move on and he couldn’t even do that.
                With all the shit A-Rod got about optioning out of his contract at least he had the respect to wait until the Yankees where out of the playoffs.

                ” think it was just as simple at the end there as Boston wore out its welcome in Manny’s world… ‘

                That sentences alone speaks volumes.

                • TurnTwo says:

                  but he wanted more money, and he wanted out of Boston.

                  has nothing to do with his passion to hit a baseball. his performance in LA proved that.

      • Yankeegirl49 says:

        Football doesnt have guaranteed contracts. In the NFL a team can drop a player at will, so I dont fault players for holding out. The two sports and the way contracts are structured are not comparable.

        • TurnTwo says:

          but the mentality of the player is comparable.

          thats all Manny did, in essence, and he actually didnt even hold out… he was still hitting like .300 with 20 HRs when Boston moved him, and he wasnt even trying.

          he got to LA, realized he could make some cash again and would hit the open market, and you could see he’s still got it.

          • mustang says:

            Call it like it is.

            He faked injuries and bitched so much, all while making 20 million a year, that the Sox had to pay someone else to take him.
            Then he played well so he could get another sucker to give him more money and now he his crying like a little kid because he is not getting enough attention.

            Did I miss something?

            • TurnTwo says:

              and in the end, what mattered is that he helped carry LA into the playoffs, and gave them a shot to win when they got there.

            • Zack says:

              I’m sorry, do you actually have proof of that? Or do you just tow the Red Sox party line, despite being a Yankee fan?

              Because Manny’s “quitting” was better than every single Yankee save Arod. And was better than his season before.
              Honestly people, if you don’t like Manny because “he doesn’t play the game right” or because you don’t like dreads or something, just admit it. But all you people trying to argue that he is “a disgrace” or he “quit” are just being hypocrites.

              Funny, where was all thsi outrage when they had one Gary Sheffield.


              • mustang says:

                “I’m sorry, do you actually have proof of that? Or do you just tow the Red Sox party line, despite being a Yankee fan?”

                People who have a lot more information then us have been saying this and MLB almost had an investigation into it. And people weren’t all that happy with Mr. Sheffield.

    • mustang says:

      ” He is probably the best hitter I have ever watched, he is also someone who quit on his team while making 20 million dollars to play a game. No thanks. ”

      Agree 100%

    • JeffG says:

      Exactly – Manny is a disgrace.

      • TurnTwo says:

        until he drives in 4 runs against the Red Sox the last week of the season to help clinch the division.

        then i’m sure everyone will jump on the Manny bandwagon… “what antics?!? MVP! MVP!”

        • Yankeegirl49 says:

          IF he were to be a Yankee I’d have no choice to root for him and would hope he would have an MVP season. Doesn’t mean I want him here.

        • mustang says:

          Unfortunately a great bat can’t change the guy from being an ass.

          • TurnTwo says:

            of course not, but if helps the team win games, what more do you want from a player?

            i dont care if the players on my favorite baseball team arent a bunch of model citizens… i want to see them win games, and win the World Series.

            • mustang says:

              “of course not, but if helps the team win games, what more do you want from a player?”

              I want guys who respect the game and the team who pays them OUTRAGES amounts of money (that’s all MLB players). Is that too much to ask?

              “i dont care if the players on my favorite baseball team arent a bunch of model citizens”

              I’m not asking for a “model citizens” all I’m asking for is just read above.
              And maybe, for example, taking your cell phone calls when you’re not in the middle of a game. I know I’m asking soooo much.

  46. Chris says:

    He is Boston’s #1 off season target, and they’re dropping out because he has a better offer? This sounds like a negotiating ploy, especially since Boras is known for never revealing other offers; preferring to let teams blindly up the price on his players.

    Still would not be surprised to see him end up in Boston. I’d much rather him be in the Bronx, but of the known teams Boston seems to make the most sense.

  47. Mike says:

    This is pretty much the difference between Cashman and Theo. Cashman overspends on CC and AJ. Theo puts a value on Teixeira and doesn’t budge much from it. I guess that’s why our payroll will be hitting 200 again while Boston keeps building from their farm.

    • Steve H says:

      How did the CC and AJ signings keep the Yankees from building the farm? Who did they trade for those guys? No one. And don’t mention draft picks. The Yankees will pay above slot, which allows them to get 1st round talent late in the draft, minimizing the need for 1st round picks. See Betances.

  48. DCR says:

    I am probably one of the biggest Teixeira advocates out there. With that said, he is not a $25MM a year player. Let him sign with Washington if that is his price tage. $22-$23MM is where I stop for Tex.

  49. mustang says:


    Get Tex
    Get Andy
    And Keep the Hate coming

  50. Januz says:

    I am of the opinion that the team that needs Tex the most is the Nationals. They need someone who can generate fan interest there. Even the Yankees, have a marketing agreement with Alex Rodriguez (And this team won 26 World Championships). There was a phrase about the Washington Senators which fits: “First In War, First, In Peace, Last In The American League” Change Senators to Nationals, and American to National, and this applies to 2008 as well. Since this team is worse than even the Pirates, they need to start, getting stars in here. PS: Here is an interesting quote by Boras: “Mark Teixeira neither accepts nor rejects the Washington Nationals generous offer”. Interesting choice of the word GENEROUS. Here is something else to keep in mind, Boras has projected number one draft pick, Steven Strasberg, and it is to Boras’s advantage to not only find a new team that he can deal with (Like the Texas Rangers were), but to get Teixeira surrounded with talent. In the end, I think it is going to be the Nats who get him.

    • JeffG says:

      Just a question – I wonder where the change in attitude occured between the time when Soriano was availiable and now? Why would they rather spend 24/25 mil per season when they could have signed Sori for 18/19?

  51. Brian says:

    I wasn’t patient enough to read through all the posts, but I dont’ believe this news for one second. This is simply a chess move between John Henry and Scott Boras. Boras is known for playing teams against eachother citing mystery teams and insane offers. My guess is that Henry is calling Boras’ bluff on this one.

    Plain and simple: Boras needs Boston involved. He needs them involed so that he can use leverage over the Angels, who desperately want Tex back. And of course, as long as Boston is in the mix, the Yankees will be interested.

    Broas’ tactics have always been geared towards keepinga s many teams as possible in the running for a player. The last team he wants to discourage from bidding on Tex is the Red Sox. For all teams with offers on the table, the Red Sox have the most resources, the best chance to win, and are on the East Coast.

    This is just a poker move by the Red Sox. Unless the Yankees get in this, Tex will end up in Boston.

  52. cj says:

    brian, i couldnt agree more. the sox are just calling boras’ bluff. hopefully the end will be the same as when they called the bluff on damon.

  53. Bonos says:

    Boston has a payroll of 120 mil, they are flexible. Yankees have one at 180. Who has more options? I like the Ynkees as is, there will be other opportunites down the road better than Manny.

  54. ryan says:

    yanks are good to go:
    1)Damon LF
    2)Jeter SS
    3)ARod 3B
    4)Matsui DH
    5)Nady RF
    6)cano 2B
    7)Posada C
    8)Swisher 1B
    9)Gardner/Melky CF

    we need a number 3 hitter(somone who hits for average and has a High OBP)
    The answer: A Rod

  55. Andy says:

    Bottom line is, this makes the Yanks LESS likely to sign ETIHER Tex or Manny, in my opinion. As long as both hitters are out of the AL East, there is less of a need to go get an impact bat of their own – and the Yank’s reactionary policy toward Boston is well known. Consider this – in the past 24 hours, the following stories have also come out: (1) Cash called Melvin to explain why he hasn’t called him on Cameron; (2) Girardi says Pettitte wants to come back; and (3) there is a report the Yanks have no interest in Sheet.

    Translation, the Yanks will do the Cameron trade, sign Pettitte, and call it a winter (besides the usual flier type deals). You heard it here first.

    • ryan says:

      pettitte is a must if there’s to be room left for hughes in 2010, so if he isn’t signed then I’d imagine they’d go with the kids for the 5th spot and reconsider adding a bat. I agree their plan is for cameron and pettitte….I wonder if the price has gone up on that swap.

    • andrew says:

      “He basically just wanted to tell me why he hadn’t called,” said Melvin. “He said he has had a lot of things going on. I told him we’re probably going to hang on to Mike.”

      I’m not so sure about that.

  56. jad says:

    Not prioritizing Tex is stupid. not signing Manny if you don’t prioritize Tex is doubly stupid, signing Dunn is the stupidest of all. As much as I don’t like Abreau defensively, Dunn is a giant step backwards. You are better off giving Abreau 45 milll for 3 years and getting the same offensive results less tthe HR you would get from Dunn. Hell, Pat Burrell is even a better option than Dunn—are you kidding me??? Dunn,Cameron,Swisher, A-Rod in the same line up would strike ot 10 times a game.

    • Sciorsci says:

      Dunn,Cameron,Swisher, A-Rod in the same line up would strike ot 10 times a game.

      This is bad because? Can you quantify how a strikeout is worse than any other out (except for sacrifices)?

  57. dkidd says:

    how does cameron rank defensively? is he still considered above average range-wise?

  58. ryan says:

    I was against trading for cameron bc of his age and his strikeout rates. If getting cameron fills some of the void left by the departures of Giambi and Abreeu as far as power then so be it. Gardner can still be plugged into a platoon for when Damon needs a rest or Cameron can’t hit righties. I just hope the HRs keep comin’ cuz he’s not gonna make contact much and he’ll barely get on base. It would kinda defeat the purpose if he doesn’t hit 20 plus bombs and drive in some substancial RBIs.

  59. Phil McCracken says:

    Looks like Boras got caught playing the shell game with no buck under any of the shells.

    It looks like it will be two years in a row where Boras overestimates his market and then has to go crawling back to a team. Last year it was the Yankees with ARod and he’s gonna have to do it again with the Red Sox if all the reports of the offers are correct.

  60. Larry says:

    Ben/Mike/Joe: Is there a reasonable analysis that could be done between Manny, Dunn, and Tex given the possible econonmics of the three. Everyone here has made good pro/con arguments. I still think we need another reliable bat.

  61. LiveFromNY says:

    I like watching Tex play. Manny not so much.

  62. MattG says:

    Can Dunn play a respectable first base? Will he sign for 3 years?

    Can Matsui be moved for a CF–possibly Chicago (with minor league pitching & money) for Pie? Should the Yankees want Pie?

    This is my plan A. Teixiera is a seller’s market. Manny’s defense mitigates his value, especially in the 3rd+ year of a deal, when his hitting will be in full decline.

  63. [...] all public accounts last night, it seemed as though the Sox had pulled out of the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes. After a night to sleep on it, Jon Heyman’s “multiple baseball sources” say [...]

  64. [...] we don’t know, and that we must know soon, or we will go crazy. Heyman tells us that despite John Henry’s statements last week, Boston will indeed be a factor. The Red Sox “are still viewed as the favorite by [...]

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