The RAB Radio Show – December 9, 2008 – Episode 5


So the entire podcast has just been overshadowed. As we were recording, we learned that Cash is in San Fran to meet with CC and Amber Sabathia. Tomorrow, we will make sure to re-load RAB (and other relevant sites) while we record.

This is nothing but good news. No guarantees, of course. Hopefully we hear something later tonight. I can only ask one question: Why would CC request a second meeting, then request that Cashman fly out to San Fran, knowing he’s in the middle of a fairly big event? It might not mean he’s signing, but it’s a pretty clear indicator that he didn’t reject the Yankees offer.

We talk about the Girardi press conference. It was nothing breaking, but Joe dispensed the information with ease. As I said before, he seems calm and loose with the media. Hideki Matsui as a 4th OF, though? I’m not so sure I like the sounds of that.

There’s plenty more, so click on through.

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  • C.Panella

    Um this is the radio show from last night……

    • dan

      It was so good we needed to hear it again.

  • C.Panella

    Sighhhhhh fix please

  • Michael

    Yeah it is the same one…..

    • C.Panella

      You dont think i’d lie do you?

      • dan

        I did, but that’s just me.

  • dan

    By the way… by my count, Tim Dierkes slept about 4 hours last night–he ended last night at like 6 and picked back up at 6. Give that man some coffee and a round of applause.

  • JohnC

    NY POST reporting Sabathia has decided to sign with Yanks!!

    • Steve

      Sherman was just on WFAN, and said that the Yanks are now going hard after 3 more pitchers Burnett, Sheets and Lowe. He said that he believes the other 2 will be Burnett and Sheets, because the Yanks think that power arms win in the post season.

      If Andy wants to be a Yankee, he should call them up right now and accept their offer.

  • SWB

    CC PICKED THE YANKS!!! Good find JohnC!

    • SWB

      Yeah its on ESPN and all over the radio now too so Sherman had to have a confirmed report

  • Steve

    OK, our rotation is taking shape. If Sherman is right, we will be looking at this opening day


    With Aceves as the long man and Hughes/IPK at AAA.

    • Steve

      That might be the most injury prone staff I’ve ever seen, but also one with the highest ceiling since the late 90′s. Given the depth they have, you can live with one or more guys going down at some point of the season.

    • RichYF

      Wow, I just read that and giggled a little. That’s not even fair. Since when did the Yanks become MLB 2009?

      • Steve

        It is ridiculous. You wouldn’t even have a set staff for the playoffs, it would be whoever is pitching the best at that time or based on match ups with who you’re facing.

        • Mike Pop

          A little scary to have that rotation though. I would prefer Pettite over one of Burnett or Sheets.. I think we can say goodbye to some young prospects. I think he is going to make a play in the trade market for a bat now. He has to right ?

          • RichYF

            I agree to some extent. Pettitte will MORE THAN LIKELY give 200 league average (or 105 ERA+) innings. If Sheets is in there instead for call it 150 innings of 115 ERA+ and then you bring in Aceves/Hughes/Player XYZ for 50 innings of 90 ERA+, you get 200 innings of 108 ERA+, roughly. Now this isn’t really the best way to decide things, but my point is that Pettitte is just filler at this point. One of Kennedy, Hughes, and Aceves has to be able to fill that role. I’d rather spend $10 million toward Dunn or some other bat.

            That being said, I want Pettitte on the team next year, but if it’s Burnett AND Sheets instead of him, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

            • Steve

              Exactly, you can’t complain if the go with one of those guys. They’re better pitchers when healthy, and the depth of Aceves/Hughes/IPK makes their lack of durability acceptable.

              • Jay CT

                I would think that instead of Sheets and Burnett, they get one of those two and Lowe, due to the injury risk. Just my thinking though.

          • Steve

            While having 2 injury prone pitchers would have to concern you, but I like the idea of giving Hughes/IPK some short gigs in the majors here and there with no pressure or expectations. Could give them a chance to make slow, steady progress as opposed to force-feeding them a set spot in the rotation.

            If Sheets gets a 2 year deal, then an open spot on the staff is not all that far away. Also, Wang is getting close to free agency and would be eligible in 2 years as well. Hughes, IPK, Betances and Brackman would all have that to look forward to.

            Just another reason not to sign Lowe.

    • Manimal

      Why would wang go from #1 to #4 starter?

      • Steve

        Because Burnett and Sheets are better. He’s an innings eater with them on the staff, albeit a quality one.

  • RichYF

    Assuming the Yanks snag 3 pitchers (out of Andy, Sheets, Burnett, and CC), does Cash make a play for a bat? Seems like the well will be pretty dry if he goes for broke on pitching. I am almost tempted to say I’d prefer a rotation with Sheets, Pettitte, and CC and then a bat like Dunn/Manny, but at this point I think I’m just being greedy.

  • Steve

    Joe Girardi is going to look very smart this season.

    • Manimal

      Very, very true.

  • Manimal

    Hear me out here. Would putting sheets as the 8th inning man be a bad thing? It would limit his innings and probably keep him healthy for the whole 2 years.

    • SWB

      Why not just sign Wood to a two year deal then, both are injury prone but Wood would be cheaper and has performed out of the bullpen

    • Spaceman.Spiff

      Firstly, that’s not even an option. Sheets isn’t looking to be a relief pitcher, much less a set-up man even if it is for the best closer in the business.

      Secondly, Sheets doesn’t really need his innings limited when he’s healthy. He’s not getting injured from pitching too many innings, it’s probably just as likely that he gets injured pitching from the bullpen that he does in the rotation.

      Thirdly, Sheets is probably gonna do better in the rotation than Burnett does. Burnett has great stuff but he walks nearly twice as many batters per nine that Sheets does. You can cite the NL-AL difference all you want but Sheets’ numbers blow Burnett’s out the water to the point where that you have to believe that he’ll outperform Burnett in the AL East barring injury. But since neither pitcher is a iron horse, the injury concern is only slightly in Burnett’s favor, mostly because he’s not injured right now.

  • Manimal

    OMG bottom of ESPN said NY post reports that CC signed with the yanks. Whoops I said NY post.

  • mustang

    As one of the biggest pro- Santana deal supports I now happily admit defeat. Adding CC while still keeping Hughes and IPK is more then I or any Yankees fan could of hope for.

    Congrats to Mr. Cashman for a job well done.

    I’m SO looking to watch the 2009 New York Yankees.

  • Shamus

    Maybe it was my CC ‘Fatbathia’ comments last night at 7 pm that propelled him to sign with the Yankees.

    Amber Sabathia: “You see what that idiot Shamus is writing about you on RAB, Lohud, and It Is High, honey?”

    CC Sabathia: “Yeah, little bastard, called me Fatbathia. i’m going to sign with the Yankees tonight so I can prove him wrong! And, if I see him, I’m going to snap him like a twig!’”

    Amber: “So, Westchester it is?”

    CC: “Yeah, baby!”

  • dkidd

    cash bagged the elephant! so excited…

    do we really need to spend another 120M on burnett and lowe? i’d take sheets for 2 years and throw the rest of the $ at tex

    • dkidd

      that’s assuming pettite re-signs

    • mustang

      And you get the bonus of pissing off the Sox if you get Tex.

  • Jay CT

    I have been saying CC would sign here even when others were on the “He is just using us” kick. However, I think just like yesterday’s “breaking news” that he turned the deal down, perhaps we should hold off on the parties and playoff rotation until it is a bit more solid… I mean, JAke Peavy has been dealt over and over, only to hear over and over that its not true. I guess I am just saying we shouldn’t get our hopes up I think

    • mustang

      I agree. It worries me that the only major outlet that has report a done is the NY Post.
      Not the best sources in the world.

  • Yankeegirl49

    I read here all the time, but this is my first post.
    I would just like to say…

    I want to thank the good lord for making me a Yankee fan!

  • pat